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Okay, who is doing these hilarious cartoon drawings of Outlander? They're making Claire look like an American teenager LOL (I'm pretty sure they didn't have Skittles in the 1940s in Europe and probably not in the 1700s in the Highlands either haha).

It’s the talented girlfrog who’s making all this amazing Outlander inspired art. She also made those cute small dolls of the characters:

sigh…if you’re gonna freeze out in the highlands, best be under himself’s plaid.

and hey! i’m going to france! urm, well not me, personally…but this is! it’s for a french mag just for O. i’ll pop the link up here as soon as i can. it’ll have a little interview about me and what i do but it’ll be in french, so, if you can read that, lemme know if i said anything stupid. “-)

UPDATE! here’s the link to the online webzine! and i don’t know anything clever in french to say other than…bon appetit? “-D

i dunno if it’s my miniature hershey halloween hangover (oh wee teeny crazy awful wonderful special darks!) but spent the morning, sipping oolong, thinking about this awful moment in the last episode. i mean, if jamie fraser can’t keep you safe, after all you have been thru…how are you supposed to feel? shock seems like the mildest of reactions. just saying. but never forgot the look on claire’s face…her eyes.