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Okay, who is doing these hilarious cartoon drawings of Outlander? They're making Claire look like an American teenager LOL (I'm pretty sure they didn't have Skittles in the 1940s in Europe and probably not in the 1700s in the Highlands either haha).

It’s the talented girlfrog who’s making all this amazing Outlander inspired art. She also made those cute small dolls of the characters:

Lesbian Tsuyu hcs

  • A very big fan of wholesome loving your gf/wife memes
  • Oh and those lovely imagines talking about your future wife
  • When she figures out she’s a lesbian she pretty much comes out right away to her family and they’re all supportive and happy for her
  • Her little sister asks her if she’s gonna marry a princess when she’s older and honestly that’s a new life goal for Tsuyu
  • Has gotten flustered when asking a girl out and said “I want to be your girlfrog” instead of girlfriend
  • Also known to mash up frog memes to make them gay i.e. I can be your bf or your gf, bad frog or girlfriend
  • Loves wholesome loving your gf/wife posts
  • Also those imagines where they describe nice situations with your future wife. A very big fan of those.
  • “So Tsu, any boys you like?” “Any what?”
  • Such a lovely gf will bring her gf flowers and other naturey presents
  • Loves being a lesbian and always calls herself a lesbian openly in the hopes that the younger lesbians seeing her in the media and stuff will know it’s okay and awesome to be a lesbian