So I don’t know if any of y'all have listened to Come From Away, but there’s this one moment, after this whole heart wrenching story and seven million different characters and shit, when Jenn Collela, is singing about being a pilot and she just says

“American Airlines”

And every time my brain is just waiting for the scene to fade out and be replaced with

Like that moment after the heart warming story about a girl with a dog who falls in love that turns out to be a commercial for like Ford or something

I’m convinced that the reaper squad is 1000% willing to turn a blind eye to people hanging out at the Burnsides’ for a while as long as no one tries to leave the Astral Plane.

(Partly because they enjoy having a home base that isn’t a super depressing office somewhere in the Eternal Stockade. The Stockade is still Reaper HQ, but a lot of paperwork gets done at the kitchen table these days. After a few years, Magnus and Julia build an addition onto the the cabin; two more bedrooms and another bathroom, because if the reapers spend the night at the cabin that means sometimes Taako does too, and Magnus has a hundred years of experience of why trying to share a bathroom with the twins is a bad idea.)

Mostly people only stay for a day or two before they’re ready to go join the sea of souls - anyone Magnus knew in his IPRE and BoB days has an automatic invitation to come to dinner when they die, because obviously he needs to introduce his wife to his friends. A few people stay longer - orcs have relatively short lifespans, and Killian spends the better part of a decade on the island waiting for Carey to show up. When she does, it’s possibly the liveliest weekend the Burnsides cabin has ever had, and then Team Sweet Flips goes into the soul sea together.

It’s not just their friends, though, after a while. Lup and Barry show up with the soul of an obviously shaken kid in tow - “Her parents were necromancers, and now she can’t, uh, break the surface of, you know, the water,” Barry explains, and Lup chimes in, “But she’s eight, she’s innocent, we can’t just put her in the fucking Stockade!”

“I think I can undo whatever they did to her, I’ll just need time to figure it out,” Barry adds, and Magnus is already introducing the little girl to the dogs, so it’s Julia who smiles and says of course, of course she can stay at the cabin.

It’s certainly not the last time the island serves as a halfway house for the complicatedly dead, and just having the option on the table is good for reaper morale.

A few hundred years on, Kravitz realizes that “as long as you need” has turned into “as long as you’re needed” and you know what? If the Raven Queen isn’t going to bring it up, neither is he.

Care For You (2)

Slight!Steve x Reader, Billy Hargrove x Reader

Summary: Every time he takes care of her, she runs away  

Warnings: language, angst, mentions of abuse, reader and billy argue, reader and steve argue, that’s it i think 

Word Count: 2.9k+


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The next morning, Y/n wakes up with a pounding headache and ringing in her ears. She groans into her pillow and hits her clock blindly to stop its ringing.

Her eyes peek open and harsh morning sunlight shines in. She hisses and shuts her eyes again. “I really need to stop drinking,” she mumbled, willing herself to get up and out of bed so she’d be on time for work.

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