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Goretober Challenge - Day 9 & 10

“Blinded” & “Free”

The Person without Eyes


» fratboy au!

• let’s do a small background check before i start,, you and baekhyun are childhood friends
• when you were in kindergarten other children would come up to him and tease him for being so shy and girly
• and baekhyun would silently cry to himself and isolate himself away from the other kids
• it wasn’t his fault he was shy and introverted, it wasn’t his fault that he wasn’t outgoing and playful like the other kids in your class
• at a young age his hobbies consisted of reading the dictionary and being a well mannered child
• all the adults loved him because he’s so behaved unlike the other children but ofc that’s just another reason why the other kids doesn’t like him
• one day baekhyun found himself sitting on an empty swing set with tears dried up on his soft cheeks, his hands settled on his lap while he stared like a lost child at the other kids
• they made him cry again
• and you were the only kid his age who noticed his different personality
• that’s what had you drawn over him
• when he saw you approach him, he turned his head away and stayed extra silent, slightly afraid that you might be one of those kids who bully him for being who he is
• “hi!”
• he was surprised you sat on the other swing and looked at him with such curiosity
• “hello”
• he avoided locking eye contact with you and trained his gaze on his lap, he felt embarrassed for some reason
• and wondering why you would talk to him??
• you smiled to yourself and eagerly stood up to hug him without hesitation
• and baekhyun felt more embarrassed because you two were drawing attention to the two of you
• but you didn’t mind because you were more focused on being his friend
• third grade soon started and at that age baekhyun also started having a pair of glasses on his face
• the bullying didn’t stop
• they got more relentless
• but you were always there to catch him even at the point where he’s on the brink of crying
• the other kids started bullying you too because you hang out with baekhyun, the nerd??? the girlish boy???
• but their words didn’t falter you one bit because as long as you’re friends with baekhyun, everything’s going to be okay
• time passed by quickly and you two were soon two high school students
• and you know what happens when you’re in high school???
• fucking prom
• baekhyun was nominated for some reason
• you too
• you walked up to him and tapped his shoulder, catching his attention
• you were like “how about we help each other get ready???”
• he stayed silent and you noticed that there were still students in your classroom so you waited until all were gone
• when the only people were you two he sighed heavily
• “help?? there’s nothing you could fix about this”
• the next day, you weren’t sure why but he avoided you
• and the day next and the following days too until you two weren’t talking anymore
• he didn’t went to prom either
• you felt upset but you aren’t mad at him because it wasn’t his fault
• baekhyun wasn’t used to this
• you never felt so lonely in your life
• and then college happened
• you were sure you weren’t gonna see any of your dumbass classmates so !!!
• sayonara !!!! bitches !!!!
• your parents enrolled you in a college where there’s a sorority and fraternity ??
• they thought it was a normal college
• nOrMaL
• they asked you if you wanted to be in the sorority house but you weren’t really fond of living under the same roof as other females
• you decided on getting an apartment your own
• the payment wasn’t really expensive and it’s only a 10 minute walk away from your college so that’s good
• you settled on your apartment well comfortably and did you usual routine
• get lazy
• the next day you can’t help but feel nervous because hello !! this is college !!
• you manage to find your designated class and sat down on the front and then class soon started
• you quietly fixed your things and was about to walk out of the room but a senior shouted
• you left the room and continued with your day
• you met a boy a year older than you and he was really funny
• his name was hoseok !!! (you decide who hoseok it would be)
• you two talked and hang out with each other the whole day but when he told you he’s one of the fratboys
• the color just drained out of your face
• hoseok was to indulged in talking but you were already having a life crisis
• then he went like “are you coming to the party?”
• you shook your head and declined politely
• “nONESENSE MY FRIEND!! you’re coming!”
• you just had to smile to hide the pain (like the meme)
• 7 pm and you thought hoseok forgot
• but a loud knock on your door interrupted you from your thought
• you went to open it and saw hoseok smiling and when you asked him how he knew where you lived he casually said “i know where everyone lives” then dragged you with him
• he’s completely fine with the sweatpants and sweater you’re wearing
• when you two went inside the obnoxious stench filled your nose making you almost throw up and wonder what kind of shit are they doing that made this place smell like rotten eggs ??
• the mixture of rotten scent and alcohol made you cringe on the inside so you told hoseok to bring you to get some fresh air
• he brought you to a small balcony and handed you a bottle of water and left after
• the presence of another being didnt really caught you up but it did when you were drinking from your bottle
• you slowly put your bottle down and noticed the boy had his wrists rested on the railings with his eyes trained ahead of him
• dressed like one of those typical badboys
• you examined his figure before subtly trying to see his face
• but for some reason you couldn’t
• he turned his head to look at you and
• your eyes widened in surprise
• is that baekhyun?
• your baekhyun? your childhood friend? the baekhyun who was bullied for being shy?
• he seemed surprised too but his face quickly turned stoic before turning away
• “baekhyun?”
• he prayed you would forgot him but no,, a person like him would not easily slip out of your memory
• “is that you?”
• he ignored you and turned his back to you but you caught his wrist only for him to take yours in his hand
• the shock on your face was evident that it almost made baekhyun smile because when you were kids you were easily shocked
• “no”
• he gently let your wrist go before leaving you in the balcony alone
• you pondered for a minute and sighed
• that’s baekhyun
• he really changed
• can you still call him your baekhyun even if he changed?
• the days passed like a blur and unfortunately, you didn’t have any classes with him
• but the weekend soon rolled and you came back to the fraternity party in hopes of seeing him there
• you were right
• you left hoseok alone with his friends to talk to baekhyun once again
• “don’t joke with me”
• his face was hooded with such darkness and silence but you felt him looking down on your face, studying your expressions closely
• then he started chuckling
• “this isn’t the baekhyun you used to talk to, piss off kid” his voice hushed and strict and you forced yourself not to show how you’re basically tearing on the inside
• it is baekhyun
• the boy you befriended throughout the whole years as a kid but avoided you when you were in high school
• the baekhyun who you stood up for when he was getting bullied
• the baekhyun you slowly fell for
• has now drastically changed everything about him
• he wasn’t the baekhyun you fell in love with
• he’s right
• you lifted your head up and gave him a smile before hugging him again
• he tensed up but softened, heaving a deep sigh
• before patting your head
• you weren’t entirely sure how you lived because of the emotions you’re dealing with but at least you had hoseok and his friends entertaining you
• as a senior in college, the work was doubled but you were near to feeling relief and angst
• the pressure that sat on your shoulders didnt leave and you were afraid of what might happen in a couple of months
• what if you didn’t get accepted on your dream job and you become a homeless person?
• finals was coming quickly and you lived your week with eating ramen noodles and studying nonstop
• hoseok and his friends started getting worried so they stopped by your apartment to kick you out and tell you to “buy coffee”
• and you were like “??? why are you kicking me out of my own apartment??”
• you went to buy some coffee anyway
• and on your way home you passed by baekhyun
• and somehow locking eyes with him brought back memories of each other
• (remember when he couldn’t even look at you in the eye)
• you didn’t bother and continued walking but he practically stopped in front of you
• you had your head hung low with the drinks on your other hand and your phone on the other
• slowly but not hesitantly, he took the drinks from your hand and made you look at him
• it almost brought an ache to his chest when he saw your blank expression
• did he do that?
• “let me help you” he muttered
• you two silently walked throughout your whole journey to your apartment
• why was he helping you?
• a lot of useless thoughts crossed your head as you two walked
• stopping by your door before you turned the knob over, baekhyun, with his free hand tugged you over
• almost making you stumble over
• but he caught you and planted a smal kiss on your forehead
• before muttering “bye” and handing you your drinks
• on the other side of the door, hoseok and his friends are listening


