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Riarkle: The Real First Kiss (Rated T)

Note: In this fic Lucaya are dating, Smarkle and Rucas have broken up and Riarlie are just friends

Edit: The gang are in Softmore year, sorry for the confusion! Texas also never happened in this AU.

“You gonna be okay?” Maya asked worryingly as she was about to climb out the bay window, she was prepared to cancel the whole date with Huckleberry in that moment. Riley knew that if she showed even the slightest hint of being lonely to her selfless best friend, that would be the result.

The brunette put on her most Riley-like smile “You crazy kids have fun!”

The golden haired girl bit her lip excitedly and slipped out the window in an almost girlish fashion.

“But not too much fun!” Riley called out teasingly, being met with a playful shove back into the bay window seat, making her chuckle to herself.

Riley sighed at how different things had been a few months ago. She had been in love with the idea of love, the idea of Lucas more like. He’d never looked at her the way he looked at Maya, never made the first move, and never whole-heartily meant what he said, a certain blonde beauty was always on his mind. Things had changed yes, but they’d changed for the better.

At seven in the evening, the teenager was so tired that she flopped herself down on her bed whilst still in her dungarees, letting the stress on the day leave her as she entered Rileytown.


She woke up to see a shadowy figure half in and half out of the window ledge, normally she would have been scared, but the voice she knew all too well kept her calm.

“Farkle?” she yawned groggily, sitting up to greet him and check the time, she’d been asleep for nearly an hour “What are you doing here?” she smiled slightly, she always did when she saw him.

“I came to check on you” he jumped down from the window seat and turned on the light before he made his way to the ledge of her bed. “You know, with…Maya gone and all…” he trailed off, not wanting to say anymore.

Farkle, unbelievably, was still concerned about her feelings for Lucas and whether she was hurt at all. After all this time! Nothing she could say to him could convince him that she was one hundred percent okay, he couldn’t help but fret over her.

“Farkle!” she groaned, intensely irritated “How many times do I -”

“Riley, you don’t have to pretend with me - “

“But I’m not pretending!” Riley almost yelled, making a conscious effort to keep her voice down. She made him look up “Do I look upset? No. Farkle…” Riley sighed “Lucas and I were never meant to be, we broke up months ago, how can you think I’m still upset? I was never even in love with him, not like…” Riley trailed off, exasperated.

Yet, Farkle remained unconvinced, he still looked as troubled as ever. By now the two were so close they could feel one another exhale in defeat. They pondered there in five minutes of silence, not awkward at all, but serene, it felt…right. Riley’s heart began to beat faster and her breathing quickened at a noticeable pace at having him so near to her. An unknown part of her was yearning for him to be closer. Farkle opened his mouth and at once Riley knew he was going to ask her how she was again, she had to stop him.

“Kiss me?” The words left her lips before her mind had a moment to think them up, but she wasn’t nervous, it seemed the most natural thing in the world to say.

“What?” Alert as ever, Farkle’s azure eyes whipped up to meet Riley’s in a state of shock, yet he immediately softened. Looking into her chocolate orbs was where he had always felt most secure, she was his brown eyed girl, soft and warm and gentle, his buzzing mind stopped.

“Kiss me.” This time the words left Riley’s mouth clear and confident. This was the difference with Farkle and Lucas. With Lucas, she always felt so awkward, not knowing what to say next. They had been like two well kept dolls in a playhouse, they acted as the perfect couple, smiled and the right times, never fought and never said a bad word. But there was no passion, no feelings beyond that of puppy-love, the two too blinded by the idea of one another to discover how they truly felt. But there was one thing at this moment which Riley was positively certain. She had never felt for Lucas what she was feeling right now, this strong desire, this burning longing inside of her stomach.

Farkle had to blink a few times to fully process what the angel in front of him was saying. His face remained blank, his jaw slightly slack.

“Y-you don’t want to kiss me?” Riley tilted her head in a joking manner, giggling at his expression, hiding her slight worry that perhaps what she just said held truth to it.

Farkle choked at that, how could she be so blind? He wanted to kiss her more than anything else. But he wanted her to want it as much as him.

“D-do you want me to, R-riley?” Farkle stuttered slightly, colour rising in his cheeks as he tucked a loose strand behind her ear, his voice low and utterly serious. “I need to know, do you want this?”

Riley was taken aback by his sudden tone, only able to nod twice in response, before Farkle took her lips in his fiercely, shocking a gasping Riley into submission.

