if there are any heavens

Rumbelle Secret Santa fic for girliereview, who prompted ‘rumbelle, angst, and a rose’.

Rating: PG

Notes: Weirdly enough, I actually struggled with this prompt for a good long while, and didn’t hit on what I wanted to write about until I flipping through a book of ee cummings’ poetry, which set the plot bunnies racing. I hope you enjoy, and find it heart-rending enough!

Summary: Baelfire returns home to deal with an unexpected loss. 

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girliereview replied to your post: why is it so freaking hard for me to watch SGU i…

I feel you. I think SGU is a giant Battlestar Galactica rip off. But there are some fantastic moments by Robert Carlyle so I suffer through it.

stupid tumblr sdlkf 

ok lets try this again 

i didn’t watch that show i wanted to for Mark Sheppard but just couldn’t get in to it i don’t like shows that seem have never ending angst and SGU seems to have that but like you i’ll suffer though it for Robert