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Seattle Feminists Take to the Street to Make Art

by Leigh Riibe

Once again, Poster Giant has done it again. Keep this guy’s face in your mind. He is the tool of the enemy.

Last night, the Girl Army of Seattle took to the streets and erected (pun intended) a masterpiece on the infamous wall at the corner of 11th and Pine. There is already a war going on between actual guerrilla artists in the community and Poster Giant. A lot of the war is being waged on this wall.

The piece the Girl Army plastered on these walls last night was/is a screaming call to action to women and our allies to fight the powers that are attacking us from every angle, every day, everywhere. You may have heard about Pussy Riot + the trials of three members of the political punk band in Russia that have stirred up a bit of controversy and action worldwide. Or Todd Akin’s (the Republican Senate nominee from Missouri) "legitimate rape" comment. Or the congressional debates that banned women from speaking regarding a woman’s access to healthcare + freedom of choice which Rush Limbaugh had a some idiotic opinions about. Or CeCe McDonald, the trans woman who has been charged with second-degree murder for surviving a violent, racist, transphobic attack. The list goes on and on and on and on…

A feminist spirit has been re-awakened by these obvious attempts to silence women, take away their power, and control their bodies. A spirit that in my opinion has been sleeping since the end of the Riot Grrrl era.

The work the Girl Army of Seattle put into raising awareness in our community regarding all these issues was covered up before noon today by Poster Giant, a corporation that markets itself as “the one-stop shop for all your guerrilla marketing and digital marketing needs nationwide”. The most ironic part: the poster that Poster Giant was erecting read “War is a Machine”, which apparently "is a fictional character, a comic book superhero appearing in comic books set in the Marvel Comics universe" according to Wikipedia. The poster is for PAX Prime, a gamer convention scheduled to happen at the Washington State Convention Center starting August 31st - September 2nd (which was sold out prior to the posters being put up).

The question is: can we stop Poster Giant? And if the answer is no, what steps do we take to further our agenda, let our voices be heard + our artwork protected?

GirlArmy National Women's Day Description of the Woman Which Is Me (Edited for Coherency [Barely])

Hi my Klara name is Klara, um, hi, I…

1. Am on computer all of the time.

2. I do not have feelings, duh.

3. My stomach is broke a lot.

4. Number four is minty greenish seaphoam seafom seapho SEAFOAM. I like seaphones.

5. I have really bad self esteem sometimes???

6. I love everybody and it gets me in so much trouble sometimes but it means I love you all a lot too~! And if anybody got me in trouble for loving you I would be like, shut your face, okay?

7. I say things I am thinking and think things I want to say, both of which are confusing and bothersome and make me feel funny to be in public around people.

8. Eight is the dolor of caffodils. I am not dislexyc.

9. Nine is green like dark forests.

10. Ten is navy blue because 1 is blue and 0 is black.

11. Eleven is lucky and tells me I’m doing something right.

12. Twelve is my favorite number okay.

**I was like what color is twelve? but then I realized it is a color that is called twelve because twelve is my favorite color??? Halp, lol, I’m in my brain.