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Neighbors (Part II)

Part I: Neighbors

This has been requested, so here you go! Thank you again for all the sweet messages! Hope you enjoy the second part and send me cute little blurb ideas so I can continue this series ;)

It would have been a normal date. Casual and cute. Latte Macchiato and Cappuccino and comfy sweaters and coffee shop music and fall around the corner.

Would have been.

If her date wasn’t, well, famous.

He had chosen a coffee shop in downtown Toronto where all those busy business people and bankers would get their daily caffeine fix. It was a place where you wouldn’t find teenage girls and he actually had left out a little relieved sigh, seeing that no one seemed to recognize him.

But she had noticed that he had kept his head down a little and was wearing super casual dark clothes.

He still looked adorable. Sweater and dark jeans and all that.

And he was freshly shaved, smelling incredibly good, curls all tamed and coiffed into chocolate brown waves.

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Words Can Never Hurt Me // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: fluff, parent!phan

Words: 2.1k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: swearing, homophobic comments

Summary: While helping Dan and Phil grocery shop, Emily Lester overhears some mean comments from some people regarding her parents.

A/N: I hope the peeps who requested these stories don’t mind that I combined them into one story! It just seemed like the best thing to do since they’re so similar :D I hope you all enjoy!

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It's fluff, I swear.

A/N: There’s some mention to one of my ask fics (the star gazing & pillow fort one with motorcycle Betty) that may confuse you a little if you didn’t read it

“This is so cliché, I love it.” Veronica’s laugh bubbles out of her mouth as she reaches out to tangle her fingers with her girlfriend’s.

“I figured you would enjoy a classic go karts and mini golfing date.” Betty smiles at Ronnie, “I liked the idea of taking it a little old school for our five year anniversary.” Veronica tugs impatiently on her hand, pulling her towards the entrance.

“You make us sound old when you say it like that, B.” Betty just shrugs as she follows behind her girlfriend, admiring her curves and the perfect swell of her ass. When she finally tears her eyes away from the view, she catches sight of Veronica’s pleased smirk and rolls her eyes playfully, a soft pink tint coating her cheeks.

“We’re only twenty-three Ronnie. There’s plenty of years ahead of us to look forward to.”

“Well,” Veronica turns around, walking backwards as she draws out the word, “What I’m looking forward to right now is beating your ass in go karts and mini golf.” She winks at her before turning back around and tugging Betty up to walk alongside her.

When they reach the kiosk, Veronica starts to dig through her purse before her girlfriend stops her, handing the man the necessary amount of money for karting and mini putt. Ronnie pouts as they walk towards the race track.

“I wanted to pay.” Betty just shakes her head, a fond smile playing on her lips.

“Trust me, you don’t need to pay for anything with the amount of…gifts you gave me. The one I woke up to, the one in the shower, before and after breakfast. Not to mention the amazing antique typewriter you got me.” Veronica’s pout turns into a smug smile as they stand in line.

“I’m surprised you’re even walking straight.” The blush that spreads across Betty’s cheeks earns her a beautiful laugh.

“If we’re being’s taking everything in me to walk normal.” Veronica laughs again, the sound sending Betty’s heart fumbling.

“Hey! Don’t laugh at me, this is your fault.” She whines, her bottom lip jutting out.

“Awwww, I’m sorry baby.” Ronnie coos, a mischievous twinkle in her eye. “I’ll kiss it better when we’re somewhere more private.” Betty’s face somehow flushes a darker shade of pink as she listens to her girlfriend’s giggles and watches her get into one of the many awaiting karts before she shakes herself out of her stupor. Reaching into her front right pocket, she sighs in relief when her fingers brush velvet. Her heart races, yet she feels serene as she follows Veronica.


“I can’t believe I lost. I literally work with cars.” Betty groans, following a grinning Veronica.

“Well believe it babe and get ready to lose at mini golf too.” Betty just smiles and wraps her arm around her girlfriend’s shoulders.

“Care to place a wager, gorgeous?” Ronnie side eyes her, head tilting in curiosity.

“What are the stakes?”

“Winner gets a lap dance and loser has to clean up Cate’s potty accidents for a week.” She pauses as she lets out a little laugh “I can’t believe you convinced me to name our dog Cate Blanchett.” Veronica’s arm snakes around her waist, snuggling into her side as they walk towards the kiosk.

“I mean, you get to name our next dog Nancy Drew so I’d say it’s even. And you’re so on. I hope you have a song in mind, ‘cause I want that dance as soon as we get to the apartments.” Betty shakes her head, grabbing their clubs and balls.

“You’re overconfidence will be your down fall, beautiful.” Veronica just laughs, accepting the club and ball handed to her.


“Don’t stand there and laugh at me!” Veronica whines. They’re on the fifth hole and Betty has discovered, to her amazement, that Ronnie has no idea how to play.

“I’m so sorry,” she trails off into a few more quieter laughs, “you were just so confident that you’d beat me and-” a snort escapes her mouth, “and you don’t even know how to swing the club.” Her girlfriend just huffs, pouting for the second time that night.

“Okay, okay, c'mere. I’ll teach you.”

Slowly, Veronica makes her way towards Betty and comes to a stop in front of her.

“You don’t need to be so stiff.” She whispers, pressing herself against Ronnie’s back and resting her hands on her hips. She gives them a light squeeze, smiling at the hitch in Veronica’s breath.

“Bend your knees slightly….Good. Now,” Betty moves her hands to rest on top of her girlfriend’s, moving them into the correct positions on the putter.

“This is where your hands should be.” Veronica nods, trying hard to focus on the mini lessons, but finding it difficult with the warmth of Betty against her.

“You don’t need to swing so hard. Just like this.” She swings their arms gently, watching as the ball rolls through the miniature windmill and into the hole on the other side.

“Okay?” She nods again, letting out a breath she didn’t know she was holding when Betty finally pulls back.

They move onto the next hole and Veronica tries once before asking Betty to show her again.

(Betty wins, but Veronica doesn’t mind giving her favorite girl a lap dance. Especially when she knows it’ll end in her favor.)

(She might’ve minded cleaning up after the puppy if she wasn’t so cute.)


They walk hand in hand towards Betty’s car, her free hand brushing her pocket to make sure the slight bulge is still there.

“This was fun.” Veronica watches as her girlfriend nods in agreement.

“Do you have any song requests for me when we get home?” Betty opens the passenger side door to the jeep for her before wandering around the front to get into the driver’s seat.

“Uhm actually…we have one more place to go.” The car starts and she pulls out. Glancing over towards the girl in the seat next to her, she notices Veronica already looking at her and her gaze darts back to the road as Ronnie continue to study her curiously.

“You seem nervous…Where are we going? What are we doing?” There’s a sudden gasp and Betty’s eyes flicker towards her in panic before Veronica continues.

“Has this all been a ploy to gain my trust just so you could take me out into the woods and murder me?” It all comes out in a rushed breath and the absurdity of the statement startles a laugh out of Betty.

“No, nothing like that.”

“Then where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”


They drive into a familiar abandon parking lot and Veronica’s eyes widen in concern.

“Lovers Look Out?”

The car shuts off and Betty turns in her seat to ease her girlfriend’s qualms, her hand instinctively reaching out to grip Ronnie’s own.

