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Faith in Spikes place in season 6 is one of the best AU ideas I’ve ever heard. Do you have any more headcanons about it?

Faith is a convicted felon who cannot get a job working at the doublemeat palace. She has no sympathy for Buffy’s fast-food woes. Instead, Faith tends bar at Willy’s, who pays her under the table. She’s actually terrible at making drinks–she refuses to serve human blood, which affects the clientele, and she has to google what goes into a manhattan every single time–but she breaks up all the fights, and she keeps down on the Slayer-related repair costs, which is worth every penny. 

Buffy gets off work at eleven, stinking of meat and grease, a white sack full of meat and grease in her hands, dreading what Dawn will say, dreading Willow’s expression, Tara’s sympathy. 

She gets home, and Faith is sprawled on the living room floor with Dawn, whose face is pink with laughter. Even Faith looks a little soft, a small smile on her face. 

“What are you doing here,” Buffy accuses, feeling like the monster who’s come home to wreck the happy families fantasy, the old fear that Faith is here to take her place roaring back into her belly. “I thought you were supposed to be serving demonspawn until two.” 

The smile fades from Faith’s face. “Yeah,” she says, straightening her shoulders. “Well, demonspawn thought it was a good idea to start up a gambling ring in my bar.” 

“Sounds like your kind of thing,” Buffy says, cold, ignoring the outrage on Dawn’s face. 

“It was totally not like that!” Dawn bursts out. “Faith busted a kitten-gambling ring, and totally iced a demon.” 

“I didn’t ice Clem,” Faith says, giving Dawn a quick grin. “Mighta put the fear of B into him, but he’ll live to play another day.” 

“And–look!” Dawn continues, and lifts up a very tiny cat from behind the couch, where Buffy couldn’t see. “Kitties!” 

Buffy blinks, some of the monstrousness seeping away with sheer surprise. “Bzuh?” she says, finally dropping her bags. “Kitties?” She comes around the couch to sit with them, and sure enough–there are about ten very small kittens gamboling around on the carpet. 

“Couldn’t let ‘em get eaten,” Faith says gruffly. “You don’t gotta take care of them, or anything–I’ll make a delivery to the pound in the morning. Just thought Dawnie might get a kick out of them.” 

A black kitten, very soft, stumbles into Buffy’s lap. She puts out a hand and pats it, tentative, and the kitten rumbles at her. She blinks hard against a sudden rush of tears. 

“No!” Dawn protests. “No, we have to keep them! Buffy, come on.” 

“I don’t know,” Buffy says eventually, when she can look up from the kitten. Faith is looking at her, too-knowing. “I guess we’ll have to wait and see.” 

Idk why anyone takes candid pictures of me… I look like I smelled something atrocious😂

i just wanted to make a post to remind the world that i love General Jack O’Neill

maybe someday i’ll make one of those fake ironic powerpoint posts about Stargate, the spiritual successor to Star Trek, and one of the best scifi shows ever made but i’m too lazy right now

i just need all of you to know that Jack O’Neill is the sarcastic, genre-savvy character you always wanted in your fave show and so much more

like…guys GUYS he gave an orphaned alien girl a dog and told her it’s a law that all kids on earth get dogs 

he’s so good y’all

“Sammy And Friends!” - Blackhaven Profile Teaser - This corrupted world twisted Sammy’s visions. His once treasured, cheerful group of imaginary friends now born into the nightmarish form of tainted flesh. From the sketchpad he carries he can call upon them, the girl, the dog, and the sun…

Cast your vote now! Who do you think could be the most disturbing friend the girl, the dog, or the sun. I’m honestly torn!

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