listen girls with tophats and tuxes are too powerful. i dont care your body type if you are a girl with a wellfitting suit and a tophat you are instantly the most attractive person in the room nothing can stop you

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HIIIIIII! Excuse my newness. So this might be an odd headcanon, but could we have the GoM (-Mukkun) and Kagami react to their fem s/o turning up to a party in a tux? Like it's a sexy one, tailored to her figure, but with a badass tie and such. Hugs for your general wonderfulness!



    • He puts his arm around her waist and pulls her close and is like “What brand of suit is that?” 
    • When she responds he’s like “It looks reaaaallly good on you” in that low, seductive Akashi voice. 
  • Literally he is planning in his head the best social diversion so they could sneak off and have some alONE time as he observes her suit omg.


  • he whistles at her as she walks in (aomine is never a classy man) and he shamelessly grabs her ass when her back is to a wall.
    • “i didn’t know you could clean up so well in a suit.” 
    • headcanon she tries to assert her dominance over him when she’s in a suit and he digs it so much. 
  • Aomine kinda annoyed his s/o getting so much attention for looking hot while wearing a suit. 
    • pulls her closer with her tie before making out on the dance floor 


  • Is a mix between super turned on and fanboying over his girlfriend. 
    • “You…look really…good” - has difficulty formulating even the most basic sentences. 
  • follows his significant other around like a lost puppy (mainly bc he can’t keep his eyes off the butt) 
    • When they’re in private together he takes apart her clothing piece by piece but he STRUGGLES WITH THE TIE because it’s kagami


  • Blushes really frickin’ pink and starts stuttering and spouts out a ton of “nanodayo’s”
    • “why did you wear that, nanodayo?”
    • “i think i looked better in it than a dress, don’t you think shin-chan?”
    • “i…i…i like you either way, nanodayo.” 
  • headcanon midorima partially inspired this because he said her lucky item was a tie and she ended up weARING A TIE and he’s just honestly shook by how gorgeous she is. 
    • NSFW HEADCANON: after the party midorima lets her dominate him bc yes, sexy woman in suit going down on you?? shin-chan can’t say no to that!! 


  • HE BLUSHES FOR A SPLIT SECOND, then recollects himself and acts like the ultimate gentleman
    • “You’re so cute, _____-chan.” 
    • He keeps staring at her figure even from afar and it becomes really obvious but he denies it omg
  • Kuroko asks her to dance and he’s literally speechless because he’s thinking DAMN why don’t girls wear ties and tuxes more often


  • Kise starts flirting with his own girlfriend because she looks so good??
  • He teasingly plays with her tie (even at inappropriate times)
  • Gushes over his s/o in public and is like “look how pretty she is!!!” but deep down kise just wants to take it all off and do the dirty deeds so badly
    • “hey ____-chan, we should play dress up more often. you know i have a lot of clothes in my closet.” 

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small brain: one girl wears a tux one girl wears a dress bigger brain: both wearing dresses galactic brain: theyre both in suits

depends like for example i would never wear a dress bc im like uncomfortable in them and i know as much as i love kanaya in a tux she’d rather wear a dress especially on her wedding day

there is nothign wrong with a girl in a tux and nothing wrong with the other girl in a dress

its all good theyre women getting married

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Amanda O’neill rocking it in a suit? Like DAMN, GIRL!! <3 Gotta love that hair, too…

So this was my #cutiesaturday piece this week! Been catching up on Little Witch Academia the last couple night and got to an episode where Amanda poofs herself a disguise and as I said… DAMN!! I’ve always been oddly fond of tomboy characters, but I really do like Amanda a lot. Her design is so fun.

Also, this took WAY TOO LONG to finish for how simple it was! I mean, the only real shading is on the face and neck. lol I was trying so hard to make her look as close as possible to how she does in the show, since she looked so cool. I literally have a .png file with like 8 different pics of her from that episode to use as reference ‘cause I wanted it to look spot-on… Which caused this to take me a couple hours to do… ^^;;

Anyway, hope you liked it! :D

Literally what is with old people and adults and gender roles. i wanna wear a tux just to see what it’s like. tuxedos are freaking smooth af. i wanna try one on. i dont think i look very good in dresses or whatever and probs wouldnt either in a tux but it’d be nice to see. but noooo i doubt they’d ever let me, a girl, wear a tux to somewhere, what an obscene thought.

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So, I'm loving Bond!Lexi. I feel like that ends up being how she is at some L corp parties. Now, picture this: after the scene you just wrote, imagine Lena and Kara reacting to their confident girl rocking the tux wit Taylor on her arm. And dancing, of course. Gotta have the dancing. And Maggie is like "someone is getting something tomight" and Kara and Lena are like ok dont make us think about that plz

“Have you seen Lexi?”

Lena looks away from the ballroom to find Kara twirling around her.

“I haven’t, but then again, I just got out of a twenty minute conversation with Mr. Brown about how clean energy really is the cheaper option.” She feels the exhaustion in her bones just thinking about the seemingly endless conversation, but most of it floats away when Kara’s lips make contact with her forehead.

“Sorry, babe; merlot?“

She takes the offered glass with smile.

“Thank you.” Lena’s eyes scan the ballroom. “Do you see her?”

“Hmm … oh, wait, there she is.” Kara nods towards the bar, and Lena looks to see their daughter grinning up at her girlfriend.