Farkle kept his weight off of her with his two hands placed strategically beside her shoulders as he leant over onto her body, capturing her lips with each determined movement. Riley lifted her head to allow him easier access and his right hand moved to support her back, her trembling hands clung to his T-shirt for leverage as his passionate kissing became more vigorous, almost possessive, as if he’d been waiting for this moment for a very long time indeed and planned to take his own time in turn. His tongue traced her lower lip and Riley let out a soft moan, the sound was music to Farkle’s ears and only spurred him on, prompting him to gently bite down on her pillowy bottom lip, leaving the girl gasping at the new and sudden sensation.

Farkle snapped out a little of his powerful desire, noting how utterly pure and delicate his Riley was. He grazed her neck and jawline before lifting his head and planted a softer kiss on her lips, a second, a third. The two were both panting, flushed and a little bashful after the exchange. Farkle, completely ashamed of his uncommon lack of control after realizing what he’d done.

“Darli - Riley?” he corrected himself “Are you okay?” he cradled her face in his hands, totally alarmed.

Riley didn’t know what she had been expecting, certainly not for Farkle to lean over onto her and kiss her with such passion, the childish pecks and caresses she once shared with Lucas seemed all too insignificant, far too pure and innocent compared to…this

“I-I’m fine…” she whispered, still dazed as a worried Farkle held her. “Farkle…“

“Well, hello!

The two jumped from one another and turned to see none other than Maya Hart, legs folded and grinning from ear to ear.

“Peaches!” Riley squealed nervously, trying her hardest to not make her expression look completely terrified, her voice abnormally high.

“Hey, honey” Maya was grinning for ear to ear and wagging her fingers in greeting, enjoying the spectacle on Riley’s bed immensely

“I came back early to see how you were, but…ah, it seems you’re otherwise engaged?” she questioned innocently. Oh yes, Maya was enjoying this a great deal.

At this point, both Farkle and Riley were both beetroot red.

“Maya, I - “ Farkle began to explain himself, scrabbling up onto his feet.

“Oh, I think you should keep quiet Farkle, don’t you? Riley’s daddy is next door after all…wouldn’t wanna wake him up now would we?”

At the mention of Mr Matthews, Farkle gulped.

“I thought so…now run along, Riley and I have a little catching up to do” Maya wiggled her eyebrows at an utterly gobsmacked Riley.

Farkle was extremely reluctant to go, but when Riley looked to him with pleading eyes he kissed her sweaty forehead and unwillingly made his leave out the window, looking back as if it pained him to do so.

“Now honeybunch…” Maya began to speak in her 1950s accent “What on earth could my lil’ Riley have been doin’ whilst I was away? What did she do, what did she do?”

“I was most certainly nowhere with no one, doin’ nothin’ with nobody.” Riley, still as a statue, tried hard to keep her face expressionless as she avoided Maya’s gaze.

“You don’t wanna tell me, Riles?” Maya slyly put her hands behind her head and rested herself down on the bed with a knowing smirk.  “That’s okay. We got all night”

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were planning on doing any translations for the cast interview portion of day breakers?

Jun Fukuyama (The Protagonist)

the protagonist is not the type of person who you can get to know easily, however he does have the characteristics of a leader and other members of the phantom thieves trust him deeply. the lines that impressed me the most are the ones in battles, there are also some lines that i love the most but those are from the very last parts of the game. so if i say it people from atlus will get really mad at me lol.


Mamoru Miyano (Ryuji Sakamoto)

as you might already know, ryuji is a problem child so his behaviors are surely a little uncontrollable, and he’s not really a tactful speaker… sometimes like a punk imo. but there are reasons why he acts the way he is which are related to things that happened in the past. he also gets quite a lot of lines to explain things that happens around the protagonist since he’s protag’s first friend. (q: what’s the charm of ryuji?) well..he’s an idiot lol…but that’s why he’s adorable. 


Nana Mizuki (Ann Takamaki)

by her looks you may think that she’s gorgeous, fashionable and girlish..etc. but she’s totally different on the inside. she’s really a pure, nice girl. and she’s very thoughtful for her friends. her heart is very strong and she has a sense of justice. although she looks very sexy, what i think is that she’s the type of girl who radiates her charm in a healthy way. even people of the same sex would be attracted by her. i really had fun doing her lines. the part when she’s in her swimwear and the guys gets shy is esp. fun. 


Tomokazu Sugita (Yusuke Kitagawa)

he looks pale and weak but he’s actually pretty tall, he’s the tallest among all the main character. the more you get to know him, the more you would change your impressions on him. yusuke has a very strong persistence regarding his way of life, so it gets more and more painful for him, that’s what i think while reading his lines. like he’s just trying his best to live his life. his charm is probably that you’re able to see many different faces of him. please look forward to see his parts in the game. 


there are many parts where they talk too fast and i couldn’t really understand. and there might be errors too. so please take it as a non-professional translation. (っ・Д・)っ