本日19時からのART BOOKAKE FAIRにて初売りです。1月に少部数制作したものの普及&ラフ追加版。8/28sunまでの3日間開催ですので是非いらしてね。

会場:Stall Baggage (THE WORKS 2F) 
〒153-0042 東京都目黒区青葉台3-18-3 THE WORKS 2F (池尻大橋/中目黒)

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The girl in the apron noticed them, startled, then scampered off to the other side of the courtyard to rifle through some other victims’ pockets. A servant from the city, Winter guessed, though she didn’t recognize her.
“I could have been you,” Winter whispered after her. Jacin’s fingers dug into her back. “The lowly daughter of a guard and a seamstress. I should have been her, scavenging for scraps. Not royalty. Not this.”
Sandwiching Winter’s face in both hands, Jacin forced her gaze up to his. “Hey,” he said, somehow stern and gentle at the same time. “You’re my princess, right? You were always going to be my princess, no matter what you were born, no matter who your dad married.”
Her eyes misted. Reaching up, she folded her fingers over Jacin’s forearms. “And you are always my guard.”
“That’s right.” The faintest touch. His calloused thumb against her temple. Winter’s whole body quivered.
—  Winter by Marissa Meyer
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Media Review: The Danish Girl, by David Ebershoff

To celebrate our newly reached goal on Patreon, here is the first of what I hope will be many Queer History Media Reviews! In this episode, we look over David Ebershoff’s The Danish Girl, the fictionalized tale of the life of Lili Elbe.

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Ebershoff, David. The Danish Girl. Penguin Random House, New York. 2000. Print.

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i have this idea of something to write. most of it has been written, and i’ve lived it all, and lived it a thousand times over again in my head.

i want to warn people. i want to warn people about people like you. i don’t want a young 16 year old girl to meet a young 16 year old boy like you and end up where we are today. i don’t want a young girl to think her worth is only measured by the attention he gives her. i don’t want a young girl being treated like a book on shelf. i don’t want what happened to me to happen to anyone. i don’t want a young girl to look at her relationship and call it love when it’s all only been abuse the entire time.

a year ago, you told me you were taking steps towards recovery and you would eventually need to apologize to me. a year later and you have not apologized. a year later and i am still ruined as person by the things you did to me. i don’t want your apology. i want to get rid of this anger i have towards you. i need to spill it onto pages of books. i need to spin a dark cautionary tale that will terrify young girls so much that when they see the first sign of you and your behavior, they will run and never look back.

i wish i could protect every girl on this earth from your wickedness. 

i’ll forgive you when i finish the last page. thank you for providing me with your memory. this is the only time i am not sickened and wishing it away.


Magical Harry Potter Nail Art Ideas At A Flick Of Your Fingertips

Talent comes in many shapes, sizes and is expressed in uncountable mediums, similar to the enchanting Harry Potter series that has inspired fans and artists alike. We have featured some of the best Harry Potter nail art, and with due caution, proceed carefully - some of the work featured here are no amateur nail paintings. They all display highly detailed, intricate, colorful nail art creative enough to be exhibited in fine art galleries.