It’s Bi Visibility Day! Here are some famous bi people with quotes about their bisexuality :)

Alan Cumming: “I don’t understand this but I never felt any shame about my sexuality and the idea that I found boys attractive as well as girls.”

Lady Gaga: “I’m boy-crazy, and girl-crazy too. it really depends on where I am. I love men, I love women and I love sex.”

Freddie Mercury: “I play on the bisexual thing because it’s something else, it’s fun… the last thing I want to do is to give people an idea of exactly who I am. I want people to work out their own interpretation of me and my image.”

David Bowie: “It’s true — I am a bisexual. But I can’t deny that I’ve used that fact very well. I suppose it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Anna Paquin: “For me, it’s not really an issue because I’m someone who believes being bisexual is actually a thing. It’s not made up. It’s not a lack of decision. It’s not being greedy or numerous other ignorant things I’ve heard at this point.”

Kurt Cobain: “I’m definitely gay in spirit, and I probably could be bisexual… If I wouldn’t have found Courtney, I probably would have carried on with a bisexual lifestyle.”

Drew Barrymore: “I regard myself as bisexual. If you’re with a woman, it is like if you’re exploring your own body, only through someone else.”

Angelina Jolie: “I like everything. Boyish girls, girlish boys, the heavy and the skinny. Which is a problem when I’m walking down the street.”

Skin: “Yes I happen to be female and black and bisexual and these are things that are part of me, but they don’t tell the whole picture, it’s too limiting to put people in boxes like that.”

Amy Winehouse: “There is something about being with a woman that is very satisfying. I don’t care what people think about me being bi – I do what feels good.”

Fall 2016 Anime: Last impressions

What, me? Posting something that’s not Yuri on Ice? Did I wander to the wrong blog? Oh right, this isn’t supposed to be a Yuri on Ice blog to begin with, oops.

After a very shitty semester and my Mom’s and sister’s vacations messing up with my anime watching schedule (plus a shitty vicious cycle of not watching anime to work on thesis-not working on thesis because stressed from not watching anime), I finally finished catching up with Fall anime, barely on time before Winter begins (I know some winter shows have premiered already, but none that interest me. Rakugo’s on today though!!!!). So here’s a rundown of the best and worst of this most fruitful Fall season. If there’s a gif it means I forgot to take a screenshot of the last episode whoops.  (worst to best my dears, you know how this goes)


Shuumatsu no Izetta: I really tried. Even after the stupidity of episode 4 put me to sleep, I tried to give it a second shot, but episode 6 was literally everything that is wrong with modern anime and ugh, please release me from this hell. Of course having a strong female character was too progressive for a yuribait show, you just had to make her have insecurities about her normal-sized boobs (vs everyone’s ginormous) and dedicate 25 entire minutes to show that she’s actually a real girly girl that likes pie. Ugh. And I didn’t even mention how stupid the “Izetta’s secret might be revealed” plot element was. That was some garbage writing if I ever saw one. Most of what I’ve read after dropping it seems to indicate it was the best choice

3gatsu no Lion: I’m confused with this show. The production values make it very attractive to watch. There is a harsh and interesting story and character drama happening. Episode 5 was particularly great, and some of the storytelling devices are implemented brilliantly. But for some reason I can’t bring myself to care? I don’t know. The more I see the three sisters, the more the scenes with them bore me to death. I found the idea of watching episode 6 terribly not-compelling so I decided to put it in the back burner and wait out. Maybe I’m just incompatible with this mangaka (I really hate HachiKuro). People seem to be loving it, so maybe I’ll give it another shot at a later date.

Touken Ranbu Hanamaru: This was my biggest disappointment of the season because episode 2 was so good. It tickled all my rekijo bones in the best way. But then it just… nothing ever happened? Also the way all the sword boys gush about how much they love the (invisible but obviously audience-proxy) “Master” is way too transparent and took me out of whatever little interesting character dynamics might be going on. What could be an interesting theme –the swordboys having regrets about not protecting their past owners and being tempted to fix it- is wasted in a “it’s okay, I have a new master now!”. Even with my fujoshi goggles there was little of interest because the boys were so infatuated with the Master I couldn’t even enjoy any of it. Held out until episode 9 and just couldn’t be arsed for more. Maybe the more serious ufotable show will be better?

