Imagine you and Thor’s wife got in a bet with Thor and Loki (a game or a battle) the losers would have to do whatever the winners decide. The girls win, so you said “Why don’t we make them wear dresses? Like that Midgardian legend when they had to disguise as brides to recover mijölnir” 

“I don’t like your wife anymore brother” growled Thor in annoyance 

“We got into this situation because of you, oaf” replied Loki.

When they return wearing the dresses both of you tried to suppress the giggles, but when Thor’s wife said “my-my, I think you would be a better Allmother than me Honey” You feel yourself starting to laugh.


I’ve certainly come a long way from only posting selfies with the puppy filter, being completely wigged out by seeing my face mirrored in photographs because I’m not used to seeing it the way others do, and constantly having my dysphoria triggered by seeing my face on the selfie cam.

It feels good to chill out about it. No one’s perfect, as there is not such a thing. Unless you’re Angelina Jolie. That’s the golden rule or something like that.

Your selfie cam can never capture nearly how beautiful you are.