i’ve seen a post going around about rachel not genuinely caring about chloe and in addition to ranting about it in private with friends, i thought i might as well try a coherent rebuttal to post here

some things about rachel we need to acknowledge up front. she’s 1) super smart and 2) able to use her smarts and social adeptness to manipulate people pretty easily. we see this with victoria in episode 2, how rachel plays her to get her to drink the spiked tea. we see this in episode 1, how rachel dissipates tension in the drama club meeting by shifting the focus of the discussion to chloe.

manipulation is a tool rachel has developed to help her navigate the world. manipulative =/= malicious. consider rachel’s reputation around blackwell in the first game - she has her detractors, sure, but overall she’s widely loved by students from all types of backgrounds and cliques. no doubt rachel achieved this using the same skills and tactics that people would label as manipulative. knowing what to say to endear someone to you, to make them feel better about themselves, to relate to them – it’s all the same skill set. there’s not an inherent moral value in that.

now if we’re going to talk about rachel’s relationships with frank and jefferson and how they took place apparently alongside rachel’s relationship with chloe, without chloe’s knowledge (which there’s some ambiguity about – chloe never confirms whether she and rachel were dating, though she was clearly upset to learn about rachel and frank) we need to do so analytically.

rachel’s goal was to get out of arcadia bay. to do this, rachel needed resources. what makes sense? taking advantage of the attention and interest paid to her by two adult men with means and using it to her own ends. frank has money, drug connections, etc that rachel could use to get out of town. jefferson had social capital, he probably made her promises or offered guidance for her career, that would also be an attractive option for escape.

what doesn’t make sense? trying to make a poor, mentally ill high school dropout from an abusive and controlling home your ticket out of town. if you refuse to give rachel credit for anything else, you have to believe she’s smarter than that. chloe has nothing to offer materially that rachel can’t already get from someone else easier and more reliably.

which means that what chloe has to offer is herself. her presence in rachel’s life, the relationship they have together is what rachel wants from chloe.

in game we see that chloe is obviously super eager to please rachel and to provide for her, because she cares about her that much, and they share the same goals. why then does it have to be rachel manipulating chloe and exploiting her for money and transportation that she can easily get from other sources? why can’t it be chloe acting of her own will to achieve a common goal?

because y’all are still super duper eager to vilify teenage girls for making what you perceive as selfish choices

i’ve also seen the dream addressed, particularly rachel being the fire william speaks about

if we’re going to interpret chloe’s dreams we have to recognize them as products of chloe’s subconscious. the things she dreams about are her fears and doubts manifesting

in the first dream, rachel is on fire and chloe can’t reach her. in the second dream, william speaks about rachel as the fire (though not directly) consuming herself and threatening to consume chloe, as well. it’s important to keep in mind chloe’s fears about rachel as evidenced by the “i’m leaving” quote from the bathroom graffiti scene. chloe’s scared of being used. she’s scared of being abandoned again. her feelings for rachel are so intense, have come on so quickly, she’s terrified that the consequence of trusting rachel, of giving into her feelings, will mean she’ll be destroyed in the process.

also worth noting that chloe appears to herself as the raven in both dreams. first on the playbill, second EATING HER OWN DAD’S FACE – which means chloe 1) doesn’t trust herself and 2) thinks she is to blame for every bad thing that’s ever happened to her or the people she’s cared about. that’s less to my rachel point, but i think it’s necessary context for analyzing the dreams in general

finally, going off-script for the play - there’s definitely lots of room for different interpretations of rachel’s lines here, but i think the answers you come up with have more to do with how you view rachel’s intent than anything. anyone suspicious of rachel or believing she’s out to do harm will obviously focus on the detail of prospera reneging on her promise to grant ariel’s freedom.

but if you’re interpreting rachel’s actions and words sincerely, it’s an entirely different meaning. chloe’s “excitement isn’t happiness” line and the line about her plainest self is an expression of doubt that rachel’s feelings for her are real. that rachel will still want her once the dust settles and they’re done planning their great adventure. she fears being abandoned again. rachel reacting to that by insisting she’s certain. that they can have a life together where they both are free. she’s asking chloe to trust her enough to take that leap with her.

for me, that’s just one teenage girl who feels alone and misunderstood asking another teenage girl that she cares about to take a chance on her. to be brave enough to explore the relationship developing between them. and i refuse to see that as a negative thing.

