Lucaya AU: Lucas is a popular bull rider and surprisingly, Maya becomes his greatest supporter and more.


“Do you want a future with Maya?” Riley asked with concern obvious in her voice.

With the sound of her name, Lucas subconsciously smiled.  “I do, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

But instead of being happy with his words, Riley looked at him seriously. “Then you should tell her.”

“I already did.”

“No,” Riley said, shaking her head. “You should tell her.”

“Tell her what?”

“Your mom told me and Farkle in the hospital,” she said, not bothering to sugarcoat anything. “You should tell her that if you keep riding, you’ll most likely be dead in your next competition. We know but Maya doesn’t because she was with you in the hospital room… She deserves to know, Lucas.”

Remember when Lucas made Maya realize that violence wasn’t the answer when it came to dealing with Farkle’s bully?

Remember when Maya stopped Lucas from beating Billy up?

Remember when Lucas got Maya to participate in a class skit on the American Revolution even though she was embarrassed about her costume?

Remember when Maya told Lucas that he was “still Huckleberry” even after his secret about getting expelled came out?

Remember when Lucas got Maya involved in student government by appointing her his Secretary of State?

But no, it’s not like they bring out the best in each other or anything.  They’re not positive influences in each other’s lives at all~ :)

season 1 was very pro-rucas but in season 2 lucaya is everywhere. it’s at every turn. there’s no escape. and just when you think you’re dead enough, they bring out a “lucas and maya are partnered together and fall asleep together” parallel from bmw and then you die just a bit more


This shipping war is lame af.
People hating on lucaya shippers are lame af. People hating on rucas shippers are lame af.

Get over it. We ship different things.
We should all just join forces and give the show as much support as we can. Y'all are wasting your time getting worked up because of this.

I haven’t seen a shipping war for a Disney show since people were fighting about whether Austin should be with Kira or Ally.

We need to chill. And some of you calling each other some nasty stuff need a break from tumblr. You are ruining it for people who don’t ship any couple and just want to enjoy the show. Don’t be a party pooper and protect each other rather than attacking one another.

P.S: For those being extremely rude to others need to stop. It’s not healthy to breed this much hate.

Okay my problem with Girl Meets Hurricane was not the fact that Angela’s return was admittedly anticlimactic.

It was not with the fact that Angela was married.

It was not with the fact that Shawn and Angela did not - and could not - get back together.

My problem was with the fact that Angela’s character has been reduced to Shawn’s old flame, his former love - which she was, but she was also so much more than that. Before she was Shawn’s girlfriend, she was Topanga’s best friend. After she and Shawn broke up, she still was regarded as one of Cory and Topanga’s best friends. She told Cory and Topanga that she loved them even more than she has told Shawn that she loved him.

She was the maid of honor at Cory and Topanga’s wedding. She spent high school and college with them. She lived with Topanga. They were like sisters. And you’re telling me that not only were they not invited to her wedding, they did not even know she had one?

I understand that people change and drift apart and not everyone remains friends forever but come on. Her character was reduced. She was a strong, funny and independent woman and that came before and after she was Shawn’s girlfriend. And it’s sad that her whole story, her whole character, all her other relationships weren’t even acknowledged.

Reasons Why {lucaya}

*Maya’s point of view*

“Riles,let’s see what Huckelberrys up to” I said to my best friend who was sat next to me in detention.

“No, Ms.Morgan told us not to move a muscle, oh no”

“What happened?”

“I moved a muscle…” She said scared. I laughed and stood up.

“Maya, don’t” Riley warned.

“Riles, she’s not gonna come back. All of her stuff is gone, See?”I said to her and pointed to her clear desk.


“RING POWER” I roared and did an evil laugh as Riley trudged after me out the door.

“Huckleberry has detention with Mr. Brookes right?” I reminded myself of the lazy english teacher. You could walk out of his class and he wouldn’t notice with his nose stuck in a book.

“Yep, just promise me we won’t get in trouble right?” Riley asked me.

“I promise pumpkin, now let’s go”

We sat off on our short journey down the halls and up a number of staircases before arriving outside the orange door leading to the english classroom. I looked through the window of the door and saw Sundance and Zay bored out of there minds. I creaked open the door and took my boot off. 

“What are you doing?” Riley whispered.

“Hold on” I launched my shoe into the classroom hitting Zay in the head. He whispered a curse word as Lucas laughed quietly. I signaled with my hands for them to come out and they obliged. Zay’s bag was already packed so he crawled over quickly with my shoe in his hand. Hopalong followed along but had a book with pages stuffed in it in his hand.One they shut the door Zay began talking.

“Was that really neccesary?” He asked me and I replied with a laughed. He tossed me my shoe and as I bent down to put it on I spotted a stray page on the ground. The others waited for me to put my shoe on and as a stood up I had picked up the piece of paper.

“What’s this?” I asked no one in particular. The page had messy hand writing on one side and what seemed like homework on the other. ‘Lucas Friar’ was scribbled on top of the home work side.

“Ooooh Huckelberry, random thoughts?” Referreing to the side with his hand writing.

“Maya don’t” He warned me.

“What’s so important?” I was becoming more and more intrested. I flicked over the page and saw my name at the top before it was ripped out my hand by Zay.

“Zay what the hell?” I yelled at him as he sprinted down the hallway with Ranger Rick.

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Another ten minutes lapsed before Lucas had decided to talk to the porcelain beauty placed in front of him. She was the only person in the entire school of Archer High he hadn’t got his hands on yet. She was fresh meat, so she’d be an easy target.

He stretched out two fingers in front of him and tapped her shoulder ever so light. She turned around, mistaking the touch to be a fly. After she seemed to realize that it was, in fact, him, she gave him an annoyed roll of the eyes and turned her attention back towards her portrait.

He proceeded to do it again, yet she ignored him. He kept tapping her shoulders until she turned around for the second time, right before she nearly slapped his face. “What do you want?” she asked, straining herself to beat him up.

“So, Miss New Girl, huh? How’s it like in the countryside?”

She stared at him for a moment before responding. “Just fine, not like it’s your concern or anything. Stop bothering me before I snap your neck.” She gave her attention back to her portrait. He decided maybe that she wasn’t in a good mood to talk, so he didn’t bother for the rest of the period.

—  a snippet from archer city, texas