An Ingenious Business Plan

In celebration of reaching 200+ followers (!!), I’ve written a fic based off of this post about SMH getting involved with their local troop. This is definitely going to be a multi-part, but I thought I’d publish the first bit just to whet your appetites. Thank you guys so much for your support and enthusiasm!

It’s not often that Shitty is glad to be wearing a shirt. Or pants, for that matter. Or clothes in general. He likes the feeling of being unrestricted by society’s insistence that he cover most of his body for no reason, all day long.

This is not one of those times.

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here are everyone’s ‘firestarter’ lines for willow, just because


FIRESTARTER = “She’s a firestarter. And a twisted one, at that.”,

FIRESTARTER = “What have I said about lighting fires, dear?”,


FIRESTARTER = “%s has more fire in her eyes than usual.”

FIRESTARTER = “Another fire? Well, as long as you’re happy…”,

FIRESTARTER = “Let’s watch the world burn together, %s.”,

FIRESTARTER = “Is not big surprise.”,

FIRESTARTER = “Business as usual, I see.”,

I love that all of the friendlier/more social characters are just like ‘eh, this is a thing that she does, whatevs’

And here are willow’s lines about firestarting

willow to wilson:
FIRESTARTER = “Oh, %s!! Let me help with your next fire!!”,

willow to other!willow:
FIRESTARTER = “Burny twins! High five.”, 

willow to wolfgang:
FIRESTARTER = “Don’t hurt yourself, big guy.”,

willow to maxwell:
FIRESTARTER = “Amateur.”,

willow to WX:
FIRESTARTER = “Are we lighting fires?! I want in!”,

willow to wendy:
FIRESTARTER = “%s! Was that your fire? I’m so proud!”,

willow to woodie:
FIRESTARTER = “Burn it all, %s! Burn it!”,

willow to wickerbottom:
FIRESTARTER = “Didn’t know you had it in you, %s.”,

willow to wes:

willow to webber:
FIRESTARTER = “Your fires are so cute, %s!”,

willow to wigfrid:
FIRESTARTER = “Yes, %s! Burn!!!”,

BONUS: I found another character with concerns about Wilson’s mental health! It’s…. Wigfrid!
FIRESTARTER = “Hm. I worry about you sometimes, %s.”,
That makes FOUR characters with lines that indicate they think Wilson is crazy or in danger of going crazy! (Wolfgang, Maxwell, Wendy, and now Wigfrid!) That means… 36% of all playable characters in the game (not counting the Shipwrecked ones, who are not canonically included yet so have no opinions either way) have concerns about Wilson’s sanity! 

That’s more than a third, and Maxwell and Wendy are fairly intelligent characters, if a touch pessimistic. Wickerbottom should maybe check on that instead of telling him to wear a jacket all the time?