Some of you need to learn the difference between skinny girls being made to feel insecure about their body from certain people and fat girls being made to feel like their entire life is worthless because of their body size from literally the entire world


Recently I’ve been veey absent on this platform. As much as I hate it, I recently figured out why. My thoughts haven’t been the best when it comes to myself. Ive started hating the girl in the mirror, the girl who thought she had some confidence. I feel like because of this, I’ve drifted away from my friend on the internet and in real life. Then I hate myself for letting that happen, I shouldnt ever let this get this far. I hate myself for the way things have gone.

So, because I want to try to restore my confidence and friendship, I want to try to love myself again. Im not expecting anyone to reblog or like this, this post is for me. This is for any girl who feels this way about themselves, they deserve to be happy. Feel free to message me about anything, whether its to talk or to just become friends. I love you

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I feel weird bringing uo my sexuality around my mom. When I came out to her a few years ago, she said I was just saying that bc earlier in the conversation I mentioned one of my friends being bi, and she said being bi was a fad with young girls to feel more special, and now I get nervous bringing it up. Now I'm going on a date with a girl soon. I wonder if now she'll believe me.

well, your mom is an asshole for dismissing your sexuality and perpetuating the misogynistic stereotype that girls are airheadeds who will do anything to get attention. like, what’s so bad about wanting to feel “special” or whatever anyway??? it’s not like you’re basing these claims solely on trends. I bet she doesn’t actually know you that well. I’m sorry, I know the feeling. 

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girl i feel you, i can't stomach shipping questions either, it's just too uncomfortable for me! in fact, i still have not seen that video at all, just gifs and pics and even then i still find it awkward lol like, i was overjoyed just because it made the desus fandom so happy rather than for the actual moment itself

Surprisingly it’s not as bad as I feared (could be the wine talking). I actually have trouble watching fan panels at all but the shipping questions are a step beyond. I honestly am not sure why, since it’s not like they “lower the tone” or whatever of the questions (right before they were talking about JDM having a sexy asshole and having a grand old time) Probably some internalized shit on how shippers/fanfic writers are seen as frivolous and the nerdiest of the nerdy. But even if the cast members get sick of shipping questions they seem to be good sports about it, laughing and fucking with each other over it. Get a load of Andy’s reaction to the Desus shipping question:

Andy’s face is the face of a man who’s decided his next prank will involve wallpapering NR’s trailer with explicit fanart. Tom will have to show him where to find it. :P

Deamus and the Veela

Anyone ever think of what that scene at the Quidditch World Cup must have looked like to (gay) Seamus?

  • All of the (straight) men in the stadium loosing their minds at the sight of the Veela.
  • Shay looking around trying to figure out what all of the fuss is about.
  • Shay looking over to laugh at all the idiots with Dean only to see (bisexual) Dean drooling a bit too, though not as heavily as some of the others. 
  • Shay’s shock and disappointment at the sight of the guy he loves fawning over a bunch of pretty girls and basically feeling himself giving up any hope of the two of them ever actually being together. 
  • Dean hearing Shay’s dejected groan and snapping out of it because of course the only thing that could break the spell is the sound of the kid he’s also secretly falling in love with. 
  • Dean looking over just in time to see a slightly heart-broken Shay turning his attention back to the field and thinking quick on his feet to try and undo the harm his lapse had caused. 
  • Dean laughing and elbowing Shay to look over at this guy who taking his clothes off and trying to climb down onto the field. 
  • Dean making an off hand comment about how the Veela are nothing more than Sirens and really aren’t much better than Banshees (which he knows Shay hates) in order to make him feel at ease again. 
  • The two of them getting back into the spirit of watching the match and putting the entire episode behind them. 

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can i have an nct headcannon with Jaehyun thats like how he is as a boyfriend of another idol girl?

• honestly i feel like jaehyun would be so cute w a certain gg idol i won’t mention the name but,,,, yeah
• i think he’d want to keep it a secret as long as he can
• obv he isn’t ashamed he just doesn’t want his s/o to receive hate
• he knows from his senior group’s past relationships that fans aren’t too kind when it comes to their fave dating
• and jaehyun isn’t ready to meet that reality yet
• so it’s secret dates for now
• some in his company building, some in theirs, or if they’re in the same company then that building lol
• jaehyun is definitely the type to not want his s/o to diet unless they’re doing it healthy and it’s their own choice
• so he’d like late night sneaking out dates to the convenience store for junk food and soda
• lowkey talks abt his s/o in interviews
• “i admire so-and-so a lot they rlly inspire me”
• “so-and-so is probably my ideal type to be honest”
• all the members know about it, as do the company, but it’s completely up to the two of them if they want to keep it a secret or not
• jaehyun prioritizes nct and his s/o would prioritize her group obv so during promotions they wouldn’t be together a lot
• that’s when they text or leave coffees for each other at the practice room
• jaehyun in love :“”)
• like he’s giggly and cute now think of when he gets a s/o
• my heart

