girl. best movie ever

reasons why “clueless” is the best movie ever

- protagonist is a “popular girl” who’s not mean to other people just because she’s popular (like in other movies)
- protagonist’s best friend is a girl of color, and she’s as popular as her
- best friend’s boyfriend is also a popular guy of color, showing how skin color isn’t a reason to not see how great a person is
- popular girl actually cares for people and wants to help them to adapt to school to have a better time on it instead of suffering (school sucks for a lot of people lets be honest)
- she thinks is not only important to take care of our bodies but also educate our minds besides school
- also thinks theres a beauty in everybody that can be show with a little help
- when she’s rejected for a boy that turns up being gay instead of reacting badly she keeps him as a best friend and favorite shopping mate, showing you shouldn’t be mean to someone because of their sexuality and you have to be supportive with your friends about their sexualitys and not let them out because of that because they’re still the same person as before you knew
- realizes helping people really makes her feel good so helps to organizate donations to people who needs it
- doesn’t put in a pedestal people who does drugs and they aren’t the “most popular around”, actually talks about how its okay to smoke weed sometimes if you like it but not let it be all in your life, cause drugs aren’t funny if they take control over your life
- also shows someone who wants to stop doing drugs and improve himself somehow and the popular girl is very proud even if they werent friends
- doesn’t shame girls that wants to have a sexual life and doesn’t shame virgins either, because girls are allowed to choose about their sexual life and if they want to have sex or not without being shamed for it
 - goes to something important for someone unpopular just because she knows it means a lot for him, again even if they werent friends
- basically the movie shows all those things that should be more normal in life like: accepting different kind people and letting everyone do whatever they want as long as they don’t hurt other people or themselves

- also fashion sense good af

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1. Crayons or markers?

2. What’s the best song to listen to when you need to focus?
I usually look up study study music on YouTube and pick a playlist!

3. Which is better to cuddle: stuffed animals or blankets?
Blankets for sure

4. What’s the best show/movie/anime you’ve ever watched?
Gilmore Girls all the way

5. Name one plant that makes you think of a happy memory.
Petunias remind me of planting flowers as a little girl:)

6. Do you prefer winter or fall?

7. Would you rather explore through the woods or read books?
Explore through the woods

8. What is your favorite piece of jewelry/clothing?
Probably my flowery shirt I wore yesterday, or maybe a hoodie from someone. But it’s not exactly mine, nor is it in my position currently

9. Do you study using highlighters or by taking separate notes?
I do both

10. Are you a pocket pet (hamsters, rats, bunnies…) or reptiles (boas, geckos, chameleon…) type of person?
I love them but can’t have them because of my family

11. Why is your favorite Pokemon your favorite Pokemon?
Clefairy because it’s so cute!

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1. Have you ever been in love?
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3. What was your New Years resolution?
4. Do you prefer Spring or Summer?
5. What’s one thing you wish you could change about yourself?
6. Do you want to travel and if so where?
7. What’s your favorite Twenty One pilots song?
8. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
9. What’s your favorite 80’s movie?
10. Have you been accepted to your dream college?
11. What’s something you treasure?

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Ryan Reynolds posted on Twitter a photo of the new DEADPOOL movie costume [x] and the April 1972 Cosmopolitan Burt Reynolds centerfold today’s photo recreated [x]

The DEADPOOL movie is set to be released February 12, 2016.



Nicole Beharie Appreciation Week Day 3
↳ Favorite Movie of Nicole’s: The Last Fall

“I could be enough to love you forever.
I could be the one to show you heaven.

You could be with me so happy together. 
Faith, I will make you believe.”


Girl: Mean Girls is the best movie ever! *Keeps talking*

Boy: How boring, I’ll shut her up with a kiss.

Girl: *slaps him*

Boy: Holy shit!

Girl: Don’t interrupt me when I’m talking!