Girl Meets World Season 3

List Of Episode Season 3:

Girl Meets World Episode 14 : Girl Meets She Don’t Like Me

Girl Meets World Episode 13 : Girl Meets the Great Lady of New York

Girl Meets World Episode 12 : Girl Meets Bear

Girl Meets World Episode 11 : Girl Meets the Real World

Girl Meets World Episode 10 : Girl Meets I Do

Girl Meets World Episode 9 : Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part 2

Girl Meets World Episode 8 : Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part 1

Girl Meets World Episode 7 : Girl Meets True Maya

Girl Meets World Episode 6 : Girl Meets Upstate

Girl Meets World Episode 5 : Girl Meets Triangle

Girl Meets World Episode 4 : Girl Meets Permanent Record

Girl Meets World Episode 3 : Girl Meets Jexica

Girl Meets World Episode 2 : Girl Meets High School Part 2

Girl Meets World Episode 1 : Girl Meets High School Part 1

So I know a lot of people on here share what it’s like watching GMW with their parents or their younger siblings or other family members, so I thought I’d talk about my 3 younger cousins who are all girls and who love GMW. They’re 10, 8 & 6.

The 10 year old isn’t as into it as her sisters, but she loves Rucas, and she even “married” them before when she was playing with her Barbies. Because they had a blonde boy doll and a brunette girl doll, that the 8 year old had declared was Riley & Lucas, and so one day she and the 8 year old had a whole wedding for them and everything. It was so cute.

The 8 year old loves Rucas & Joshaya, and she really loves Josh. Her favorite episode is Home for the Holidays because she absolutely loves “two grown men in a girl’s bedroom window” and when Josh goes “it’s a surprise!” to Alan. Everytime someone brings up GMW, she randomly will go “it’s a surprise!” And it’s so cute. And she also now loves the whole “shnoop-aloop” thing from Bear and she’s been doing it/saying it ever since the episode came out. (Her mom literally had to bribe her with ice cream not to do it to her grandmother when she came over for a visit. Lol). And she’s also convinced if he and Maya don’t work out that she can marry Josh. She also loves doing “ha-hurr” and going “HA!” like Farkle. She’s basically the kid that just quotes the show all the time.

And then the 6 year old, the one that I’m so proud of, because this kid is a Rilaya shipper!! I swear to you, and I did not influence this at all! See one day, back when I think New Years first came out, we were all talking about the love triangle and I asked them who they wanted Lucas to be with, and of course the 10 & 8 year old both said Riley and started going on about Rucas. But the 6 year old was being very quiet, and not contributing to the conversation at all. So I assumed it was maybe because she shipped Lucaya. So I was like “what’s wrong, do you want Lucas to be with Maya?” And she shook her head and was like “No, I want Riley to be with Maya.” And let me tell you, in that moment, I’d never been more proud of a 6 year old in my life. And ever since then I’ve talked with her about Rilaya all the time and she is totally convinced Riley and Maya are going to marry each other, as she puts it, “just like Auggie said”.

I love these kids man, if you want to hear anymore about them, let me know y'all.


“ L e t   m e   t e l l   y o u   a   s t o r y
                                           a b o u t   a  g i r l   a n d   a   b o y. 

To all of the Rucas shippers that fill my dash with cuteness, this is for you

I'm serious...

As much as I love Girls Meets World, the amount of relationship drama they went through these past 2 season is more than what I went through my entire 4 years of high school combined. And a good chunk of this shit started in middle school. Like WTF when I was in middle school all the kids were too stupid to even think about relationships and only focused on buying Hollister shit and playing fucking FarmVille. 😂

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Future AU: It’s the twenty year reunion. Will Lucas Friar let the memory of his wife and the mother of his fourteen year old daughter prevent him from reconnecting with his first love, Riley Matthews.

Chapter One - Deep in the Heart

Chapter Two - Conversations with Dead People

Chapter Three - My Kingdom for a Horse

Chapter Four - The Boys are Back

Chapter Five - Looking Back

Chapter Six - Windows and Worries

Chapter Seven - Shopping and Subways

Chapter Eight - Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

Chapter Nine - Do You Want to Hear a Great Lucas Story

Chapter Ten - Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Chapter Eleven - I Could Have Danced All Night

Chapter Twelve - Oh Father, Where Art Thou

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