@ girls who like girls: do you ever just feel so lucky that you like girls? I mean, obviously it can be really scary, understanding your sexuality in a world that stigmatizes it and enacts violence against you and people like you for it can be so hard, but every day I feel like girls are just so great and I’m so happy to have amazing women in my life! I’m so happy I get to love my girlfriend! I’m so happy I get to be friends with other bi women and lesbians! I’m so happy we share some degree of experience that directly relates to other women! I’m so happy my moms are lesbians! None of that is intended to undersell the impact of misogyny and homophobia at all but, you know, hot take: loving women is Good. 

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Hey! #7 for the cuddle thing ♡

Hiya Ally! <3

7. For comfort
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Isak had seen the boy around before. Not only was a tall and thus hard too miss, he was also probably the most beautiful boy Isak had ever laid eyes on. 

He didn’t think the boy went to Nissen, he would’ve noticed him before if he did. However, they got their coffee from the same place and tended to be there at the same time. Isak might’ve started coming earlier after he noticed the boy always coming in early. 

And he was not supposed to notice pretty boys. He was supposed to look at girls and feel a heat in the pit of his stomach. He was supposed to have electricity running though his veins when he touched girls. He wasn’t supposed to lock eyes with a handsome boy and feel his heart skip a beat. 

But he couldn’t help it. He couldn’t help how his eyes followed the boy’s every move. How he couldn’t help but blush when the boy smiled in his direction, eyes crinkling at the sides. 

He felt himself wanting the boy. And for the longest time, that was his biggest shame. That’s what he ran from most. Until there was a bigger thing to run from.

His mother was steadily getting worse, her delusions gaining grandeur, her eyes growing bigger and her words growing harsher. She spewed hateful, biblical quotes at him and Isak felt himself shrink.

Isak was in the coffeeshop one morning after being woken up by his mother screaming about demons at the top of her lungs at four in the morning. Isak had tried for hours to calm her down, eventually succeeding to get her to bed at eight. He had dragged himself out of his house, not wanting to go to school, but he didn’t want to stay in the house either.

So, he found himself at the coffeeshop, his hands wrapped around his steaming cup of coffee, on the verge of tears, when the boy walked in. He look angelic, his blond hair shining in the morning sun, a wide smile on his face as he read something on his phone. He chuckled softly when he typed a reply before ordering his usual (which Isak had pathetically memorized).

The boy looked around the coffeeshop, his eyes stopping when he saw Isak. The smile on his face grew even bigger and Isak felt the want coursing through his body. He wanted this boy with the sunny smile. He wanted to be happy.

The thought brought tears to his eyes, and he quickly looked down to hide them from the boy. 

However, it seemed that he hadn’t been quick enough, as the boy appeared at his table, cup of coffee and two muffins on a plate in his hands. He pushed the plate closer to Isak.

“Seems like you could use this,” he said and Isak raised his head to look at him. “I’m Even.”

Isak sniffed softly, “I’m Isak.”

“Hello, Isak. I wanted to start talking to you at a better time, but I couldn’t stand the idea of you being here sad and alone,” Even said smiling softly.

“You wanted to talk to me?” 

“Very much,” Even said, reaching out for Isak, before he touched him, he stopped and asked “Can I?”

When Isak nodded, Even wiped the tear from Isak’s cheek, “Can I hug you?” Even asked and Isak just stared for a second. Even’s face shuttered slightly, and he started to apologies, before Isak reached out and hugged Even.

Even laughed, pulled his chair closer and angled his body so the better hug Isak.

The hug takes longer than is really appropriate for two strangers hugging, but Isak can’t help but cling to Even, inhaling his scent, drawing comfort from the strong arms encircling him.

When they finally let go, Even again wipes away the fresh tears before telling Isak again to take a muffin. Isak does, he chews thoughtfully while he just watches Even watching him.

“Do you need to leave for school?” Even asks, after a while, Isak shakes his head, tells him he’s not going. “I’ll stay with you,” Even says.

He gets up and takes his stuff to the couch in the back, motions for Isak to follow him. When Isak drops down next to him, he pulls him close, his arm draped over Isak’s shoulder. 

They stay like that, cuddled up for the rest of the day, only separating to get fresh coffee. They talk, they cuddle and Isak starts to belief that maybe he could be happy after all.