“I know you probably don’t associate this place with good memories, but I was hoping to change that while we’re in town.”

She just nods at Betty’s words, trying to stop herself from thinking back to that part of their past.

“Hey, it’s okay.” She looks up at the soft tone in Betty’s voice.

“I promise I won’t leave this time. I’m never leaving you, okay?” A nod and Betty is leaning across the center console to pull Veronica into a gently kiss. Foreheads pressed together as lips barely brush.


They’ve been laying quietly in the field for a few minutes, in a blanket fort eerily similar to the last one, before either one of them breaks the silence.

“You see that there?” Betty asks quietly, finger tracing the constellation as Veronica snuggles deeper into her side and nods.

“That’s Adromeda. She was an Ethiopian princess, daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia. Her mother, Cassiopeia, loved to brag about how beautiful she was and had dared to say she was even more beautiful than the queen of the gods, Juno-”

She listens, enraptured as her girlfriend points to the many different pictures the stars make up, telling the stories in a way that leaves her in a trance. Eventually, they drift away from actual constellations and to made up stories and fairytales.

“That one reminds me of our fur baby back home.” Veronica murmurs, still pressed into her girlfriend’s side. Betty huffs out a laugh, looking at the bundle of stars Ronnie is pointing out. They settle down into another comfortable bout of silence before Betty is sitting up, pointing to a specific star in the sky. It’s much brighter than all the other ones and it’s intense blue hue has Veronica wondering how she hadn’t noticed before.

“That star right there, that’s your star.” She looks over to the girl sat next to her. Noticing how she’s practically shaking. Shaking with what? She doesn’t know.

“What do you mean that’s my star?”

She digs into her back pocket and grabs her wallet, pulling out a folded up sheet of laminated paper. Betty hands it to Veronica, watching nervously as she opens it.

“You did not name a star after me, Betty. That’s so gay.” Ronnie teases fondly before noticing what the name of the star is.

“Why’d you name it ‘Veronica Cooper-Lodge’?” She questions, her eyes drawing away from the paper in her hands to the kneeling girl in front of her. She notices the small black box gripped tightly in Betty’s hand and her lips part in a silent gasp as she realizes what’s happening.

“Veronica, when you first swept into Pop’s wearing that ridiculously attractive, stupid cape, I had knew then and there that you would utterly ruin me.” She pauses as she takes in a shaky breath, eyes never tearing away from her girlfriend’s gaze. “And when you kissed me at tryouts, I realized how..screwed I was. Because somehow you had wormed your way into my heart and broke it, all within a week of me knowing you. And yet, you were also the one to mend it and I’ve never met anyone who had, has, so much power over my heart.” They’re both crying and it takes everything in her to stay put and finally get the words that have been crowding her brain since they met, and not to reach out and hold Veronica.

“I’ve never found someone who just…gets me like you do. We’re soulmates, we fit together in all the right ways, similar and somehow different enough to compliment each other. Fate threw us together for a reason and who am I to deny destiny?” Betty pauses to shakily open the box, the ring glinting in the moonlight. Their eyes don’t stray from each other.

“Veronica Lodge, will you go full dark, no stars and marry me?” ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ AHSJDNEKSIJE MY HEART MY LORD FUKDKE. THANK YOU

Did @xstardusts headcanons about sick beronica got me thinking about writing sick beronica?



Veronica claims that Betty’s the worst when it comes to being sick – “Because you try to power through it and make yourself worse, Betts.” And yeah, okay Betty will admit she’s prone to ignoring a running nose or a slight strain in her throat, but she’s not as bad as Veronica when she has an assignment due. Like heaven help you if you try to point out she’s sick during that period.

Is she being hypocritical?


At least when Betty crashes, she’s not being melodramatic and whining “I’m dying, Betts, go on without me.”

“I’m dying, Betts,” Veronica wails right on cue.

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To know about her was one thing, to see her in my house was another.

“Want a drink, babe?” my son asks the girl sitting nearby. The way he looks at her brings bile to my throat. I curl my fingers into a fist, the pain of my nails biting into my palm redirecting the absolute disgust I feel away from my stomach.

“I’m good, thanks, baby,” she responds. My son kisses her and adjusts the necklace around her neck. They stare at each other intently and, I know, that had I not been in that room, they would have been at each other like animals. I clear my throat loudly and Yulian gives the girl an apologetic smile before heading to the small bar area.

<<Why is she here?>> I demand.

<<I told you earlier. I need you to set up an account with Delcroix West for her. It’ll bypass all the waiting and shit so she can start using it to funnel money into.>> He answers me in flawless Russian, with only the tiniest hint of an accent - my father is proud of that, it just brings me shame.

I look at the girl who now has her phone out, idly tapping at the screen. She has hickeys on her chest that is on display for anyone who cares to look directly at her. Even though her clothes and jewelry are expensive (no doubt purchased on my son’s dime), she’s trash and no amount of fancy window dressing is going to cover that up. What little she does cover, anyway. I sigh in exasperation, I do not want to help her, I do not want her here, nor anywhere near my son. <<I can’t just open an account, you know that. Not only do I not work for that bank, but that section is headed by Phillipe’s brother. There’s an interview process - one wherein she cannot have her udders hanging out.>> The girl lets out a snort of laughter, but doesn’t look up from her phone. Yulian’s gaze is scolding.

<<Mother,>> he drops the affectionate term he usually uses and instead uses the stiff, formal word. I narrow my eyes, he’s going to pick a fight with me for this? <<I know there’s an interview. I also know that if you would be the one to initiate it, it’s not much of an interview at all. Please. This is my girlfriend and I plan on keeping her around.>>

<<There’s always other girlfriends,>> I huff. <<Ones that I won’t be ashamed to be associated with.>>

Yulian sighs and roughly pulls a hand through his hair. He’s always done that when he gets frustrated since the time he first started growing hair. I warned him that one of these days it’d make his hair fall out. I swallow the criticism down – I know how to pick my battles and I’d rather win the one that involves me tossing an overpriced whore out on the street. <<If you won’t, I will. But in the meantime, I’ll open all my accounts and give her permiss->>

<<You wouldn’t dare!>> I roar, furious that he’d even consider that as an option. My son’s money from his investments were clean, if she were to start dumping dirty money in there it would open him up to a lot of scrutiny that he definitely would not want. <<Fine, I’ll talk to them but don’t ->>

There’s a knock at the door and Yulian and I go completely silent, eyeing the door tensely. “Um, Forgive me, Mrs. Delcroix, but Mr. Volkov has arrived for, er, Mr. Volkov,” one of the maids nervously stuttered. I’d have to remember to request that she not have access to door duty again. I don’t like mousey people and I especially don’t like it when they can’t speak without all the ‘ums’ and the like.

“Em, if you want me to stay, I will. I can put this off for later. Or you could come with,” my son says, downing the rest of his drink in one smooth motion.

“No, baby, go to your meeting with your grandfather. I think your mother and I should get to know each other. Have girl talk, you know?” she smiles at me brightly. Stupid, girl.

Yulian looks skeptical, “I don’t think –“

“Then don’t think, cariño. I’ll be fine. Go,” she shoos him out the door before settling on the couch next to me.

I let the silence hang before starting, “I don’t know why he told you I’d be setting up that account for you. Because I won’t.”

