the fate route date, subsequent argument with saber, and confrontation with gilgamesh form the biggest turning point in shirou & saber’s relationship and especially how shirou views saber. up until that point even though he’s taken great issue with saber treating herself as a king(an ideal) instead of a girl(a person), he tries to get her to stop doing that by forcing his concept of how to be a person on her, which is a very poorly formed concept because he spent the past 10 years trying to be an ideal rather than a person too. while he genuinely tried to help her all this time, it was very much based on a fumbling “normal people(girls) should do this right???” without actually understanding or trying to understand saber and how she can be helped, reflecting fate route’s overarching question of “what does it truly mean to be saved?” and its answer that there is no cookie cutter answer that works for everyone.

but during the date it becomes clearer than ever that both of them have no fucking clue how to be normal average people instead of the ideals they live by, so while they cautiously enjoyed themselves the date felt uncomfortable and forced to both of them and that tension exploded on the bridge into what was basically a back and forth of “no YOU take better care of yourself”. when shirou later that night returns to the bridge it is with the resolve to stop forcing what he thinks saber should do as a person on her and instead stand by her while they both figure out how to live as their own people. it’s this moment where shirou becomes fully determined to not just convince saber to live as a person instead of an ideal, but to also understand her as a person rather than a representation of and outlet for his own heroic ideal. the switch is from “I want to save saber because I want(need) to save someone” to “I want to save saber because I love saber”.

at that moment gilgamesh appears as a test to that resolve. gilgamesh here is pretty much shirou’s exact opposite: immense power, infinite swords (as opposed to the only one shirou is able to make this route), and a complete disregard for saber’s autonomy. while shirou has also disregarded saber’s wishes and forced his own idea of how she should act on her before, this is where he shows that a) it was out of good will and b) he realises it was wrong and will learn from it and truly listen to her from now on. this carries over into the aftermath where (in realta nua) once they’re home saber asks if they can sleep in the same bed that night. it’s a degree of vulnerability that saber hasn’t willingly shown shirou before and the accompanying trust that shirou will understand & accept it, because he’s now shown undeniably that he loves & cares about her and not what she represents to or can do for him.

It’s incredible how many comments against Charioce and his alleged “bad treatment to Nina” I have found until now.

Maybe many people don’t remember or do not want to remember, but the failed attack led by Azazel and the demons was immediately after the day of the reunion between Charioce and Nina, more specifically, their first date.

They are forgetting that the last thing Charioce saw about Nina was:

He meets a strong and innocent girl with cheerful personality, and a bit bashful before him. This is his genuine smile towards her:

And at the next day he got:

And after that:

Yeah, she looks a bit different, right? 

Charioce is a mere human, with doubts and ideals as anyone and had the correct reaction to each of the moments in which Nina was involved, another kind of reaction would go against his own character. And even with that, Charioce’s response was nothing more than another genuine smile:

He genuinely laughed at her once more, but this time, it’s kinda different, because he’s enjoying it. Is he maybe remembering the last night? What about this “true self” of her at his eyes? Who knows, only time will tell, but he definitely likes her.

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Name: Aurora
Age: 18
Country: Italy

i’m quite an introverted and shy girl ( INFP personality ), never had a pen pal, and kind of geeky. I like fantasy, role playing games, Tolkien, gothic, art, traveling… I’m open to any sort of topics, more or less ^^
I speak English and Italian (…and know some world of French, but it doesn’t count i guess)

Preferences: any gender, age around 16-25

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Would you ever date a white girl

Personality is really the biggest thing to me, not color. In times like these I think its important to remember that every single INDIVIDUAL is their own person & we shouldn’t be classified into subspecies like animals. Were all human. Racists and bigots just happen to be the worst types of humans. With that said, yes.

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I'm so sorry to all the Bi girls that deal with that shit that people say like that last anon. My best friend is Bi and I had to listen to her mom call her awful things thinking I would agree with her. I was furious with her. I'm no longer allowed at her moms, because I couldn't handle listening to her. I can't imagine being called the things that Bisexuals get called. I'll fight for them like they fight for me.

Honestly I thought ppl just said shit about bi people getting hate but Tumblr specifically the clexa fandom has been soooooo fucking toxic to Bi girls I’ve personally gotten it so many times on here. Nothing makes me want to fucking delete on here and AO3 more than that like you have no idea

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I'm just saying.. 'complicated' sounds a lot like 'he's not single' .. my mama always told me 'if he leaves her for you, don't think he won't leave you for the next girl'. I can speak from personal experience that she was right. Obviously, I have no clue as to the situation but it burned me pretty bad so I had to share 💁 Ps: your blog is amazing and I hope only happiness and growth for you 🎈

Oh no, she isn’t in a relationship. If she was, I wouldn’t even try to be with her! But thank you for taking the time to share your experience :)

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oh 👀👀👀( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’m actually crying??? Okay so at stagelighters (our school theater group) we just finished our last performance of the year. It was super, super emotional because we have to say goodbye to the seniors. We go to a restaurant as tradition, and at the end this senior girl (Nikky, the best person ever) kisses @that-one-sarcastic-art-dragon (Emma, my bestie) and all a sudden HALF THE SENIORS ARE SEEING WHO CAN KISS THE MOST PEOPLE.

I’m just cheering and having fun when Stephen (one of my student directors) comes up and asks me if I’ll kiss him. I say yes, and he kisses me. I died a little. Still dead. Currently crying. After, I get kissed by Nikky, Lorin, and Hannah and Emma and I exchange cheek kisses. Stephen and Lorin tie at 19 kisses, the last being them kissing each other.

tHE BEST PART (or worst lol) is when I retreated from this mayhem to stand next to the guy I’ve liked for around a year now. He bends down as if he was going to kiss me, pauses, and then pulls me into a hug. I died a little more inside, in that moment.

Long story short, this is now a tradition for all willing seniors to have a contest to see who can kiss the most Stagelighters after the last performance at Chili’s.

that restaurant hates us

Okay, so, I was at StopGame, as a customer. Buying a game, ofc, and I agreed to become a member of whatever their thing is (you get the magazine subscription and everything). So, the cashier had to enter in all my info. Nbd. Note: there was no line when I was there, the place was dead, so I just hear this exasperated sigh from a lady who couldn’t have been in line for more than two minutes, vocally complaining about how long the cashier was taking and how she’d never get any help and blah blah blah, generally being a bitch. Course, I’m a retail worker too and this girl was the only person on duty, so this entitled, impatient asshole was getting on my nerves.

And then I realized. I don’t work here. I’m a customer. I don’t have to grin and bear it or hold my tongue.

“You know, I’m the one taking up her time and taking so long. If you’ve got an issue with waiting, yell at me, not her. And, if you want to yell at me for taking a moment to actually do my transaction, you can kindly fuck off cause I have better things to do than listen to you.”

Lady was SO pissed. I was 100% prepared to be shouted at or stay after my transaction to make sure the Bitch didn’t abuse the poor cashier, but she just stormed out. Good fucking riddance.

The cashier seemed relieved and, on the off chance the bitch was gonna complain or anything, I left a sparkling review on the survey online.

TLDR: It feels great to tell off obnoxious customers for being rude to workers.