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Promise: Mike Wheeler x Eleven

Summary: Eleven finds something odd in her boyfriend Mike’s suitcase

A/N: I wrote this a while ago but never did anything with it so I hope you all enjoy <3

It’s been nine years. Nine years since they found El in the forest, cold and wet just like the first time. But everything is better now. El lives with Joyce and Hopper, and she finally knows what a real family feels like. Will is away at university and Jonathan lives with Nancy, in a house of their own. Jonathan and Nancy are engaged, a concept that was new to El. She liked the way Jonathan explained it “It means that you promise that you will get married and start a family. A promise that you will love each other forever”. Promises were El’s favourite things. Especially when they came from Mike. Her and Mike had been what he called “dating” for six years. He had to explain it when he asked her to be his girlfriend. She still remembers the day clearly.


“El, will you be my girlfriend?” Mike asked holding her hand. “Girlfriend? Is that a friend that is a girl?” El had asked confused. “No, well kinda, I guess. When someone is your girlfriend it means that they like you and want to be with you all of the time. You go on dates and tell each other everything.” He stated. El wondered “Dates? Like snowball?”. Mike smiled “Yeah like snowball”. “What else do you do with your girlfriend?” El asked curiously. Mike blushed as he told her “You hold hands, you cuddle on the couch when you watch movies, you hug all the time, you say that you love each other and you kiss each other whenever you feel like it”. El nodded as she looked at Mike still holding his hand. She smiled as she whispers a quiet “I like that” to Mike and a grin stretches across his whole face. He picks her up when he hugs her lifting her feet off of the ground. “Hey El? You know how I said that boyfriends and girlfriends can kiss each other whenever they want to?” El nodded at her new boyfriend. “Well, I feel like kissing you right now” he said blushing. “Me too” El mumbled looking at the ground. Mike stepped closer to her and put his fingers under her chin, lifting it so he could look her in the eyes. “Then kiss me” he said quietly. She looked down to his lips before she brought her hand up and lightly traced them with her fingertips. Mike placed a feather light kiss to them before she removed them, to gently move a piece of hair from his eyes. He watched her quietly as she did this before placing his hands on her hips and pulling her closer. Mike grabbed her hands and guided them to rest at the back of his neck. He knew El was nervous, it was her first time kissing him without him kissing her first. He gave her a small smile as she took a deep breath. She closed her eyes and leaned in until she felt her lips meet his. It was quick and innocent but it sent sparks flying through her whole body.


El likes to think about that day when she misses Mike. He lives far away at university so she doesn’t see him a lot, but it is summer so she has him to herself for four whole months. She likes when he first gets home because he kisses her a lot to make up for all the times he couldn’t. He doesn’t leave her side for a week when he is back. El and Mike are staying with Nancy and Jonathan for a little while this summer. Tonight is the first night they are there and it is also the first time they will be sleeping in the same bed on purpose. The only times they have was when they accidentally fell asleep while talking on El’s bed. Mike is downstairs with Jonathan while El puts away their clothes. Nancy is sitting on the bed chatting with her when El’s hand hits something hard. She pulls it out of the sweater pocket it was tucked in and opened it to see a small, beautiful ring. “Nancy why does Mike have this?” El asks handing the box over. Nancy gasps as she examined the contents. “El I don’t want to scare you but this might be an engagement ring. Mike might ask you to marry him.” El’s jaw drops. “No, not now. Too young to get married.” El panics. “El why don’t you ask him about this? It might not be like that.” Nancy suggests. El nods and heads downstairs. “Mike can I talk to you outside?” Mike nods as he follows the nervous girl. She pulls the ring box out and hands it to him. “Oh El you weren’t meant to see that. I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have left it in there.” He starts. “Too young to get married Mike” El said shaking her head. “No no El it’s not like that” he says to the confused girl. “Well it kind of is but not really. You see, this is called a promise ring. It’s my promise to you that I will love you forever and that one day I will ask you to marry me like how Jonathan asked Nancy. It’s so you can always have me with you when I’m away.” A tear slips from El’s eye. She smiles as she hugs him and whispers in his ear “I like that promise”. Mike slipped the ring onto her finger then kisses all of her knuckles. “Mike?” El said quietly. “Yes El?” he replied. “I really want to kiss you right now.” Mike laughed and pulled her closer. “Than kiss me”. So she did. That night when they went to sleep in the same bed, on purpose, El no longer felt nervous. She felt all of Mike’s love right beside her.

alex standall imagine ; you get into a fight

alex tells you he is going to hang out with jessica, and you get mad at him.