She levels a look at me, bored, the bright smile she had previously vanishing. It was strange, she didn’t seem upset – it came across as her taking off a mask, revealing herself. “That’s a shame,” she tsked. “I think you and I could get along if you were open to it. I really do admire your work.”

Pinpricks settled up and down my spine, I had forgotten in my anger to see essentially her face that this was not the same woman. This was the Oracle for the LA-13 and any vapidness perceived was, most likely, an act. “Yes, well, charity work is very rewarding, even if it does take up a lot of my free time.”

“Charity?” she laughs. “No, I don’t care about your philanthropic work at all. I was referring to your manipulations to make Yulian heir. You’ve been working on it for quite some time, I imagine seeing him going to big decision meetings with your father is particularly satisfying.” She smiles, it’s cold. “It must really piss you off to know that, with all that work, all that time you’ve put in, I could just destroy it in a minute if I chose to.”

White-hot anger flares in me, “You’ve a lot of confidence for someone whose only skill is laying on their back,” I hiss. “Yulian has lain with other girls like you, you’re nothing. Why, he even has a girl in a house he owns right now. He pays her to live there. I’m told she’s very pretty.”

The girl cackles, obviously finding my revelation to be hilarious. “Allison Katz, right? Oh, I agree she’s pretty,” her laughs rising, “but I don’t think Yulian’s her type.”

“And why not?” I ask, indignant. “My son is handsome, intelligent, and rich. Any woman –“

“You forgot to add he’s got a huge dick. That’s pretty important too. He fucked me so good on that plane I’m still not sure how I managed to walk off of it. To be honest, I’m still a little wobbly.”

I can feel the heat rise in my cheeks. Hearing her talk about Yulian that way makes me think… Лука. I shake my head, no matter. “Then you know that they’re probably seeing each other as well.” I finish.

“Katz? No. I know you haven’t met her before otherwise we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I’m more of Katz’ type.”

Oh. “Why act like this? You need my help, don’t you? Why are you trying to piss me off then?” I try a different approach.

“You’re wrong. I don’t need your help,” she says, drawing herself up, “And I don’t need Yulian’s either. I’m with Yulian because he lays good pipe.”

“You’re disgusting,” I spit.

She shrugs. “I figured this would be a waste of time. After all, I’m told I look strikingly similar to my Aunt Colleen when she was my age.”

I feel as though ice flows through my veins, “You know. Does he?”

“Not yet. Of course, there’s no real incentive for me to keep it to myself, now is there? Of course, I think Yulian would be more likely to fuck Luke up for you if he knew the truth.”

“He’s your uncle,” I say, incredulous, “You wouldn’t let him take everything.”

“You’re right about not letting him take everything. I’m still looking after Hector and Colleen. But Luke? Luke cheats on my Aunt all the time. It’s so open, no one talks about it anymore. Water is wet, the sky is blue. Luke fucks anything with legs. That sort of thing.”

I watch her, I’ve wanted an ally for so long. But not her, not with that face. “I’ll keep it in mind,” I try to sound dismissive.

“I bet,” her tone is saccharine. “You’ll need to keep this as well – Yulian doesn’t really care to take over for your father. But with me? I’ll make him want it. He’ll even think it’s his own idea.”

Just a Game - One Shot

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, smut, unprotected sex, dominant bucky, ass slapping

Word Count: 1817

Summary: After an unfair interaction with Bucky he decides to navigate your anger by allowing you to take it out on him in the bedroom

Author’s Note: Ok @creideamhgradochas​ this is for you my love. A smutty fluff show specially cooked up today. Thank you for being such a phenomenal reader, I truly appreciate all your feedback and excitement. Readers like you help writers to become better, so thank you for making me a better writer. Hope you enjoy this :) 

You stare at Bucky, the fear on his face evident as you withdraw your hand, making your final move. You look down, fully realizing the repercussions of your actions. You take a deep breath, biting your lip nervously as your eyes flash back up to Bucky. A sadness painting his face as his jaw tenses, he sighs deeply, already regretting his next words.

He leans forward slowly, shaking his head slightly, as you try to keep your composure. You chew at your lip, trying to hide your emotions. “Before I do this…” He starts, eyes full of regret and sadness as he looks at you, almost halting in his words, “I need you to know that I have always loved you.”

You look back at him anxiously, “Understood” you nod quietly, your breath catching in your chest as you wait for his final blow. Bucky raises an eyebrow as he sets his cards down on the table, “Four of a kind!” He smiles smugly as he lays his cards out on the table as proof, beating you once again.

“God Dammit!” You spit, throwing your three of a kind into the center of the table as Bucky collects his winnings. “Are you two still going at it?” Steve rolls his eyes as him and Sam enter the living room, watching the aftermath of your defeat.

“Hey at least they’ve taken a break from going at each other, I was scared they were gonna break straight through my wall this morning, couple of animals you are, I mean have some decency and at least try to be quiet will ya?” Sam grumbles as you laugh and Bucky rolls his eyes.

Ignoring Sam’s repeated complaints you focus your attention on Steve. “Bucky’s cheating Steve.” You whine, batting your eyelashes, “Oh no, I’m not getting in the middle of this again, not after what happened last time.” Steve shakes his head, continuing his path out of the room, Sam following close behind him. “Very wise,” Bucky smirks, eyes focusing on his hands as he shuffles the cards once more.

“Come on doll, let’s play another round.” “No.” You pout, shaking your head, you were often not a fan of losing and you had been losing steadily for the past hour. “I’m done, I think it’s time you play a quiet round of solitaire and think about how mean you’ve been to your girlfriend.” You huff dramatically, teasingly throwing a fake temper tantrum as you stand to storm out of the room.

“Y/N, did you forget our deal? I think you still owe me a little something for winning.” Bucky teases, maintaining his seated posture as his eyes lock hungrily on you, eyeing his prize. “I didn’t forget,” You begin to walk towards the elevator pressing the button to call it, “I just don’t honor a deal if it’s with a cheater.”

You turn indignantly, crossing your arms as you turn your back to Bucky facing the elevator. He smiles slightly behind you as he rises swiftly to his feet, moving quickly behind you as he wraps arms around you from behind. You tense your jaw, ignoring him as he presses kisses to the side of your cheek, connecting his lips over and over again, kissing up and down your neck.

“Nope, not going to work Barnes. I’m mad at you, cheater.” You stamp your foot for added effect, wiggling out of his arms as the elevator arrives. You enter the small lift and he follows after you, blocking your hand as you reach to press the button, he pushes it himself choosing to send the elevator to the floor your bedroom is on.

“Cheater or not, I won.” He growls, advancing on you, like a hunter advances on his prey, “And,” He stops right in front of you, not yet touching you, bending slightly so his lips hover inches away from yours, “I think it’s about time…” you breathe nervously, your body acutely aware of the rapidly heating air around you, made electric by Bucky’s close proximity, “for me to collect my prize.”

Not a second passes after his last word before his hands are on your hips, grabbing at you forcefully as his lips crash into yours, hungrily devouring you in a deep kiss. Using his grip on your hips, he presses you up against the elevator wall, quickly reaching around you to grab your ass, pulling you closer as your arms wrap up around his neck, locking him against you.

