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I was tagged by naointeressaagora! (thank you!)

Which career would you like to pursue? If you already have a job you ~love, what alternative career?

I would love to do something with photography/photography journalism and having that be involved with sports.  I currently teach swim lessons as a job.  work for me doesn’t start till about April at the pool but I have a job interview on Monday for the y.

What song never fails to lift up your spirits?

I think it really depends on my mood/how i’m feeling at the moment. maybe something in the jazz genre because jazz.

Are you cold or hot, at the moment?

a bit of both. they have fans on currently at the library which is making me a little cold. 

If you were told you could pick a celebrity and punch them in the face stink-eye vigorously, who would that be? 

oh gosh. I have no idea but for what? maybe Justin Beiber because he’s an idiot.

Hiking or swimming?

oh goodness.  ugh. I like them both so much. but prolly swimming cuz my endurance for swimming is so much better than hiking.

What’s your breakfast of choice?

either leftovers or cereal.

What is your favorite means of locomotion? 

I had to look up the word locomotion cuz I’ve never heard of it and what do you mean by locomotion? there’s so many things that you could mean by the word. but one of the words I see it is referred as is travel. and I like to go to go places that I can have fun at.

If you had to binge-watch a classic/cult tv-show, what would it be?

Fresh Prince of Bell Air. I never watched the show when I was growing up.

Do you keep a journal/sketchbook?

I have a bunch of journals but I always stop using them.  I use sketchbooks for my photography class/ideas sometimes.

Between a lifetime supply of peanut butter or nutella, which one would you choose?

nutella hands down.

T-shirts or sweaters?

both because if you get too hot, you can just take the sweater off.

My questions: 

If you can choose any fantasy word to live in, which would it be and why?

If you could meet any person you want to, who would it be and why?

What’s your ideal life that you see yourself in either now or down the road?

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

If you don’t have any tattoos, what would you get? If you have them already, what do you have/what else do you want to get?

Name the most sexiest person you can think of.

If you could buy just one thing, money not being an issue, what would that one thing be and why?

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

What do you like to do in free time?

What’s your favorite food that you like to eat?

If you can have a million dollars, what would you do with the money?

girlhitsdrum replied to your post: Having to choose which CAKE songs I can afford to…

haha…i was just listening to cake earlier tonight…Comfort Eagle…

I don’t think I’ve ever listened to an entire album (though, trust me, this shall soon be remedied), but most of my favourites seem to come from Fashion Nugget. Which, really, is the best title for anything ever.