girlie magazines


Valeria Efanova in “Pink Lady” by Leda & St. Jacques for Elle Canada, Jan. 2014

reasons why chloe is a lesbian
  • despite having “boy toys” in the past, this is not unusual for lesbians to experience. everybody experiments and takes time to discover who they are attracted to and what their sexuality really is. more so, she called this a “phase”.
  • she clearly stated that boys are gross to her, and definitely not in the “ew! cooties!” way.
  • rachel helped her “turn away from boys”, “saving her from boys”, basically indicating that after she met rachel, that her interest in men were slim to none and her interest in women was at about 100%.
  • you can start an optional conversation before max changes into rachel’s clothes where chloe said she thought her and rachel were a thing, and she’s loved girls ever since. 
  • at the mention of frank by max while they’re on the railroad tracks, chloe scoffs it off, saying “ew no!” to even the idea of being with frank.
  • chloe was only simply teasing max when they ran into mr. jefferson. max has mentioned she had a crush on him, and chloe, being the kind of person she is, had to fuck with max and mock her by saying that max has mr. jefferson to herself. 
  • chloe displays heavy jealously whenever max mentions any boys at all, including frank, warren, or mr. jefferson.
  • because chloe mentioning a boy for 2.35324 seconds does not mean she’s bisexual. neither does talking to one for that period of time, such as justin, who she’s clearly only friends with.
  • what kind of a not-lesbian tells her girl best friend to make out with her??? and looks like she enjoys it?? and who she also then kisses at the end of the game?
  • she has a bunch of pictures of women in her room along with girlie magazines. and literally none of any men. no bisexual or even straight girl is gonna have these just out in the open in her room.
  • she’s in love with max. and doesn’t think anybody else is good enough for her, and she says so.
  • she is a lesbian. stop being lesophobes and saying she’s bi.