You are faintly aware of the ding of the elevator, alerting you to arrival on the chosen floor. Bucky tugs at your legs, signaling you to jump. You do so easily, his hands moving to grab your thighs as they wrap tightly around him, locking on his hips.

His right hand rides up under your shirt, gripping you against him as he stumbles out of the elevator, his lips never detaching from yours. He walks the few short steps to your room, slamming you up against the wall, moving his lips to the crook of your neck as he fumbles with your door handle beside him.

“You know,” You pant, trying to catch your breath as Bucky stumbles into your room, your body still wrapped around his, “this doesn’t change anything. I’m still mad at you.” His knees press against the edge of your bed as he dislodges you from his body, dropping you down onto the bed. You look up at him, biting your lip, slightly disheveled as he makes to quickly remove his shirt, exposing his toned bare chest, the slight glimmer of sweat already visible on his skin.

“Understood” he nods, moving his hands to the hem of your own shirt, pulling it up and over your head, his lips immediately connecting with the newly exposed skin between your breasts as he comes to kneel in front of you, pulling your hips to the edge of the bed. “Guess I’ll just have to make it up to you.”

His fingers fumble with the button of your jeans as his lips kiss softly around your stomach. He yanks your jeans and panties down quickly, wasting no time in splitting your legs, taking in the site of your already wet core. His lips press forcefully against your clit, making you gasp and tense your thighs as he begins his payback.

His tongue moves urgently against you, licking dizzying patterns against your clit, making your breath catch in your chest as it turns into a growl, your hips moving involuntarily at his continued ministrations. “Bucky!” You gasp, squirming beneath him as his forearm drapes over your abdomen, pressing your hips down against the bed just as he slips a finger inside of you.

“Fuck! Jesus… I… Bucky!” You scream out, your hips fighting against the pressure of his arm as he tries to keep you locked in one positon, your legs twitching and tensing on either side of his head as his tongue moves furiously against you, his fingers mimicking the movement inside of you. Without waiting another moment, your back arches up as your head rolls back, letting a guttural scream of satisfaction rip through you.

Bucky continues his ministrations as you ride out your orgasm. Wasting no time, the moment you finish his hands lock onto your hips, flipping you around to rest on your hands and knees as he delivers a sharp slap to your ass, his hand kneading and soothing the freshly irritated skin You moan at the contact, back curving as you offer your ass up for another smack.

Bucky growls at the site of you, his cock hard and throbbing in his hand as he delivers another slap to your other cheek, repeating his soothing of the red mark as he drags his tip up and down your wet slit, teasing you as you grind your hips back against him. “Now…” He growls, bending low over you to bite at your shoulder, his cock pressing tauntingly against your opening.

“Are you still mad at me?” He purrs, making you whimper as his teeth graze your skin, his hot breath causing you to erupt in goose bumps. He pulls back, delivering another delicious slap to your backside, your yelp quickly dissolving into a moan as his fingers thread through your hair, using his grip to pull your face back to him as his lips graze against your ear.

“Sorry my love, didn’t catch that.” He bites at your jaw, hips grinding against you as his cock continues to tease at your entrance. “Are you still mad at me?” You can hear the smirk in his voice as you push your hips against him, begging for him to enter you. “Bucky.” You growl, losing any tact or control that you have left, “I’m about to be absolutely furious if you don’t fuck me right now.”

You hear his sharp laugh as his grip tightens in your hair. He snaps his hips forward, driving his cock deep inside you as your back arches up, relishing in the delicious feeling of him filling you up. He moves quickly against you, thrusting forcefully into you, the sound of smacking skin almost deafening as it reverberates around the room.

You soon drown out the sound of your contact as you begin to build towards your second orgasm, your vocalizations punctuating Bucky’s heavy breaths as he pumps into you, both hands on your hips now, his fingers digging so forcefully into your skin you are sure to have bruises.

“Y/N” He moans, as he delivers another slap to your ass, making you yelp with pleasure as he drives into. “God baby, you feel so incredible.” You feel your stomach tense as your second orgasm builds, Bucky’s hand moves to your shoulder, using the new leverage to slam into you even harder, the speed of his movement almost causing you to come undone.

“Bucky,” You scream, feeling the pit of your stomach twist, “Cum for me love” He begs, pulling you up onto your knees as he wraps his arms across your torso, pressing your back against his hot bare chest, his teeth biting lovingly at your neck as you shake against him.  

Bucky is quick behind you, pumping up into you only a few more times, his fingers rubbing against your clit as he pushes you to your breaking point, forcing your orgasm to wash over you. With a few more thrusts he follows suit, releasing inside you as he grips your body forcefully against his.

You hold there for a moment, slumped against Bucky as he holds you firmly to his chest, both of you panting heavily. “I love you.” He kisses your shoulder, unwilling to release you just yet. You turn your head to him, his lips grazing against your cheek, “God dammit, doll, I will always love you.” He whispers, his lips connecting softly with yours.

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Friends w/benefits. Right?

Warning: Smut and cussing

Originally posted by painfulblisss

“Warren this, Warren that. Honestly (Y/N), if I didn’t know better I’d say you have a crush on the guy.” “I do not!” Peter laughs, “Sure.” “I’m not lying Peter. I do not like him that way.” “But you think of him that way.” You scrunch your eyebrows together in confusion, “What?” “You only said you don’t like him a certain way, you never said you don’t think of him in a certain way.” “You perve!” Peter puts his hands up surrendering, “Just sayin’.” “This conversation is over!” You get up and leave.

As you were storming off, you saw Warren in a group talking with some people. You signal him to come over towards you.

“Oooo, Warren. Your girlfriend wants you.” Scott teases. “She’s not my girlfriend.” He huffs. “Then vhat iz zhe? Vour vife?” Kurt asks. Scott pats Kurt on the back, “Never change Kurt. Never change.”

“What took you so long?” “Scott and Kurt. Anyways what do you need?” “I need you…” “Baby doll not here.” “Fine. Then let’s go to my room.” Warren snickers, “You’re demanding today.” “Peter was being an ass. Fuck me.” “Oh, I will…” He smirks.

When you got to your room, Warren immediately started stripping, you did the same. Then he pinned you to the bed. He bit your neck and made a mark on you. You moaned in response. ‘You like that don’t you?” “Y-yeah.” “That was just the beginning.”

The sex was great, but all good things must come to an end. Warren was getting dressed. You looked at the clock. 3:56 PM. Your roommate would be here any minute. Warren had to go. “Stay with me.” “You know I can’t (Y/N). those are the rules.” “R-right.” You felt like crying almost. “Get out of here before we’re caught.” Warren didn’t respond he just left. ‘Stupid, (Y/N)! Did you really think he’d stay for you?! He just likes having someone to fuck without any commitment. He couldn’t care less about you!’ You ran into your bathroom before your roommate got back so you could cover the hickeys and stop your tears. ‘I don’t give a fuck about him anyways.’ 

The next day you were avoiding warren at all costs. You wouldn’t even say his name. You were foolish to think nobody would notice because everyone noticed. “Hey (Y/N). What’s wrong with you? Did you get into a fight with Warren?” Scott asks. “N-not exactly…” “I heard he was going on a date with someone tonight. Is that why you’re upset?” Peter teases. “Whoever said I gave a shit about Warren? Honestly, what he does doesn’t concern me.” You lied. You do give a shit about Warren, and what he does, does concern you. 