y/n 💕🌍😍: heyy babe wanna hang out after school?

alex 💖😍💋: can’t sorry boo

alex 💖😍💋: i’m gonna go to monet’s with jessica

y/n 💕🌍😍: k 🙄

y/n 💕🌍😍: since ur hanging out with jessica so much lately how about you make her ur girlfriend again? :-))

alex 💖😍💋: i would if she wasn’t dating justin ;)

y/n 💕🌍😍: fuck you 🖕

alex 💖😍💋: i was just joking damn

alex 💖😍💋: now you’re leaving me on read?? 

alex 💖😍💋: come on y/n you know i love you and that you’re my everything

alex 💖😍💋: please don’t be mad i’m sorry 

i roll my eyes and shove my phone back in my bag, not wanting to get caught by my teacher. the bell for lunch rings, and i quickly grab my backpack and rush out of the classroom. i head to the cafeteria, and i hear tons of notifications going off my phone.

i look around the lunch room for alex, and see him sitting with his ‘friends’. he looked quite sad, which made my heart break, but i was still angry at him for hanging out with his ex girlfriend more than me this week. he gets jealous when i speak with my ex boyfriend, so why can he get to hang out with his? i walk to the table where he was sitting, plopping down right next to him. “hey!” alex smiles, looking very happy i’m sitting next to me. “hi.” i mumble, taking out my lunch. 

“oh, y/n do you want to go to monet’s with alex and me after school?” jessica asks, taking a drink from her flask.

i nod my head, “sure.”

“can we talk?” alex asks me, as i was walking away from him.

“what do you wanna talk about?” 

“i’m sorry for doing things with jessica, more often. i really really do love you with all my heart and i don’t love jessica anymore. we just didn’t work. you are my best friend, and if i lost you not only would i lose my girlfriend i would lose my best friend.” he tells me, holding my hand.

“stop being so romantic, it’s unlike you.” i chuckle, kissing his cheek and he scoffs.

“i’m very romantic!”

“just stop talking, please.” i groan, and he looks upset.

“why?” he asks.

“so i can kiss you.” i quickly tell him before smashing my lips onto his.


sorry my imagines are so short haha 

i will soon be doing preferences, and yeah. 

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bonsai-maggie-sawyer  asked:

Can you write about Alex being a silly drunk, who makes jokes about Maggie's height and says things like "I like your boobs. You know, they're... boobs. Ans super comfy. And I'm so gay."

thanks for the prompt!

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Alex doesn’t get drunk around people very often. A beer or two at game night, or at the bar, or at home with Maggie, sure. But full-blown-party-Alex drunk? It’s a rare occurrence.

Maggie has seen drunk Alex. She’s seen drunk-herself-into-a-stupor-distraught-sad drunk Alex. She’s seen I-messed-up-at-work-and-someone-got-hurt drunk Alex. She’s even seen drunk-because-I-can drunk Alex, though that one maybe more often than she thought healthy. But she’s never seen party-Alex drunk Alex. Most people in her life never have. Kara did once, near the beginning of Alex’s partying days, but after that embarrassment of a night, Alex made sure to never involve Kara in her drunken endeavours.

But when Kara decided to throw Alex a 29th birthday party, party-Alex came out to play (pun intended). There was wine with dinner, and beer with games, but then Alex decided to do tequila shots and the partying began. And the entire supersquad got to meet party-Alex.

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y'all know about the term “cuffing season” right? it refers to the time of year when the weather drops and people typically partner up to stay warm during the cold cold winter months until the sun comes out again and ppl wanna be young wild and free again 

yeah that doesn’t apply to me

summertime is for love. girlfriends, boyfriends, friends. for holding hands, kissing, and rubbing noses. being outside together. going hiking and hitting the beach. having picnics, traveling together, dancing under the stars, etc

during the winter i shut down. my energy level decreases significantly. patience wanes thin. my will to live barely exists much less my will to entertain and maintain relationships. don’t call me. don’t look at me. don’t touch me. i want to be alone in my room buried underneath my covers

