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Hey! I know I'm getting ahead of myself here but... what happens once Taylor's Tribeca place is finished? Would Karlie actually move in with her? (In my mind T's making these renovations so the place is more 'fitting' for a couple). They wouldn't be able to hide the fact that they live together for too long tho. Thoughts?

That is, I believe, one of the many things the girls are still working out. A lot of people seem to think that’s the plan - renovating to make the place suit them both. And so the goal would be, from Taylor’s perspective, for Karlie to move in.

My small group within Kaylor (remember, we are individuals who don’t always think the same things) believes Taylor is pretty close to out of fucks to give and ready to come out at least as far as living with Karlie, and letting the world see them together. A glass closet 2.0 so to speak. Possibly ready to come out all the way, with interviews and the whole nine yards.

But Karlie seems to be either stuck in her contract with the guy who caused all the drama last night or genuinely reluctant to come out. I don’t know her side as well, but she seems to be holding back and also under quite a bit of stress at the moment.

There are a few of us who have theorized this may be a turning point for them, a sort of ‘go or no go’ because after ten years Taylor is ready to move her public and private lives into closer alignment, and Karlie either isn’t ready or isn’t able to do the same. We (those of us in the very small group I’ve discussed this with) think Taylor is willing to wait for Karlie if Karlie can give her a timeframe for when she might be ready to do what she wants, because we believe Taylor wants to do this with Karlie, and doesn’t want to pressure her. But we also think Taylor is tired of the fakeness and might walk away if she doesn’t get some sort of commitment to get there from her other half.

If Taylor wants to come out in any formal way with this album, she’s going to have to start seeding it soon if she wants a summer single and fall release this year. If she just wants to go gender neutral that buys a bit more time for Karlie to figure things out. But if this thing is going to end, the album may have to be reworked because I can’t imagine Taylor touring another album about someone who isn’t there, especially if it’s all happy love songs and the one she loves is one she lost.

hey girls who haven’t dated any or many girls: 

your first relationship might not be perfect. your first couple relationships might not be perfect. teenagers don’t tend to have very long lasting relationships and with the added stress of being a f/f couple, it might not last very long or work out well. this doesn’t mean that you’re never going to be in a long lasting relationship with a woman, just that this one ended quickly

every girl who isn’t straight isn’t going to be the right girl for you. you might start dating a girl and then realize you’re not actually into her, or she might feel that way about you. this doesn’t mean you’ll never find a girl you really like who really likes you back, just that this wasn’t the right relationship

there might be issues in your relationship. you might have different expectations, different needs and desires, different interests. you don’t need to change yourself or pretend to be something that you’re not to make the relationship work, you’ll have other chances

given how few other lbpq girls most of us know, i know that a lot of the time it feels like your first relationship is the only chance you’ll get and that you need to make it work out. don’t force it. don’t pretend to be or feel something you aren’t/don’t for the sake of the relationship, don’t let her cross your boundaries because you’re worried she’ll break up with you and you’ll never have another chance at dating a girl if you don’t let her

this is coming from my personal experiences- the first time i dated a girl, i did everything she wanted to, ignored my own preferences, pretended to like what she liked, let her do whatever she wanted. this didn’t make the relationship last longer or be better, it just made it lopsided and unhappy. she wasn’t right for me, i wasn’t right for her, and that’s alright. just because it didn’t work out doesn’t mean i’ll never date again

you’re going to get another chance. you’re going to date another girl. everything doesn’t hang upon this first relationship

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Drag Race Asks

RuPaul: What’s your greatest strength – charisma, uniqueness, nerve or talent?
Sharon Needles:  Do you like scary movies, Sidney?  What’s your favourite?
Chad Michaels:  Is there someone you can impersonate to perfection?
Untucked:  What’s the shadiest thing you’ve ever said?
Available On iTunes!:  The first five songs that come into your head.
Michelle Visage: Are you a tough critic or a sweet little pussycat?
Bianca Del Rio:  Stone, gold, glass… What’s your heart made of?
Bob The Drag Queen:  Tell us a joke, funny girl!
Santino Rice:  Describe the strangest outfit you’ve ever worn, Amadeus.
Guest Judges:  Name three people, alive or dead, whose opinions really matter to you
All-Stars:  Ever had a brush with fame?
Absolut Vodka:  Favourite drink?
Bebe Zahara Benet:  Do you represent your hometown or not?
Raja:  Did you roll with the cool kids at school?  Or, if you weren’t a Heather, Heather, what clique did you fit with, Heather?
Willam:  A choice of questions – either tell us about a time you were thrown out of somewhere, or tell us about the sickest you’ve ever felt…
Jinkx Monsoon:  Trouble sleeping?  Or trouble staying awake?
Mimi Imfurst:  How far would you go to grab people’s attention?
Drag U:  Condragulations!  You’ve won a fabulous free makeover!  What sickening style icon will it be based on?
Max:  What colour is your hair today, and what’s your favourite colour it’s ever been?
Alyssa + Coco:  Can you hold a grudge?  (Extra points if you tell us all about it)
Tyra Sanchez:   Give us an unpopular opinion.
Katya:  If you could live in any country in all the world, where would you go?
Ongina:  Would you ever shave your head?  (If you already have, we want pics!)
PhiPhi O’Hara:  Is it better to be loved or feared?
Latrice Royale:  Tell us about a time you picked yourself up after a fall (and know that we’re so proud of you, hon!)
Shangela:  If at first you don’t succeed…  Is there something in life where you keep on try-trying-again?
Nina Flowers:  Does your look match your personality?
Violet Chachki:  What’s your favourite physical feature?
Naomi Smalls:  Take the first name of one of your personal idols, and the last name from another.  This makes the name of your brand new persona – now tell us all about your gorgeous self!
Jiggly Caliente: May I call you Jiggly?