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I got a story for ya: So I took my niece to see BATB. Afterwards, do you want to know what she said? She said Gugu should have been Belle. She said, and I quote, "That Emma girl looks like a fart."

LOL. Does she mean like…Emma looks like someone farted? Bc she does, all the time, if that blankness on her face can be described as anything other than ‘suppressed petulant ennui’. ‘Politely pretending not to smell a recently released fart’ also works.

But ummmm yeah Gugu would have been a much better acted (and better-looking) Belle.

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Please draw more Utena and/or Anthy!!! <3

anon i am travelling but here have a sketch!!! maybe ask me again when i have my tablet on hand and i will fulfill your wishes more thoroughly 👀👀👀

pls talk to me about my 900000 utena aus including one where preppy utena falls for witchy spooky anthy 


PICKLE: *farts*

PICKLE: woah, do you smell that?! a ghost must’ve let one rip or something!! because it definitely wasn’t me… maybe we should get of here? it’s uh,, probably going to linger;;;

ELSA: ha ha… yeah, we should leave… like, now. so i can breathe. fresh air.


I drew my MU 20 million years after beating the game and then I drew her with Tharja and now my life has spiraled out of control?????? I got that Plegian fever tbh.

Also bonus with Nah because she is cutest tiny dragon imouto.