Nanbaka: I don’t know what went wrong with this mangaka that suddenly decided to turn a perfectly fine comedy into a Very Serious battle shonen thing? Especially mid-arc? The New Year tournament had revitalized the show, I was having a load of fun with it, but then it suddenly turned all dark and serious and nonsensical? The only thing tempting me to go back for the last three episodes is Hajime, he’s a champ. But yeah, the shift in tone was too drastic and kind of spoiled the show for me because I was loving it exactly as it was. It didn’t need the drama. Some people seem to be liking the new direction but ehhhh… idk. If I have time.

The worst:

17. DAYS: It was hard to choose which of these two was gonna be the poop prize winner, but in the end, given how much I struggled to even sit through the last couple of episodes, I guess DAYS takes it. Honestly seldom have I seen a show so infuriatingly ruined by “protagonist no jutsu” i.e. things just happen because a dude is the main character. Kimishita scored three completely bananas goals in that game (bless his heart I love him), but Tsukushi gets all the credit for earning the free kicks and second balls and shit and he’s the one credited as the “hero” of the game. It’s amazing that such an insufferable protagonist is part of a show with an otherwise endearing supporting cast. Now will my love for Mizuki and Kimishita be enough to pull me into watching season 2? Tune in some time next year to find out! (spoiler: most likely no unless it comes out on a boring season)

16.Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku: I called this show the winner of the “Showed its cards too early Award” since episode one, but boy I didn’t expect it to continue doing the exact same thing over and over through its entire run. At some point it became a very unsurprising formula of showing a character’s tragic backstory at the start of the episode to fabricate last minute sympathy to make up for lack of proper characterization, only to have the character in question murdered in increasingly distasteful ways. I always knew best girl Top Speed wasn’t long for this world, but the way they handled it was gratuitously vicious. Couple that with a barrage of villains, none of which were remotely compelling or had any interesting motivations, a poor man’s Kyubey, a protagonist that is even more infuriatingly passive than Madoka herself (at least in this aspect, MahoIku surpassed its intellectual mother), and a resolution that basically says this whole thing served no purpose whatsoever and you’re left with just a feeling that you could’ve done something better with your life. I never expected grandeur from this show, and in fact I guess it turned out to be about as bad as I could’ve expected it to be, but that doesn’t really erase how terribly dissatisfying the ending was. I guess that’s one weakness that Dark Magical Girl shows have yet to overcome. 

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Normally a “the meh” section would be here, but I dropped all those shows for lack of entertainment and time, so we’re skipping straight to

The okay

(I liked these shows but none of them changed my life and I was severely tempted to drop them at least once)

15.Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: I have rather complicated feelings about this show. The writing has improved immensely since the second half of S1 and they’re doing a fascinating job at working the different shades of moral grey. Mika’s sick relationship with Orga continues to keep me on my toes. But with only 12 episodes left I’m still not entirely sure of where this is going, and most importantly, it stinks of tragedy and there seems to be a general lack of joy in both characters and story, so I always go to watch it with little enthusiasm and maybe a bit of anxiety.

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14.Girlish Number:  This one turned out way better than I expected it to be, although perhaps for different reasons than most. Usually when I hatewatch something, it’s for the pleasant schadenfreude I get out of seeing something continue to fail miserably week after week (see Sailor Moon Crystal or Mayoiga). In that sense, I wasn’t hatewatching Girlish Number but boy was I getting schadenfreude about seeing the exploitative producer go on a downwards spiral and the shitty LN anime adaptation turning up a complete failure. But because this was the source of my enjoyment, the finale was, to say the least, dissatisfying. If the show had ended with Chitose getting a proper comeuppance and landing different jobs (in non-shitty-LN-anime) that forced her to climb her way back up instead of trying to have  sudden fabricated popularity, while Kuzu got his ass fired that would’ve been cool. But the “Oh I ended loving this production” ending was ehhhh. It felt the show ended going milquetoast on its criticism of the industry. Criticized the seiyuu idol units but still had the seiyuu sing the OP and ED criticized the cheap swimsuit fanservice but still had a swimsuit episode etc. I mean they went really damn hard on the industry, so it was weird and a little frustrating that they didn’t go the whole way, given how they’d already guaranteed to lose the buying audience anyway.

13.Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari: It’s hard to explain what went wrong with this one because, if you asked me, I’d say I really liked it overall. But the key problem is perhaps that I adored the first two episodes so deeply and then somewhere in the middle it kind of floundered and went in a different direction than what I expected –which isn’t inherently bad, mind you- but it’s weird that there’s so little actual udon in the show when they’re in the title. The finale was good in idea, but I feel it failed to make the emotional landing, and that they capped it off to be a sort of commercial for Kagawa prefecture was just… weird. So uh, it was a good show but definitely didn’t live up to the promise of the first few episodes.

12.Uta no Prince-sama Legend Star:  For me, this and Magikyun are basically tied, because, although I have more love for Utapri due to how long it’s been around and how I’ve grown so endeared to the characters, I can’t say Magikyun did anything worse or better. But anyway Utapri! Revolutions had me losing a little of my love for the franchise, but Legend Star was really great! The music improved drastically and we got some truly neat character arcs. The Otoya arc was surprisingly good. It’s sad to see they’ve fully committed to shitty CG dancing though ): But oh well, the Quartet Night song was great and there’s even more anime coming because Broccoli does like printing money after all. Almost forgot to mention it, but Haruka is hardly relevant this season and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but I’ll also say I didn’t particularly miss her.

