A concept: both Riley and Maya are two teenage girls going through ups and downs of adolescence and neither are being treated like “total shit”. Both girls have made mistakes in their friendship. Both girls have supported each other. Both girls will continue to grow. Stop giving them victim complexes that they don’t have.

prompt: Riley lets it slip that she loves Lucas.

They were at it again. Ever since Lucas and Riley became official, Maya and Lucas could not stop fighting about anything and everything that had to do with Riley. Today, it was over who was walking her home from their daily study session at Topanga’s.

“I’m her boyfriend!”

“I’m her best friend!”

“She likes me more!”

“She loves me!”

Finally, Riley had enough.

“I love the both of you so can you please stop fighting now?” She yells. All of the mouths in the room drop open.

“You just said you love me.” Lucas says, smiling with his mouth still open.

“What?” Riley turns to look at him, eyes wide.

“You just admitted you love me.” He breaks out into a grin.

“No I didn’t.”

“Yes you did.”

“You have no proof.”

“You just said it right in front of me and I have witnesses.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Yes you did.”

“Oh, would you look at that? The sun’s calling me, we have some buisness to attend to. Bye!” Riley runs out of Topanga’s lighting quick.

“I love you too!” He yells after her.

“You have no proof!” She pops her head back in the door, and then she’s gone in a split second.

Lucas slowly turns to the rest of his friends behind him, looks at each one of them, and then finally stops on Maya.

“Ha-ha! I win!” He yells, smiling like an idiot.

“She loves me too!” Maya argues.

“Yeah…. but she loves you as a friend. She loves me romantically.” He makes kissy faces at her.

“Ewww gross.” Maya turns away from him and goes to sit beside Zay.

“Well,” Smackle speaks up. “The joke’s on you guys, because none of you got to walk her home.”

Maya and Lucas stare at each other for a moment, and then bolt for the door. They spend a minute and a half trying to fit the both of them through and then they’re running to find Riley, leaving their three other friends laughing like there’s no tomorrow.

“What losers.” Farkle laughs, and the friends continue chatting about what they think the next fight will be.


The Scientific Discoveries of Mars and Pluto: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: I Don’t Want to Talk, I Just Want to Dance.

Word Count: 3,631

Playlist (here are some songs I listened to while writing/editing so if you want to give them a listen feel free): 
18 Years - Daughtry 
Lights Down Low - MAX
Armor - Landon Austin
Fools - Lauren Aquilina 
High Hopes - Kodaline
The Scientist - Boyce Avenue 
Favorite Colour - Carly Rae Jepsen
Blue - Troye Sivan
Crawling Back to You - Daughtry

Summary: Riley, Maya, and Farkle have spent their entire lives as best friends, never leaving each other’s side, but moving in together after high school is a different story, especially when Riley starts to fall in love with Farkle. Will Riley and Farkle’s paths intertwine? Or will the obstacles of jobs, other relationships, and friendships tear them apart?

Riley and Farkle are about to realize just how much living together changes everything, and how much they mean to each other when other people come into the picture.

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