“Party girls don’t get hurt.” - Sia, Chandelier

Reena posing for my camera with a bottle
in her mouth, the dirtiest thing I’d ever heard J say
still ringing in my ears. Outside: music, the moon
hanging low over our faces, girls smelling of tequila,
knees bruised from the things they’d done to the boys
on the other side of the house. There’s spit in my hair,
or maybe vomit; someone’s hand on my elbow
to steady themselves. On the porch a haze
of smoke surrounds the girls who clutch off-brand
cigarettes between neat, painted nails. Their laughter
like gold wire, like the punchline after the joke.
They’re all thinking about their next haircut,
their protruding collarbones. How their legs look
in the late summer heat. When they'll have to get up
in the morning and walk ten blocks back
the other way, through ghettos and men whistling
on every street corner. When they stare heavy-lidded
into reflections of themselves through store-front
windows and say please god let us be real.
—  Kristina Haynes, “Party Girls”

“Do whatever it takes, Lord, to break my heart, if it brings me down to my knees”

Sometimes we need our hearts to be broken to see what changes needed to take place in our lives; we can only learn and grow when we put on humility and accept our smallness. But through it all, we must remember that we have the greatest power in the universe within us 🌏

The first relationship ended because I broke up with him. I thought that was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. Seeing the pain and hurt on his face broke my heart. But the second relationship ended because he broke up with me. No cheated on me. I thought that was the hardest thing I ever had to go through in my life. Going through the pain and being hurt like that tore my heart apart. But to this day I still couldn’t tell you which side I would rather choose. Because both took me a long time to get over. And I still relive both of those heartaches once and a while.
—  There is no better side when it comes to heartbreak erica-s-diary

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I need feminism because my brother said that girls went for assholes instead of nice guys, so he understood why someone shot up a school. 

I need feminism because when my brother read 50 Shades, he told me that Anastasia enjoyed the abuse.

I need feminism because my brother drove me to tears explaining that he will always know more than I will. 

I need feminism because the words of my brother remind me of the nice guys who tricked me.

I need feminism because according to him, I should have known what was going to happen. 

Let me tell you all a story about my aunt, who is one lady not to be fucked with. When she was younger, she was driving in a less than safe area at night and a man approached her car, opened the door and jumped inside. He tried to force himself upon her, so she scratched and punched and kicked at the bastard. When she yanked at his ears, he screamed, jumped out of the car and took off. She drove to the police station and when she walked in, they noticed she was covered in blood. They asked if she was injured and in need of medical assistance and she said with a completely straight face, “Oh, the blood isn’t mine. It’s his,” and put his fucking earrings on the table. She ripped his fucking earrings out.