Dating Queenie Goldstein Would Include...
  • Being as close with Tina as Queenie is with her.
    • You’ve gotten to the point where you call Tina “Teenie”.
      • Tine is quite fond of you, and is really appreciative that you’re so good to her sister like? 
        • Very supportive of the relationship because she genuinely wants to see her sister happy and in love.
        • You can go to Tina with questions about Queenie, and she’s always willing to help you out when you need it.
        • Lowkey like a sister to you as well.
  • Queenie always bringing you something sweet to eat, even when you don’t ask.
    • Like, all the time. She’s very excited when she makes something for you that you’ve never tried before.
    • Probably bounces up and down on her feet as she hands you freshly baked goods. Her golden hair is bouncing as well. She looks angelic in the moment as you smile bashfully, “Thank you.”
      “You’re welcome!” And she starts explaining exactly what it is she brought you today.
    • Also really likes to decorate small tin canisters that hold the sweets as well.
      • The pure intensity of her expression when you’re trying something new always makes you laugh. Covering your face with your hand, you throw your head back dramatically and say, “I can’t eat with you looking at me like that!”
        She laughs quietly and nods, “I know, that’s why I’m doin’ it. I’m pressuring you into takin’ a bite faster.”
    • In return for the yummy sweets, you buy her flowers and surprise her with them when you see her next. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on her face.
  • Brushing your fingers through her strawberry blond almost golden curls.
    • Usually before you kiss her, but sometimes idly when the two of you are snuggling.
      • She likes to play with your hair too, and has been known to braid your hair, put flowers in your hair and all that jazz.
  • Absolutely calls you sweetie, honey or sometimes babe.
    • More often than not she uses sweetie or honey.
    • Babe is used occasionally, but not very often. One of those pet names that when she uses it, the two of you will stare at each other and wonder if she really did say it before bursting out in laughter because, yes, yes she did.
    • The smile on her face when she calls you those names is absolutely breathtaking and always makes you smile back.
      • You playfully calling her your ‘Queen’. Probably makes her blush softly before she shoos her hand dismissively, “I’m no queen. Well, maybe sometimes.”
  • She never reads your mind when you don’t want her to.
    • Even when it’s really hard for her not to, she respects it.
    • It’s a rare occasion when you don’t want her to, so usually she prowls around already knowing what you’re thinking. You’re okay with it, as long as she doesn’t step over the line. (Ex: accidentally letting something that was a secret slip. Unintentional, but still.).
  • Having her optimistic attitude rub off on you.
    • Not in an annoying way, but more like “What would Queenie do?” when you’re stuck in a situation.
      • It does help, because she has a unique way of thinking and it’s really helpful sometimes.
    • Something she has noticed, and is really flattered by it. She’s heard you think, “what would Queenie do?” a couple times and her face turned red from trying to keep her laughter in.
  • Sleepovers!
    • Tina will sometimes join you, but it’s usually Queenie and yourself, blankets sprawled out in the small living space. Lying on the ground surrounded by the pillows and blankets, you listen to Queenie talk.
      • The two of you gossiping to each other about all sorts of things. Rumors you’ve heard in the Wizarding world, rumors you’ve hard in the No-Maj world, girls and guys you’ve noticed recently, etc.
    • Doing each others makeup/nails. One of the more interesting things of the evening, as Queenie doesn’t stand still while you’re doing her makeup. Grabbing your arms, she throws her head back and chuckles, “I’m not so used to other people putting lipstick on me. It kinda tickles.” When she looks like a train-wreck in the end she describes it as “A beautiful looking train-wreck.”
      • She’s like really good at doing nails? Your face turns a lil’ pink when she grabs your hand.
    • The two of you baking in the No-Maj way. 
      • Her putting frosting on your nose before kissing it off playfully. She throws her head back with a small cackle as she watches you blush.
        • You doing the same thing, but she fights it slightly. Queenie ends up getting frosting in her hair which you happily clean out. 
    • The night usually ends with the two of you passed out on the living room floor, curled up one another with a blanket on top of you.
  • Not being able to display a ton of PDA, but you still hold hands out in public.
    • It’s literally the cutest thing though because while you’re walking you’ll just feel her fingers peep in yours and before you know it you’re walking down a busy New York street holding your best friend and girlfriends hand.
      • Swaying your hands back and forth while you window shop together. She always points out things that she thinks are cute. 
      • The two of you buying each other little trinkets. 
      • Queenie happily kissing your cheek after you buy her something. Like, always. 
        • Maybe a little peck on the lips if she’s feeling daring. 

There’s not enough fics to satisfy my love for Queenie okay okay. Hope you guys enjoyed! Likes and reblogs are appreciated! Thank you, and stay tuned for more Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.


