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@ramari1600 replied to my post and said: “I don’t understand quite what Christian Fundamentalist means besides what I read on wiki. But from what I gathered it’s simply believing the Bible in its entirety is true, right? Or am I missing something? I don’t identify as Fundamentalist but I do believe everything in the Bible is true. What is your definition?”

*deep breath* Okay: long post.

Fundies are:
  • usually big fans of Debi and Michael Pearl
  • see also: the Duggers
  • may subscribe to ideas put forth by questionable sources such as Bill Gothard (that’s a rant for another day) or the now-defunct VisionForum company
  • they usually don’t know that Joshua Harris has since recanted most of his I Kissed Dating Goodbye work
  • usually believe that God created the world in six literal days (which is great, I believe that too), but they often also believe that dinosaurs are a hoax faked up by evolutionists
  • they tend to be very pro-nature, but anti-science. (*cough*anti-vaxxers*cough*)
  • very strict on gender roles
  • feminine modesty is second only to godliness and might bedirectly related

Christian Fundamentalism is less about theology and more about lifestyle and worldview. As far as theology goes, I’d prolly agree with fundies 90% of the time on most issues - which is really all you can ask of anyone. When it comes to what we actually believe re: the inerrancy of Scripture, salvation, etc, we’re going to agree more than we disagree.

Where we do disagree tends to be on things that I don’t hold to be matters worth “breaking fellowship” over – these are things that are not foundational to faith, but are merely a way of life: women wearing skirts and head coverings, college is for men only (if that), fiction is unworthy of time at best and lies at worst, rock music is of the devil, tattoos and piercings are evidence of demonic activity, courtship is the only way, the King James Translation is the only legitimate version of the Bible, etc. You get the idea.

Let me give you the example of the Schmidt family – a family that isn’t specific, but is a conglomeration of three specific families that I personally know.

The Schmidts are very nice people – as long as you agree with them. But the moment you don’t, they become distant and huffy, and passive-aggressively make your life miserable, all the while truly believing that they’re literally holier than you because of their lifestyle.

The Schmidts always tend to be either wealthy or dirt poor, their family unit is tightly knit, and they generally don’t understand sarcasm. The women and girls are always very docile and talk about little else besides babies, animals, and cooking; the men and boys are always very outdoorsy and authority-oriented. (none of these things are inherently bad, btw, they’re just consistent traits).

They also tend to be somewhat condescending.

Mrs. Schmidt once brought me a dress to church because she’d noticed that I tended to wear a lot of blouses with slacks or jeans. In the course of the conversation, she managed to convey that a) I should be ashamed to wear pants, b) I should be grateful for her generosity, and c) maybe I was too fat to wear the dress now but if I ate only organic like her I’d slim down in no time. (never mind the fact that a) the dress was UGLY, b) I’m a pastor’s kid and we didn’t have money for expensive organic food and c) I was twelve at the time).

Another time, just after I had gotten accepted to college and was excitedly telling everyone, Mrs. Schmidt and her two daughters (who were about my age) cornered me at a church function and proceeded to lecture me about how I didn’t want to go to college, I couldn’t handle college, and I was going to regret not finding a man to settle down with instead. Good side of that story is that spiting her was the biggest reason I made it though my first, very difficult semester, lol

I have been scolded by Mr. Schmidt for playing Christian pop (the Newsboys and Third Day, specifically) in the hearing of his children, whose ears had never been sullied by anything but classical and bluegrass. I was not allowed to be alone in the room with those kids after.

Oh, and Disney is evil. I can’t tell you how many times kids younger than me, growing up, lectured me about my love of Disney because apparently Disney is the incarnation of the antichrist. The Schmidts believe that fiction, because it is by nature not “real/true” is lies, and no good Christian should read fiction, but if you must, Amish Romance is the only way to go.

Now, I’m not judging people’s personal convictions and preference. If you believe it is more modest and fitting to wear skirts and head coverings, or to be a homemaker instead of a student, or to court instead of date, or if you have a music style you dislike or you eat nothing but homegrown veggies and milk from your own goats – dude. That’s all good stuff, on a personal level.

When applied as a standard of “if you’re not living like this you’re probably an unsaved heathen” it’s not so great. I’m on this rant at the moment because I came across a post by a fundie who was flipping her homespun lid over a miniature diorama of gladiatorial combat, presented by a Christian organization, in which the men wore only loincloths and the women shoulder-bearing tops. It’s legitimately embarrassing to read.

(Also, as a side note: anyone who is super into leaders like Bill Gothard need to seriously reexamine the source of their worldview because that man and his organization are freaking scary.)

idk why everyone trusts me with their crush stories lol like i’ve only ever been in 2 relationships and they were shit, i’ve been a class-a hoe the last 2 years, and my love life is nonexistent right now. but i mean. i’m glad y’all look to me for advice lol i hope i’m doing something right

My (unofficial Eldarya) OC Marilyn - “Cher jornal..Pourquoi moi? Je ne sais pa ce que c'est que l'amour. Je ne me suis jamais sentie di triste. Si seulement ma vie était comme dans les films. Je souhaite que quelqu'un vienne me prendre, bientôt. Avant que la seule chose qui soit certaine. Rattrape moi..on va mourir.”

Fun fact : I “created” her when I was listening to The Neighborhood. (They hit the feels just right)

Es una chica llena de sorpresas,
le gusta que la sorprendan:
que la tomen de la cintura,
que la saquen a bailar bajo cualquier tormenta,
que la abracen por la espalda,
que le den vuelta a su mundo,
que dejen ir trenes por quedarse a su lado.

Lleva como corona las espinas
que le dejaron sus amores.
Ríe como una loca
cuando escucha su canción favorita sonar;
otras veces,
llora como loca
cuando escucha que han dejado de dedicarle canciones
hace mil sonrisas.

Pareciera que la hayan sacado de cualquier libro:
e imprescindible.

Lo de ella es el vértigo cuando se enamora,
ya luego sus cenizas hablan de su infierno,
nadie tiene derecho de hablar de incendios ajenos
si aún no sabe cuánto quema el propio.
Como las tormentas,
como ahogarse tras una madrugada imposible,
como ver resurgir del suelo al pájaro de alas rotas que nunca dejó de ver el cielo.
Su cielo.
Como pertenecer.
Ella no pertenece
ni a lugares,
ni a personas,
ni a sentimientos.
Ni a climas
ni a turbulencias
ni a amores fatales.
Es ajena a las cadenas,
viajera e inestable,
impuntual y valiente,
impredecible como las peores tormentas que azotan tu vida.

Ella es esa sonrisa que el viento trata de llevarse,
pero es tan poderosa y fuerte
que ni el peor de los huracanes puede arrastrarla con su baile.

Es la primera en pedir perdón
y la última en irse.
Date cuenta, chica,
que no has sido tú quien ha herido
ni has sido tú quien ha dicho adiós.

Es la chica que verás haciendo revolución,
que marcha en las calles,
que se pinta los labios rojos
y grita a los leones que es libre.
Y que es suya
más que de cualquier idiota.
—  “Chica Revolucionaria”, Benjamín Griss

Happy birthday @nightsofllyn, you beautiful enabler and wonderful writer and friend <3 You’re to blame for the beast that this AU has become in my head so here’s my gift back to you for that, stay beautiful and have the best birthday ever <3