dante elias valerio
twenty-nine + royale meadows + event planner

fool for love + the idealist + cuteness proximity + when life gives you lemons + did not get the girl + pet the dog

the (oftentimes literally) forgotten child. kinda awkward, very shy. a little (lot) anxious, slightly neurotic, overly perfectionist. plans events but is never in no way ever planning anyone’s wedding. (including his own if it ever happens.) kind of a doormat. just wants to Help. and always sees the good in people. maybe a little oblivious. thinks wine is a food group on its own. makes homemade dog treats for his dog and other dogs he sees on the street. hopeless romantic. doesn’t usually swear. uses words like fudge and son of a biscuit. actual cinnamon roll.

needs: friends, people that plan events with him?, maybe some exes, possibly more siblings?

anonymous asked:

I remember the only reason I started writing was because my 6th grade teacher said my story about a pug and a chihuahua falling in love was "beautiful because love comes in many ways" he later found out both dogs were girls and he praised me even more by high giving me and telling me "you're going places" and now I'm writing a novel lols 😂

Lol that’s amazing. Good work.

i just want to be the reason somebody smiles. like sure it’d be nice to be enchantingly beautiful but i’d settle for being somebody goofy on the train station. the person who tilted their phone a little so you could watch the show with them. the offered umbrella or the girl with the dog or the “oh i remembered what you got in your coffee.” like the person who makes you feel warm.