Let this be a reminder that Medievalpoc/Girljanitor and whatever the hell other names they go by, is not Native or Romani yet they continue to claim they are. How long does it take for people to realize that they, like Andrea Smith and Rachel Dolezal, are a fraud? We can no longer allow people like this to run around communities (Native, Black, etc.) speaking over and profiting off of us, and spreading inaccurate information in the process. Natives, Romani, and other POC have called them out. This has to end. Enough is enough is ENOUGH! 

GirlJanitor Masterpost

(The original title: grudgewank: tumblr edition)

over on tumblr,  girljanitor, an user who identified as roma/lakota/mesitzo two-spirited person of colour, started a blog called medievalpoc with the noble aim of showcasing the depiction of people of colour in european art history

however, because girljanitor is a total dumbaline who insists on applying present-day american race politics to medieval europe, the blog soon started to go to shit

highlights include
-calling Rroma people white and unworthy of figuring on her blog
-americentrism out the wazoo, coupled with a total lack of knowlege about, well, the whole of Europe really
-and a whole other load of fucked-up bullshit

then in an interview girljanitor reveals their real name, people do some basic google and find out their old blog posts where they openly identified as german-american

it also turns out they stole another persone’s picture for native cred
their own selfies look considerably whiter

in other words, they are the whitest of whites

when this is revealed, girljanitor desperately tries to defend themselves with some amazing bullshit stories, which include

-“i totally had a mongolian blue spot but an evil dermatologist stole it from me :(”

-“my polish roma grandmother was smuggled from nazi germany to the united states in a suitcase by white jews (sic) ” debunked here and here

-“ i am 40% native american”

-“my dad was born in a lakota reservation in arizona”, where there are no lakota reservations

- and the wonderful “magical acne treatments made me white” aka shit_that_never_happened.txt

then they delete half the receipts (including their old lj with all the talk of german genes and fake tans and pale-ass selfies), and blank out their blog for good measure

Taken from sf_drama. A more easier post for people to reblog around.

Edit: I apologize I forgot to write about the things around with post. 

The “dumbaline” part is linked to a post that has been talked about on this blog as being ableist and it is. I should have written that on the original post, I apologize. That line was indeed wrong. So was a few of them that they made

To add on to the links:

My response to FactualWiley’s post

My GirlJanitor tag, start from the last page and hit previous page until you’ve read all of the posts. 

The Medievalpoc/Girljanitor tag. 

Other GirlJanitor/A-Spoon-Is-Born/MedievalPoC masterpost

a few notes on why I dislike girljanitor/medievalpoc: Jewish edition

So I do have screencaps that I can add in case girljanitor/medievalpoc removes any of the existing links here.

Claims Jewishness is just religion; not Jewish, has done no research

Do I even need to say how messed up it is that GJ/Mpoc thinks it’s okay for them to make grossly oversimplified statements about complex Jewish identities (both historical and modern)? They are not Jewish, they do not deal with the complexities of Jewish identity or racialization or othering; they simply decided that they get to call Jews white.

Also, this quote:

Um, no. There are white Jewish people. and there are Jewish people of color. Race does not equal religion. People of color were not marginalized during the European Middle Ages, but Jewish people definitely were.

shows that GJ/Mpoc thinks that Jewishness=Judaism=religion.

This quote:

In contrast, people of color are marginalized in the realm of representation in Art History now, including depictions of Jewish people of color, where white Jewish people are not.

shows that GJ/Mpoc does not actually know that Jews’ supposed whiteness has pretty much no practical application in European art, because Jews are still not seen as white in Europe. This is a fact and you can hear it from many bloggers in Europe; they are simply not treated on strict lines of colorism (of course, in America while much of Jewish whiteness operates on lines of colorism, it also operates on lines of how willing Jews are to align themselves with white supremacy and other such complex things as that). Making this distinction is absolutely useless.

Read the rest of the post if you want. It’s all pretty superficial. 

