Just realized when Lucas talked to Riley in French he said “Bonjour, Riley. Peut être vous et moi serons à Paris ensemble” which means “Hello, Riley. Maybe you and I will be in Paris together. ” and I’m just sittin here like just wait a couple seasons bYE


A little sneak peek from “Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington”, airing Friday, July 10.



Reasons why P.4

When they went back to school on Monday it was awkward to say the least… Maya had ignored Lucas for the whole weekend and had to listen to Riley complain about how much of a jerk he was. Maya and Riley got off their subway stop and walked the rest of the way to school, laughing at the memory of Maya setting the sprinklers off last year.

“I can’t believe I was gonna set everyone’s homework on fire” Maya laughed shaking her head.
“I can’t believe I let you” Riley said is disbelief. 

The pair walked towards their lockers but saw Lucas, Farkle and Zay sitting and the bench at the end of the stairs. Lucas froze when he saw Maya and Maya hid her face as they walked past the boys. The boys walked into Mr.Matthews classroom and after Riley and Maya finished at their lockers, they followed.

“Ah, my wives” Farkle called when they walked into the full classroom. Mr Matthews had yet to arrive.
“You haven’t even proposed yet” Riley pointed out as she collapsed into her seat and crossed her legs.
“Actually, I’ve married Maya before” 
“That was before you took the ring back!” Maya joked with a laugh.

“So are we just gonna ignore the elephant in the room?” Zay asked the class and everyone turned to Lucas and Maya.
“We’ve already solved the problem” Riley said proudly and folded her hands. Maya sank down in her seat a little.
“Oh yeah? What’s that then?” Lucas’s voice was full of amusement. Maya sank down a little more.
“Maya is not allowed to see Lucas” Maya was under the table.

“WHAT?!” The class screamed, all but Lucas.
“Maya?” He said he name quietly and leaned over his desk to see the blonde under her table but he never got a reply as the bell rang and Mr.Matthews walked in.

“Maya?” It was Mr.Matthews turn.
“Yes sir?”
“Why are you under the table”
“Because it’s cozy?”
Maya rose onto her seat and looked at her table to avoid the looks of her fellow classmates.

“Are you okay?” He asked, concern fulling his voice.
“I’m fine Mr.Matthews…”She replied quietly , not looking up.
“She’s not fine!” Farkle yelled madly.
“Farkle…” Riley warned. She didn’t want anyone thinking badly of her.
“On Friday Lucas kissed Maya after Maya found some kinda page, I don’t know about that part yet, but anyway they like each other but Riley won’t let Maya be with Lucas and Maya is obeying because she doesn’t want to loose Riley. Hope you’re all caught up now Sir, I am Farkle!” And with that Farkle collapsed in his seat.

Riley felt terrible, she didn’t want to make her best friend unhappy but she couldn’t bare to see her best friend and her crush together. She turned to Maya to apologize but Maya had already got up. She sprinted out the class room faster than lightning. Lucas, Farkle , Zay and Riley put up their hands to excuse themselves and Cory let them.

They ran out of the room and turned to face each other.
“Riley, take the girls bathroom and art room” Lucas ordered and Riley ran up to the bathroom.
“Farkle, check with Harvey if he’s seen her and make sure to check his closet.” 
“Sir yes sir.” Farkle soluted and ran off.
“Zay check the Library and Topanga’s”
“Where are you gonna look?”
“Her house”
The two boys smiled at each other and set off on a mission to find Maya Hart.

She was fire and ice . All in one. The greatest warrior in all the lands.She was their savior .Their protector.Traveling with her companions saving planets and the stars . Her voice is the whisper of the Universe .Her name is the song of Creation.If you ever meet this might warrior you’ll never leave her.

Maya Hart was her name .Protector of you and me  .