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Remember the days when we used to sit on the sidewalk eating watermelon straight out of the rind? Back then, all of our wishes were formed from our breath and the heads of dandelions. Most of our summer nights were spent in your backyard chasing fireflies and fire roasting marshmallows. With our backs to the Earth, we talked about everything under the sun until nightfall. In the midst of our adolescence, we were anxious to grow up and grow together. Well, we’re both adults now. And we’re both anxious. And we live right down the street from one another, but we don’t speak anymore.

i just saw bye bye birdie and it was honestly boring as fuck like i did not care about any of it but for like half of act 1 i thought the girls were singing “we love you comrade” and i was like wow a 1960s production embracing cold hard communism this really is progressive

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Hey, I think I'm bi but I'm not sure. I think I've had more crushes on girls than boys and I've downplayed it as wanting to be friends with that person b/c I always doubted liking girls and thought it was a phase but now I don't think it is and I'm so confused. I thought I was lesbian but I can't because I am attracted to men and now I'm stuck between wondering if I'm bi or mostly straight and only liking a few girls. Help me??

sounds like you’re bisexual. being attracted to boys doesn’t mean that you have to date them, and exclusively dating girls as a bi girl is more common than you’d think.

also, there’s no such thing as “mostly straight”. your attraction to girls, no matter how small or big, is so much more than a modifier to heterosexuality. it seems like you have some internalized homophobia/biphobia because based on what you said, there’s no questioning that you’re bi

went to the club just me and her and some strange gal grinded her booty on me and tried to come in between us and we both wanted to fucking leave the club after that and she (my girl) thought i wanted to stay when that happened but i was appalled she would think that and fucking raised my voice at her and made her cry and i feel like shit and i don’t know how to fix this 

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I can't wait until the day I reach being as honest as Admin A is and get blocked by all these people, Also, blocked by Owen, aren't we all at this point

Man I be saying the smallest stuff & have a cast member from a show pop off. 💀 I started a feud between two BGC girls by speaking my thoughts & one of them liked it. I also had another BGC girl pop off on me. I had Lovely Mimi expose her anti-black ways because I said she shouldn’t return next season. However my main goal is to call out Ben Baller & get blocked by him. -A

Light of my life

Chapter title: Would you mind if I tag along?
Chapter: 2/9
Paring: SorMik

Chapter summary:

It looked like the girl thought that this was all a joke. Even from this far, Mikleo was sure he heard a loud pang of a heart. But whether it was Sorey’s disappointment or Mikleo’s own sadness upon seeing Sorey’s face lit up and then crushed in a matter of seconds, he couldn’t be sure.

Written for Sormikweek 2017 Day 1 - Elysia/Beggining

Read it on AO3!

Ps.: Special thanks for @snowcrystaldream for beta reading this for me ^^

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totally real spoiler: we're getting an emmerdale spin off that is entirely about robert's secret sideline as a drag queen called turquoise.

Girl, girl 4 real😂😂😂 I THOUGHT YOU WAS GOING TO GIVE ME A GOD DAMN REAL SPOILER—- I got so hyped 😂😂

oh, being queer in a world that wants us to be straight. we are innocent until we pull out our guilty words, lay out the poker hand proving we’ve hid that fifth ace up our sleeve. but first, in here, in this space we occupy, uncomfortable, sweating out the wrong skin, weighing the word girlfriend on our tongues: we hear what they say about us.

i am told often homophobia “isn’t that bad anymore”, can we stop it with the singing and the slam poetry and the constant making things about us. how not everything needs to be gay or it wasn’t because you’re gay or we get it you’re gay. they say it like that. they say it with this tone, with this particular heft to it.

do they forget how they talked when they thought “this girl is one of us”? do they forget how they called the boy in pink shorts slurs. how they giggled behind their hands about boys in makeup but still made some “this is great!” comment for likes while promising us they’d never have a son that grew up in glitter. did you forget what you said when you talked about them being bi, how you spat and hissed and tutted about pronouns and how we should just give up and how people are so full of themselves now they won’t even take one of two options, they need a third to feel full.

remember once i told you about my friend. how she might be a lesbian. how she isn’t sure but she’s pretty sure and how the word scares her because it’s dirty. you waved it away and said she’d get over it, it’s just a phase, she needed the right man and she’d be happy.

no, there’s no homophobia though. it’s just that “my friend” was me. it’s just that we hear what you say and swallow our tongues and you tell us the bruise heals before the pain is even done.