i was having a shit day so now that the day is nearly over my girlfFRIEND MESSAGED ME TO LOOK OUT MY WINDOW hinting THAT SHES OUTSIDE MY HOUSE and i was like “lmao no” because she lives miles and miles away so to jog here is like dying. and then she told me to check my mail so me being a dum dum i asked her if she meant email but then she said mailing box so i thought she dropped something in while i was out today aND SHE WAS OUTSIDE AND WE KISSED AND NOW I SMELL LIKE HER AND NOBODY HAS EVER DONE SOMETHING LIKE THIS FOR ME nobody has even approached me unless they wanted something LET ALONE JOG MILES AND MILES JSUT TO SEE MY FACE I’M SHAKING I LOVE HER SO MUCH 

anonymous asked:

How do i keep my confidence with a guy that im attracted to when his ex girlffriend is wayyy hotter than ill ever be?? :/

1) do not compare yourself to other girls.

2) if that bitch be talking shit just kick her in the throat