Clothes all sorted ready for my girlfriend 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕


For every time you looked me dead in the eyes and told me that I was just overreacting.

For every time you told me that I was wrong and simply assuming the worst about you.

For every time I let you talk me into doing something I wasn’t completely comfortable with just to prove that I loved you.

For every snide remark you made against me and my family.

For every time you flirted with someone else to my fucking face.

For every time I had to sit and wonder what you were doing with someone else.

For every hour that you stole from me by punishing me for your cheating.

For every secret you hid from me.

For every time you had another excuse.

For every time you blamed me.

For the times you broke up with me for not being Keith.

For the times you spent crying over not having your fucking wedding.

For letting your ex touch you less than 24 hours from the first time we kissed.

For every time you called me the monster.

You can have back every lie you ever sold me. You can take them. Take them to the moon and back.

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Dear girlfriend (REVENGE >:D)

Dear girlfriend,

Thank you. I don’t really know what all I can convey through words for how much I love you. What started as us jokingly flirting actually turned real and I’m very glad it did. I’m glad for everything we’ve been through.

If there was ever the center of my world, it would really be you. I’m glad for you, and getting as close to you as I have has really made my time on this site amazing. Maybe one day we can meet up for real, and I’d show you as much love and affection as you’d be comfortable with since we’ve been together for so long.

Trilogy 0

Just passing through…

A lone figure walked through the desert. He was wearing a long coat that flapped in the wind behind him like a cape. He wore a large belt over his coat, and the coat was unbuttoned from that belt down. The coat had a large collar which was turned up so it covered most of the bottom half of the figure’s face. The figure had long spiky hair with red parts in the middle. The red parts were from when the figure – who is Rhyce Karêi – saw his girlfriend killed in front of his eyes by his brother Flashbird and he was so enraged that the fire that raged inside him turned part of his hair red.

His hair covered one eye, and the other eye was obscured by a shadow in a really cool way. The coat had long sleeves that widened, with bright metal clasps at the cuffs. From behind his right shoulder protruded a long object, it looked thick enough to comfortably fill a man’s hand and long enough to accommodate two hands on top of one another. The tip of this long object thickened noticeably. This was the handle of the mysterious figure’s katana. The rest of the katana was behind his back.

The mysterious loner figure made his way into a small desert village. As he walked confidently among the houses, eyes peered at him from the windows with distrust. He walked past a big muscular man who was leaning against a post in front of a house, and the man glared at Rhyce but Rhyce pretended not to notice him and continued walking.

He came in front of a saloon, and pushed open the flapping doors. The saloon was filled with burly, grizzly looking characters, and they all fell silent and looked back when they noticed the mysterious stranger entering the saloon.

Their eyes followed him silently as he made his way to the bar. Then they picked their conversations back up and the saloon was filled with noise again.

-          “What’ll it be stranger?” “Asked the bartender distrustingly.

-          “I don’t want a drink. I want information.”

-          “Oh yeah? What kind of information?”

-          “I’m looking for a man. Maybe you’ve heard of him. His name is… Flashbird.”

The entire bar fell silent, all eyes turned to observe the stranger.

-          “Nope, never heard of him.”

-          “Oh, well he’s my brother and a vampire and he killed my girlfriend and I’m looking for revenge.”

-          “Yeah, look buddy, you can’t stay here if you’re not going to have a drink.”

-          “Then I will go.” Said the mysterious stranger.

And he walked out of the bar and into the howling desert wind. He regretted not drinking anything because he was thirsty, but the people at the bar made him uncomfortable.

And so he continued on his quest to find his brother, Flashbird.

Killing Girlfriend’s Dog in Washing Machine Prank -

Killing Girlfriend’s Dog in Washing Machine Prank

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Trilogy -1


The vampire hung suspended by his wrists from chains that stretched his arms widely. The chains were not long enough so he had to sit on his knees, with his head hung low and his face covered by his spiky wet hair.

-          “Haa, haa, haa!” He panted.

His name was Rhyce Karêi – although he preferred it the other way – and he was the prisoner of his evil brother Flashbird, who is also a vampire and who stole his girlfriend.

The heavy door of the dungeon blew open, and in the door appeared his infernal brother Flashbird, dragging his screaming girlfriend by her hair.

-          “How are we today brother?”

-          “You… are not my brother…”

-          “Ha ha ha!” Flashbird laughed diabolically. “I want you to say hello to my new girlfriend, since you won’t be using her anymore…”

He pulled Rhyce’s girlfriend up by the hair and she screamed while crying.

-          “YOU LEAVE HER ALONE!!!” Rhyce shouted at the top of his lungs.

He began violently pulling at the chains, his eyes started glowing red. He realized it was useless and stopped, clenching his teeth. His eyes and the corner of his mouth twitched from the rage that burned inside him like a raging fire.

-          “Easy now, brother. As you have probably guessed, those chains are made from steel, and your powers are useless against them.”

-          “I… I will kill you…”

-          “Ha ha ha! Sure you will brother. But not before I kill you… r girlfriend!”

-          “YOU MONSTER!!! Rhyce shouted.”

Flashbird pulled out his trademark revolver and pulled back the hammer.

-          “Watch closely now brother, you won’t want to miss this!” Flashbird cackled laughingly.

He brought the front end of the barrel up to Rhyce’s girlfriend’s temple and she screamed.

Suddenly Rhyce had a flashback, he and his girlfriend were in a sunlit field. He was lying on his back with his legs outstretched and his hands behind his head as a pillow, his elbows pointed out, with a long stem of grass in his mouth and his trusty katana beside him. His girlfriend screamed as she ran up to him. “I found a four-leaf clover Rhyce! Look!” She showed him the four-leaf clover. Rhyce grinned his trademark grin. “Oh Rhyce I love you so” said his girlfriend. “I know” replied Rhyce smirkingly.

Then the flashback was over, and Rhyce once again found himself in that dark, moist dungeon, chained to the wall.

-          “Wow brother, you fainted just now. But you’re back, just in time to see your girlfriend die!”

-          “I didn’t faint, I had a flashback.” Rhyce defended himself quickly to show he was obviously telling the truth.

-          “Sure you did.”

Flashbird cocked his gun and Rhyce’s girlfriend looked at him with her eyes full of tears and terror all over her face.

-          “Help me Rhyyyyyyce!”

Then a loud bang. Then her voice was silent.