White Jews

My Grandmother B. was a Holocaust survivor, and Polska Roma. She fled the war, coming to America concealed in a large suitcase carried by a white Jewish family. Today, our family still talks about the debt we owe that family, which perhaps cannot ever be repaid.

Let’s get this straight. GJ/Mpoc has set the stage here for us, so I’ll just sum it up:

  • Their grandmother is a “Holocaust survivor,” so we can assume that this happened during or after 1933 in Nazi Germany. (In another post they say “WW2,” which means that we are setting it at 1939 in Nazi Germany.)
  • Grandmother B is Rroma and not white-passing in Nazi Germany. Believable.
  • The family that carries Grandmother B is Jewish and not just white-passing, but actually white, in Nazi Germany. Bullshit.

Continue on down for a rather short explanation of why this is bullshit.

Rroma don’t pass for white in Nazi Germany, Jews do!

Say whatever you want, but you don’t flee WW2 Germany hidden in a fucking suitcase carried by a Jewish family because you had a little ideological spat with Hitler. You come to this country hidden in a fucking suitcase because you don’t pass for white. And maybe you son does sometimes, and your grandsons tell people they’re “Sicilian” but that doesn’t erase you, Gramma Blake.

Okay, so another quick summary.

  • GJ/Mpoc’s Rroma grandmother (or great-grandmother, they cannot seem to decide) did not pass for white; because she did not pass as white, she was hidden in a suitcase, carried out of Nazi Germany, and brought to the United States.
  • A Jewish family apparently did pass for white; because this Jewish family in Nazi Germany somehow passed for white, they were able to carry a large suitcase that was never checked at ANY point, and left Nazi Germany for America with no problems.

Aside from the fact that this story is almost definitely fabricated, the details of it as well as how GJ/Mpoc talks about it makes it clear that they do not care about perpetrating harmful shit about Jews.

What they say here is basically that in Nazi Germany, Jews could pass as white. (Made more evident in the earlier quote, when GJ/Mpoc says “white Jewish family”!)

Even though at this point in time was when the Nazi party was attempting to return Jews to their original state as (officially) racially persecuted instead of just religiously persecuted, meaning that conversion didn’t make them exempt from persecution–that is, Jews were attacked as a race, not a religion. It doesn’t matter how much GJ/Mpoc wants to pretend that Jews can be white because it’s “just a religion,” NAZI GERMANY IMPLEMENTED LAWS THAT MADE JEWS TO BE CONSIDERED A RACE. AND THEN LAWS THAT OPPRESSED THEM BECAUSE OF THIS.

Jews were not considered white when there were arguments about what made someone count as racially Jewish–namely how many Jewish grandparents were needed to be counted as of the Jewish race. Whiteness was simply not a privilege extended to Jews in Nazi Germany, and it’s fucking ludicrous to think that anyone would ever think that it was. Yet here we have GJ/Mpoc, the person you’ve all entrusted to bring you accurate European history (and accurate representations of race in Europe!), claiming that Jews in Nazi Germany were actually white.

Also, just as an extra note? How does GJ/Mpoc know that the family that carried their grandmother was “white Jewish?” If their Rroma ancestry is supposedly so shut up, how do they know the skin color of their grandmother’s rescuers? (Who probably didn’t exist or were warped for the story.)

That’s all I have right now for call-outs. I might find out more later that they’ve said about Jewishness. They’ve obviously done more messed up things, but this is specifically the Jewish-related things.

This is GirlJanitor. They identify as two-spirit, goes by the pronouns he/she/them.

Real name: Malisha Dewalt

Tumblr Main Blog: GirlJanitor (Changed name to A-Spoon-is-Born)

Tumblr Side Bog: Medievalpoc

Livejournal names: Persephone-zero

Outside sites:, MedievalPoC (Twitter), and MedievalPoC (Facebook), 

Other sites: Malishadewalt (DeviantART), SnaiLuv (DeviantArt), Snailuv (their comment on a forum, only linking because there’s a picture of them. Showing everyone they are the same person), Twitter (Not active), Myspace (Not active)

[TW: ableism]

Their tag


this blog


They are the owner and creator of the blog MedievalPoC. This blog has been called out numerous times for posting inaccurate information, especially on Romani and Jewish people.

