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How mad would Tsukki, bokuto, kuuro, tanaka, annnd nishinoya be if someone kept flirting with their female s/o even after being rejected, wat would they do to make them go away

Imma do the /10 thing again because that was fun to do

Tsukishima: 8/10

He wasn’t as angry as he was annoyed.

When he first noticed the pest that approached you, he didn’t take action, trusting that you’d be able to do it yourself. But after five minutes, when the scum showed no signs of wanting to leave; and even looked like he was beginning to seriously annoy you, Tsukki decided to do something about it.

The tall-ass middle blocker walked over to the scene calmly and said, “back off, rat.”

The stranger could only glare at him and even puffed out his chest, “what if I don’t want to?”

Tsukki squinted. Bad mistake.

Bokuto: 7/10

As like Tsukishima, he didn’t feel as angry as he felt irritated. But thanks to his rather laid back demeanour when it came to dealing with these kind of people, he wasn’t as fed up as expected.

The boy from the rival school appeared all of a sudden while Fukurodani’s volleyball team was waiting for the school bus. A friendly match against the rival school had just ended, with Fukuro trashing the others like it was nothing.

At first you were only surprised at the presence of a stranger suddenly flirting with you out of no where. However, despite your countless rejections, he didn’t want to back off.

You looked over at Bokuto in a pleading manner. That was when your boyfriend went from simply observing the scene to being to intimidating that the rival scurried off, pants around his ankles. (Not literally)

Immediately after the stranger took off, you kissed Bokuto on the cheek, and his eyes shown with pure joy.

Kuroo: 17/10

Literally no potential girlfriend-stealers were allowed to show any signs of affection towards you. Kuroo thought he’d already established that fact within Nekoma, but apparently not so when a first year approached you with a scandalous intention in mind.

You were often pleasantly surprised by innocent confessions and would turn them down nicely but this cocky bastard was disgusting. Throwing pick up lines after pick up lines, he was relentless.

You loved cheesy pick up lines, since Kuroo often used them, but the ones that the clearly unwanted presence were saying were pure agony to listen to.

He was basically telling you, “have sex with me.”

When you thought you couldn’t take it any longer and had actually begun to panic, Kuroo came to your rescue.

“Hey!” He slammed his fist against the lockers, gaining the attention of everyone within a ten meter radius; including the scum first year’s.

You felt relief flood your senses as you ran over to him, but felt yourself get pulled back by the first year.

He’s crossed the line now.

Kuroo literally punched the boy in the face before swiftly grabbing your waist and led you away.

Kenma had to endure a whole three months of Kuroo bragging about how impressed you were.

Tanaka: 189/10

If you though Kuroo was bad, the Nekoma captain didn’t hold a candle to Tanaka.

As everybody learned just by witnessing one unfortunate incident, no one was allowed to mess with you and your boyfriend.

A third year was under the assumption that you had a crush on him and had been pestering you for the entire day. Despite your clear annoyance, he didn’t want to back off.

Even more unfortunate was the fact that Tanaka was at a match the whole school day so you couldn’t spend time with him until after school. However, even your after school plans were ruined by the unpleasant third year.

The senior’s stalked you into the volleyball court and began making a scene about how he had spent a great day with you at school. His eyes kept glanced at every boy on the volleyball team, trying to bask in his supposed glory.

Steam was literally rising off your boyfriend’s head as the third year yapped on and on; not noticing how everyone was so silent as they witnessed Tanaka’s gradually rising anger.

Simply three minutes afterwards, the third year was out cold.

Nishinoya: 5/10

He wasn’t one to get angry at things like that, surprisingly. Though he often felt jealous, anger wasn’t always on his mind whenever a potential threat to your relationship with him arose.

He was practicing his receives in the court alone when you’d walked in. He gave you a bright smile before noticing the first year following behind you.

“(Y/N), who’s that?”

“I don’t even know-”

“I’m her future husband!” The prepubescent student said excitedly, a gesture that immensely annoyed and disgusted you at the same time. It was sweet that people actually crushed in you but when their confessions went to far, you didn’t plan on being nice.

However, even in your angriest and rudest voice and tone, the boy didn’t get that you didn’t like him back. You’d decided to lead him to the volleyball court, hoping that Noya’s presence as your boyfriend would scare him away.



“Well, I’m her boyfriend and her future husband.” He replied calmly, though there was a tinge of irritation in his tone.

The first year pouted and stomped his foot on the ground, “you’re a liar!” He stuck out his tongue, “liar! Liar!”

He was so childish it was actually funny.

Getting really annoyed by the little shithead, Noya simply grabbed a volleyball and spiked it into the boy’s face. Not even a little bit of guilt on his face was showing as the first year ran out of the court, crying.

“I knew I could count on you,” you smiled at your boyfriend.

He grinned back, starting to forget anything even happened.

Rich Games pt. 26 (pt 2 (Work Room))

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hi hi hi! i'd like to request a scenario! your boyfriend seunggwan is Totally Not a fan of skinship and cute mannerisms - unfortunately he has 'you' for a girlfriend who absolutely adores skinship and aegyo. what does seunggwan do when he realizes that you've gradually started to become less touchy when you're no longer clinging to him on the couch while watching movies or puppy pouting when he says "no"? hehehe... maybe some seventeen member intervention to help our attention-needy boy out?

Thanks for requesting, babe! Hope you enjoy!

“Pizza for dinner, yeah?” Seokmin hollers and the group chimes in agreement while you lean on Seunggwan’s shoulder, interweaving your hands with his. He manages to stay still for a moment before laughing nervously, removing your hand from his.

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