An Open Letter to Disney

So I’m sure by now everyone’s heard that now is a more crucial time than ever to show your support for Girl Meets World if we want to get a 4th season. I know everyone has their reasons for watching the show, but one thing I know we can all agree on is that we’d want to see this story reach it’s intended destination. 

We’ve learned so many wonderful lessons from Girl Meets World and it would be a shame to see it cancelled. The story of Riley Matthews and her friends have really influenced a lot of us who are avid watchers of the show. Some of the wonderful lessons we have learned are:

People change people - the secret of life.

Who we were affects who we are.

Our perceptions don’t always equate to our reality. 

and more importantly

Find something worth fighting for.

Don’t give up hope

I didn’t realize how much this show had taught me about life and about people. And while I may be a bit older than the target audience of this show, I’m sure if it’s had a significant effect on the younger audience as well. 

Disney. Please give us the opportunity to see this story through. Not only has it taught us important lessons, but it’s brought a lot of people together as well. We think that if this show is given a season four, it could not only benefit your network, but all those involved.

There’s not a lot of shows that target the same audience that Girl Meets World does which teach such important lessons. Please don’t take such a unique, nuanced, well-written, and intelligent show away before its time. 

I hope that this reaches the right person and that this doesn’t fall on deaf ears. 



Please like, reblog, and share if you can! Lets try our best to have Disney hear us! 


The hashtags to use for the social media campaign for GMW THIS SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10TH AT 8PM EST are #RENEWGMW and #GMWSEASON4, as #SaveGMW will not trend, since it was already a trending topic, before - Cred to @bmgmw for the idea and the heads-up. 💜

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Trending on Twitter PSA, please share!

Okay so just an important PSA!! I was looking at Twitter’s methodology from trending topics, and a topic will not trend if it’s from the same users and has already trended. Since #savegmw was already a trending topic, and even with new users we primarily have the same fan base as before, that means it will most likely not become a trending topic now, no matter how many of use the hashtag.

So….as an alternate, we should use #renewgmw or #gmwseason4 instead, since those have not trended yet.

Please spread the word so we can help get GMW trending and show Disney we want a season 4!

Also, we should pick a date and time to tweet these so we can have a concentrated group tweeting at once and a higher chance of trending.

So let’s try Saturday (Dec 10th) at 8 PM EST!

REMINDER: Our SAVE GMW Campaign continues, this Saturday, December 10th at 5PM/17:00 EST, 2PM/14:00 PST. We are aiming to trend the hashtags #RENEWGMW and #GMWSEASON4. Please spread the word!

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Alright fandom.
It’s time to Take on the world. Again. 🌎
This time, let’s show this network that people change people.
All the hard work that all of these people put into this show mustn’t go to waste.
Retweet this tweet to spread the word:

December 10th
5:00 PM EST -2:00 PM WEST
We’re tweeting at DisneyChannel and DisneyChannelPR
We are tweeting without the #
WE WANT GMW S4 (In all caps)
This will be another Worldwide trend or TT
The first 30 minutes are crucial to trend it worldwide.
We must get 1k tweets in 30 minutes
I know we can do this, because we’ve done it before.
We trended number 1 worldwide during A Christmas Maya. 😉
We can trend again when they need us most.

Don’t Forget to tweet at DisneyChannel and Disney Channel PR.
Feel free to tag the cast and crew:
We have two days to spread the word and make our voice heard!
If you can’t tweet in person, you can schedule your tweet using this link:
For help on the hour for your country:

Our voices matter. ❤️️
Rowan Blanchard and August Maturo are extremely grateful for all we’ve done.
Let’s make them proud!

Congrats Kat!

I know there’s been a lot of negativity here in the past few days over Girl Meets World potentially being cancelled so I figured I’d try and focus our attention on something a bit more positive. Our analytical/writing/all-round-awesome hero-genius that we don’t deserve, but the one that we need @bmwwritinggmw graduated yesterday and is putting on a play tomorrow! (I think). 

Congratulations on graduating Kat! I hope that you achieve all the goals that you set for yourself and that your hard work pays off!

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angsty lucaya: "you’re bad for me"

Yeah, so. This happened.

Hope you enjoy!


‘You’re bad for me.’

It’s what Maya finds herself repeating in her head. A mantra of sorts. 

She tells herself that it lessens the sting of seeing Lucas with her best friend. Not that there should be any sting considering she’s the one that pushed him towards Riley. 

Just like how she was the one that pushed Riley towards him in the first place.

‘You’re bad for me.’

It’s what she screams at herself when she finds herself painting campfires and sketching familiar jawlines. 

She hopes it’ll make her stop. Hopes that it’ll help her get over him, it does at first.

But, then, the next day she’ll catch herself doodling green eyes in the margins of her biology notes and she’ll slam her notebook closed. Back to square one. 

‘You’re bad for me.’

It’s what she whispers to herself late at night when she can’t sleep. When she’s plagued by the words that Riley used to describe her second kiss with him.

Things like, alike and summer rain.

The dark, jealous part of her wants to ask him when different and fire started being inferior. 

When she started being inferior. 

The broken part of her reminds her that she’s always been inferior. 

‘You’re bad for me.’

It’s what she bitterly reminds herself whenever he acts like they’re friends. Whenever he takes an interest in what she’s doing or treats her like he treats Zay or Farkle.

She’s has so much anger.

They aren’t friends. They’ve never been friends. They will never be friends. 

‘You’re bad for me.’

It’s what she whimpers to herself whenever his hand brushes hers and she recoils from the familiar sear of his touch. 

Or whenever he looks at her with those eyes that make her feel like he’s staring right through her. Like he knows exactly what she’s hiding. 

‘You’re bad for me.’

It’s what she chants to herself when he calls her ‘shortstack’ and looks at her like he’s expecting her to call him a name back. 

Like he’s hoping she’ll call him a name back.

But she doesn’t. She can’t, she won’t. 

That would feel too much like how they used to be. Back when things were simpler and they had a chance.

But they don’t have a chance, and hope is for suckers.

‘You’re bad for me.’