Used Esmeralda as a depiction of Romani people. 

When called out on their posts about Romani people, GJ called a Romani woman a “swarmy cunt”.

People criticize the MedievalPoC blog and GJ claims they are trying to silence them

Their racial/ethnic background

Recently GirlJanitor has been called out for being pretending to be a person of color.

They claim to be Polska Roma, Lakota and Mexican (mestiz@). Most of the time it’s only the Roma and Native American ancestry they claim. 

Like seriously. Okay. I get it. I’m 40% Native American, 25% Polska Roma, I’m AFAB and I have a cognitive disability.

I spoke already about how an Romani blogger came to me and they spoke about how they felt that GirlJanitor is a fake. There is a link in that message that goes to this post made by FactualWiley. Let it be known that I do not agree with FactualWiley on their views and I do not support them, which I’ve stated on this blog before. The sources they (FactualWiley) linked, the livejournal, deviantart, youtube and photobucket accounts do belong to GirlJanitor. Some of the accounts and apparently some tumblr posts have been deleted by GirlJanitor.

They claim that their great grandmother (sometimes they switch between this and grandmother) was a Holocaust survivor and came to America during WWII hidden in a suitcase carried by a “white Jewish family”.  A Romani blogger spoke in detail about the holes in the story, and how wrong the idea is that American Roma are white-passing. 

GirlJanitor also states that their mother

“moved to California and met my father, who was Lakota from a Rez in Arizona (the Lakota-Arizona connection has to do with Sweat Lodge and other spiritual practices). 

The link they provide takes us to this. The only thing is there are no Lakota reservations in Arizona. Someone asks around and does some research

GirlJanitor’s sister, Ashley Luttrell posts this on her deviantart account (PollyUrnaus). She wrote:

"Since my older sister is, in fact, Cherokee in part from her father, I’ve called her Pocahontas for as long as i can remember”

This is indeed GirlJanitor’s sister’s deviantart because here is a drawing she did of GJ. They claim that GJ’s father is Cherokee. No Lakota mentioned. An anonymous message was sent to me saying GJ told them that the Lakota ancestry came from their mother. 

Speaking of GJ’s father, and this is also when we get to the alleged Mexican ancestry that they barely mention or talk about. They said this when people questioned their 10% Mexican and 40% Native American. 

First reply

“I’m not totally sure how to explain it either so I didn’t. it was explained to me as "he was enough Mexican to grow a beard”. So do whatever you want with that.“ 

Second reply

"Some other people asked me about the maths and it’s actually like 12.5%. It was explained to me as "Your dad was enough Mexican to grow a full beard.” If that actually helps anyone.

This is flat out racial stereotyping and it’s ignorant. It also does not prove that their father had any Mexican ancestry. 

Researching “Malisha Dewalt” people found this obituary that seems be the “great-grandmother B” or “grandmother B” that GirlJanitor mentioned. GirlJanitor’s real name “Malisha Dewalt” is listed as one of Kitzer’s great-grandchildren. It also seems and mostly like is, that Geniece Hunt is Malisha Dewalt’s mother. People also google searched “Kritzer” and found the name to be of German origin.

A message was sent with a link where GJ/A-Spoon-Is-Born is discussing their how their mother was a hunter. Their own mother refers to herself as being white.  

GirlJanitor states that they are extremely disinterested in connecting with their supposed Lakota heritage because Native Americans are anti-Black. (A good point is brought about that message). They said that their brother (assuming by marriage) was Black, Japanese and Native but originally it was only Black and Japanese.

GirlJanitor despite not being connected felt the need to state this about Tori Amos, who claims to have Cherokee ancestry.

