Why the World Needs Harley Quinn

The daycare ministry I work at had an actual fundraiser so that they could buy us hideous smocks. They do help me stand out as an employee, but they feel stylish as a Walmart uniform.

“Who’s that?” a 7-year-old girl asked me, pointing at my chest, and I realized she could see some of my T-shirt, which featured an Alex Ross painting of the Joker. She could see his green head peeking out from behind my smock.

I explained who the Joker was. “He fights Batman.” As the afternoon stretched on, it got hot, so I took off the smock. Now everyone could see Joker’s henchgirl, Harley Quinn, fawning as she leaned against Joker. I’ve seen people criticize this depiction as glorifying their abusive relationship, but I think it’s fittingly sinister: While Harley gazes lovingly at the villain, Joker grins straight at the viewer, tightly gripping Harley’s wrist. She is affectionate. He is not.

The same 7-year-old was intrigued by this. “Is she his girlfriend?”

“Well…” I can never resist answering a kid honestly. “Kind of. She likes him a lot, and she thinks he’s her boyfriend, but he isn’t very nice to her. He hurts her.”

Without missing a beat, the girl nodded grimly and said her stepfather’s name.

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Knee: jerked.

Olivia and I were out eating dinner when this little girl starts pointing at me and says, “Look mommy! Look mommy!” Immediately my guard goes up and in a microsecond I’m preparing for some worst case scenario. “Look at her hair! It’s black and pink!” The mom responds, “Yes, it’s beautiful, I wish mommy’s hair could do that.” I grin back stupidly, knowing on the inside that I had totally, and incorrectly, assumed the worst.

Just one of the many downsides to being transgender that I fear may never go away…


You don’t have to redefine the standards of beauty. Simply discover your beauty and be okay with it.
I think I got a cute tummy! ☺️✨💕

You know what bothers me?

The whole idea of making fun of women being jealous and thinking that men are talking to other girls. Making a joke out of the whole thing.

It bothers me because usually when a girl is jealous to the point that she feels she needs to check your phone, she’s insecure and you’ve already done something to break her trust. It bothers me because a man has usually done something to make a woman feel inferior to every girl he ever speaks to, and therefore she is so afraid of losing you to someone because she’s afraid of someone who’s better than her. If you think it’s hilarious to joke about how your girl is a conniving witch, how you have no privacy, look at yourself and why she feels you don’t need it. You have done something for them to question your loyalty. That girl feels your very important to her and she’s afraid of losing you to someone else. If that’s joke worthy, you don’t deserve her, at all, end of story.

If your girl is upset to the point where she is crying it literally doesn’t matter who’s fault it is or what the circumstances are, fucking suck up your pride, say sorry, stop being a little bitch, and make her feel better

anonymous asked:

my gf cheated on me 2 months ago and i thought i'd finally come to terms with her and myself about it but she went out with that girl again and tho i know they were with friends i was still upset and told her so (i mean i wasnt gonna lie) and now everytime she goes out she makes a fuss on telling me who she's with and if it's a girl she always points out whether she's straight or not and it's getting on my nerves! i didnt mean to be the jealous gf i just felt like i should tell her how i felt

(This is assuming you’re still in a relationship!) That isn’t jealousy IMO, she literally cheated on you and you’re paranoid when it comes to the girl in question which you have every right to be. You tried to communicate it out (like you would in any healthy relationship) and so far, from what I’m getting, she’s throwing a fuss at you for not trusting her around that one girl, and it seems like she’s extending that distrust you voiced with her and that particular girl to everyone for no good reason other than to make you feel bad and its working. Don’t go for that, that’s manipulative and emotionally abusive if I ever read it. She may not be doing it on purpose though, it could be a misunderstanding. Talk to her again and really set in stone whom it is with whom that bothers you, and that it’s not everyone she talks to. If she continues this behavior after a communicative attempt like that (and/or doesnt respect that you don’t like her being around a girl she literally cheated on you with) I’d back out of that relationship ASAP cause that is a very destructive (series of) behavior(s) for any relationship.

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thank you for pointing this out! she could sing about self love, encouraging girls not to hate on other girls that "stole" your man, but she chose to diminish the girl simply because the guy she fancied chose Julie and not her.

I could have, and probably would have, completely overlooked the song had it been written and performed by a girl in her teens or even her early twenties (because lord knows I wasn’t the portrait of rational decision making when I was 21, 22- 23,) but it’s performed- enthusiastically- by a woman approaching 30.

Emily Kinney is capable of influencing people (most who are younger,) who idolize her. She could use such a platform to set an example with her music now that she’s older and wiser- but she doesn’t- and that’s why I side-eye and that’s why I hate the song “Julie.”

After reading with one of my kindergartners today, I asked if he could quietly tell one of his classmates that it’s her turn to read with me. So I watch him walk over to the girl, point to me, and say, “Go see that punk.”

And that’s how a 6-year-old called me a punk.

[SAVE POINT] is a Save Game Funk-Djinn found in the ruins of Los Progress, and can be recruited onto the player’s party. She is a complete savephile and will take every opportunity to work reminders to save your game into casual conversation. While [SAVE POINT] is on your party, you are able to save the game at any time. However, if [SAVE POINT] is killed, you will be unable to save your game again until she is revived. If she is equipped with the cursed relic Off-brand Memory Card, there is a chance she can become corrupt.

Character based on a fun thing I did in RPG Maker years and years ago, where you could actually recruit the ingame save point icon. Doodled these up quickly while I was still struck with inspiration.

Pedophilia and what Tumblr taught me...

I’m about to be honest.

If it weren’t for Tumblr, I don’t know if I would have come to see the different types of pedophilia in this World. It was always taught as the 40 year olds who touched the 4 year olds. It had never dawned on me that the 19 year olds scoping out us on the school yard when we were 15 and 16 years old was the same thing.

I’ll keep this short.

Along with the media, being Black also shifted my view of what could be defined as pedophilia. I feel like as a Black girl, the finger is always pointed at us. It’s not about these grown ass men eying young girls but Black girls being “fast”. That shit is so backwards. Our bodies tend to develop faster and we get blamed and judged for that. Why are you calling a 7th grader in a D cup a hoe? Anyways, pedophilia in the Black community needs to change from “fast ass girls” to “why are grown ass men interested in young girls”. I don’t care what her body looks like, 7th grade is 7th grade. The fact that her body says 18, does not mean your actions should too.

Tumblr taught me to look at the men and to stop seeing girls as fast or grown. It was never an issue of us being fast. It has always been a factor of grown ass men preying on young girls. That is pedophilia.