Journey to the village of Likpe Todome in the Volta region of Ghana. Home of a group of amazing ancestral caves. 

I failed in so many ways before this trip.

-No hiking shoes (que?)

-No bug spray

-No cardio two months prior to trip

It is quite a hike, about 3 hrs up a steep and sometimes very dangerous mountain, but the views and the cave itself are breathtaking.


Happy New Year from my fav place in the world! Thank you guys for being so supportive last year! It was a bumpy one but we’re here. 2016 is off to a beautiful start and I have FOUR super exciting things to share with you guys over the next couple of days. #GirlGoingPlaces #AnAfricanCity #TheStyleHQ #MsAdjei (at Cape Three Points)


My first time in Johannesburg was a complete thrill. I was so glad to get a chance to get away from the city a bit and visit Monaghan farms which has an amazing restaurant nestled in between amazing landscapes. 

But at the end of the day Braamfontein stole my heart with the NeighbourGoods Market (eats for daysssss), vintage shopping across the street and allowing me to dance my eyeliner off at Kitcheners. 

Joburg, you are a winner.


Beach houses at #Escape3points and their sayings. Love this place. #Travel #Ghana #Africa #Beachlife #girlgoingplaces