Requested: Jae and Y/n are best Friends since a few months now and he has a crush on her. Someday he wanted that she meet his band mates, Johnny flirted a lot with her even when she has feelings for Jae too. So Jae gets really mad and jealous but still walks her home. In her home then they are having a fight so he confess his feelings and it ends in the bedroom after that(if You do smut😏) Angst & happy ending

A/N: here ya goooo. Don’t know if this is what you’re looking for hehe. enjoy


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

“You ready, Y/N!? We’re gonna be late”. You hear your best friend yell out from the kitchen. You were just checking yourself in the mirror, making sure you looked presentable before you left your house. You rolled your eyes at your impatient friend. “Can you be patient. Im almost done, Jaehyun”, you yelled back. After fixing your makeup, you head out your room and went downstairs. 

“Hey, you”, Jaehyun said, smiling at you. You stood in front of Jaehyun and exposed your outfit. “How do I look?”. Jaehyun looked up and down at you. “Hmm, not bad. Not ugly, but definitely not pretty”. He laughed at his comment. You playfully punched him in the chest. “Hey! I’m kidding. You know you’re always beautiful even when you don’t even try”, he says, making you blush. “Ey, why are you being cheesy?”. “I can’t be nice to my best friend?”. Jaehyun says, opening your front door for you. You stepped outside and gave Jaehyun a glare. 


Jaehyun led you to the front door of his dorm. Already you could hear boys laughing obnoxiously and talking loudly behind the door. You were slightly nervous about whats going to happen once you walk in those doors. “You ready to meet them?”, Jaehyun asked. “What if they don’t like me, Jae?”, you asked worriedly. You usually don’t care what people think about you, but Jaehyun’s friends were an exception because… well.. is it obvious? You’re madly in love with your best friend. As cliché as that sounds. You didn’t want to confess to him and you probably will never confess because you were afraid of being rejected. 

Jaehyun is one of those guys who could get any girl he wants. He’s extremely attractive and has a great personality. You on the other hand. You were just an average girl who Jaehyun only looked at as a friend. “Don’t worry, Y/N. I’m pretty sure they’ll like you”, Jaehyun says putting his large hands onto your shoulders. He opened the door and there revealed a messy room filled with loud bass coming from the speakers. You looked at the boys staring at both you and Jaehyun. “Woojae is here!”. “YAY!” “Hyung finally brought a girl home”. You heard the guys yelling out those comments as you both walked inside the dorm. You looked at Jaehyun and could see his face then plush pink. “Guys, I’d like you to meet my friend Y/N. Y/N, the guys”. You bowed at them while giving them a genuine smile. “It’s nice to meet you all”, you said. “Y/N. This is Taeyong hyung and Taeil hyung. They’re the oldest members. This is Doyoung hyung, Yuta hyung, Johnny hyung and Winwin. And these are our two youngest members, Mark and Haechan”. They all greeted you one by one and they seemed to be fun to be around. The only person that caught your eyes was Johnny. There was something about his aura that made you want to get to know him more and befriend him. 

As the party was going on, you sat on the couch while on your phone. Jaehyun and his members were busy playing a game and it ended up in a heated argument so you decided it’s best not to get involved. As you were scrolling through your social media, you felt someone sit beside you peeking their head at your phone. You looked to see who it was and it was no one other than Johnny. “Can I help you?” you asked trying to sound playful. His lips turned into a perfect smile. “Nope. Just wanted to see what you were doing”. 

“Wait wait wait… you’ve been training for how long and you still lip sync at your performances?!” you yelled in disbelief. “That.. that doesn’t even make sense”, you said while laughing. Johnny had showed you NCT 127’s latest performance on one of the music shows. For the past hour, you and Johnny have been getting to know each other and talked about anything and everything. “Jaehyun, can you believe Johnny has been training for nine years and he still lip syncs. That’s just… disappointing”, you said chuckling. “Yeah. Whatever”. Was all Jaehyun said. Jaehyun had been giving you the cold shoulder ever since you and Johnny were talking. You gave Jaehyun a confused look on why he was acting strange but you ignored his behavior. 


“Bye guys!! It was nice meeting you all!! Bye Johnny I’ll text you the books I told you about earlier!” you yelled while waving at the guys. Jaehyun kept pulling your arm and rushed you out of the door. You almost tripped because of it but you didn’t acknowledge it much since meeting Jaehyun’s members was one of the best nights you ever had. 

As you and Jaehyun were walking to your house, you couldn’t shake off that smile on your face. If Jaehyun’s members like you then that meant they’ll approve of you dating him. You kept looking at Jaehyun who was really quiet during the walk. “Jaehyun I think your members really like me!” you said giving a wide grin. “Great”, Jaehyun said sarcastically. You looked at Jaehyun, wondering what was going on with him but shook it off. Nothing could ruin this night. 