“Hey, Scott have you seen (Y/N)? I haven’t seen her all day.” “She’s right here.” “Hey…” “Have you been avoiding me?” “Why would I do that?” “Because of what I said yesterday. Look, (Y/N) I… I really like you, and… Well, I guess what I’m trying to say is-” “You wanna fuck her?” If looks could kill Peter would have been murdered by not only you but Warren too. “Way to kill the moment Peter.” “Anyways, I don’t want to fuck you. At least not for a while, because I… I think I love you.” “Well fuck the rules, because I think I love you too, bird boy.” 

Good Enough [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: this is kind of inspired by that one “l” word oneshot but can you write something with evil!barry where the reader is insecure about the relationship they have because it’s never actually been said that they’re each other’s s/o’s, do you see what i’m getting at or am i just confusing?

a/n: evil!barry gives me feels

Barry is very mysterious. He never labels his relationships; especially the one with you. The two of you are in Saints and Sinners, sitting in a dark booth, the lights dimmed. Beer bottles are knocked over the table, dripping on the floor, droplet by droplet, making a puddle. Neither of you give a shit though.

Firm hands grip your waist, pushing you up against the wood wall like a picture frame. A whimper leaves your lips as Barry’s suck your neck, trailing open mouthed kisses to your jaw. You grab his light red button down, sneaking your fingers underneath the collar, outlining his jagged collar bone.  

“Mmm…Barry, what are we?” you mutter, loud enough for him to hear. His fluffy chestnut locks tickle your chin while he licks up your skin. You moan, but yank back on his shirt roughly. “Barry Allen, what are we?” you ask again, more sternly.

He licks his lips, eyes raking down your body ever so slowly. “Villains.” he smirks, knowing exactly what you are talking about. Instantly, his lips are on your neck, nipping at it harshly. You push his chest, making him growl. “Y/N.” he grumbles, scowling at you slightly; you raise an eyebrow. “You’re my baby.” he shrugs nonchalantly.

You push the back of your head against the wall. “What about girlfriend?” you huff, shutting your eyes.

His hands snake up your gray sweater, toying with the edge of your bra. He squints, tilting his head to the side, “What about it?” he drawls, the question slipping off his tongue as smooth as butter (and very sexy).

You groan in annoyance, “Am I your girlfriend or not, Barry?” you fume, gazing up at him; his silhouette outlined by the dusty lighting in here. It makes him look like a god. You try not to pay attention.

He cocks an eyebrow, leaning down so that his chest touches yours. Full eyelashes bat at you, “Do you want that, baby? Do you want to be The Flash’s girlfriend, baby? Partners in crime?” he hums; you nod, wrapping your hands around his neck and pulling him down. “Okay, babydoll.” That’s good enough, you suppose.

My Girlfriend *Malia Tate x Reader*

request?  Hi could you do one with Coach finstock’s daughter who Liam has a crush on, but she’s dating Malia? You can decide the rest💕

requester? A LOVELY ANON !!

word count? 530

A/N: okay so i’m like hella attracted to malia so like this request made me so happy :) XD. I HOPE THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED AND I HOPE YOU LIKE IT! xxx

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When Oceans Rise

Requested by Anonymous: Can you just write something sad? Like, I love crying; make me hate you.

You wanted sad. Here’s sad:

When Oceans Rise

You were nervous; pacing the floor of your living room and chewing on your thumbnail. You stared once again at the white and grey plastic in your hands and smiled before shoving it back in your pocket. “This will be good.” You say for the fifth time, then go back to your pacing.

After another 20 minutes or so, Daryl finally came home. “Hi, love.” You say, smiling and going to wrap your arms around his midsection.

“Hi.” He says back, clearly exhausted from his watch shift. “What are you still doing up? It’s 2AM.”

“I’ve been waiting to talk to you about something.” You say, pulling him over to the couch to sit down.

“Why didn’t we talk before I left for my shift?”

“I didn’t need to then. We need to now, though.”

“What’s wrong?” He looked concerned.

“Nothing’s wrong.” You reached into your back pocket and pulled the piece of plastic back out. “Here.” You grinned, pressing it into his hand.

Daryl stared at it for a moment before saying, “What is it?”

You laughed. “It’s a pregnancy test, Daryl. I’m pregnant!” You continued to laugh and smile, excited to start the next chapter of your life with your boyfriend.

“You’re pregnant?” He says, looking more upset than anything else.

“Uh, yeah, I am. Probably two or three months now, actually.” Your smile was wavering. “Is everything OK?”

Daryl didn’t answer, just kind of shrugged, then stood back up and moved for the front door. “Where are you going?” You ask, getting up and reaching out for his arm.

“I’m going out.” He says, picking his gun back up and opening the front door. “I need to think.”

“What’s wrong?” You say, suddenly terrified. “Aren’t you happy?”

Daryl isn’t looking at you; he’s staring out across the front porch and towards the moonlit street. “I… don’t know.” He says quietly.

“I love you.” You say. It was the first time either of you had said it.

Daryl nods slowly before leaving and shutting the door behind him.


You stayed up all night waiting for Daryl to return, but he didn’t come home that night. By the time 10AM rolled around, you were resigned that he wasn’t coming home that morning, either. Tired, scared, and a little nauseous, you put your clothes on and ventured outside for the day.

“Hey Mags,” You say as you approach the front guard tower where Maggie and Sasha were trading places for watch. “Has Daryl come back yet? Did you let him in this morning?”

Maggie frowns. “No, he didn’t. When did he leave?”

“Around 2AM.” You say.

Seeing the dark circles under your eyes and the look on your face, Maggie puts a hand on your shoulder and says, “Are you OK? Did something happen?”

It was then that you started crying. “I’m so stressed out, Maggie.” You say and she pulls you into a hug. “I’m pregnant.” You admit.

“That’s great!” She says. “Isn’t it?”

“I thought so, yeah. But when I told Daryl last night, he just left. I asked him if he was happy, and he told me he didn’t know. And then he just left.” Maggie held you as you cried.

“It’ll be OK.” She said. “He’ll come back. He just needs to think.” She suggested.

“I’m just so afraid that—“

You were interrupted by Sasha calling down from the guard tower, “Maggie, go get Rick! We’ve got company!”

You gave Maggie a worried look before she ran off in the direction of the Grimes’s house and you began to scale the ladder to the guard tower. When you reached Sasha’s side, you gasped.

Beyond the wall was a group of about 50 people marching towards Alexandria, and when you turned to run home and get your gun, you were practically knocked off the tower by the front gate exploding.


Daryl was sitting in a tree about twenty miles from Alexandria, sharpening a stick with his knife. He’d hiked out this far in the middle of the night, arriving at a large tree with expansive branches around sunrise. Then, he scaled up to his current perch about halfway up the tree and began to think.

Y/N was pregnant, and for some reason, he wasn’t ecstatic. He’d always wanted to be a dad, but now that it was happening, he just felt sick.

“You’re a pussy.” Daryl looked over and saw Merle sitting on the branch next to him. This wasn’t uncommon since his brother had passed away; Daryl was often visited by apparitions of Merle when he was trying to make a decision.

“Go away.” Daryl said, “I don’t want to talk to you.”

