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1. What is your opinion on homestuck?
To be honest, I tried reading it, and it didn’t really catch my interest. But I do enjoy looking at the fan art.

2. Describe your dream house
The kind of house that I would love would be a mix between a modern and traditional Japanese style house. I want the sliding doors, my own tea room, enough room for possible children in the future. Just simplistic. I also want it out in the countryside. I don’t understand the concept of saran wrapped wood that you buy at a store. I’ve grown up in a valley surrounded by wood and my family would cut down our own trees for our fireplace.

3. Favourite band?
That’s a tough question to answer. I’ve always like many styles of music including metal, alternative punk, rock, pop, dubstep and a little bit of country. It really depends of what kind of mood I’m in for my favorite band. When I’m angry, I listen to All That Remains. If I want to get determined for something like exercising, I listen to Disturbed. If I wanted to feel like a powerful woman, I listened to Rihanna when I was in early high school. I bounced from favourite to favourite growing up, from Green Day, to My Chemical Romance, to FallOut Boy, and so many more. At this point in my life, I don’t listen to much of the new music, so I’m pretty out of the loop when it comes to the hit music of today.

4. Is the first impression important to you?
My father taught me that yes, it’s very important. But to me, kind of, but not really. I like to try to be myself whenever I meet someone new. If they don’t like how I act, I just stay away from them and stay out of their way. If I click with them, I try to talk to them a little more to get to know them.

5. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a land slide. No escape from reality. lol But if you’re answering seriously, I believe that life is real and that we do actually exist. That EVERYTHING exists. I could go more into detail, but it would be a long post.

6. Did you get the reference?
Lol Yes I got the reference. xD Easy come. Easy go. Little high. Little low.

7. If you had to be stuck in a fictional world, what would it be?
The fictional world that I’d love to be stuck in would be the world where The Doctor exists. I would love to travel through space and time in his TARDIS. It would be AMAZING.

8. r u a boss ass bitch?
You can ask my boyfriend that question and he would probably say yes, sometimes. Lol. I get agitated sometimes and I can be bossy and a bitch. But if you’re referring to the song, I understand the reference.

9. Coffee or tea or the blood of a virgin or hot chocolate?
Now-a-days, I don’t drink coffee. But there was one time in 5th grade where I actually drank coffee and liked it, with the right amount of sugar and cream though. LOL. I stopped after I started drinking it black in high school because I realized that I didn’t really need it. I drank it for the warmth and it tasted good to me. Plus, I thought I was acting more like a grown up if I drank it. It’s funny when people tell me that they have such a hard time kicking the habit of drinking coffee, but it was so easy for me. I just stopped. LOL. Hot chocolate I like to save when it’s winter ONLY. I love to wait until the snow falls to drink it. But year round, I will drink black tea if I’m doing some gaming and pulling an all nighter while doing it. I like to feel sophisticated while drinking it, even though it’s not that much of a high quality kind of tea. LOL

10. Would you rather always feel boiling hot or freezing cold?
I would actually rather always feel freezing cold because it would give me an excuse to cuddle with my boyfriend more often. :3 But to be honest, I believe it’s a lot easier to warm up than it is to cool down.

11. Is the hair colour you have on your natural one?
Yes it is. However, in the past, I have dyed streaks in my hair and colored them red and on a separate occasion, blue. But right now, I’ve done nothing with my hair.


1. How long have you been on tumblr?

2. How many people have you met in real life from tumblr?

3. What is your favorite song at the moment?

4. What is your favorite kind of gift?

5. Do you like people watching? If so, what’s your favorite part of it?

6. What show are you currently watching/want to watch/in the process of watching?

7. What is your favorite Asian dish?

8. What was something that you made that you felt proud of making?

9. How comfortable are you around new people/new environments?

10. What are you wishing for this Christmas/Holiday?

11. What fandoms are you currently in?


So I got my Valentine’s Day card from Chair!! XD I was so happy!!! Except I opened it up to get glitter all over my laptop -_- curse you Chair! LOl But I love it!

Dearest Sheldon, If you think STIs like Pokemon, then having sex with me is the fastest way to catch ‘em all. (im sorry this one made me lol) Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day.

Eternally yours, Chairmodepewdie

First…turn down your headphones or my voice my kill you…sorry it’s not the best right now and I apologize in advance.
This is for my friends on tumblr. I know times are hard but you need to keep it together. Times get better no matter how hard it seems now, they do. I know I do the singing thing for you guys a lot, but I feel like it’s the one thing I know how to do right and I want to use it to make you guys feel better! Love you all!

Just to name a few names….Kara, Yasmim, and my irl friend…J :)

And now the new friend I made, Impossibledeath. I don’t know her name but she needs some loving right now :)

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So I think my grandma killed Billy Mays
  • Me and My sister: *chilling at grandparents watching tv*
  • Grandma: *Walks in on a Billy Mays commercial* I just hate that man! His voice is so damn annoying! *walks out*
  • *A few hours pass*
  • TV: To confirm all rumors we regret to tell you Billy Mays has indeed passed away. The cause of death is still unknown.
  • Me and my sister: *Look at each other*
  • Me and my sister:
  • Me and my sister:
  • Me and my sister: ......Grandma??
  • *yeah this was forever ago, but I just remembered today XD*