Extremely Terrible Sub

So my class had this really bad sub that would teach my class every Wednesday for about a month (the school was looking for another teacher to teach Wednesdays since our current one was having health problems and couldn’t teach every day of the week)

Here are some of the things she did:

-we were really swamped with homework through the duration of the month, so she decided to keep us from working by reading us random excerpts from books and not let us work while listening to them

-we were doing a poetry unit at the time and even though she knew people were insecure about their poetry she made everyone re-read the last line like five times

-one time while reading poetry a girl in my class had some really personal stuff in her poem, and the sub made her read the last line a few times and started asking really invasive questions about the poor girls personal life (the girl started crying)

-she was also completely unprepared for how much our class pretty much ran ourselves and kept trying to take control when she should’ve just left us to work

-she didn’t realize that my class was loud, but in a way that we could work together

At the end of the month, our teacher for the rest of the week just looked at us, sighed, looked at the floor and said, “your sub was a bit overwhelmed by teaching in a middle school classroom and has decided to teach in elementary school”

That was the last we ever heard of her.

anonymous asked:

So wwnd if him and his wife had been trying to get pregnant for over a year but it's not happening. They know she has low fertility and have tried treatments and Ivf but it's still not happening. He can see her getting more and more discouraged every time she takes a test and it comes back negative. Like how would he handle her emotionally and the the situation as a whole

expanding on his missus having difficulties getting pregnant or just not being able to. I imagined a situation where his girl is crying and he’s trying to comfort her suggesting adoption but then she wails out something like ‘but I want a baby that’s half me and half you!’ and him just going silent


I think he’d really struggle with this. He’s very pragmatic and plans things out. So when it’s not working he pushes his emotions down and tries to find solutions. It probably doesn’t occur to him that you would feel that way. When you finally tell him you want YOUR baby he’s stunned into silence and all those pent up emotions crash down. You probably both break down and then he has to pull you back up.

“Hey. Whether we adopt or have this baby the old fashioned way, it’s still gonna be OUR baby ok? You an me, we’re in this together.”