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Momma Hale AU

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Word Count: 1844

Warnings: None

Request:  @tanovic54321  SAID:
Can you do a momma hale au imagine where like everyone is a kid or baby, like everyone who is a teen now is a baby or toddler & they are all Derke & her’s bio or adopted werewolf/supernatural being babies & it’s just a bunch of fluffy scenarios with like baby Erica scaring baby Stiles, ext

A/N: I try to make it to where my imagines don’t state gender, but the way I wrote this is a female reader. I apologize to any non-female readers.

Also, I wrote the s1 & s2 teens instead of like THEM ALL

It’s not specifically stated, but the ages go from oldest to youngest in this order: Boyd, Scott, Allison, Erica, Jackson, Lydia, Isaac, Stiles. The ages run from 4 y/o - 9 y/o

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darkhikaridevil  asked:

May I request the Vongola boys getting jealous of their significant other fan girling over a fictional character?

I absolutely love this concept, since I’m usually fan girling over fictional characters anyway xD I hope you enjoy~! Sorry it’s taken a while~!

Tsuna: He heaved a quiet sigh as he stared at you, your eyes gleaming at the screen in front of you. “[Name]…” Tsuna began, before your high pitched voice resounded in your room. “Oh my gosh, they’re just so amazing, Tsuna. They’re so unbelievably awesome.” The room was silent for a bit before you realized you didn’t hear his reply. Glancing over at Tsuna, you saw a slight darkness take over his features as his eyes stared at the ground. Did you… like this character more than him? Tsuna’s pout made you squeal, his cute, jealous expression causing you to quickly shut your laptop and wrap your arms around his shoulders, planting a chaste kiss on his lips before peppering his entire face with pecks. “But Tsuna will always be the cutest boy in my life.” His previously dejected expression quickly shift in a small smile, his face burning from embarrassmemt at your comment.

Gokudera: His eyebrow twitched as he stared at your flailing figure, girlish squeals exploding from your mouth. “Oi. What’s the big deal? It’s just a stupid character from a shitty show.” He said, his tone exasperated. You quickly got up from your place on his sofa, muting the tv to stare at him blankly. Gokudera felt his gaze waver at your incessant gaze. “W-What is it, damn it?!” He finally snapped, his ears red. You smirked slightly and moved closer to him, getting in his face. “Goku… Are you, dare I say it, jealous of them?” You asked in a sing song voice, delighted in the way his cheeks pinked when he was caught. “W-What the hell are you saying stupid things for, dumb ass?!” He spit out, his insults coming out as defensive rather than insulting. You giggled, wrapping your arms around his waist as you pressed your face to his shoulder. “Now now, don’t be so jealous. I can’t hold my favorite character like I can hold you.” Gokudera begged for a hole to open up in the floor and swallow him.

Yamamoto: His confused gaze didn’t waver as he witnessed you hyperventilating, your eyes glued to your phone screen as you giggled. “[Name], what’re you looking at?” Your boyfriend leaned his head on your shoulder, peering at your screen to see a 2 dimensional character on it, a love confession written underneath in quotes. “Who’s that?” He questioned, wondering why this pretend person was inspiring such a reaction out of you. “They’re only the absolute most attractive thing ever.” You squealed once again, pressing your phone to your chest. Yamamoto frowned slightly before you were surprised by his arms winding around your bod, arms pinned to your side as he began to plant kisses to your shoulder. “Yamamoto?” You felt a blush begin to light your features. “I thought I was the most attractive person ever, [Name].” He was pouting and you could hear it, which made you giggle softly before you felt him snatch your phone out of your hands. “HEY!” You scowled. “I don’t like you enjoying other people’s confessions, even if they’re fake. You’re only supposed to like me.” Holding your phone over your head, he grinned as you struggled to reach it.