If GirlJanitor story does turn out to be true and they have Romani and Native American ancestry. They still need to be called out for speaking over people who are actually connected, where raised in their culture(s), are way more knowledgeable than them, etc.  

If GirlJanitor turns out to be a liar, with the evidence that’s been shown so far this may very well be the case, then they need to confess and apologize for what they’ve done. 

White/White Passing/Skin Bleaching

GirlJanitor claims that they are “Conditionally White Passing”. They claim that they

“grew up a brown kid in poverty and became an adult at 16 in the same damn poverty. When I moved to the Northeast a few years ago, I started being racially coded as white, and that’s pretty much why I now have a relatively ‘real’ job and a degree.

Northeast & passing privileges

They wrote this post here that their skin lightened two or three shades after using acne cream prescribed to them by the "probably the palest Indian man I had ever seen”. People have stated that this was basically bullshit. There were problems with these messages.

This is a post from their livejournal account persephone-zero where they are talking about dying their skin. 


GirlJanitor has been accused of being an abusive presence in the autistic community on tumblr.

Started a Patreon page a blogger points out the problems with this and the MedievalPOC blog in general

They are in Riley/Nikkia Hanson’s abuse crew. 

There are some obvious inconsistencies in their stories and as this call out of A-Spoon-Is-Born/GirlJanitor/MedievalPoC continues this post will be updated. If I’m missing something or if you have a problem with this post, or need clarification, please message me. 

Malisha Dewalt is a white woman. She is a white woman pretending to be a person of color and I’m sick of it. Her blog MedievalPOC is historically inaccurate and I have had enough of it. I’m a black woman, and I’m tired of this white woman pretending she gives a shit about people in my community when she doesn’t. I have had enough. 

anonymous asked:

is there something wrong with medievalpoc? genuinely curious

The person who runs it used to be known as girljanitor—I don’T know what her new url is nor do I give a single flying motherfuck—who is a huge tumblrista bully/brat/scammer, who has claimed all kinds of oppressed identities, with bullshit stories about her oppressed background.

Secondly, her history is shit. And I say this as the currently-inebriated chick who shat out the post “Hi, I’m Gavrilo Princip, and welcome to Jackass.” Her research into poc in early modern/premodern europe is shit, her gathering of original sources is shit, her drawing of conclusions is shit, everything is shit. She sets out with the intention of “HOW CAN I CLUMSILY SHOEHORN BLACK PPL (because of course this is run from an american white ppl vs. black ppl dichotomy because lol whut there r other poc??? whut r countries other then murica??? lol crazy talk u whitesplainer!!!!!!!) and gathers and interprets her data accordingly.

God, what REALLY pisses me off is that a blog about poc in early modern and pre-modern europe is such a FUCKING AWESOME idea, and SOOO necessary, but who’s the first person to become famous with such an idea? a fame-seeking tantrum-throwing tumblr sjw brat who uses it for self-promotion and who SUCKS at history.

Nah, miss me with that fucking bullshit

anonymous asked:

Thoughts of FW calling out Medieval PoC?

The post anonymous is referring to. I’m going to get a bunch of angry reblogs and asks. My thoughts? First thing is first, I’m confused on why people are suddenly realizing that GirlJanitor created and is the owner MedievalPoC. Moving on, this is going to be a long post anonymous, grab some popcorn and a drink. 

I’m beginning to take that crew’s claims of being certain race/ethnicities with a gain of salt. First you have Riley/Nikkia claiming to be Egyptian, West Indian Native, Native American, Indian and they pretend to be Japanese on their side blog. I’ve seen comments on sf-drama that Riley/Nikkia went through a phase where they were obsessed with Indian culture and claimed to be Indian and then turned around and began obsessing over Japanese people and their culture. 

Then we have certain people in the crew, like Genderbitch/HexGoddess who become an honorary person of color or in some cases an honorary Black person in arguments. 