You both arrived at your house and went inside. Jaehyun sat in your living room as you were grabbing something for both of you to drink. You went back to your living room and tried making conversations with Jaehyun, but failed since he only gave you one word answers. “Hey, Jae. What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?”, you asked worriedly. “I don’t know why don’t you ask your new buddy Johnny”, Jaehyun said coldly. You laughed at his reply. “Well well, is Jaehyun jealous?” you asked playfully hoping to brighten up the mood. He didn’t say anything which meant he was indeed jealous. “Aww~ Jaehyun is jealous of Johnny”, you said as you gently nudged him with your elbow. Jaehyun quickly stood for the couch away from you, giving you the most serious look he’d ever given you. “Don’t. Touch me”. You stared at the new person you’ve never seen before. Your smile slowly turning into a frown. You had enough of his attitude. “What the hell is wrong Jaehyun? I’m just trying to have a good time. But you’re dumbass is ruining it for me. Stop being such an ass”, you yelled. “Oh. I’m being an ass? What about you? Ditching your best friend for another dude?”. You glared at Jaehyun. “That dude who is also a member of your group. You know? That group you wanted me to meet and be friends with? What’s the whole point of bringing me to your dorm tonight if you were just gonna get jealous of me befriending someone?!”. He didn’t say anything back to you which meant you had won. “Whatever, Jaehyun. Just go home. I’m sick of your shit”, you said as you start to get up from your couch. “Wait..”, Jaehyun suddenly grabbed your arm. You turned to your best friend, his eyes looked soft. You hated fighting with Jaehyun, especially when it’s about dumb stuff like this. “Y/N, I love you”. You looked at him in shock. “What?” . “I’ve been wanting to tell you for years but.. I’ve always been so self conscious about it”. Jaehyun closed his eyes and took a breather. “Y/N, I love you. You’ve been there for me for years and I love you for that. You’ve helped me through rough times. I don’t want you to just be my best friend but also my girlfriend”, Jaehyun confessed. With his hand still holding onto you, you looked deeply into his dark brown eyes. You were trying to find the right words to say, but instead, instinctively, you brought your face closer to Jaehyun and pressed a gentle but sweet kiss on his lips. Jaehyun responded by kissing you back. His hands gently caressing your cheek. As things were going soft and gentle, you and Jaehyun were getting into the heat of the moment. You gently tugged on his bottom lips with your teeth. You could feel Jaehyun smirking against your lips. Still roughly kissing him, you wrapped your arms around Jaehyun’s neck while Jaehyun lifted up your legs and carried you to your bedroom. 

Jaehyun broke the kiss and gently put you on your bed. He took off his shirt and brought his lips to your neck. Making sure to leave marks that will be visibly seen the next day. You whimpered at his touch. You wanted more of him. You pushed him off of you and moved on top of him bringing your lips back to his. You could very well feel his member through his jeans, aching to be touched. 

You got off of Jaehyun and started stripping off your clothes. You were now left in your bra and panties. Mentally thanking yourself for to wearing your favorite Victoria secret set, as Jaehyun was staring at your almost naked figure in awe. You climbed back on top of him and touched his bulge. “I think this needs to be taken off”, you whispered referring to his jeans. “Not if you take everything off first, princess”, Jaehyun says seductively. “Why don’t you do it for me”, you said winking at him. Jaehyun then professionally unclasped your bra and brought his hands to your ass. Gently rubbing it while slowly removing the last piece of clothing on you. 

After you were now free from all of your clothing, you laid on your bed feeling exposed to Jaehyun as he removes his jeans and underwear. Jaehyun climbed on top of you and looked into your eyes. His eyes didn’t just show lust, but it also showed love. He brought his lips to yours, passionately kissing you. You could feel his tip hitting against your core. You brought your hands to his harden member and brought it to your entrance. “Ready?”, Jaehyun asked. Without hesitating, you nodded. Jaehyun gently entered in you. You felt every inch of his member. Slowly, adjusting to his size. You rubbed his back softly, indicating him that it’s okay to move. As he started slowing thrusting into you, the pain that was down at your entrance was now replaced with pleasure. “Jaehyun.. f-faster”. Jaehyun responded by thrusting into you with even more speed. You swore you could see stars as his thrust became rough. Rougher by each second. You couldn’t take the pleasure anymore. With a few more thrusts and you were about to reach your high. “Jaehyun… I’m gonn-”, you couldn’t finish your sentence. “Cum for me baby”, Jaehyun said panting. The room was filled with moans, pants and sounds of skin slapping as you both reached your high together. 

