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  • Girljoy
  • casioromance

I am sorry 

I never meant to fall this hard for you

Don’t be angry

But I’ll never feel this way for anyone but you

I remember a time when  I was absolutely in love with Girljoy aka misfemme aka flashgirls aka go lucky aka milque(?)

anyways her music always seemed to grab me like no other chiptune artist could. The way she was able to take a gameboy and make stories with beeps and blips always fascinated me. Even after she dropped the girljoy name and moved on to electronica her music still had the girljoy flavor that i grew to love. every now and then i find myself getting lost in her music and I am thankful. I’m so glad I happened across her music when I did and it will always have a special place in my heart. casio romance will always be one of my top albums