11.Magic-Kyun Renaissance:  I’ll say this about Magikyun, it was less dumb than I expected given the title. I mean it was super dumb, but it could’ve been dumber. It was also a lot of fun, had neat visuals and surprisingly good songs? I feel it could’ve ended in episode 9 because it doesn’t feel like the new resolution in ep 13 actually added anything of note to the story or the characters, but it was okay. It’s harmless dumb entertainment and that’s what I wanted it to be. 

The good

10.Flip Flappers:  It’s always great to see passion projects like this, even if they don’t always stick the landing. In the gayest anime season, FliFla gave us a lesbian visual spectacle that was among the best animated experiences of the year. While narratively it blooped a little in the last third and became a weird Eva-ish nightmare, it sorta kinda worked out at the end, although definitely didn’t live up to its initial dreamy potential. And it was very lesbian, although I feel it was lowkey creepy lesbian since Papika is somehow an adult??? I think they explained some things too much and left others glaringly unexplained. Some weird things happened in that production that hindered its potential, but it’s still a fascinating series to look at, even if you don’t dig the character dynamics (which are adorable but in the end didn’t do much for me). Could’ve done with 100% less creepy robot though     

9.Classicaloid: I’d call Classicaloid the Bungo Stray Dogs (season 1) of the Fall because while it wasn’t what I wanted or expected, it managed to grow on me. I was on the edge of dropping it because the wacky one-note humor wasn’t working for me at all, but with the introduction of Schubert and the slow drip of answers to our questions of what is even happening in this show, it became notoriously more fun. Definitely the strongest moments of the show are when we get to see the Classicaloids having flash backs to their past lives (the episode about Beethoven and his loss of hearing was particularly brilliant) and while I still mostly have no idea of where this is going at all, they’ve definitely got me hooked wanting to know what Bach is even planning.

8.Drifters: This might have gone even higher up the ranks if not for all the homophobic and sexist jokes ugh. But I guess it’s a testament to how entertaining it is that I watched it all through and would still watch the upcoming second season (or maybe it’s a testament to what a good job it did in tickling my very specific rekijo bone). The characterization of Nobunaga in particular is absolutely brilliant, and the little nuances in the interactions between characters of different time periods are fantastic. Cool action sequences and interesting strategizing and politicking. But I reckon this isn’t something that’s gonna sway the non-history buffs. Also ew the sexist and homophobic jokes. The show has great comedy without that, please don’t be so gross Hirano.

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7.ALL OUT!!: It had a bit of a slow start, but once it started picking up with the practice matches and developing the team, it’s just gotten exponentially better! Especially since the addition of the coach. DAYS could learn a thing or two about how it isn’t necessary to make the inexperienced main character the sudden “hero” of the team to make for a compelling sports story. That said I still do not understand about 75% of how rugby works at all, but the endearing cast and the passionate games make up for it. Also the horrible hair. Definitely looking forward to where these kids will go in the second half.

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The excellent

6.Fune wo Amu: This is a case of me one-sidedly having expectations that a show can’t live up to and thus I don’t enjoy it as much as I could. Which is no fault of the show itself and it is in fact one of the best anime of the season (arguably the year). It does fail on the entertainment department, but compensates with beautiful craftsmanship and a wonderful portrayal of human feelings and relationships. While it wounded up being Very Heterosexual (and the main couple develops in a rather cold and questionable manner, but hey, the wife wasn’t forced to give up her dreams to become a housewife. A+ for progress! ) the portrayal of Majime’s camaraderie with Nishioka (and Nishioka’s very great relationship with his gf!) was really the heart of the show, and just for that it’s absolutely worth the watch.

5.Natsume Yuujinchou Go: I think it’s rather telling to the quality of the season overall that Natsume Yuujinchou somehow fell just slightly above the middle of the pack. I do feel this season of Natsume was weaker than the previous ones, but to be honest I can’t quite pinpoint why. Maybe it didn’t feel like we reached a new milestone in Natsume’s development or in learning about Reiko –in fact, it feels we learned conspicuously little about Reiko this season-, although the final episode and the Touko episode were notable highlights. With a sixth season already in the works, I have little else to say other than, even when it’s not in top form, this is still among the best one could ever hope to get from anime

4.Bungo Stray Dogs 2: Remember how season 1 was good but not what I wanted it to be? Well, season 2 wasn’t exactly what I’d originally hope BSD would be about but it sure as fuck was fantastic! Starting with the flashback episodes to Dazai’s time in the Port Mafia and the story of Oda Sakunosuke, to the introduction of the American writers and the follow-up with Kyouka and Atsushi’s arcs as well as Akutagawa (!!!!) it was a genuinely amazing season that completely justifies watching the first one even if you weren’t entirely convinced about it at first. My only gripe is the lack of Kunikida, but this season showed that Dazai is the lynchpin of this series and he fulfills that role to perfection. I loved loved loved this season and I hope we get more of this series.

3.Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable: While it floundered a little in the second cour (seriously I was happy Shigechi died, he was an awful character), it picked itself right back up in the third and the battle against Kira –who is an astonishingly amazing villain- was just week after week of blood-pumping excitement and fun. Not every episode was perfect, but the package as a whole is fantastic. At moments it felt more like Kishibe Rohan’s Bizarre Adventure, but even that was okay because every member of the cast was so great. You can see the passion David Production has for this franchise, and I’m hoping they’ll continue adapting it. While Joseph is still Best JoJo, I think part 4, with its incredibly strong cast and creative set up might be my favorite arc so far.

