Just FYI

Preferences are things like girls with accents, freckles, curls, muscles, girls who wear snapbacks, or are really feminine, or like mountain biking, or want to lay in bed and watch netflix.

Wanting to find a blog for only whites is not a preference. 

“Whites only” places are disgusting and racist. 

S/o to trans kids who don’t pass
S/o to trans boys with DDs
S/o to trans girls with masculine figures
S/o to trans boys who wear dresses
S/o to trans girls who wear snapbacks and vans
S/o to trans kids who don’t care about passing
S/o to trans kids who can’t afford to pass
S/o to trans kids who are told your identity isn’t valid because you don’t pass. You are valid. You are awesome.

anonymous asked:

Is there a secret lesbian salute or something to identify each other?

Sadly no, but here are some Signs that could potentially signal that she’s into girls too (of course, Not All Gay Girls, and Some Straight Girls)

- rainbow accessories

- Wears snapbacks turned backwards or at an angle

- Sagging pants, boxers showing (this one is also heavily racialized and I’d like to gently ask white girls to please don’t)

- Wears clothes typically marketed as men’s

- Mohawks, fauxhawks, lots of hair gel, short hair, undercuts, shaved head…

- That little messy bob thing? Kinda like a pixie cut? I don’t wanna say Justin briber hair cut but. You know what I’m talkin about

- Did she flash the gay girl smile? Looking you in the eye, tilting head, slow restrained smile?

Other ppl please feel free to reply with any signs you look for or have noticed!