Hibari: His glare bore into your skull, his disdain evident as he watched you giggle incessantly, your nose buried in a book. You’d been like that for a while and it was annoying Hibari to no end. When you had sat in his disciplinary office, he thought you were going to pester him. But he couldn’t help but feel envy creep into his mind, making him whip out his tonfas. “Hibari, what’re you- OW!“ You squeaked, his tonfa hitting your head, albeit more gentle than it usually hit people. Your book fell out of your hands at the impact. "What was that for?!” You demanded, only for your mouth to gape open when you saw him toss your book out of the open window. “HEY!” You tried to stand up and see where it had landed, only to feel his arm wind around your waist and toss you onto the leather sofa. “Hm. Your constant giggling is annoying. It’s my job to shut you up.” Your eyes widened when he pressed his lips roughly to yours, before you sighed into the kiss and let him do as he wanted. It’s not like you didn’t enjoy his bouts of jealousy anyway.

Mukuro: “Hmmmm? What’s this, [Name]?” He asked, holding up a poster of your favorite character with a questioning look in his eyes. You immediately snatched it from him and took great care in flattening it out before pinning it to the wall again. “Only the best thing ever.” You explained, eyes shining as you stared up at the poster. At this, Mukuro’s usual smirk fell from his face and his eyebrows furrowed, a gleam of jealousy in his eyes. “What do you mean ‘best thing ever’, [Name]?” He began to creep up to you, eyes mischievious. “I’ll just have to change your mind and make you realize that I’m the best thing ever.” He said smugly before wrapping you up in his arms and throwing both of you onto your bed, your body tensing from impact. He quickly brushed his lips against yours and as the both of you kissed, his heterochromatic eyes glaring at the poster. He’d have to get rid of that thing as soon as possible.

Ryohei: “[NAME]!” His yell went unnoticed by you, since you had your ear phones in and were watching a show. Ryohei leaned over your shoulder to see what had captured your interest, only to jump back in surprise when you squealed and began floundering on his bed. You’d been sitting in his room for a while under the pretense that the both of you were on a date. But halfway through your visit, you’d logged on to your laptop and began to watch your favorite show, with Ryohei pouting in the corner. Why weren’t you paying attention to him?! “[Nameeeeeeee]!” Ryohei closed the lid to your laptop harshly, snapping you from your fan girling to glare at him. “HEY! I was watching that!” You tried to pry the lid open again, only to feel him bundle you in his arms and refuse to let go of you. “Ryohei!” You protested, but his grip only tightened, his stubborn nature not allowing him to let go of you. “[Name], pay attention to meeeeeeee!” He whined in your ear, his face forming a childlike pout.You rolled your eyes at his immaturity before softening in his arms. Your boyfriend was hopeless.

Cliff Diving - Part One

Storyline: Y/N and her best friend are on their fourth month of touring with 5sos as the boys opening act. One day Y/N and Y/F/N talk the boys into going cliff diving and learn that the boys have never been.

Requested: No.

(***theres no smut in part one and I’ll let you guys decide if you want smut in part two***)

Cliff Diving - Part One

I giggled loudly as Calum messily knocked over my teacup trying to grab the agave syrup.

“Fucking hell.” He groaned as he reached for the napkins, tossing them onto the spilled liquid.

 “Oh Cal, it’s just the tea Mikey brought back from Thailand.” I teased as I sat up to help him.

 “Exactly. He’d kill us if he knew we were drinking it let alone spilling it.” Calum said in a hushed town. I laughed again, picking up the dampened napkins.

 “You don’t have to worry about him, he’s out.” I smiled as I made my way towards the trash in the kitchen of the tour bus. My friend Y/F/N and I were touring with the boys as their opening act and were on our fourth month of touring. All of us had gotten used to each other by this point.

 “Ahoy!” I heard Ashton call from the front entrance of the trailer, a giggling Y/F/N on his back.

 “What have you two been up to?” I asked as I walked back towards the table, helping Calum clean the rest of the mess up.

 “We went adventuring.” Y/F/N piped up still glued to Ashton’s back.

 “Without me?” Calum whined with a fake pout on his lips.

 “Yes, but you’ll never believe what we found.” Ashton grinned as he leaned against the kitchen counter backwards allowing Y/F/N to sit, but still wrap her arms and legs around him.

