In seventh grade there was this teacher everyone loved. During one of our many civil discussions as a class, one kid said something about how if someone asks if they look nice, always say yes. This lead to our teacher saying to our class “Guys, if you’re girlfriend ever asks if she looks fat in something, say no, because I asked a boyfriend once if I looked fat in a dress and he when ‘eh, no’. Eh no is the wrong answer! Say no! No ‘eh’ don’t hesitate!” She also had a Les Miserables sing along with the theater kids on the second to last day of class. Another time, one guy asked if he could see a girl’s book putty that was for a book report by saying “Can I see it?” And the teacher jokingly said “Owen, you don’t say that to a girl.” We all loved that teacher.

#ManCrushMonday Andrew Rannells is reminding you all Reading is Fundamental

The Girls and Book of Mormon star is authoring a memoir about his journey from Omaha to Hollywood. “I am excited to share these stories and I will try my absolute best not to embarrass my family.Too badly.”

The former Hedwig and the Angry Inch star can be seen in this week’s episode of Will & Grace.

Read all the page turning details:


SOOOOOOO I never really do posts like this, but I’m feeling particularly fangirly and emotional today.


Taylor, you are one of the reasons I manage to smile every day. Listening to your music takes me to places far away from the real world. Its an escape. A beautiful, magical escape. When I listen to your music I feel like a new person. I’m not Yasmin from Leicester anymore. I’m a cool rock chick who does whatever she wants. I’m a cute girl who reads books in cafes. I’m a heartbreaker who travels the world. It makes my life more exciting than it really is.

Hearing that this is the happiest you’ve ever been has made me want to be happy too. And knowing that you’re out there living your best life makes me happy. You’re the one who can 100% put a smile on my face, no matter what. And I’m forever grateful.

I love you insane amounts, and I’ll never stop being a dreamer and trying to make things happen.

Lots of love,
Yaz xxx


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01. name: Rachel

02. nicknames: Rach,Rachie, Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom mommmmm

03. zodiac sign: Leo

04. height: 5’8”

05. orientation: Straight

06. nationality: American

07. favorite fruit: Raspberries 😍

08. favorite season: Fall cause big sweaters and boots

09. favorite book: Girl on a Train

10. favorite movie: Wonder Woman or Kingsmen

11. favorite scent: Books and coffee

12. favorite color: Bright blue or cotton candy pink

13. favorite animal: Lots. Birds, tiny mammals, animals you can’t have as pets,sheep…..they’re pretty much all amazing

14. coffee, tea or hot cocoa: coffee or hot cocoa

15. average hours of sleep: lately it’s been about 3 hours

16. favorite fictional character: Too many

17. number of blankets you sleep with: 1or 2

18. dream trip: Tuscany,Italy

19. blog created: How do people remember this?? I have no clue

20. followers: 193

21. random fact: i won’t eat condiments, and the only salad dressing I like is ceasar.

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I asked my mom to name each voltron character and their personality


Me: “What’s his name?”

Mom: “I’m trying to think of something sly like, Leo.”


“He’s a player. A big flirt. Like he thinks he’s better than everybody but he’s really not.”

“Anything else?”

“No that’s it.”



Mom: “James”

Me: “JAMES?”

“And ack he’s sad god love him. He may be a bit disgruntled but he looks very sad. I think he seems like a nice guy, you know?”


“He’s very closed off too. Cause he has his arms crossed. That means you’re closed off.”


Mom: “His name is…….. Patrick.”

Me: *laughing my ass off* “You’re giving them such generic names!”

“So? I like em names.”

*my brother from a distance* “PATRICK LMAO”

“And he looks a wee bit dozy.”


“Yeah he doesn’t know what he’s up to. He thinks he knows what he’s doing but he has no clue. He’s a big lug.”

*after being told his name is Hunk* “I like Patrick better.”


Mom: “I’m just gonna give her a name. Jenny.”

Me: “Jen- okay”

“And she looks like she’s a curious wee book worm girl. She’s probably really smart and slightly misunderstood maybe?”

“Is that it?”



Mom: “I’m trying to think of a name for him……….. Ian.”

Me: *trying to hold back laughter*

“Ian and he’s a wee bit scary. He’s like the leader. He’s the one in control of everything, you know? And he seems very… very distant but he wants to be closer maybe? Like he wants to be friendly but he’s gotta play the tough guy.”


Mom: “……….Quintara.”

Me: “QUINTARA- at least it’s not something generic.”

“She looks like a princess. She looks… friendly? But a little bit sad or something? Worried maybe. But determined. She’d kill a bitch.”

*laughing our asses off cause FACTS*


Mom: “His name is…………………………………….*long pause*…………………………….. Red.”

Me: “Red??”

“Yeah cause his hair. You know? He’s a red head.”

“Why would his name be red because of his hair color?”

“Because that’s the nickname. He’s very stuck up. Very snotty. ‘Mr. know it all.’”

“I can’t.”

“He may even speak with an English accent.”

*pissing myself at this point*


Mom: “….*long pause again*………. Like, fricken Zaltor?”

Me: *choking* “You’re close?”

“He’s a powerful enemy out to kill everybody. He has a dark side but he might have a light side too. He seems a wee bit soft hearted maybe? You know what, he reminded me of the princess. Allura? Yeah he reminded me of her. That, ‘I’m gonna kill. I’m soft hearted but I can kill you.’ and maybe that royalty stance gives off that impression.”


Mom: *scared look* “Oh jesus……… King Buggaboo.”

Me: “wHAT??”

“I don’t know he looks like a bug! King Buggaboo!”



“Try giving him a more intimidating name.”


*w h e e z i n g*

“He’s like a big Mac Truck.”


“He looks like he has a big raspy voice and he’s scary. He’s kinda like Megabyte, you know?” *she’s talking about Megabyte from reboot lmao* “He’s a trickster.”

*after explaining that he’s Lotors dad*

“Oooh…. this- this one, him? THAT’S HIS DAD?? WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO HIM???”



Mom: “Ooo she looks like a witch doctor. She’s pretty dark. ‘Evil one.’ Her name’s Voltra.”

Me: “Yeah, VOLTRONS enemys name is VOLTRA.”

“Oh right it’s Voltron. I forgot the name. But she’s a nasty piece of work. There’s no soul in her.”

*me and my brother share a ‘If only she knew’ look*

*after explaining she’s Lotors mom.*

“So Zarkon is her husband.”

“Oh shit. Them two a couple? Fuck.”


Girl’s Book of Famous Queens // 1887 // Lydia H. Farmer

This book is a pretty comprehensive list of great and famous queens throughout history.

The author, Lydia Hoyt Farmer, wrote a number of books in her life, for which she became somewhat well-known. Her obituary, from 1903, can even still be viewed on the New York Times website.

From the Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection. Photographed and written by Shafer Ross.

Absolutely And Completely

So I’ve just been having major Dad!Harry feels lately and came up with this little fluff piece.

Literally nobody asked for this

Warnings: Sickeningly cute Dad!Harry fluff

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