2.Haikyuu 3: vicky’s probably gonna hate me for this but If I’m honest, the Shiratorizawa match wasn’t my favorite in the manga. I love the development Tsukki got through it and I commend Furudate for how brilliantly he’s been working in making these characters grow in such satisfying ways. But Shiratorizawa, and Ushijima specially, is the epitome of OP rival and that’s something that’s never really worked for me. It felt like the Rakuzan game in Kurobas, there were moments in which it felt that it just never ended. And I was worried about how they were going to work it into ten episodes. I think it’s a testament to the anime team that they managed to make it not actually feel like 10 episodes, and that they’ve made this one of the most exciting matches to watch in all of Haikyuu. It was truly spectacular and I can’t wait for S4


1.Yuri!!! on ICE: Joke’s on you, this was a Yuri on Ice post all along!! Even if my conflicted feelings about the ending had been sourer and heavier, I would have no doubt that this is the best show of the season (and the year). It’s taken me a while, but after having chewed on my feelings for a couple of days (while fighting the denialists with all my might) I’m even more confident about it. I don’t even know what more praise I can rain on this beautiful, beautiful show that has literally saved me so many times during this really difficult trimester and I am ever so grateful to its creators for giving us such a beautiful gift in such dark times. Now please end our suffering and confirm a season 2, because just like Victor and Yuuri can’t live without each other (canon!) I can’t live without them anymore ;—;

What a strong season this was! A high note to end an otherwise shitty year! Thanks everyone for following this nonsense blog and I hope this new year brings us all more beautiful anime (and less menstrual cramps for me). Winter shows I’m watching premiere literally today so I’ll skip the “anticipation” rundown and go straight to my watchlist in a couple of weeks.  As always, I’ll be happy to hear which were your favorite and least favorite shows of the season, but I know y’all never answer to my questions ;—-;

Angelina Jolie

About: Angelina Jolie is an award-winning actress, filmaker and humanitarian. She is well known for starring in movies such as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Salt and Maleficent.

Usually thought of as: Straight

The truth: 

  • She once had a relationship with Jenny Shimizu, a co-star on Foxfire in 1996 and states that she fell in love with her immediately and she might have married Jenny if she didn’t marry her first husband (Jonny Lee Miller).
  • Angelina is very open about her bisexuality. In an interview with Elle magazine, she states, “Honestly, I like everything. Boyish girls, girlish boys, the heavy and the skinny. Which is a problem when I’m walking down the street.“
  • Jolie says she fell in love with a woman at 20.
  • When asked if she was bi by Barbra Walters, she responded with, “Of course. If I fell in love with a woman tomorrow, would I feel that it’s okay to want to kiss and touch her? If I fell in love with her? Absolutely! Yes!”
Fifty Shades of Vampire Biersack || Bindy


The jet black haired vampire had just recently come into town after a long hunt over the weekend. He he was fully satisfied with his hunt, but hadn’t satisfied his other craving for total control and dominance over his submissive. The last one he had he ended up killing and torturing, just for the pure fun of it.

He’d heard from a couple other vampires along the way home that there was a ballet studio in town, and that the place was the best to find submissives. Andy noted that as he ran the rest of the way back, and found himself standing outside the studio. His blue eyes, tinged with red, scoured the place from the window, afterward opening the door to go inside.

The class of ballet dancers was still in full swing, but they’d suddenly stopped when they saw Andy come in, in his attire of black pants and a dark denim vest, his shortened hair pulled to one side. He had a tattooed sleeve on one arm and on the other, various tattoos with a Batman one visible. His eyebrow creased in amusement, he finally picked out a girlish boy, finding him to be just perfect for his submissive.

“You don’t mind if I borrow one of your students, do you?” He asked in his low and deep tone, giving her his best smirk. “I promise he’ll be back in no time…”

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27 please!!!!!!!!!! love your fanfics! Awesome blog by the way!

YOU GOT IT (and thank you! ^_^)

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27. “No. Regrets.”

It was just a mission. 

Some stupid undercover ploy to infiltrate the enemy base and scoop up new intel on Brother Blood.

So what if it required an elaborate disguise? So what if it required Beast Boy to have a ‘date’ to go with to the ridiculous party? And if it happened to be an attractive vixen like Ravager, it certainly wasn’t any of Raven’s concern. 

“How do I look?” He’d asked her apprehensively once he’d come out of his room.

Raven had to use all of her willpower and self control not to let her expression betray her emotions. 

She’d been expecting him to look disheveled, lazy, maybe even unkempt, but when Garfield had stepped out for her appraisal, he looked anything but. 

Not only was he wearing a clean cut, black dress suit and silk tie, he also had to slip on a custom holo ring that Cyborg had made exclusively for him, to help mask his otherwise uncanny appearance. 

Therefore, the young man that stood before her looked nothing like the teenage boy she’d come to know throughout the years. This man had hair in a shade of flaxen blonde, combed back and gelled neatly aside in a gentlemanlike coiffure, very unlike the shaggy green tendrils Raven had grown accustomed to. Most notably, his skin was no longer a jade green, replaced now with a more normal peach tone as of his Caucasian heritage. Also, it did not escape her that even his ears were not pointed, and his teeth were a straight, pearly white with a significant absence of fangs.

Beast Boy looked…completely and utterly normal.

The only feature of his that had remained unchanged were his eyes; they stayed the same glittering verdant shade she had found comfort in many a time. Even if she were at death’s door, she’d vowed never to tell him any of that.

Altogether, his new look had jarred her, and done something strange with her emotions that she couldn’t recognize. Too frightened to linger on feelings she could not understand, she focused instead on the ones she could easily rely on, such as apathy.

“…Weird,” she finally answered him in a disinterested tone.

His smile faltered a bit. “W-weird? Is it the suit? Or the hair? I told Cy, I just don’t do gel.” He fidgeted in his clothes like they were crawling with insects, adjusting the form fitting jacket and playing with the buttons on his crisp, white dress shirt.

“I think you look delicious,” a new voice entered the fray.

Rose Wilson stood at the end of the hallway, wearing an appreciative smirk and a revealing, tight black dress to go with it. She eyed Beast Boy without a hint of discretion, admiring the way his new outfit clung to his lean form. Raven noted that the tips of his ears were red, and that his blushing was becoming a lot more evident now that he wasn’t green anymore.

