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Lucas has never been very fond of he rain, nor the thunder. But he’d willingly driving through a thunderstorm to get to Maya Hart, the girl of his dreams.

The girl who is fearless, except when it comes to thunder.

Maya isn’t dating Lucas, but Lucas just broke up with Riley when he realized that she was in love with Farkle. Shocker, right?

Lucas, meanwhile, has been wildly in love with the fierce little blonde since the eighth grade, and finally is getting a chance with her for the first time now that they’re juniors.

Maya is home alone this weekend, and the thought of her alone clutching her comforter in fear of the thunder is practically torture to Lucas.

So here he is in his car, speeding down Maya’s road at 8 pm in a thunderstorm, pouring rain pattering down on his windshield.

He pulls into Maya’s driveway, turning off his car’s engine. He steps out of his car and is immediately drenched, pulling up his hood and walking quickly to Maya’s doorstep.

He knocks on her door, and it opens after a few moments.

Maya is standing there, in a hoodie and shorts, her eyes looking red and puffy from tears.

There’s quiet music playing in the background, for Maya has told Lucas that she believes life should have a soundtrack. She almost always has headphones on, blasting music that corresponds with her mood. Right now, there is slow piano music playing.

“Lucas, what’re you doing here?” She asks, her eyes widening, letting Lucas inside.

“I felt bad, I know you’re scared of thunder. I thought I could help you.” Lucas says, taking off his raincoat and hanging it up, leaving his in jeans and one of his numerous blue v-necks.

“Oh, well.. thanks.” Maya says, looking to her feet for a moment.

“Hey..” Lucas says sympathetically after a moment of staring into Maya’s bloodshot eyes, pulling her into a hug.

“Thanks for coming, Lucas.” Maya says, nuzzling her head into his chest, for that’s how high up she is, being only 5'0.

“Hey, it was no problem. You doing okay?” Lucas asks, Maya pulling away from the hug, Lucas putting his hands on Maya’s shoulders.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She nods, wiping the dried tear stains on her cheeks.

Maya suddenly takes Lucas’s hand in hers, pulling him into the living room.

She sits down on the couch, Lucas sitting beside her.

“Have I ever told you why I’m afraid of thunder?” Maya asks, Lucas shaking his head.

“When I was five, before my dad left, there was this huge ass thunderstorm. Kinda like this one, probably worse. I had no clue what was going on, I thought that the world was on fire. I was crying under my covers, and my dad came in. He told me that everything was gonna be okay, that as long as he was there, I was safe. That he would protect me from the storm. I believed that, and I slept fine that night. But when he left a few months later, I guess I felt like nobody was there to protect me. I guess I still feel like that, as dumb as it is.” Maya chuckles, and Lucas smiles at her warmly.

But then all of a sudden, there’s a crash of thunder. All of the lights in the house flicker out, Maya jumping and hugging a blanket.

The only light in the room is the pale moonlight flooding in the window.

Lucas scoots over to Maya, putting his arm around her.

“Hey, you’re okay. We’re fine, it’s just a power outage.” Lucas says calmly, Maya hugging Lucas tightly around the waist.

“I’ll put some candles on, okay?” Lucas says.

“There’s some candles I have ready on the coffee table.” Maya says, letting go of Lucas and hugging her blanket.

Lucas lights a match and lights three candles, placing them around the room.

A warm orange light illuminates the space, lighting up Maya’s beauty breathtakingly.

Lucas sits back down and takes Maya’s hands in his.

“You’re not dumb. You’re many things Maya, but you’re not dumb. You’ve never been dumb.” Lucas says as he looks into her eyes.

“I know. It’s just people that are dumb. It’s the world that’s dumb.” Maya chuckles, looking to her hands as she fiddles with the hem of her shirt.

Lucas stands up, pulling Maya up with him.

“Then how about you pretend the world doesn’t exist, and dance with me.” Lucas says, putting a hand on the small of her back, the other hand staying interlaced with hers.

Maya giggles at the gesture, the two beginning to sway to the music.

Lucas finds himself falling deeper and deeper for Maya as they dance, drowning deeply and willingly into the oceans that her blue eyes seem to hold.

Lucas starts to lean forwards, Maya doing the same until their lips meet.

Lucas feels bliss spread through his whole body, Mayas’s kisses soft yet extremely passionate. He kisses back deeply, running his fingers through her sweet smelling hair. Kissing Maya is a blissful oblivion, and Lucas feels that asking for anything else in his lifetime would make him a greedy man, for Maya is all that he could ever need.

As they break apart, Maya smiles faintly. Another crash of thunder sounds, but she doesn’t even flinch. For she knows that everything is gonna be okay. For as long as Lucas is there, she’s safe.

Farkle x Reader

Fandom: Girl Meets World

Character: Farkle Minkus

Request: could you do a farkle x reader one shot where you go stargazing together? i love your fics 💙💙

Requested by: anonymous

Word Count: 569


     “ Hurry up before it starts!” You yelled at Farkle excitedly while setting up the blanket on the building rooftop. You could hear Farkle chuckle in response as he carried a telescope in his hands. Stars were hard to see in New York due to all of the city’s lights, but Farkle had picked the perfect spot where you could see them without a telescope. Which just so happened to be on one of the buildings his father owned. You two were getting ready to watch the meteor shower that was about to happen any minute now. You were beyond excited.

     You sat down on the blanket and watched as he placed a telescope at the foot of the blanket. He wanted to bring one just in case you both wanted to look at the stars closer after the meteor shower. This was the first time Farkle had asked you out on a date since you two had become an item and he was beyond nervous. He was hoping that he had chosen the perfect thing to do for a date. He really liked you and he was scared of letting you down, but your excited state calmed his nerves.

     Farkle soon joined you on the blanket and sat down next to you taking your left hand in his right one. “ Farkle, thank you for bringing me here. The sky is breathtaking.” You told him leaning your head on his shoulder. “ You like it?” He asked with a hint of relief in his voice. “ I love it,” you gasped quietly as it started,” It’s starting!” You mentioned excitedly as you laid down on the blanket and Farkle couldn’t help but laugh at you. He loved how excited you were. He loved seeing the bright smile on your face. Especially knowing he was partially responsible for it.

     You gazed at the shooting stars in amazement. It was so beautiful. It was a sight you had never seen before and you were completely infatuated by it. You glanced at Farkle and blushed realizing he wasn’t staring at the sky. He was staring at you. Your eyes locked gazes and you both couldn’t look away from each other. You thought this was the perfect moment to finally tell him your feelings. All of them.

     Farkle was mesmerized at the sight of you. You looked so beautiful staring at the night sky. Your eyes bright with wonder and your smile filled with joy. He had never seen something- seen someone so beautiful before. He wanted to tell you how he truly felt. Even if it seemed like it was too soon. At that moment he didn’t care. 

“ I love you.” 

“ I love you.”

     You both turned to each other and declared your feelings at the same time. You both laughed afterwards and then stopped when you noticed how close your faces had gotten. Farkle was the one to take the initiative and kiss you. You both made sure to convey the love you felt for each other through the kiss. 

     You both pulled away when your bodies finally needed oxygen. You hugged him and cuddled into his chest. He wrapped his arm around you and gave you a give peck on the forehead and then turned to look back at the stars. It was just you two and the stars.The moment couldn’t have felt more perfect.

You stayed on the rooftop until sunrise…


hope you liked it! :)


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  • disney channel: *cancels girl meets world*
  • me: i am so done with disney. who tf do they think they are?? the whole entire channel is just complete--
  • disney channel: --Brand new show, Andi Mack!
  • me: as i was saying, disney is really progressing in terms of...