“What are you scared of, Darlena?” Merle says, rolling his eyes. “A few dirty diapers? Your old lady?”

“I said go away.” Daryl mutters, continuing to sharpen his stick.

“What are you afraid of?” Daryl looks to his left and sees Beth sitting on the tiny branch, her legs dangling from the tree and swinging carelessly. “You can tell me, Daryl, I’m your friend.” She points out.

“I ain’t scared of nothin.” Daryl says, unappreciative of his mind ganging up on him like this.

“We both know that’s a lie.” Merle huffs.

“Be kind, Merle.” Beth scolds, then says, “But it’s true. You’re scared of something. Otherwise you’d be at home right now, enjoying your day off with your girlfriend.”

Daryl huffs and tries to ignore the two of them, focusing on turning the stick into a bear figurine. Finally, when it looked like the apparitions weren’t going away anytime soon, he says, “I’m scared of a lot of stuff, OK? What if Y/N ends up like Lori? Or what if they both die? Or what if…” His face flushed and he dropped his voice. “What if I end up like my dad?”

Merle was quiet for once, just watching Daryl. Beth reached out, though, and placed her hand on his cheek. “Oh Daryl…” She said, sadly. “You won’t.”

“You don’t know that.” Daryl’s whittling was more aggressive now, and he accidentally sliced the head off of the bear. “Dammit.” He mumbles.

“Dad was a dick.” Merle says, staring off into the forest. Daryl huffs in agreement. “But you’re not.” Daryl looked over at him. “You’re better than that. You’ll love the shit out of that kid.” Merle shrugs. “Cause, you know, you’re sensitive and shit.”

Daryl frowns. “You’re just saying what I want to hear because you aint’ real.”

Beth starts to laugh. “Of course we’re just saying what you want to hear!” Daryl frowns at her. “But it’s only because you already know it’s true.”

“What if it all goes south? And we lose Alexandria? I can’t lose my family like that.” Daryl shakes his head.

“So, you’re going to lose your family by running away?” Merle accuses. “Because THAT would make you an even bigger pussy.”

“I ain’t runnin.” Daryl says angrily. “I just needed to think.”

Beth gives him that sad, knowing look that he always hated. “Go home, Daryl.”

Daryl presses the heels of his hands into his eyes and sighs loudly. “Alright.” When he looks back up, the ghosts are gone.


Daryl was getting closer to Alexandria, picking through the last mile of woods, when he heard the shots and saw the smoke. Something was wrong.

He began to run.

When he came into view of the front gate, he pushed himself to run even harder. Fires were blazing in a few of the homes, and the streets were filled with gunfire and bodies. Pulling the gun off of his back, Daryl ran past the destroyed gate and into the streets of the community, firing on anyone he didn’t recognize.

He ran up the main street, turning sharply onto the road that lead to his house, and running nearly smack into Rick. The other man was struggling with one of the strangers and Daryl didn’t hesitate to put a bullet in the man’s skull.

“Thanks.” Rick said, picking his gun back up.

“What’s happening?” Daryl asks.

“We’re under attack.” Rick says. “We’re winning, though.”

“Where’s Y/N?” Daryl says and Rick shakes his head.

Daryl follows Rick as they make their way through the community, clearing out the invaders one-by-one. After an hour of fighting, the gunshots had died down, and the remaining members of the opposing group were being chased out of the community. People then ran in all directions to put out the fires and close the hole made by the incinerated gate.

“Maggie!” Daryl yelled, grabbing the woman by the arm as she ran past. “Where’s Y/N?”

“I don’t know.” Maggie says, shaking her head. “I need to find Glenn, though.” She says, before pulling gently out of his grip and running off to find her husband.

Daryl started running again, calling out loudly for his girlfriend and asking everyone if they knew where you were. Finally, he turned up the street near your house once more. “Y/N!” He yelled.

“Daryl!” The call came back, and Daryl turned to see Denise trying to flag him down. She was kneeling in the grass of a nearby lawn, attending to someone who was lying next to her. “Get over here!” Denise yelled.

Daryl jogged over, but stopped suddenly a few feet away.


You were lying in a large pool of blood, blinking back tears and gripping Denise’s arms tightly. “Denise, it hurts.” You say, though you’re sure she knows that.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, I—“

“Y/N!” You turned your head and saw Daryl running through the street next to you, calling out your name.

“Daryl!” Denise flagged him down. “Get over here!”

Daryl began to jog over, but stopped sharply when he saw your face. You watched, helpless, as the color left his face and he slowly walked over to you, sinking down into the bloody grass at your side. “Y/N.” He said quietly, taking his jacket off and using it to apply pressure on the gash across your stomach. You winced and whimpered in pain. “Can you do anything?” He asks Denise, but she only shakes her head.

“I’m sorry.” Just then, Tara called out to Denise, saying she was needed in the infirmary. “I’m so sorry, Y/N.” She says, then squeezes your hand before standing up and running off in the direction of the infirmary.

“Daryl?” You say once you’re alone. “Are you mad at me?”

Daryl began blinking back tears, and his words were choked at he said, “No, no, I’m not!” He put his head in his hands, smearing your blood across his face. “I’m so sorry, Y/N. I did this.”

You reach up weakly and put a hand on his knee. You were crying now, too. “I love you.”

Daryl looked up, tears carving rivers through your blood on his cheeks. “I… I love you, too.” He says. “And I should’ve told you sooner. And I shouldn’t have left you last night. I should’ve been here to protect you and… and our baby.”

It was harder to keep your eyes open now, and suddenly, you felt very warm. “It’s not… your fault.” You say slowly. “I love you.” You whisper again before closing your eyes and sinking deeper into the warm feeling. Daryl is saying something, but you can’t understand it anymore. “It’s OK.” You say softly. “I can see our friends.” You mumble. “They’re waiting for me.”


“They’re waiting for me.” Y/N whispers, then relaxes and her labored breathing slows to a stop.

“Y/N?” Daryl asks, pulling her lifeless body into his arms and shaking with fear. “Y/N, please don’t go!” He balls the back of her shirt into his fists as he starts to sob freely now. “Please! It’s my fault! I’m sorry!”

Daryl felt empty, and yet too big for his body at the same time. His chest hurt and he couldn’t seem to cry out loud enough to release the pressure building up inside of him. He felt like he was going to pass out. But instead, he just held her and cried.

“Daryl?” Beth’s voice sounded out right in front of him.

“Not now!” Daryl raged, not looking up; clutching Y/N tighter to his chest and refusing to be torn from his grief. Eventually, he calmed down enough to breathe again.

It was quiet and still for a moment before Beth said, even quieter, “Daryl.”

Finally, he looked up and his vision clouded over once more with tears.

Sitting cross-legged in the grass in front of him, in between Merle and Beth, sat Y/N. She was smiling kindly at him, a baby boy clutched tightly to her chest.


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Exo Reaction to Being Caught Looking Themselves Up on the Internet


His girlfriend coughed awkwardly as she stood behind him for a good three minutes and watched him search through pictures of himself on google images. He looked up at her blinking, his face hiding his guilt. “I was looking for a new profile picture.” 


“What are you doing?” his girlfriend asked as she crossed her arms. 

“Oh, I was just looking at stuff about me,” he said with a shrug, trying to play off the embarrassment he felt. 