Rose started walking towards them once all eyes were on her, the slit in her floor length, black gown revealing the strap on her thigh where she’d no doubt stashed a weapon of some sort. The holo ring Cyborg had provided her with had changed her hair colour to a more natural, platinum blonde while also maintaining the illusion that she had both of her eyes. It didn’t, however, provide any alterations on her deceptive and unpredictable personality.

Once she’d reached them, she had made it a point to blatantly ignore Raven’s existence, and instead, leaned in towards Beast Boy, her nimble fingers playing with his tie. “Normally, you’d be a little too young for my tastes, but might I say that you clean up well, Gar,” she purred into his ear.

Beast Boy had visibly tensed, and Raven saw his cocky façade for exactly what it was; a façade.

“U-uh, you look good, too, Rose,” he squeaked, uncomfortable at the lack of space between them, and working up a nervous sweat.

She towered over him by a few inches, especially in the strappy black high heels she wore, and, as a result of the height difference, if Garfield looked down, he’d be staring directly into her ample, pushed up cleavage.

“This is the part where it gets gross and I leave,” Raven groaned, rolling her eyes in disgust, no longer being able to stand in such close proximity to the couple.

As she started walking down the hall and towards her room, Ravager called out to her, “You had your chance, Rae. You turned it down, don’t forget that.”

Raven scoffed, “Whatever.”

Yet Rose’s words still rang true; Nightwing would have much preferred if it had been Raven going in undercover, and not Ravager. Not when they barely knew if they could even trust her, especially considering her heritage. Richard had pleaded with Raven to reconsider, although Nightwing’s ‘pleading’ merely outlined all the benefits of his decision versus the negatives. Still, Raven had adamantly refused, and not even their leader would be able to sway her on the matter.

Not because of having to be Garfield’s date, which was what everyone else on the team had initially concluded, but because she didn’t think she could pull it off. She wasn’t a very good actress, and she figured, if anything, she would only blow their cover and jeopardize the entire mission. Considering how much was riding on gathering the intel before Brother Blood could initiate a devastating blow to the Titans, Raven didn’t know if she could handle that sort of pressure. Rose Wilson, on the other hand, was charismatic and devious enough for such a role.

It was simply best if Raven sat this one out.

Or so she’d thought.

Both Rose and Beast Boy had tiny earpieces and small cameras placed somewhere on their clothing, allowing the rest of the Titans to monitor the events of the party safely from the Tower. Cyborg had even stealthily hacked into the security surveillance of the event to garner them a better view of the entire banquet. 

Raven had walked into the team’s new conference room where multiple screens flashed different angles of the party, and Nightwing, Starfire and Cyborg sat huddled about, discussing some more final details about the job.

“We need to figure out what Brother Blood is up to. You all have your parts to play. Star and I will be at the rendezvous point in case anything gets out of control. We’ll both have our comms on us,” Nightwing instructed his team.

“What am I supposed to do?” Raven asked him.

After her refusal to cooperate, Dick had left her alone for the most part about the mission. It was an unspoken respect between them; if she wanted in, all she needed to do was come to him. If he had upset her somehow, then he was also content with having her on the bench for this one. The decision would ultimately be up to her.

Dick shrugged at her question, clearly taken by surprise that she’d decided to lend a hand after all. “Uh, watch Beast Boy and Rose? Make sure they stay out of any trouble, and that they blend in. None of this works if they’re discovered too soon.”

“Fun,” Raven replied dryly before sitting down and mentally preparing herself for the underwhelming task she’d been assigned.

Once everyone was in position, and both Garfield and Rose were on scene, the operation was in full swing.

“So, do you think they have vegetarian options at this thing or…?” Beast Boy’s voice came over the speakers.

“Focus, B,” Cyborg answered him.

“Yeah, yeah. Blend in, got it.”

“Any suggestions, Raven?” Ravager asked the empath in her sultry voice.

She sighed, annoyed by the simplicity of the question. “You probably want to locate a few of Brother Blood’s confidantes, get as close as possible to them while eavesdropping. I think I see one of his bodyguards by the dancefloor,” Raven replied, scrutinizing a screen for a familiar face.

Rose laughed heartily. “Perfect; a reason to go dancing. Wanna take me for a spin, Gar?” She cooed seductively.

A cold shiver ran down Raven’s spine and she tried not to convulse in disgust. “Ugh,” she groaned, rubbing the palm of her hand down her face.

“I’m getting vibes of a double entendre here,” Cyborg grimaced.

“I wouldn’t be opposed to either,” Rose teased.

Garfield could be heard sputtering. “W-what?! What does that even mean?!”

Raven and Cyborg examined the cameras as Ravager led Beast Boy to the dance floor, not allowing him to formulate a proper response in time. He stumbled behind her as she tugged on his hand.

“Like what you see, Gar?”

Raven stiffened.

“I’ve always been told I look good walking away,” she playfully added.

Even from the furthest camera, Rose’s impressive silhouette stood out in the crowd, her curve-hugging black dress leaving very little to the imagination.

Cyborg let out a tired sigh.

“I…you…uh…I’m not looking, I swear!” Beast Boy could be heard protesting.

He yelped when she moved his hand lower down her back, to a spot that would certainly be considered indecent. “Yes, you were. I bet you stared long and hard enough just to figure out if I’ve got any panties on under all this.”

Somewhere in Titan tower, a lightbulb shattered. Cyborg flinched at the sound before he turned to regard Raven.

Her hands were tight, balled fists at her side, and she wore a scowl that set her features into a conflict of emotion.

“You…You’re not wearing…any?” Beast Boy gulped.

A girlish giggle from Rose. “Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. There’s only one way to find out for sure, Beastie.”

Some of the surveillance screens were flickering, moving between grainy black and white, then back again to the party.

“Uh…Rae?” Cyborg called out to the empath carefully. “You okay there?”

