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Ok so I'm new to being a lesbian and I'm loving it. But I still have no fucking idea how to tell who is gay or not. Any tips?

Honestly I don’t even know anymore 😑 straight girls are wearing flannels, snapbacks, converse….it’s madness. We’re getting into a day in age where you just need to wink and head nod at every cute girl you see and wait for a reaction.

S/o to trans kids who don’t pass
S/o to trans boys with DDs
S/o to trans girls with masculine figures
S/o to trans boys who wear dresses
S/o to trans girls who wear snapbacks and vans
S/o to trans kids who don’t care about passing
S/o to trans kids who can’t afford to pass
S/o to trans kids who are told your identity isn’t valid because you don’t pass. You are valid. You are awesome.

Hey!  The name’s Max.  Currently, I’m dealing with life as an 18 year old lesbian in TN and it’s kind of stressful.  I have way too much experience with jumping into things I’m trying to stop being so impatient and actually learn to know a person and be friends with them before deciding I want to let them in completely.  I’m tattooed and pierced, and don’t plan on stopping.  Things I like: music, YouTube, doodling, writing, dancing, singing, other things.  Things I don’t like: violence, drinking, drugs, smoking.  Girls who wear snapbacks and/or snapbacks are my weakness.  Let’s face it, girls in general are my weakness.  Girls are great.  I use emojis a lot when I type, minus when I’m on my laptop of course XD Distance doesn’t matter as long as we can talk over Snapchat, video chat, or something like that; I wanna be able to see your face <3 I’m looking for a sweet girl, one that will send me virtual cuddles and hugs and long messages about how much she loves me, and I’ll do the same for her.  I’d prefer if she was age ranged 16-19.  However, I’m always the older one in the relationship, so if you’re 18 or 19 you get bonus points XD

If you like what you read you can find me at @ilovelezziesultrabad -I know my name is very gay in itself.  It suits me. 

canadian lesbian problems
  • me [sees pretty girl wearing a plaid shirt]: maybe she's a lesbi... oh wait, we're in canada, everyone wears plaid here.
  • me [sees pretty girl wearing a beanie]: maybe she's a lesbi... oh wait, we're in canada and it's -40° outside right now.
  • me [sees pretty girl wearing a snapback]: maybe she's a lesbi... oh wait, we're in canada and there's a hockey team logo on it.

How to tell you’re the only openly queer person in a classroom? 

When the girl wearing the snapback has to take over building art easels before the white boys hurt themselves. Honestly, how hard is it to use an Allen wrench?