No real friendship ends because of a boyfriend. 

Riley and Maya wouldn’t stop being friends because of Lucas. 

Riley would get hurt and Maya would get hurt. Lucas would never want to hurt neither of them. Maya and Riley would be mad at each other but they wouldn’t stop being friends. 

Real best friends want the other friend’s happiness. And there is no perfect friendship that hasn’t experienced a strain or two. Rilaya will be fine. 

So you can stop using the excuse that Maya will be mad at Riley, because no boy will break Peaches and Honey up. 

But just imagine

Lucas and Maya getting into another conflict

Maya once again refusing to argue with Lucas

Lucas finally demanding to know whY SHE WON’t TALK TO HIM ABOUT IT: “I don’t get it.  You pick fights with me all the time.  Remember Ranger Rick? Huckleberry,  Bucky McBoingboing?”

“But that wasn’t real.  I never thought you cared when I called you all that stuff.  Until the other day, it never escalated into anything.”

Maya telling him that her parents used to fight a lot before her dad left and that she doesn’t want to fight with anyone in her life unless she trusts them enough to stick around once the fighting’s over like Riley.

Lucas being struck speechless by this

for a second

and then 

just picking the BIGGEST FIGHT EVER WiTH MAya over what’s going on until she starts yelling at him and he starts yelling back 

until there’s nothing left to say.

Them staring at each other in silence, breathing heavy

Maya looking over him carefully, an almost scared look in her eyes. taking a breath.  “Are you gonna leave now?”

Lucas staring at her for a beat, surprised, or maybe sad. a look of resolve settling over his features.  “I’m not going anywhere.”

The most relieved smile spreading across Maya’s face.  Her nodding.  Voice cracked.

“Well, alright then, Ranger Rick.”

Lucaya and Riley

I was thinking about it, and honestly I don’t think Riley would be mad at Maya if Lucaya were to date. Yeah sure she would be upset, but people in the fandom think it would be a friendship ending problem, and I can’t see that happening. First of all if that were the case Maya would break off any, and everything with Lucas to save her friendship with Riley. But I think Riley would actually be pretty supportive. I think she would realize that not a lot of things work out for Maya, and that for once she has a good thing going for her. Riley truly believes that Maya is this broken fragile little girl, and I think because of that Riley would want to give Maya what ever it is that she thinks will help her. I also think Riley can clearly see the effect they have on each other I mean a blind person can tell that they help each other. She would see that Maya didn’t hesitate to except Lucas every single part of him. I think Riley would realize the moment Maya told her that her and Lucas had something that Maya didn’t judge Lucas like Riley did when he told everyone about his past, and that Maya didn’t care what he did back in Texas. Riley would see that Maya tried to cheer him up while Riley interrogated him, and Maya actually helped him with his anger problems. Then Lucas stopped Maya from finding Billy, and beating him. I think Riley would realize that they are good for each other. They balance each other out, and they help the other through problem not just by calming the other down, but making the other laugh through their game. And I think the writers are so harsh on Maya that they should give Maya a good honest relationship with a cute little Texas boy who will help her, and show her that being perfect isn’t everything. And I think Maya deserves it because she’s been through so much in her short life span so far, and she makes us all laugh, and smile, and I want to see someone do that for her even if she’s a fictional character. But honestly I think Riley would be okay if Maya, and Lucas became an actual thing.

“Lucaya is NOT end game, just because she jumped on his back in girl meets flaws does not mean the have chemistry, it means their friends and friends look out for friends. You would do anything to help stop a friend from making a mistake! And as far as girl meets secrets of life, probably the only reason maya was so excited to see Lucas like that is not because she was attracted to him but because she knows him as Mr. Perfect. If BMW is anything to go off of this show proves first love can last”

Okay– so I have this AU….thing….about the main four (or five if Zay is a permanent member.) having Superpowers.

Maya would have lightning– because she is unpredictable and you never know when or where she will strike.

Lucas would have fire– he has a temper and at times can be uncontrollable and hard to calm down.

Riley would have nature– she’s a calm soul, she finds good in everything– but, don’t underestimate her because of her powers. She also has thorns.

Farkle would have teleportation– he’s always liked to travel, loved learning something new. When he teleports– he feels like he can rule the world.

Zay would have speed– he’s a big prankster, always getting himself in trouble. If not for his speed– he would have been dead a long time ago.