Rose was indecently pressed up against Garfield, her lithe body practically melded against his own, her mouth dangerously close to the sensitive spot below his ear. She grinned widely, like she was the Cheshire cat, and one of her arms wrapped around his waist tightly, while the other hand explored the fine blonde hairs at the nape of his neck.

One of the screens cracked and fizzled loudly, and Cyborg cried out in surprise.

Ravager, with her luscious red lips, and long, wavy, platinum hair, stared over Garfield’s shoulder, directly at Raven through one of the cameras. Almost as if she knew she somehow had her attention, she gave the enraged demoness a playful wink and a slight wave of her fingers, before placing a tender red kiss against Garfield’s neck. All the while her piercing blue eyes, so much like her father’s, never left the camera.

Raven gritted her teeth in agitation as a few more screens shattered and the lights flickered throughout the Tower.

“She’s doing this on purpose,” the empath growled, her anger seeping through her normally contained demeanour.

“Doing what, Raven? Breakin’ all my stuff?!” Cyborg shouted out in frustration, all the while trying to avoid the shards of glass that had decorated the floor and tabletop while he worked on fixing his equipment. He didn’t know what to start working on first; he could hardly keep up with the level of chaos.

“Look, I don’t know what you guys are playin’ at, but if you could stop destroying everything in sight, Rae, I’d appreciate it,” the oldest Titan commented, growing frustrated with the amount of damage his teammate had caused.

Rose cackled loudly, throwing her head back in mirth. “What’s the matter, Rae Rae? Have I struck a nerve? Does rage want to come out and play?”

A loose wire sparked to life and Cyborg nearly jumped at the shock.

“Uh…is everything okay over there?” Beast Boy sounded concerned.

Raven’s fingernails dug into the skin of her palms as relaxation and calm seemed to be escaping her with every second that passed.

Peachy. Don’t you two have a job to do?” Raven hissed through a clamped jaw.

Cyborg, looking mildly apprehensive about approaching the broken equipment after it had nearly shocked his systems, agreed with Raven on that matter. “She’s right. Quit foolin’ around and find someone from the H.I.V.E already.”

Ravager smacked her lips together, her hand creeping down Garfield’s backside before giving him a slight pinch, eliciting an uncharacteristic squeal from the changeling. “Oh, I know. The fooling around bit usually comes after an intense job,” she acknowledged, biting her bottom lip.

Beast Boy mocked innocence. “I have no idea what you mean by that,” he stammered unconvincingly.

“If ya’ll don’t get your act together soon, I’m pulling you out and calling this a bust. Then you gotta deal with Nightwing and explain to him why it was a major fail since you two can’t seem to keep it in your pants!” Cyborg threatened.

Rose only seemed to grow more amused by the effect she was currently having on every Titan, not taking Cyborg’s comment seriously in the least. “You are all such easy marks,” she smirked, shaking her head.

“While you were all too busy setting up and dilly dallying, I placed recording devices on Jinx and Blood himself. Any meaningful conversations, I’ve got stored right here,” she indicated a spot between her breasts.

Beast Boy groaned helplessly.

“You did what?!”

“Turns out Gar isn’t the only one who’s got a penchant for hot blondes,” she shrugged. “And Jinx is the H.I.V.E leader, so if any of them would be getting the dirty details from Blood himself, it would be her. She’s obviously the brains of that idiotic group,” Rose continued as if all this was common knowledge.

Cyborg’s jaw dropped while he absorbed this new turn of events.

Raven only glowered into the screen she’d been facing, not as easily impressed with the assassin’s skills as her teammates. “Good. Then there’s no more reason for you to be there,” she spat in retaliation.

Rose made Beast Boy twirl her about on the dance floor before she ended up wrapped in his arms again, her back pressed firmly into his chest. “But we’re having such a good time, Rae!”

Every window and screen but the one Raven stared into exploded, the pieces of glass flying all over the room, narrowly avoiding the empath’s face. One of the monitors had even erupted into a smoking flame that Cyborg was desperately trying to put out.

Get back here,” she hissed dangerously, her eyes now glowing a ferocious red.

As an affront to Raven’s rage, Rose turned Beast Boy’s chin towards her and leaned in to press her painted lips against his unsuspecting mouth. Just as they were about to kiss, the final screen exploded, and Raven levitated out of the room in an angry huff, a trail of dark magic shadowing behind her cloak.

Even the mic connection had died, short circuiting when Raven’s powers fried everything in the tower, leaving them in complete darkness.

Cyborg, disheartened by all the carnage in his room, slumped defeated into his chair, and finally gave up. “Why’d she have to go and make her so damn jealous for?” He asked the empty spot next to him.

“Good work you two,” Nightwing told Ravager when she handed over the recordings.

Rose grinned. “Maybe next time, you and I could go undercover, Dick.”

Starfire folded her arms over her chest. “There will hopefully not be any more ‘next time’.”

Richard smiled apologetically, pretending to miss the implications of her suggestion. “Star’s right; if we can stop Blood before he can begin implementing whatever plan he’s got in the works, then he’ll be in jail for the rest of his life.”

“Good. I don’t think my tech can handle another Raven meltdown,” Cyborg added bitterly.

Beast Boy, now back to his green self, laughed nervously. “Someone should probably go check on her.”

Everyone in the room pointedly looked at the changeling.

Upon realizing that he’d been nominated, he moaned aloud. “Really, guys? Why’s it got to be me? Technically, it’s Rose’s fault!”

Rose adjusted her eye patch and spoke up before anyone else jumped in, “He’s right. I guess I owe it to you to probably tag along. I’m sure little miss demon would like nothing more than to get a slice out of me.”

As the two made their way to Raven’s room, the other Titans watched them leave. “Do you think it worked?” Nightwing asked his comrades.

Cyborg shook his head. “That amount of costly damage, I’ll be angry if it didn’t.”

