The Beauty of Co-Working

Hello, all! I’m Alicia. I’m an illustrator and craftista here in Austin, and I’m a recent addition to the Girllustrators. I am also so very honored and excited to be a part of the group. Now that we got that little intro out of the way…

I wanted to use my inaugural post as an opportunity to discuss something wonderful that has become more available to me namely because of Girllustrators: I’m talking about co-working.

Co-working is exactly what it sounds like. It means that I work along side of another illustrator (or two, or three or more) while they also work. And it’s great!

(this is what watching Marsha work looks like)

Being an illustrator can be a sort of solitary existence. That works out really great for some people! However, if you’re like me, it only works out great part of the time. The rest of the time you long for some sort of interaction, and more importantly (at least in my case) inspiration.

That’s what I have found is great about co-working. Instead of getting myself into my little routine-rut and becoming bored of it, a change of scenery, some good company, and a look at how another illustrator (other than myself) works really gets me inspired; inspired to try new techniques, inspired to discover new artists with whom I am unfamiliar, and inspired to create all new ideas.

So when I co-worked with Girllustrator (and illustrator on fire) Marsha Riti the other day, and I got to see her working on cool and beautiful new work like this:

…it makes me want to push my creativity and talent even more. I need that, and I love that. It’s exactly what I miss about ye olde shared studio days - the opportunity to exchange information with a real, working, actual fellow artist in the flesh!

Co-working helps me get my creative juices flowing, and the exchange of ideas and information is so valuable to a person who, in my case, normally only ever works in the presence of a cat or two (and they aren’t telling me diddle about any cool new frisket pens or the beautiful story idea they’re working on, either).


Decisions, decisions…

With three kids in swim lessons, I’ve been filling my sketchbook with swimmers. This reluctant little swimmer begged to be painted. I had a tough time choosing which swimsuit to give her, but in the end I decided that it’s hard to go wrong with black. After seeing all of her swimwear side by side, though, she might need some companions. 

~nessa dee