When I was young, I learned to expect loss. Every time you slept, something disappeared. Whenever you woke up, someone else was gone. But … I also learned that every day, you created everything anew. And whatever you had, you enjoyed as long as it lasted. Spend money when it’s in your pocket…Eat fruit while it’s ripe…Paradise is a promise no god bothers to keep. There’s only now, and tomorrow nothing will be the same, whether we like it or not.
—  Heidi Heilig, The Girl from Everywhere

My birthday is on Halloween and I’m going to Halloween horror nights on Friday!!! I’m excited!! @mydrunkkitchen @tyleroakley y'all should’ve gone into the other houses even though I don’t think you would’ve made it that far!😂😂😂😂

OK so I saw this on Pinterest today, apparently it was published in 1914 and the OP described it as a ‘decorative’ book.

I own this book. I cannot stress how not-just-decorative this book really is. When the author, Jean Stewart, was writing it, she expected her readers to be more than bright - she wanted them to be 100% on the ball, and then she was going to make them even more baller.

This book will teach you everything from how to make a fruit cake to how to care for lovebirds to how to make coloured fire for stage productions (yes, you read that right) to how to dress minor wounds, also how to play lacrosse, croquet, tennis, hockey and other sports, including how to mark the court for same; how to row, how to swim, how to sew, embroider and make several kinds of lace, and how to deal with various types of medical emergency.

This book is not messing around - if you ever have the opportunity, get this book, it will enrich your life.

(Only, safety standards and standards of animal cruelty have changed a bit in the last century so maybe take the pet care and stage effects advice with a pinch of salt. Honestly I don’t think you can get most of those chemicals over the counter these days anyway…)