I honestly would not be surprised if GirlJanitor turned out to be a white person pretending to be Native American, Polska Roma, and Mexican. An Rromani blogger came to me and they spoke about how they felt that GirlJanitor is a fake. They gave me a few posts, as evidence of GirlJanitor’s ancestry stories did not add up. One of these posts was about GirlJanitor telling everyone their “Blue Spot” myth story. 

They wrote a post about having a “blue spot” and I quote

“The only time I ever met me father was an hour after I was born. He took one look at me and said, "this is my child.” When my mother and her family wondered how he was so certain, he showed them my Blue Spot. All of his family had been born with Blue spots: some of my mother’s family knew of them because of Roma heritage, but I only child in at least a generation who’d been born with one.“

Now I can post the screenshot in case anyone thinks I’m lying. If you are not aware of what a Blue Spot is, it’s actually called a Mongolian Spot or Mongolian Blue Spot or “congenital dermal melanocytosis”. It’s a birthmark. They can be found anywhere on the body but are commonly found on the lower back or butt. They are common amongst Native Americans, Africans (including people of African descent), Asians and Latinos. Whites can get them but they are not as common. It’s not surprising for a Native American to have one, or Rromani to have them since they are of Indian origin. 

When I first wrote this section, I had assumed they (GirlJanitor) were saying that there’s Roma heritage on both sides of their family, their mother and father’s. But I was wrong and it’s easy to assume this since they did not actually state that their father was Native American in the beginning. It was not until I was writing the paragraphs below did I catch my mistake. I had to check the tags on the original post and saw that they had tagged it “Native American” and “NDN” as well as “Blue Spot, Mongolian Spot, Mongolian mole, birthmarks, heritage, truth, medical abuse, dermatology”. I think because of this that people were confused and thought that their father was Rromani. 

To continue, they state this about their Roma heritage

"some of my mother’s family knew of them because of Roma heritage, but I only child in at least a generation who’d been born with one." 

GirlJanitor continues on and explains that they went to a white dermatologist and he “completely flipped out over my spot” and was “convinced it was some kind of skin cancer”. Bullshit. Unless they had the dumbest dermatologist in the world, there is no way a licensed dermatologist would mistake a Mongolian Blue Spot for a type of skin cancer. Mongolian Blue Spots have actually been mistaken for bruises, but not skin cancer!

I also love how they are specific when it came to the ethnicities of their previous dermatologist, Chinese and Indian. Coincidence? I personally do not think so. 

"It is a reminder to me that white people will always try to steal my heritage and who I am.”

Really? If this story is true, it seems more like a dumb dermatologist who thought a Mongolian Blue Spot was skin cancer and should be out of a job. I’m sure there’s more to Lakota people than a Mongolian Spot. 

This entire story feels made up to me. I have a screenshot of someone responding to their post and saying that it’s not an uncommon condition in regards to having a Mongolian Spot. GirlJanitor responds 

“So much :3 for my people with Blue Spots!

My mom’s paternal family is Polska Roma via Germany, so they knew about blue spots but none of my mom’s generation had one.”

Paternal family means on one’s father’s side. Their mother’s father (GirlJanitor’s grandfather)’s side of the family is Polska Roma. The Rromani blogger I talked to said that GirlJanitor switched from paternal to maternal. But in these posts it says paternal. Maybe the blogger I was spoke to had it mixed up or GirlJanitor switched back. 

In a post entitled “[tw: racism, genocide] Apparently it IS fucking genocide celebration day], they write:

"Like seriously. Okay. I get it. I’m 40% Native American, 25% Polska Roma, I’m AFAB and I have a cognitive disability. A lot of people have had a pretty big interest in wiping me off the face of the earth. I’m triply, quadruply "undesirable”

I’m not sure how it’s possible for someone to be 40% Native American. 

