Maybe you’re the girl that texts first, who overanalyzes every message before sending, wanting it to say exactly what’s on her mind.
Maybe you find yourself falling in love too easily, or giving your heart away like it’s a pin attached to the edge of your sweater sleeve. Maybe you’re the girl who has feelings for the boy who’s unsure, and you find yourself reading quote after quote about love, wondering if you’ll ever truly find it.

Maybe you’re the girl who has always cared too much, putting everyone else’s heart before her own.
And maybe, for once, you need to stop apologizing for that.

The scene where Sana is sitting in her bedroom looking at herself in the mirror is definitely one of the saddest scenes I’ve ever seen. The shot is large and showing part of her bedroom – it almost looks like she isn’t really there for a moment. It’s not fancy or aesthetically beautiful, it’s just a teenage girl in her bedroom feeling sad and lost. There’s no music, no distractions; the scene is not letting you look away, or get distracted by anything else. You have to look.

Onward & Upward

“I think a lot of the girls had a good feeling going into this week. It’s kind of like the monkey was on our back and we’re kinda over just like… whatever. At some point you just have to get over it and stop worrying.” Christen Press.

On the road to be the best team in the league… 
CRS had the greatest game since the start of the season. Everything we did on the field was amazing. Shout-out to Alyssa for the second half, she’s the best GK. Christen… she has quality in every cell of her body. Press keeps creating the smartest plays for the team. Sofi deserved that beautiful goal and Vanessa was a beast (I hope she’s ok!). Dani, Sam and JJ, also Arin, Katie, Mautz and Casey. Everything was perfect, Rory is doing a great job and I loved the starting line-up for this game. Small steps 👊🏾.

so katy perry’s sitting here playing the victim by saying that she “tried to smooth things out and taylor refused to speak to her” as if she wasn’t the one who hired taylor’s dancers out from under her to sabotage taylor’s performance AND date taylor’s emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend while telling the world that he’s not as bad as certain people (i.e. taylor swift) make him out to be. like what do you expect katy perry? you think she’s just gonna answer the phone and be like “oh hey girl! yeah no hard feelings about you STABBING ME IN THE GOD DAMN BACK OF COURSE WE CAN BE BEST FRIENDS!” girl bye.

julie out here assassinating all her characters..,,,.. not just the girls it feels like even and isak have been reduced to just acting out a fanfiction stereotype now. forget about their meaningful character development they’re just “uwu soft gay children” now.. ffs i’m tired

So no one told me that Season Two of Californication is based on The Great Gatsby and I must have been too young and stupid and preoccupied by David’s ass to catch it the first time but oh my god those parts are so elegant and perfect kill me. The guest of honor never shows?!?!…

Also, that Janey character, the Daisy Buchanan character, is who Gillian should’ve played. The Special Girl who makes Hank Feel Things but is still somehow the only woman he doesn’t fuck in the whole history of the show. Imagine how amazing/infuriating.

totallydiabolik  asked:

Plushie Ruki: actually Sakamaki Subaru is the guy who talk sweetly to his s/o. He calls his gf white rose, cute, beautiful and queen of the night (a kind of flower).

I know~ and it’s it awesome? To be called such sweet names, it makes a girl feel special, you know? And the why he acts is super sweet too! Ah! Makes me want to cuddle him forever!

cosmos-curiosity  asked:

Is it possible to be a genderqueer girl? I feel like a girl in terms of gender, but it feels very liberating to not appear as any particular gender and to not seem like a girl all. I feel like a girl, but I also feel very different in terms of gender. Does that make sense?

Well, gender expression and gender identity are different things.

A person of any gender identity can have any gender expression they prefer.

A nonbinary person can choose to express their gender in neutral, feminine, or masculine ways–or they can mix it up.

Same goes for binary men and women, whether cis or trans. You don’t have to express your gender in traditionally feminine ways to be a woman or in masculine ways to be a man.

So the question is: do you consider your gender to be outside of or not fully binary–is your gender more or other than the gender assigned to you at birth?

Do the trans and genderqueer labels and the experiences of trans people resonate with you? Do you experience gender dysphoria or euphoria (not required, but can be a “sign” for some folks)?

If yes, then you could be genderqueer and/or trans. If no? Well, it’s totally possible to be cis and gender non-conforming.