 “What’s that?” I questioned as Calum passed me the empty teacups.

 “Cliffs.” Ashton nearly shouted.

 “Well that’s awesome, but I don’t think the fam would appreciate it if we all sent ourselves hurtling off a cliff to die.” Calum stated, his arms on his hips.

 “No silly, cliffs above water.” Y/F/N giggled as she shook her head at Calum. I looked up at her then realizing what she meant and a grin fell across my face.

 “What, what is it?” Calum demanded, still poised with his hands placed on either side of his hips.

 “Cliff diving!” I shouted excitedly as I ditched the dishes in the sink.

 “Wait, what?” Calum asked his eyes darted around us nervously. “You’re joking right?”

 “No, not at all.” Y/F/N smiled peeling herself from Ashton and jumping to her feet on the floor.

 “How long is the drop?” I asked turning to face Y/F/N.

 “At least fifty feet we figured.” She grinned.

 “Oh god we have to do it!” I laughed as I leaned against the table.

 “Do what?” A tired sounding Luke asked rubbing his eyes as he stumbled into view. 

“Go cliff diving! Guys c’mon let’s get going well there’s no wind!” I shrieked as I started for my bunk.

 “No thanks.” Calum shrugged before pulling his phone out of his pocket.

 “What do you mean? Cal, are you not feeling good?” Y/F/N questioned as she gave Calum a puzzled look.

 “He looks scared…” I smiled as I looked around at the boys who all had the same anxious look on their face.

 “We’ve never… We’ve… never gone cliff diving.” Luke bit down over his words as he crossed his arms over his chest.

 “None of you?” I raised my eyebrows. “Not even you Ash? You seemed excited.”

 “Yeah, cause it sounds fun. I’ve never done it but I want to. Come on guys, it can’t be that bad.” He nodded as he looked at Luke and Calum.

 “Bad?” I nearly shouted. “It’s anything but bad it’s honestly the coolest feeling ever guys I swear you’ll love it.” I giggled as I shared a look with Y/F/N. At that minute Michael walked into the trailer and eyed us all.

 “Am I interrupting something?” He asked raising an eyebrow.


After about twenty minutes Y/F/N, Ashton and I had convinced the boys to join us and were now in our rented mini van driving to the cliffs.

“I still can’t believe you guys have never done this.” I grinned excitedly turning to Luke in the front seat.

 “I don’t know, I guess we just never got the chance to. I mean we did surf, but nothing like this.” He shrugged as Ashton pulled off the highway and into a pullout on the side of the highway.

 “We’re here.” Ashton hummed as he put the car in park and pulled out the keys. Unbuckling myself I swung the door open and hopped out onto my feet excitedly.

 “Dude we’re totally going off together!” Y/F/N shouted as she squeezed my shoulders excitedly.

 Ditching our shorts and shirts in the van we made our way down the rocky path leaning on each other as we climbed our way to the cliffs. Reaching the top of the cliffs Y/F/N and I made our way to edge carefully staring over. I could feel the anxiousness already making it’s way through my veins to my heart as I looked down. Ashton and Y/F/N were right; it had to be at least 50 ft. Not the highest I’d ever jumped, but it was definitely close to the top.

 “Holy shit.” Michael shrieked as he looked down, gripping at his bare arms as he stepped back and sat down on the rocks. Luke whistled as he eyed the drop then stepped back, Calum shaking his head as he looked over the cliff too.

 “You guy’s are crazy.” Calum said sitting down next to Michael wrapping his arms around himself.

 “I think this is going to be awesome.” Ashton grinned as he made his way towards us.

 “You wanna go first?” I asked blinking at him as he came to a stop next to Y/F/N and I.

 “Oh god no. No way in hell. But I will go.” He smiled turning to look at the boys. “What about you, any of you going to go first? Or are you gonna let the pro’s show us?”

 “I don’t know if their pros, but I want them to go first. Test if it’s safe.” Michael shivered even though there was barely any wind and the sun was blazing down on us.