“My gramma B. came over to America during WW2 hidden in a suitcase barried by a white Jewish family. My family now tries to deny she as Roma, and honestly think that started well before the current generation, and shit like this is why. I’m just like, okayy, if she could have passed for white, why the fuck did she have to hide??? Every other part of the story changes with the teller except the hiding in the suitcase part, but fuck that shit because I remember my grammar B and I remember how the story went when SHE told it.

If I was her I would have done my best to pass the second I got here, too. My two uncles barely passed, unlike my mom who’s really light-skinned.”

If their grandmother was so obviously Polska Roma and “their uncles and grandfather used to say they were “Sicilian”“. Why would their family deny it? Especially when they clearly seemed to be doing otherwise in the Mongolian Blue Spot post. And if you’re family is constantly denying that they’re Polska Roma then shouldn’t you listen to them? If they keep denying it, it’s probably because they’re not. They also claimed to be Mexican (mestiz@) ancestry they claim. Not sure what the percent is or where it comes from. 

When it comes to their Lakota heritage, they’re not even connected.

Honestly, it’s this kind of reaction to Black Natives and Freedmen that makes me extremely disinterested in connecting with my tribe in any kind of official capacity.

I’m assuming I’m one of those that the OP was directed at-an NDN who’s not enrolled or connected to my tribe because of several of the reasons listed…and since I’m not Black, my heritage isn’t officially denied because I’m mixed.

Of course there are reasons for this as the OP mentioned. The problem is, GirlJanitor is disconnected from their Native American and Rromani heritage but somehow they manage to speak over all of the people who are connected, where raised in their culture(s), etc. Why is this? They know absolutely nothing about any of the groups they try to lay claim to but they are still a giant voice. The Native American community on tumblr recently had a giant blow up where a few tumblr users were named to be fake NDNs or at least disingenuous. I follow a lot of Native American bloggers and I know how serious situations like this are even if I’m not apart of that community. Many Rromani people have also voiced concern over people pretending to be apart of their community.

Why hasn’t GirlJanitor been called out? If they have, why is their voice still raised up high over other people? This probably would not be a problem if GirlJanitor actually listened when people pointed out their mistakes and learned from people, who are more knowledgeable, in the communities they try to claim. And it wouldn’t be a problem if they did not go around posting inaccurate information on their personal blog and on MedievalPoC, which ironically spreads historical inaccuracies while trying to fight them and is simply a terrible blog. 

They have said some inaccurate things about American Rromani

"It can be difficult because many Romani people from bygone eras don’t meet the set of "racialized POC features” criteria in the U.S. By which I mean, most Romani and Roma people who came to the United States immediately began passing for being passed as white. 

Many people have pointed that out to be untrue, and in fact GirlJanitor called one person a “swarmy cunt”. Passing as white years ago was not as easy people on tumblr liked to think, and even in present day, Rromani people still lay low.

There are more inaccurate things but this post is already too long, and people have explained in detail the issues with MedievalPoC and I will reblog/queue those posts after I finish this ask. But in short, I do not like GirlJanitor because they cannot take an ounce of criticism, the blog they run is terrible and spreads inaccurate information, and they run with a group of people who are incredibly abusive. If GirlJanitor’s family stories do turn out to be true, then they need to do more learning than speaking over people. They allegedly have also told people to kill themselves.

If they are lying, and they really are only German American then they need to stop.

When it comes to the other things spoken about in the post, I have my fair share of problems with it. I do not know anything about NLD but I’m not sure how you can say someone is not based off handwriting. PoC (People of Color) is not a racist term; it’s a term that has been misused amongst Tumblr SJ. There are some non-white people who do not want to label themselves as that and that’s perfectly fine. The photo FactualWiley posted of GirlJanitor, the one at the end that looks like someone made a Hitler mustache on them. Because in the original photo it wasn’t there, and I know it was done on purpose and to be malicious and I find it disgusting. Just because they’re German or has German ancestry doesn’t mean they’re a Nazi. 