“Then why did you put ‘Chanyeol is awesome’ in the search bar?” 


“Jongdae are you going to stare at yourself all day or can we go to lunch now?” his girlfriend asked in a huff as she crossed her arms. 

“We both know you do this too,” he said sassily as he looked up at her. “Everyone does it.”

“I do not,” she said defensively as she crossed her arms. 


He jumped when he felt his girlfriend’s hands on her shoulders and then immediately covered up his face as she leaned in and kissed his cheek. “I know you’re very handsome, but we are supposed to meet the others in fifteen minutes.” 


“Jesus, Yifan,” his girlfriend said as she crossed her arms. “Can you just turn the ego down a little bit?”

“What?” he asked as he set his phone down, “I was looking for a new wallpaper.” 

“You were looking at pictures of yourself…” she said flatly. 

“And your point is?” 


He had no excuses, he had been bored and curious. His girlfriend laughed at him, shaking her head as she walked away and he awkwardly turned his gaze away from her. 


*still trying to think of an excuse to give after she had already walked away*


“Really, Han?” his girlfriend asked with a raised brow as she looked down at the phone screen. 

He smirked at her, showing her the phone and revealing but he case on the back that it was in fact hers. “Baobei, I went to look up something and the page was already open.” 


“Sehun why are you looking at pictures of yourself?” his girlfriend asked, her tone genuinely curious. “There is a mirror in the bathroom if you really feel the urge to stare at your own face.” 


As soon as he heard her footsteps behind him he slammed the laptop closed and tried not to make eye contact as she sat down next to him. Suddenly her hand was on his shoulder and she was giving him a sweet smile but her tone gave away that she was teasing him. “I know you were looking at pictures of the blond hair. It looks fine.” 


“Tao could you please stop being a narcissist for a moment and help me bring in the groceries? Thanks.”


She flopped down on the couch next to him and saw he had been looking at pictures of himself on google. When she rose her brow at him, he shrugged and then set the phone on the table. “I was bored.” 

anonymous asked:

Regina's pouting all day and is really upset because she can't find the stuffed animal that Emma got her for Christmas

Thanks for the prompt :) 

“What’s up with you?” Emma asks as she stares at her  pouting girlfriend. 

Regina sighs and huffs, “Nothing,” she blushes. 

Emma raises a brow before slipping her arm around the clearly upset brunette, “What’s really wrong?” 

“It’s stupid.”

“If it upsets you, it’s not stupid.” 

Regina sighs as she leans against Emma, “I can’t find my panda…and I missed you today so I wanted it but I’ve lost it somewhere.” 

“Oh,” Emma replies before closing her eyes and poofing it into her hands. 

Regina grins happily taking back the panda as she asks, “Where was it?”

“Neal borrowed it, he must have taken it back home with him.” 

“Won’t he wonder where it is?” Regina asks. 

“I’ll buy him his own,” Emma tells her as she kisses the side of Regina’s head, “That one’s yours…even though you told me they were for children and you pretend you didn’t want it.” 

“I didn’t know I wanted it,” Regina replies, “But I love you…and my panda.”

Healthy Superhero

Imagine: Barry taking care of you when you’re sick.

“Barry, if someone dies today, I am going to blame myself! I am fine, you should be out there, helping people,” you beg him, hugging your fluffy red pillow to your chest. Felicity, because she wants you and Barry together, got it for you. She even paid for someone to stitch The Flash’s lightning bolt sign onto it. You love it so much that you use it pretty much everyday.

“It’ll be okay, alright? I’ll take care of my best friend when she’s sick today, then I will go back to saving people tomorrow,” Barry assures you.

“Fine, fine. Whatever. But when you feel guilty about someone getting hurt today, you have no one to blame but yourself,” you sing. However, your joking mood is ruined when you hurl over your stomach, coughing up a ton of phlegm that’s caught in your throat into the trashcan that Barry set beside the couch.

“Could you go get my inhal-” Barry has zoomed away and come back before you could even finish your sentence. Barry holds out your inhaler to you, smiling lightly.

“Thanks. And I wasn’t dying, you didn’t need to show off,” you laugh, playfully shoving his arm, “but I appreciate it. Thank you, Barry.”

“You’re welcome, and I never want to risk anything. So, if you need something and it’s only available in China, I am your man,” Barry flexes, making you giggle.

“Wow, Barry. You’re such a dork. But you’re my dork. Until you get a girlfriend,” you huff, puffing out your bottom lip, “you won’t be mine anymore. That’s sad to think about.”

“Well, I could get one,” Barry mumbles, “if only I knew that my crush liked me,” Barry sighs.

“Oh, who is it?” you question, “you’ve never told me.”

“I don’t know what to say to her… can you help me?” Barry grins cutely.

“Of course. Just act as if i’m her, okay?” you tell him, clearing your throat.

“Hey, uh, I have loved you for a very, very long time and I can’t keep my feelings in for you any longer. I… I love you, and I can’t help it,” Barry lets out a sigh of relief, “so, I would love it if I could have the honor of going out on a date with you,” Barry finishes.

“Good job! Now, all you have to do is tell her!” you chirp.

“Well, that’s the thing… I just did,” Barry states, smirking at you.

“Wait… me? You like me? Wow, who knew?” you gasp, covering your mouth in shock.

“Well… everyone but you,” Barry laughs. You hit him in the arm, rolling your eyes.

“Shut up. But, I accept your love. Let’s just make sure our date doesn’t interfere with you saving anyone, and let’s have me not be sick so I don’t accidentally throw up on you. That’d be embarrassing and i’d have to never see you again. Although, that’d be hard because i’m friends with The Flash and he’d end up saving me from my clumsiness.”

“That’s sad, because you being clumsy is one of the things I like about you. Now how about we watch a movie, mm? How about Marvel?”

“I knew I liked you for more than your personality and looks.”

Hold me close // Preference (Luke/4)

A/N: I’m sorry this sucks don’t hate me please -Kia
Requested? Yup :D “Write a preference about cuddling after a huge fight”

You can read Calums and Michael’s here.


“You are never home anymore!”

“Well I’m sorry I have a band and fans I have to satisfy!”

“You could at least make a little time for your girlfriend”

“Jeez y/n, stop being so fucking clingy”

This has been going on for the past half an hour. You and Luke rarely fight but if you do, it’s not pretty. You say things you don’t mean and he overreacts. It’s just that Luke hasn’t been home very often lately. And if he was home, he was too tired to spend time with you. Sometimes you just wanted cuddles from your boyfriend, but he was never in the mood for anything.

“I’m not being clingy, It would just be nice if my boyfriend would spend time with me every now and then instead of sleeping or hanging out with the boys! You just got back from tour and yet you spend most of your free time with your band!” I yelled, tired and frustrated.

“Oh so you’re saying I’m not allowed to spend time with my best friends? Some girlfriend you are!” He huffs. God, why does he always have to overreact? You sigh.

