So I finally sat down and forced myself to watch Sailor Moon Crystal. I’ve been putting it off for so long in fear it would ruin my childhood memories of the show -but, it only enhanced it by like X100000! So here, have a  cute Usagi enjoying a sweet treat!

The outfit was based on the colors of her sailor uniform but with a casual feel. 

Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, and Venus to come soon! ENJOY!

sweet tooth

[For liam-mchale, who wanted some fluff. Have some high school AU, I hope everything works out for you ^_^] 

The doorbell rings and Stiles opens the door, but doesn’t see anyone until he drops his vision way below eye-level.

There’s a short girl with brown hair swinging in pigtails, wearing a Girl Scouts uniform. “Hello!” she says brightly. “My name is Cora, and I am from Troop-Number-One-One-Seven-and-would-like-to-know-if-you-will-support-my-troop-by-buying–” she starts to say, stringing all the words together quickly.

“Whoa whoa whoa, as much as I’d love to support you guys, I can’t really can’t buy a box of cookies without worry about my dad eating all of it. Can’t really hide it in my room, y'know, ‘cause ants,” Stiles says. “And as much as I love Thin Mints, I couldn’t eat an entire box before he gets home." 

Cora pouts, lip wobbling. "But I really want our troop to go to Yellowstone this year,” she says. “We need to raise money!" 

"Sorry. I can make a donation?” Stiles says, reaching into his pocket for his wallet.

“I guess,” Cora says sadly. 

“Please don’t tell me you’re walking door-to-door by yourself. And where are your cookies if you’re selling 'em?” Stiles peers out the door, but he doesn’t see a parent hovering nearby with a wagon of cookie boxes or something.

“My brother has them in his car,” Cora says, jerking her head towards the street. 

There’s a familiar Camaro parked by the curb, engine purring, and Stiles’ stomach drops promptly somewhere past his feet. No way, it couldn’t be, Stiles thinks. “Your last name wouldn’t happen to be Hale by any chance, would it?” Stiles asks.

“Yep,” Cora says brightly.

“Okay, scratch that, I want…uh, how many boxes can I get for twenty bucks?” Stiles says, pulling out the lone twenty in his wallet.

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1960s Style Icons: Grace Slick

“With her heavy bangs, kohl eyeliner and billowing sleeves, Grace Slick embodied the rock ‘n’ roll allure and psychedelic hedonism of the 1960s. Lead singer of Jefferson Airplane, her revered hippie style lives on in the haunting dirge of the controversial “White Rabbit” and folk-rock anthemic beat of “Somebody to Love." Slick was beautiful with a devil-may-care edge. Unrepentant and rebellious, she once performed topless in order to avoid getting her blouse wet during an outdoor concert, and wore her girl-scout uniform as a fashion and anti-establishment statement.”

- Mhairi Graham

here are everyone’s ‘firestarter’ lines for willow, just because


FIRESTARTER = “She’s a firestarter. And a twisted one, at that.”,

FIRESTARTER = “What have I said about lighting fires, dear?”,


FIRESTARTER = “%s has more fire in her eyes than usual.”

FIRESTARTER = “Another fire? Well, as long as you’re happy…”,

FIRESTARTER = “Let’s watch the world burn together, %s.”,

FIRESTARTER = “Is not big surprise.”,

FIRESTARTER = “Business as usual, I see.”,

I love that all of the friendlier/more social characters are just like ‘eh, this is a thing that she does, whatevs’

And here are willow’s lines about firestarting

willow to wilson:
FIRESTARTER = “Oh, %s!! Let me help with your next fire!!”,

willow to other!willow:
FIRESTARTER = “Burny twins! High five.”, 

willow to wolfgang:
FIRESTARTER = “Don’t hurt yourself, big guy.”,

willow to maxwell:
FIRESTARTER = “Amateur.”,

willow to WX:
FIRESTARTER = “Are we lighting fires?! I want in!”,

willow to wendy:
FIRESTARTER = “%s! Was that your fire? I’m so proud!”,

willow to woodie:
FIRESTARTER = “Burn it all, %s! Burn it!”,

willow to wickerbottom:
FIRESTARTER = “Didn’t know you had it in you, %s.”,

willow to wes:

willow to webber:
FIRESTARTER = “Your fires are so cute, %s!”,

willow to wigfrid:
FIRESTARTER = “Yes, %s! Burn!!!”,

BONUS: I found another character with concerns about Wilson’s mental health! It’s…. Wigfrid!
FIRESTARTER = “Hm. I worry about you sometimes, %s.”,
That makes FOUR characters with lines that indicate they think Wilson is crazy or in danger of going crazy! (Wolfgang, Maxwell, Wendy, and now Wigfrid!) That means… 36% of all playable characters in the game (not counting the Shipwrecked ones, who are not canonically included yet so have no opinions either way) have concerns about Wilson’s sanity! 

That’s more than a third, and Maxwell and Wendy are fairly intelligent characters, if a touch pessimistic. Wickerbottom should maybe check on that instead of telling him to wear a jacket all the time?