 “Alright.” I smiled as I took Y/F/N’s hand in mine and we stepped closer to the edge. Michael and Calum jumped to their feet walking towards us slowly to join Luke and Ashton.

 “I’ll try not to die.” Y/F/N teased Ashton and gave him a small grin as we took another step towards the edge now our feet gripping the rocks to keep us in place before we jumped off.

 “Well if I do die,” I giggled, “At least I died doing something cool.” The boys gave us uneasy smiles, which were clearly meant to reassure us. It was a good thing it wasn’t our first time jumping or the smiles probably wouldn’t have done anything but scare us away from jumping.

 “Ready?” Y/F/N asked turning to me, her grin as wide as I figured mine was.

 “Ready.” I confirmed and we both nodded.

 With that, we tightened the grip on our hands and used each other’s weight to push ourselves out off the cliff. I felt my stomach tighten and we had let go of our handhold our arms flailing as we soared through the air a loud scream coming from both of us. My eyes were closed and I knew we were close to hitting the water but I enjoyed the last few seconds of our time in the air, the rush of falling flowing through me like I was flying. I felt myself hit the water then, and before I knew it I was completely submerged. I kicked my legs hard and brought myself to the surface sputtering and laughing uncontrollably as I shook. Y/F/N was doing the exact same as I was laughing uncontrollably as the adrenaline pumped through our veins and we tried to catch our breath.

 “Fuck I’ve missed that so much.” I shivered in the cold water still laughing.

 “Oh my god I know.” She grinned finally bringing her eyes to rest on me. Before I knew it she had burst into laughter all over again. “Y/N, where in the hell is your top?”

 “What?” I asked finally bringing my breathing to a steady pace.

 “Your bikini top… It’s gone.” She smiled as she started to giggle again. Looking down I realized what she meant. I was completely topless, still had my bottoms, but my bikini top seemed to have not made the journey.

 “Shit.” I groaned. Looking around the water I tried to see it but there was no hope. That’s when I realized Y/F/N was also missing her top.

 “Dude, you’re missing yours too.” I started and she looked down wide-eyed bringing her hands to her chest.

 “Are you two alright down there?” Ashton’s voiced called from above reminding us we weren’t alone.

 “Yes!” I shouted “Just a bit of a wardrobe malfunction!” I shrugged as I looked up towards them.

 Luke noticing what I meant began to walk closer to the edge something in his hands. “Hold on ladies!” He shouted before to my surprise throwing himself off the edge, his eyes were closed shut tightly and his free arm seemed to be flailing. A girlish squeal passed his lips before he came in contact with the water, completely splashing us. We waited a few seconds until he popped up, his hair now wet and falling out of its normal quiff.

 “Our hero.” I shook my head as I eyed him, thankful for the dark water that made it so he couldn’t see my chest.

 “That was fucking awesome.” He grinned ignoring my sarcasm, giggling slightly himself. “Oh, right.” I watched as he brought one of his hands up out of the water showing off a pair of goggles.

 “Oh my.” Y/F/N laughed as she watched him push them onto his face.

 “How do I look?” He asked raising his eyebrows, his ridiculous goggles suctioned to his eyes.

 “Hot.” I nodded at him. “Luke, the tops are long gone by now. We don’t need anyone hurting themselves looking for them.” I gave a small smile even though I wasn’t sure how we were going to get back up to the van topless.

 “Well, if I can’t get them for you, I might as well join you.” Luke nodded and Y/F/N and I shared a confused look. Before we knew it Luke had pulled off his shorts and tied the goggles around them. Watching him bewildered, he brought his arm out of the water and hurtled them to the shallow part of the cliffs where we would climb out of the water. They landed perfectly on the rocks, balanced and unmoving.

 “You didn’t have to do that.” I said bringing my eyes to Luke.

 “Sure I did. I’d rather take my shorts off and make you guys feel less awkward than leave you two to swim topless and uncomfortable.” He shrugged as he looked back up towards the cliff. Michael, Calum and Ashton were all peering over the edge down at us, unreadable expressions on their faces due to the distance between us.