Starfire appeared puzzled. “I do not understand why Rose would do such a horrible thing just to upset friend Raven.”

Richard sighed. “I don’t, either. I guess it’s just her way of proving her loyalty to Raven, even if it’s somewhat unconventional.”

“You okay in there, Rae? You’ve been locked up in your room ever since we got back,” Beast Boy asked his friend from the other side of her bedroom door.

A moment later, and the metal gate opened. Raven stood in the entryway, wearing the same deadpan expression he’d grown so accustomed to. Garfield smiled nervously at her. “Looks like you’re doing all right, after all,” he noted, rocking on his heels.

A beat passed before Raven found her calm, gravely voice again.

“The green is better,” she admitted to him before he could take the opportunity to walk away.

He stopped in his tracks and regarded her with confusion. “Uh, come again?”

Raven’s amethyst toned eyes softened, and her cheeks coloured when she had to avert her gaze. “I said I prefer the green. The holo ring made you look…unnatural.”

Beast Boy’s ears grew hot. “You mean, I look better as a green gremlin than my actual human appearance? Raven, I’m not quite sure if that’s a compliment or an insult…,” he confessed truthfully.

“It’s a compliment,” she explained.

“Okay, well…thanks, I guess,” he shrugged his shoulders, not knowing what else to say, or how to even feel about it.

Raven grew flustered then, her brows knitting in frustration. “Did she…did she really kiss you?”

Her voice was barely more than a whisper, but the question was not lost to his trained ears.

Beast Boy shook his head furiously. “No, no! She was just toying with me, I swear.”

He couldn’t really understand why he was being so defensive about it. Why would Raven even care?

The empath tucked a strand of violet hair behind her ear, and he could swear he saw her lips turn into a small, relieved smile.

“So…you aren’t interested then?”

He laughed shakily. “Nah, Rose is cool and all, but she knows there’s someone else I’m kind of into. Called me out on it a little bit ago, actually. She’s good at reading people.”

Raven’s eyes widened as she stared at him with a wild expression. “Someone else? Like who?”

His smile softened. “I have a feeling, with you being an empath and all, that you probably already have an idea.”

She searched his face, not comprehending his answer until he closed the space between them and cupped her face in his hands. “Getting any closer?”

The pads of his thumbs stroked her cold, pale cheeks, just beneath her thick fringe of black lashes. She fell into his touch like it was the most natural reaction, as his emotions seeped into her like fresh paint bleeding down a canvas.

It made her ache with a sudden need to reach up and kiss him, to feel his soft, warm, pliant lips move beneath her own. It would be a long while yet before Raven would realize that she’d indeed acted on the impulse, Beast Boy’s affections melding with her own, and creating something both catastrophic and euphoric within her.  

“Well, hot damn. Girl actually did it,” Cyborg laughed, admiring the scene before him on the small screen panel in his arm.

Rose had decided to let Beast Boy go it alone, only willing to jump in if things got hairy. Little did he know that she’d planned on hiding out in the corridor and filming the entire thing. Just to remind the two that, on their wedding day, she was the one responsible for making it all happen. And they’d owe her big time. Open bar wouldn’t cut it.

Starfire and Nightwing crowded around Cyborg to catch a better glimpse of the live video.

“You do know that when she catches you filming this, she’s going to end you, right?” Nightwing scratched at the back of his head, appearing somewhat concerned by this new development.

Rose whispered over the recording device, “No. Regrets. Got to live with no regrets, batboy.”


OK first of all, I just want to say that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you want to have trans girl Yuuto headcanon, then it is fine. But, please, don’t go around claiming it as canon and forcing your opinion on other people.

First of all, this is the original tweet regarding this information in Japanese. And then above, you can see onkeikun ’s translation about it on her twitter (Thank you so much to onkei for all the translation!) I’d just like to point out that in most of the post claiming Yuuto to be confirmed for trans girl, they seem to leave out the tweet in the last picture.

My capability in Japanese is questionnable, but never was it specified in the original Japanese tweet that he specifically wants to be a girl and that he does not identify as a boy. Yuuto’s ‘girlish desire’ =/= him wanting to be a girl.

In addition, this info was revealed during a signing stage, which may or may not change in the future (just like the breed of Arakita’s dog, which changed after some time), so until it appears in the manga (and hopefully, handled well), I’d like to request for people not to go around and claim that yes, Yuuto is confirmed in canon to be a trans girl and no, you’re wrong for thinking otherwise.

Just because people don’t share your headcanon doesn’t mean that they are transphobic.

Thank you for your time.

anonymous asked:

Beings trans, is there an instance where the person doubts themselves? I'm trans but I've just been feeling weird and I think it's because I've been surrounded by people who are trying to tell me who to be, and because I haven't been necessarily had the resources to make me more comfortable within myself. I just want to know what does it mean if a trans person has doubts or whatever thank you

I think that with any queer identity, this is a really common thing. We live in a society that attacks people–particularly trans people–from all angles since we’re not allowed to exist. People are supposed to assume the gender role that was forced upon them at birth, and that’s that. “Boyish girls” are supposed to “straighten out” and become feminine by puberty, and “girlish boys” are rarely even given the chance to explore femininity on their on.

That said, it’s difficult to find support in mainstream society as a trans person. There are people who will ignore your gender identity and pull the “but you’re really…” card; this can be incredibly grating over time, and it’s not surprising that people have doubts about being trans because of it. 

The most important advice I can give you is to, if you’re able, surround yourself with people who support you. This can be as simple as referring to you by your chosen name and pronouns, or helping you experiment with new names/pronouns, or talking it out with you. Ultimately, you’re the only one who can state whether or not you’re trans, so avoid people who attempt to push gender stereotypes or “standards” onto you (e.g. “If you were really a trans woman, you would hate your genitals,” or “real men like football”). I’m wishing you the best, anon!