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I often have a weird craving for fem!doctor/rose. So here you are ♥

I actually had hayley!doctor in mind, but this could easily be fem!ten or even Clara - take your pick! ♥ (I also have a version of this without the “girls like girls” but I posted this one because I listened to that song on a loop while drawing)

I don't know why it bothers me so much

But people always assume that I’m going to get married someday. “You’re a girl, when you get married you’re going to understand.” If I reply with, “I don’t want to get married,” I am met with, “you say that now, but when you meet the man of your dreams blah blah blah.”

So because I’m a girl I’m supposed to want a wedding?
Do you even know how gay I am?
Do you even know how much I really DONT want a wedding?
Even if I do decide to marry someone with a penis, still fuck you.

so like ten minutes ago I was walking home from the bus stop and I met this guy with a dog

the dog’s name was Sunny and he was a pitbull terrier

the guy was smoking weed while he was out with his dog, he was very nice

and he asked me if I was playing Pokemon Go (I wasn’t, I was checking snapchat) and we got to talking and I told him I was a law student and he asked what field and I said civil rights law

and I told him that I’m kind of getting disillusioned with the whole thing? like I want to change the system but then shit like Baltimore happens and I don’t know if I can change anything

and he was like noooooo, you should keep going, like you have a heart and that’s why you should keep going

like don’t do stuff for the money, that’s where people go wrong

and he said he could tell that I cared a lot and had a heart and a lot of passion

and anyway I’m a little sniffy and pretty drunk, like two shots two ounces of vodka in a thing of orange juice two jello shots and a couple gulps of pink moscato drunk, and I’m thinking that drunk girls + high guys are like, a fountain of niceness

because he was really nice

and he let me pet his dog

the dog was very nice and liked me a lot




so like. the character attendant saw my whole outfit and pascal and everything and got SO hype with me. I think she was a CP too and she helped me emotionally prepare because wow I was shaking and all that and gosh the character attendants are so good y’all

and the girl in front of me was asking about pascal and rapunzel explained that they were playing a massive game of hide and seek that she was seriously losing. and then as soon as I walked up to her she was like “!!!! you found him!!!! has he been accompanying you on all your adventures????” and oh my gosh she is ADORABLE rip me

she complimented my flower crown and was so touched when I told her it was inspired by her!!! she asked if i’d seen her tower yet and wow of course I have, and then she started going on about how beautiful it is at night when it’s all lit up in her favorite colors and she’s just. so precious and good. i’m so happy i finally got to meet her. oh my goodness.