Well since I’m posting one prom picture. Might as well post a few more. The girl in the whit camo is my close friend and spirit sister Autumn, the guy with the joker smile and orange tie is my buddy Justin. Him and Autumn are dating and went to prom together. Autumn asked me to go with her so I wasn’t at home alone. And let’s face it. I had fun with her.

dont make really fucking big hats in fashion class

okay so im pretty sure ive talked about my fashion class before, pretty sure not many people cared. im also pretty sure that ive talked about my giant fucking paper hat i made during our garbage unit, and once again im pretty sure not many people cared.

well im going to talk about it again and this time i have pictures.

okay so in class we had to make a garment out of garbage. recyclable fashion is the name, turning something lame into something less lame is the game. most people made skirts, shirts, dresses, jackets, all good ideas, all very well done. one girl made a kimono out of Korean magazines. one girl made a tux out of garbage bags. but me? i decided to make a fucking sunhat out of newspaper. it was a really bad idea.

the brim is nine inches all around the actual cap part. the brim has 12 layers. i forget how many layers the cap has, but i can put my phone on it and it wont collapse. its more of a pretty hard hat than it is a sunhat.

okay so i finished making it, i struggle to bring this fucking behemoth home. i complain to my friends who havent seen it. i complain to my mom about how big it is and how much glue i wasted making it. the people who have seen it think it looks fine, the people who havent dont fully grasp how fucking big i made this in my arrogance of the idea that it would just stay in class.

this is my hat. the edges arent in the photo. it has a cool bow i made. the picture is pretty big but it gives the size justice. but for you to understand how fucking big this is i think you need a scale.

this is my ds. its a good ds, we’ve had some good times together. i like playing yoshi’s island on it. its fun.

this is my ds on my hat. look how small the ds looks. look how little area is covers. 

it probably isnt the best scale so lets use another

this is my guitar, its actually pretty small because i have awful tiny baby hands, but it is still much bigger than my ds

this is my hat on my guitar. the brim is lined up with the edge of my guitar you can only see the fucking frets. it is literally bigger than the body of my guitar.

but you know what? guitars and ds’s arent the best scales. lets use a real human to show how fucking big i made this fucking piece of shit hat

this is my wearing my hat. i took this picture in my moms bedroom, put on pants for the occasion. can u see the look of hatred and sadness on my face because of this hat? can u see me regretting playing god in a world on paper and ink, of tape and glue? no because the rim of my hat covers my fucking face. you cant see it but the weight of the hat is pulling itself down. in a few months id wager, its just gonna fall apart because i took go big or go home too fucking literally.

this is me wearing my hat at a really weird angle to try and get my face in the picture. paper was brushing against my back. i could feel tape tickling my shoulder blades. 

this was me trying to get the brim of the fucking hat into the picture but i couldnt. my arms were too short, the hat too big, i could not succeed in getting it all in. this fucking piece of shit hat has ruined my life. i cant throw it out because i wont fucking fit in my garbage can, i couldnt leave it at school because my name was on it. the worst part? this hat got a fucking b+. all my suffering and i couldnt even get an a. 

so recap: dont make really fucking big hats in class unless you hate yourself and want to see yourself suffer.


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