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Fraternity Games    Part 2

    All That Matters    Part 2


    By Chance


    An Album Speaks A Thousand Words

    Tell Me You Don’t Still Love Me

    Naughty Girl


    The Neighbor’s Son   Part 2

    Maybe More

    Baby Making


    Don’t Worry

    You’re Perfect (Mashton Preference)

    I Object   Part 2

    An Album Speaks A Thousand Words (Michael Version)


        Are We Friends or Are We More

        Birthday Sex

        What If This Is Goodbye?  Part 2   Part 3

        Over and Over

        Good Girl

        Bros over Hoes

        All Yours, Forever

        My Water Broke!

        Something New

        Hands On Me

        Lost in Reality

        Nothing Like A Little Jealousy

        Wondering   Part 2   Part 3

        Part 4   Part 5    Part 6


        Stand Up   Part 2   Part 3


        Forgive Me

        You’re Perfect (Mashton Preference)

        Stupid Feelings  Part 2   Part 3

        Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7




        I Missed You

        Let The Games Begin   Part 2


        You Jump, I Jump

        I’m Sorry   Part 2


        More Than Air

        He is your Ex (Preference)


        Don’t Ever Leave

        Save Me   Part 2

        First Sight

        Fight Me

        He is your Ex (Preference)


              All Along

              Lost and Found    Part 2   Part 3  

              Part 4   Part 5  Part 6  

              Part 7   Part 8   Part 9

              Tommy Clarke

              Forget Me Not

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              things i need out of zeta society:

              - danny and kirsch boxing together and kirsch gets danny this goofy pink boxing tape “cuz youre a girlbro and girls like pink it was SJs favourite colour” and danny’s ready to give him a lesson in genderstereotyping and then just cant bc he’s such a lost puppy

              - there’s a little diner thing close to campus and danny and kirsch go there every sunday and have enthusiastic burger eating competitions (danny usually wins and kirsch pouts until danny lets him put on the lion king for sunday movie night)

              - for christmas danny gets kirsch a scythe and he’s so touched he cries a bit and just like shoves his gift at her and she opens it and kirsch has spent the past two months learning to knit (“my gran helped me”) so he could make her a toque cuz her ears are always cold

              - danny helping kirsch with his homework and it turns out kirsch is like a physics prodigy but he really doesn’t get robert lowell 

              - kirsch getting wasted and calling danny at like 3am and she stays on the line while he cries messily abt will and they both fall asleep and kirsch wakes up to danny snoring over the phone

              - bisexual danny (◕‿◕✿)

              - danny and kirsch getting into a v aggressive snowball fight and laura getting caught in the crossfire and it just turns into danny and kirsch trying to defend themselves against carmilla while simultaneously crying of laughter cuz laura made her put on these ridiculous ear muffs

              - zETA SoCIE TY 

              minsmk  asked:

              Hey! Do you think you could give me some suggestions on making a "Different" type of Male Protaganist? As in personality, and such. I am trying to write a superhero style YA with no romance (Mainly) and a Male and Female lead. With the POV of the main female.

              Here are a few ideas off the top of my head: 

              The “Nurturing” Type - Men in fiction are expected to take care of the people they care about by being strong and defensive and etc., etc. You don’t see male characters of the nurturing/healing type. In this case, would have a good attitude, and a sensitivity that allows him to be comforting when needed. I could definitely see this working in a superhero context, by the way, as “healers” are almost universally women. 

              The “Confidant” Type - The guy who is always there to hear about other people’s problems and lend his support, but who is pretty private when it comes to his own affairs. Definitely tends to function in a “helper” role. Lots of male characters tend to be private, but this guy is more so, “I don’t want anybody to be bothered by my problems,” than “It’s none of your business.” So you get a little bit of the typical male “reserved” nature in his character but it’s not broody.

              The “Party Guy” - You get tons of party girls. You rarely get guys who love to be social and party and have fun, unless they’re A.) Outrageous gay stereotypes or B.) Eurotrash/nouveau riche blockheads or C.) Playboys. Come on, can’t a bro just like to get out and dance and have a little fun with his other bros and girlbros?!?

              Those are just a few thoughts, but of course I’m sure there are many, many more personality types out there that just aren’t used enough for male characters. Don’t overthink it. Gather up some ideas and use them to flesh out a whole person. 

              Updated Masterlist (5/2/15)

              BOLD = SMUT


              Text AUs


              Stupid Feelings (Ashton Irwin Fanfic)

              Wondering (Luke Hemmings Fanfic)

              One Shots:

              5 SECONDS OF SUMMER:

              L U K E

              A S H T O N

              M I C H A E L

              C A L U M

              ONE DIRECTION:

              N I A L L

              L I A M

              L O U I S

              H A R R Y

              Z A Y N

              Updated Masterlist (6/26/15)

              BOLD = SMUT


              Text AUs


              Stupid Feelings (Ashton Irwin Fanfic)

              Wondering (Luke Hemmings Fanfic)

              One Shots:

              5 SECONDS OF SUMMER:

              L U K E

              A S H T O N

              M I C H A E L

              C A L U M

              ONE DIRECTION:

              N I A L L

              L I A M

              L O U I S

              H A R R Y

              Z A Y N

              Strangers should be subtitled

              How To Be Adorbs By the Men of the Apocalypse.

              Carl - show faith in strangers, give your Pops speeches about believing in people, be a super-duper big brother.

              Glenn - show your new best girlbro you are not just a white night who will do nothing until your find your wife, but you are also a massive dork so she feels less like a piece of shit.

              Tyreese - tell everyone they better accept your not-sure-if-she’s-a-friend-but-i-would-beat-the-crap-out-of-anyone-who-crosses-her-friend or else, avoid killing anything, become personal bodyguard to a 10 month old.

              Bob - keep your girlfriend cheery with games, smooch her repeatedly, smile all the time even when you know you are a dead man. Oh, Bob.

              Rick - tell your best frenemy she is splendid and way ahead of you with her apocalypse game, accept her as your queen and saviour, ask her if you can follow her around (you won’t be alone, buddy), threaten strangers if they hurt your little ducklings you will chew out their throats, show your UST crush you notice everything about her, let your baby daughter force feed you something she has likely been chewing on for ten minutes.

              Daryl - follow your best girl around like a puppy, refuse to go on supply runs (even though you have never ever done that) to hang with her collecting water, stare at her and tell her you can start again but don’t force her to talk about stuff she doesn’t want to, ensure she stays by your side wherever you go, and if all else fails act chivalrous and throw water at her.

              Frankly, Eugene and Abe need to up their game!