take shot for:

  • generic ambiguous cartoon monkeys
  • girl monkey with hair
  • monkey that looks like sheen from jimmy neutron
  • the character design in general
  • generic disney-esque girl
  • “”voice acting””
  • whatever the hell is happening
  • everything

i can’t believe this is real omg

Fandometrics except every time it says bee nothing happens.

Television: Google oversatt denne setningen fra engelsk til norsk. Det kan være feil.

Skam, a Norwegian television show, is nummer en (No. 1).
⬆ With those last four words, Gilmore Girls jumps an impressive seventeen spots to No. 3.

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Music: Your ups and downs.

The Weeknd returns to No. 6 after dropping a new album and short film this past weeknd.  
⬇︎ Melanie Martinez takes a fourteen loss nose-dive to No. 18.

Celebrities:  Last week a man took a train like other men.

Eddie Redmayne, who recently made the news for taking public transportation, is No. 1.
☆ Tumblr favorite Lin-Manuel Miranda is back in the game at No. 9.

Games: A very Pokémon week.

Pokémon Sun and Moon moves up to No. 2. Which one did you play all weekend?
Pokémon GO (No. 12) uses Ditto Release and it is very effective. 

Movies: Like a plague. A beautiful plague.

Bee Movie comes back at No. 13. We can’t get rid of it if we wanted to, and we don’t want to.
Moana (No. 2) crushed the box office over Thanksgiving.

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Web stuff: Your faves are back on the ones and twos.

Dan and Phil move back to No. 1 and 2, respectively and finally.
Filthy Frank is finally found at No. Fifteen.

Next week, please enjoy Year in Review 2016 in lieu of our regularly scheduled content. See you on December 13, Tumblr! <3


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