You could feel Jaehyun’s seeds spilling out of you as he gently slid out. He laid next to you. Both of you trying to catch your breath. You turned your head to look at Jaehyun’s sweaty yet handsome face. He turned to look at you and smiled. “So.. was that a yes?”. You giggled at his cuteness. “What do you think Jaehyun?”. You wrapped your arm around Jaehyun’s naked torso, bringing your head closer to his. “Yes, I’ll be your girlfriend”.

I don’t wish for things very often, but when I do, it always ends up being about you.
—  i’m starting to think shooting stars and 11:11 wishes aren’t meant for me
She is more than a girl, more than a friend...

(Finally made it to the Shamy Anniversary Fluff Crawlspace held by @nerdforestgirl)

Sheldon is first introduced to Amy in S3E23, “The Lunar Excitation”. Their conversation took 60 seconds but their chemistry was immediate and ever lasting.

Amy: Excuse me. I’m Amy Farrah Fowler. You’re Sheldon Cooper.

Sheldon: Hello, Amy Farrah Fowler. I’m sorry to inform you that you have been taken in by unsupportable mathematics designed to prey on the gullible and the lonely. Additionally, I’m being blackmailed with a hidden dirty sock.

Amy: If that was slang, I’m unfamiliar with it. If it was literal, I share your aversion to soiled hosiery. In any case, I’m here because my mother and I have agreed that I will date at least once a year.

Sheldon: Interesting. My mother and I have the same agreement about church.

Amy: I don’t object to the concept of a deity, but I’m baffled by the notion of one that takes attendance.

Sheldon: Well, then you might want to avoid East Texas.

Amy: Noted. Now, before this goes any further, you should know that all forms of physical contact up to and including coitus are off the table.

Sheldon: May I buy you a beverage?

Amy: Tepid water, please.

We hear Sheldon “defending” himself from his friends taunting him… “She is a girl, and she is a friend but she is not my girlfriend.” He confesses that not only had he continued talking to her for 4 months, but that they spoke to each other ON A DAILY BASIS.  Socially awkward Sheldon didn’t realize that he had fallen hard for this girl from the moment they met. more than he was willing to notice or admit.

“By any standard, Amy is more similar to me than anyone I’ve ever met…. whether you see it or not is irrelevant.” - Sheldon Cooper

In S5E8 “The Isolation Permutation” Sheldon worried something is wrong with his “friend”.  

Sheldon: Sorry. I’m a little distracted. I can’t seem to get in touch with Amy. I tried e-mail, video chat, tweeting her, posting on her Facebook wall, texting her, nothing.

That’s a lot of worrying. He goes check up on her. She confesses she finds herself craving human intimacy and physical contact. They enter a negotiation of sorts to meet halfway.

Amy: Proposal. One wild night of torrid lovemaking that soothes my soul and inflames my loins.

Sheldon: Counter-proposal. I will gently stroke your head and repeat, aw, who’s a good Amy.

Amy: How about this? French kissing, seven minutes in heaven culminating in second base.

Sheldon: Neck massage, then you get me that beverage.

Amy: We cuddle. Final offer.

Sheldon: Very well. Oh, boy. (They cuddle, awkwardly.)

And the thing is, he didn’t have to enter this negotiation or even accept any offer she made. 

He wasn’t obliged to do so. After all, as he had stated many times before… “ She’s a girl and she’s a friend but she is not my girlfriend”. 

But, his actions show that Amy is and always was much MORE than that. She is a bird of a feather. A woman with an admirable mind. A person who he likes, quirks and all. She challenges him. Stands up to him like no one can or has. She understands him. HE HAS NEVER TRIED TO CHANGE HER. He’s never commented on her physical appearance because he’s always seen what is within her. She keeps him interested. She’s his vixen, his peach, his little lady. 

His comfort who held him when his enemy/colleague was smarter. His advice giver when he can’t figure out what to do with his roommate’s girlfriend. His hand to hold when his friend goes to the space. His confidant to share his best kept secret. The only one to touch his mind, heart and his body (in that order).

She is his one true love.

Happy Shamy-versary!!!

This. I can’t wait for this. I am going to hug you so tightly and I don’t think I’ll ever want to let you go. I’ve waited so long for this and I can’t believe it’s going to happen. We may just be friends now, but I still can’t wait to kiss you or hold hands or give each other long hugs because I love you and wish you would never have to leave me. <3