The signs as people I saw this weekend at Metrocon (2016 Edition):
  • aries:JoJo's To Be Continued meme cosplayer
  • taurus:Dad 76 cosplayer who was really into it and had juice boxes.
  • gemini:male D.Va cosplayers with bodysuits that revealed too much in the crotch area.
  • cancer:people yelling "space AIDS!"
  • leo:literally 6 Red Card Katerina cosplayers. Why Red Card Katerina????
  • virgo:itty bitty 8 yr old Teemo cosplayer (he was so cute!!!)
  • libra:Budget McCree.
  • scorpio:Cabbage dealer cosplay.
  • sagittarius:my friend eating the cabbage in the middle of the rave.
  • capricorn:actual anime girl Spock.
  • aquarius:Dat Boi getting kicked out for using a unicycle in the con.
  • pisces:guy falling over while playing DDR in the game room.

For those of you wondering, this was the friend I made on my walk the other day.

He flew past my head and landed on a tree on front of me. I whistled at him, he came to sit on my shoulder and proceeded to nest in my hair. I couldn’t get him out of my hair (more like he refused to come out if it) so I was forced to take him back to res on my shoulder. About a 30 minute walk from where I found him.

He then proceeded to bite anyone else that touched him and once we got him wrapped safely in a tea-towel, he chirped loudly when I left the room.

We made him a nice box-bed and gave him some cut up apple and some water. The wildlife centre came to pick him up about 9:30pm that same night. (I only had him for about 4 hours)

His name is Pidge and he likes the Peter Rabbit song and kisses.

TL;DR: The bird nested in my hair and was very attached to me. Only in Australia.


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