“Why do I get the feeling that they’re up to something suspicious?”

Kara’s eyes narrow.

“Because they look suspicious.”

They watch in sync as Lexi and Taylor make their way towards them. They look nice, Lexi in her tux and Taylor in a light flowing dress that pops against the color of her eyes. Still, something seems off.

“Good evening, Mums!”

And that would be it.

Lexington’s greeting is tinged with a crisp, British accent and Lena sighs.

“Are you doing the James Bond thing again?”

“Why, I don’t know what you’re talking about. You may call me Danvers. Lexington Luthor-Danvers.” Lexi tosses back the rest of her martini and places the glass on a nearby table and Taylor giggles before doing the same. “Now if you need me, I’ll be on the dance floor.” She dips Taylor in an impressive move that reminds Lena of the thousands of dollars spent on dance lessons, and the two of them then glide off to the ballroom floor leaving Lena and Kara alone.

“At least someone is having fun?” Kara offers.

“What do you think Astraid bet her to get her to do that this time?”

“I don’t even want to think about it. They’re grown adults! Why do we even need to worry about it?”

“At least she found someone that matches her sense of humor.”

They watch for a moment as Lexi and Taylor spin on the dance floor before Kara takes her glass of wine.

“Come on Mrs. Luthor-Danvers, our daughter isn’t the only one with lady killing dance moves.“

@randl tagged me in a list of prompts and told me she wanted me to write all of them, so i’m accepting the challenge.

here’s the second one: 

We were dancing but all of a sudden it’s a slow song and we’re standing here awkwardly staring at each other

It’s not that he takes this stuff seriously. That would be lame if he did, alright? But his mom rented this tux for tonight, and he’d somehow managed to wreck things with Amber pretty much as soon as they’d gotten here. So she’s off in the stadium with some older guys, and he’s trying to pretend like he’s not bothered. 

Link had seen straight through him at the very beginning, and he’d ditched his date to drag Rhett into the sweaty mass of bodies and put his tux to good use. 

Momma Di had gotten pictures before they left, but he feels bad enough about her spending money on a tux for some stupid dance. Link no doubt understands how he feels because Sue had done the same thing for him. And now neither of them have girls with them, nobody to admire the tuxes except for themselves.  

His jacket is lost, but he’ll find it later. For right now, he’s enjoying the loud, thumping bass of the song and the happy look on Link’s face. He’s enjoying not having to think about what Amber is doing and if he should go find her. 

“No thinkin’ about girls right now!” Link tells him, bobbing his head, grinning like an idiot. “Just dancin’, man!” 

Rhett can’t help but shake his head, grin right back at him. The song isn’t familiar, but he doesn’t care right now. 

Dances are stupid. It’s just a lot of pressure for nothing. Gotta ask the girl, gotta have a good tux, gotta make sure things go just right. It’s bullshit, if you ask Rhett. They should be more like this. They should be more about just dancing. And watching Link, he realizes he’s having more fun right now than he would if Amber were still around, and maybe that settles wrongly in his stomach. He doesn’t think about it. 

Instead, he sways to a stop as the song ends, looks at Link where he’s got sweat dripping down the sides of his face. He gives Rhett a look, one that says not to mention any of this, not to thank him for possibly wrecking things with the girl he’d brought tonight. So Rhett doesn’t. All he does is reach out, pat Link on the back a few times. 

He opens his mouth to say something, but a new song fades in and they both see everyone around them break off into pairs. The awkward tangle of teenage bodies adjusting to a slower pace, and it leaves the two of them staring at each other uncomfortably. It’s not that Rhett wouldn’t that’s bothering him about the situation, it’s that his first instinct is to grab at Link and pull him close just like everyone else. 

But all he gets is Link shaking his head, his grin still there. His hand finds Rhett’s wrist, and Rhett lets himself be tugged out of the middle of the floor. Link keeps tugging at him, guiding them both out of the building entirely. Through the front doors, down the first few rows of cars until they’re at Link’s truck, tucked off near the back of the parking lot. It’s dark and out of the way, and Link is looking up at him. 

“What?” Rhett asks a little breathlessly, laughing on the tail end of it. 

Link just shrugs, his eyes twinkling as he smiles. “Come on,” he says, putting his arms up until they’re locked around Rhett’s neck. It punches a laugh out of both of them, but Rhett puts his hands on Link’s waist anyway. They’re shaking a little bit, and it’s a little cool outside without his jacket. But Link doesn’t seem to mind the sweat behind his neck or the way he’s holding on a little too tight. 

“There’s no music,” Rhett points out, but they sway together anyway. 

This time, when Link shrugs, he leans forward and leans his head on Rhett’s chest with a nervous hum. “Don’t need it.” 

He’s right. The cicadas are out and Rhett’s content with listening to the steady sound of Link’s breathing instead of anything they’re playing inside, anyway. 

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Ah ryan i saw your senior pics that you posted on your snapchat yesterday shit dawg! you be lookin good! But omgg im so proud of you and how far you have come tbh your really an inspiration to me! But omg ahh i have senior pics on october 3rd and im like shit im so ready to take them tbh but i am hella hoping that im able to wear a tux and they dont force me to wear a gown cause shit ima be so pissed im not gonna wear it! But like they cant do that can they? I have a right to wear a tux right..?

nah I know girls who have worn the tux you’re all good