“I never said you can’t spend time with your friends anymore” You pinch the bridge of your nose. “Sometimes I just feel lonely, okay? I rarely ever see you because you’re on tour half of the time, you barely spend time with me, even when you’re here at home with me. It makes me sad, Luke, really sad. It’s quite depressing knowing your boyfriend doesn’t want to spend time with you. I love you, baby, so damn much, but it’s really hard if you keep shutting me out” You rant, letting out all the feelings you had bottled up inside. You ran upstairs to your bedroom, hoping Luke would follow you and just hug you until you calmed down. After half an hour, he still hasn’t come up, so you decided you would go check on him. Walking down the stairs, you heard the blond haired boy’s soft sobs and picked up your speed. When you reached the living room you saw him lying down on his stomach on the couch, his back moving up and down, indicating he was really crying. You sat down next to him and placed your hand on his back, softly rubbing it. He looked at you and immediately took you in his arms, his face snuggled deep into your neck. You felt his tears on your shoulder, running down your collarbone.

“I’m so sorry y/n, I didn’t know you felt this way. I just thought that if I was more distant, it would hurt less when I have to leave again” He sobbed. You could almost hear your heart breaking, you hated hearing him cry.

“Shh, it’s okay sweetheart. But being distant will only make it harder, you know? We only have a small amount of time to spend together and if you’re going to spend it avoiding me, this relationship is going to be really hard for the both of us” You explained, still rubbing the boy’s back. He laid both of you down on the couch and pulled you close to him. You closed your eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of his strong arms finally around you.

got me trippin’

title: got me trippin’
summary: chloe and beca are dating, but are in a polyamorous relationship. chloe notices how terrible beca is at flirting with kommissar, and decides to help her girlfriend get with the german goddess.
ship: bechlommissar (yay, polyamory!)

Chloe loves Beca, she really does.

She loves the way her nose scrunches when she’s confused, the way her eyes go wide and her cheeks flush when she’s embarrassed, the way she lights up when she’s singing.

Chloe loves everything about Beca, and no one can deny that.

But, no one can deny that Beca sucks at flirting.

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I haven’t written anything in ages.  I’m sorry.  I wrote this partially in my head while I drove to campus and finished it out in the commons before class.  I’ll admit that this is mostly a guilt piece because I’ve left you all hanging so desperately for my multi-chaptered fics.  Also, spring.  I adore you guys.  Hang in there.

Henry hates for her to pick him up, but it is Storybrooke and letting him walk home alone is out of the question. Most days, Killian meets him at the school gates and accompanies him to her front door. But today is bright and warm and a balmy breeze is drifting from the starts of summer through the slowly defrosting winter air, and she can’t help slipping out the front doors of the station and putting her phone to vibrate.

She approaches lazily and feels a smile tug at her lips when she catches sight of her pirate’s ruffled, dark hair. He stands apart from the other parents, waiting for their own children and it is not until her eyes find the group that white hot frustration blooms in the depths of her stomach. They stand huddled obviously away from him, watching him with wary eyes that he tactfully avoids with glances at his feet.

He peers momentarily upward when he hears her approach, and his soft expression transforms right in front of her eyes, smile lighting up his face like a goddamn sunrise.

She cannot stop her own lips from smiling back.

“Could not refrain from seeing me a moment longer, Swan?” He prods, and she rolls her eyes as she closes the two strides between them, slipping her fingers down his arm till she reaches the end of his hook that he has tucked hidden in the folds of his jacket.

Her heart gives another angry thud.

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if your taking any prompts but if you are could you do one about Zendaya taking Vals hat and wearing it being cute then not giving it back and then he wrestles her for it back

“Will you hurry up please?” Zendaya whined from the living room.

“In a minute”, He yelled back opening up another drawer quizzically.

They’d spent the entire Sunday cooped up inside watching Netflix and dozing in and out of sleep before Z started complaining of starvation. They were supposed to be  heading out to a Korean restaurant.

But in typical Val and Zendaya fashion they were running late. 

He heard his girlfriend huff, followed by the sound of her limbs plopping down onto his leather furniture.

“I’m starving !” She repeated anxiously. “Lucky charms can only sustain me for  so long…”

“That’s because those are empty carbs babe. If you had a better diet you wouldn’t be starving all the time ”, Val smirked, never missing the opportunity to sass her about her eating habits.

Sighing he  lifted  up his blankets in search of his prized beanie. It was black, soft as fur, and completed every outfit.

It was street chic, without having to try so hard.

But much to his displeasure it was nowhere to be found. Sure he had others he could sport, but he’d gotten himself attached.

“I’m sure you look pretty.  Let’s go!” Z yelled sounding more demanding this time. 

“As soon as I find my hat”, Val yelled back in the same tone. The one time she got dressed and ready before him she wanted to complain like the world was ending.

“What’s so special about this silly hat?”

“Do I call your shoes silly?” Val quipped sounding just as agitated.

“You know better”, Z giggled walking inside their bedroom only to find the room in complete disarray. Clothes were thrown everywhere, sheets were on the floor, and a greater part of Val’s hat collection was tossed on their bed.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. What stupid hat is this important? ”, Zendaya grumbled stomping her way deeper inside . She hadn’t eaten in 4 hours and was liable to stab someone if he didn’t feed her soon.

Val looked up from his frantic search to remind her of all the dinner reservations they’d been late to because of her,  but stopped when he took in her attire.

She was sporting a slinky gray over-sized sweater, leggings, combat boots and his black beanie.

“The one you’re wearing”, He accused slanting his emerald eyes at her in accusation. “ You little thief”. 
“What?” Z asked pretending to be innocent. “ How was I supposed to know you were talking about this hat?” 

Val tossed his phone on the bed and held his hand out dead serious.

"Give it back”.

“No i’m having a bad hair day”, She pouted.

It was true. The rain had unexpectedly caught her en-route to Val’s apartment and the top of her hair was a matted mess.

“I tore this room apart  looking for it and you have it on your big head”, He teased shaking his head. “ Give it back now .  I don’t want to have to do this the hard way…”

Zendaya laughed grabbing the top of her head securing it. ” Well you’re just gonna have to fight me for it— ahhh!” She screamed when Val unexpectedly jumped her making her topple onto the carpet beneath her.

He straddled her hips as they wrestled with each other. With quick movements Zendaya had ended up on top, holding onto Val’s chest to keep balance.

“Aha. Not only did I just win this fight, I won your hat”, She giggled holding her fist up in victory.

“Fine”, Val sighed keeping his hands planted on her waist. “ I can accept defeat as long as your lips end up on my lips in the next 5 to 10 seconds…”

“You’re such a dweeb”, Zendaya mumbled against his lips  giving him a quick kiss that ended up being longer and slower than she planned.

Temporarily distracted she loosened her grip from around her head and brought her fingers down to cup Val’s face pulling him deeper into her.

Sucker , Val thought ripping the hat straight off her head and slipping it onto his own.

Zendaya gasped wide-eyed at his sneakiness.

“Baby!” She whined swatting him in the chest. “ No fair you cheated”.

“Technically I took back rightful ownership”, He commented earning another eye roll from Z.

“Jerk”, She grumbled standing up to fix her hair pretending to be mad. After all the wrestling they’d done she was positive it looked like a bird’s nest.

“Don’t be mad”, Val chuckled pulling her back to face him. His sweet little Day had always been a sore loser. “ Gimme kiss”. He puckered his lips playfully. 

Zendaya lifted an arched eyebrow and crossed her arms. “As hungry as I am right now  I might just bite them off.  Now take me to dinner, i’m starving”.