For right now these are all my thoughts. As I said before I will be reblogging, posting, and queuing some receipts on the GirlJanitor situation. If any questions, send me a message.

why does anybody still take girljanitor/a-spoon-is-born/medievalpoc seriously?

That pile of trash lied about supposed romani relative being saved by Jewish people who supposedly smuggled her grandmother(?) in a suitcase on a ship across the atlantic during the holocaust, solely for an excuse to continue being a belligerently antisemitic little shit.

And she completely ruined a perfectly good blog concept with medievalpoc. She’s a manipulative, bullying, screeching little brat.

My Grandmother B. was a Holocaust survivor, and Polska Roma. She fled the war, coming to America concealed in a large suitcase carried by a white Jewish family. Today, our family still talks about the debt we owe that family, which perhaps cannot ever be repaid.

Upon reaching America, she broke ties with the community, changed her name, and moved to “Pennsylvania Dutch“ (German-speaking) country in Lancaster county. Later, my uncles started telling people they were "Sicilian” (I really don’t know how this got started, it was sometime in the 70’s), and my mother moved to California and met my father, who was Lakota from a Rez in Arizona (the Lakota-Arizona connection has to do with Sweat Lodge and other spiritual practices).

Found a post by GirlJanitor, it’s in the Polska Roma tag. Is there a Lakota reservation in Arizona? Or do they mean he was Lakota and was leaving on one of the reservations in Arizona? 

speaking of awful people on this website:

if you support medievalpoc/girljanitor please inform yourself on what she’s actually doing 

inform yourselves on the fact that she’s speaking over ACTUAL ITALIAN PEOPLE when talking about italy

inform yourselves on the fact that she’s white and yet she’s speaking FOR oppressed ethnicities 

inform yourselves on the fact that she’s actively spreading misinformation about my country, my people, my continent all the while ignoring us or silencing us or insulting us just for money

please get informed before telling me that she’s doing this to spread knowledge, because she’s an asshole who’s pretending to be brown to somehow have a right to speak for non-white people, she’s a lying douchebag who has no right to be talking about history especially since she has no idea what history and context actually are, she’s someone with no idea of how ethnicities intersect, no idea of who Europeans actually are and what their history is and its consequences, someone who’s happily america-centric even when speaking about for Europeans, completely ignoring anyone who’s trying to correct her and actually spread real knowledge.

do not support medievalpoc/girljanitor. Or, if you still choose to (I mean, I’m not gonna tell people who to throw their money at, after all it’s still your money), at least be aware of what she’s doing. She’s scamming you. Nothing more and nothing less.

like I mean really. the main person leading the charge against MPOC is a raging antiblack racist, white supremacists like factualwiley fuck heavy w omgstop & reblogged their posts about MPOC, POC who support MPOC get racial slurs in their inbox, and 9 out of 10 times the ppl omgstop “calls out” are WOC and 10 out of 10 times omgstop’s targets are queer, trans, and genderqueer.

i mean really. the lack of credibility here and active bias is actually hilarious.


I have to wonder how no one knew GirlJanitor was white after reading these responses. This is obviously horribly wrong and flat out stupid. I mean come on, the 40% Native American should have tipped everyone off. I’ve seen countless posts mocking white people who say things like “I’m 1/12th Cherokee” or “I’m 88% Native American” and other things like that and are mocked to no end. But some how GirlJanitor was allowed to slide by. Why? 

“Your dad was enough Mexican to grow a full beard.”

Good lord. 

anonymous asked:

I have a question. What's bad about medievalpoc? I know you get this question a lot, and I apologize for having you guys answer another ask about this.

Mpoc, in theory, is a great blog that strives to show that Europe was not some lily white haven. That people of various skin colors have existed for as long as Europe has been a thing.

In practice, the blog is shit. It’s run by girljanitor, a white girl who pretends to be Rromani and Lakota (or it Latina?) while talking over people from Europe and America who take issue with her blog. She views everything from a (modern) American lens, and refuses to listen to people who are uncomfortable with her. This includes black men, Rromani women, Jewish women, Italians… She’s posted some anti-Rromani and anti-Semitic things. She refuses to get another mod, and it’s ridiculous.

