Reasons why I love this scene:
1. Lucas and Maya are having an (almost) normal conversation which they almost never have and they’re just goofing around and I love that
2. Maya brings back the classic ha-hurrrr
3. Lucas just takes it! Bringing it back to the Mr. Squirrels episode, why does Lucas let her “insult” him? Hmm, I wonder…
4. Maya looks so cute when she bites her lip and she just looks so happy(◕‿◕✿)
5. After she’s done he’s just like “You okay now?” and I don’t know why but I got a flash forward vision of Maya and Lucas dating and Maya having her period and Lucas just sitting there letting her yell at him to get her anger out

Look at the end of the day, we’re all passionate shippers. And I hate when people make fun of shippers. Like no, we give your show lots of ratings. Writers should be proud they made characters and couples that people have fallen in love with. No, the show isn’t about ships. We all know that. But it’s probably our favorite part or something we look forward to the most. It’s also a big escape for a lot of us. We either watch episodes or read fanfics and get really happy. So let us be.

Cory ships Lucaya. Topanga ships Lucaya. Farkle and Zay ship Lucaya. The entire class ships Lucaya. Riley will eventually ship Lucaya. Lucas and Maya…will still think they’re supposed to be with other people, because they’re the type of people that put other the feelings of others before themselves. They have a lot more in common than you think.
—  lucaya

I swear, this is the last I’ll say on this subject:

I totally just thought of one theory that I haven’t heard brought up before. When Maya is Riley and says that “it’s like your my brother,” what if she did mean Lucas was like Riley’s brother… but not TO Riley. Maybe Lucas is so much like Riley that Maya sees them that way. Maybe the reason she got freaked out was Maya realized at that moment that she liked Lucas and it’s because he’s so much like her best friend, the one person she loves the most.

This would not only explain why she lied to Riley at the end, but would also tie into what Katy was saying about learning something you didn’t know before. (And would prove to me that Michael and April still understand what siblings are like.)

Girl Meets Yearbook Spoilers (Rucas/Lucaya)

Okay, I’ve seen these posts where people have watched the episode yet everyone is still so confused but how can you be confused? Everything makes total sense.

The conversation Katy and Topanga had was when Maya wasn’t around. MAYA DID NOT HEAR THEIR CONVERSATION. This was after Katy told Maya that when becoming another person you may learn things about them that they might not know themselves.

But the conversation she had with Topanga points out that you CAN’T become people you have strong feelings for.

Maya has strong feelings for Riley because they’re best friends.

Maya THOUGHT she was becoming Riley when really she was never Riley, and by not becoming Riley, the thing she said about Riley only seeing Lucas as a brother is false.

But Maya thought this was true, so she kept quiet at the end.

And if anything, Maya thinks of Lucas as a brother. Her perspective got mixed up with what she thought was Riley’s perspective because SHE WAS NEVER RILEY.

Seriously, what is so confusing?

(On a side note thing is so Rilaya bait tbh)

  • Maya:Hi I'm Maya.
  • Lucas:
  • Maya:You're really cute.
  • Lucas:
  • Maya:We should hang out sometime.
  • Lucas:
  • Maya:You make me happy.
  • Lucas:
  • Maya:You're not paying enough attention to me.
  • Lucas:
  • Maya:This isn't working out.
  • Lucas:
  • Maya:It's you not me.
  • Lucas:
  • Maya:We can still be friends.
  • Lucas:
  • Maya:Not really. *walks away*
  • Lucas:
  • Lucas:
  • Lucas:
  • Lucas:k
Why he lets her call him that
  • Eric asks Lucas:Why do you let her (call you names)?
  • Lucas was thinking:because I'm really a nice person who's just being polite to my crush's best friend, someone who's really a nice girl who... makes me laugh at her frustration as she tries to break me of the manners that are ingrained in my being... and yet she still accepts me, with all of my flaws and my messed up past.... she thinks that I have the capacity to do better, to BE better.... she's smarter than she lets on and more vulnerable than she seems.... her smile is the reflected light on a bubble in the summer sunshine, looking into her eyes feels like staring out at the shallow part of the ocean, knowing that there's so much more than what you see, deeper....
  • Lucas said:.....

Guys, why would Maya freak about her and Lucas being like siblings? The only way that works is if she thought liked him more as friend and acknowledged it. Look I like Lucaya a lot, but the truth is that Maya only sees him as a friend. There may be some stuff going on between them under the surface but Maya doesn’t realize that. 

In her world Riley and Lucas have feelings for each other and she’s the friend trying to get them together. She’s never been bothered or felt threatened by Rucas, she’s encouraged it. Then all the sudden she literally steps into Riley’s shoes and what she thought she knew about her best friend end up being wrong. Something she helped build herself. Now that warrants a freak out.