Here are some receipts. If you’re not impressed, I completely understand. There is still a lot of good being done by that blog. It has managed to expose a lot of Americans to things they were never aware of. But, personally, I can’t fuck with it.


External image
girljanitor replied to your post: I just wanted to say on your cultural appropriation thing, what if she actually does and did understand the spiritualities and the natures and the actual spiritual significance that the items held. I don’t blame your rage. but some of us actually do understand, do love, and wish to learn your histories and your spiritualities because we genuinely believe it or love it or want to see it alive again.

rebloggable plz?

As requested!

at the risk of coming off a little fan-creepy

this post goes out to girljanitor

because it’s Goat Week over at and they have a LIVE GOAT CAM and celebratory t-shirts

and an article about a goat in the British Army who got demoted from Lance Corporal to Fusilier for headbutting a drummer


I’m sorry

for attempting to headbutt a drummer 

(I suppose because the drummer’s head was, you know, all the way up there)

his name is William

there’s also a nice writeup about Which Goat Is Right For You that includes some really nice goat photography like this tiny adorable fucker right here

but I’ve decided this post really needs to be about Fusilier William the attempted headbutter

I love how even though the majority of people doing call-outs are either

  1. Native
  2. Jewish
  3. Roma
  4. Amazigh
  5. black
  6. some combination of the above

we’re being billed as “white supremacists.” yea good job. It’s not like Native, Jewish, Roma, Amazigh, and black people could POSSIBLY have any reasonable objections to UR FAVE, they’re all just white supremacists. Thank u for blessing us with ur magical brush, thank u for bestowing upon us the white privilege and stripped away our otherness

I am really glad I logged onto tumblr tonight, because man, if I ever needed an example of a sjw taking a good point and destroying it with shitty tactics, girljanitor is it.

Maybe she wasn’t trying to convince me that abusing autistic kids and performing surgery on them without their consent is wrong, but lets assume she was and go through her mistakes, so we can all learn to not be sjws. And for my new readers, I was a sjw, and did things like girljanitor did, so this is not a how oppressed people should react to oppression, but a how to recover from being a sjw asshole.

Before reacting, you should make sure you get the person’s response straight. I was talking about the thyroplasty, not any of the other surgeries. Castration didn’t have anything to do with what I was talking about, so accusing me of supporting it, rather than asking if I did or not, is a big no-no.

Second, and this is a tough one because sometimes anger really really is justified, try to not yell at people who aren’t yelling at you. If someone is attacking you, that’s one thing, but if we’re having a disagreement and trying to educate each other, getting angry at someone who is having

Third, don’t do conspiracy theories. Don’t assume large groups of people are lying unless you have some evidence. When white people say black people aren’t oppressed, then you can say that large group of people is lying or biased or shit, but when a doctor says a procedure is reversible and you don’t have any evidence that says it’s not, don’t call him a liar.

Fourth, respond to what they say, not what you think they are saying underneath. Or if you’re reading between the lines at least say that’s what you’re doing. If you’re responding to something they didn’t say, then you’re going to end up accusing them of shit, and then them repeating themselves, and then you accuse them of shit, and they repeat themselves again.

Fifth, if you’re going to stop talking to someone, don’t say you’re going to stop talking to them. Just stop. Nobody wins when you try to get the last word.

Sixth, don’t make assumptions about who they are, especially online. This happens fucking constantly. I’m autistic, not as bad as most people, I am high functioning, but I at least have some perspective on tics and stims and parents doing shit that doesn’t help to make you not autistic. If you have a point to make, don’t base it on whether the other person is or isn’t a minority.

Like I said I’ve done that shit before, and now I’m recognizing it, so hopefully I can stop. Also, murdering autistic kids is wrong and any surgeries done should be for the benefit of the patient with ethical review.