A fond farewell to Girl Meets World.

When this show was about to premiere, I was just getting back into Disney Channel, so even though I didn’t watch Boy Meets World growing up, I decided to give it a try. It took some time, but before you knew it, I loved it. Then soon after that, I really loved it. Then I REEEEALLY loved it. And it just kept growing and growing.

It’s played such an important role in so many pivotal parts of the last few years of my life. One of the highlights of senior year of high school was Friday nights with @wander–meets–world, watching new eps, going out to dinner, and working on our costumes for the Disneyland Halloween party. The season 2 premiere week was my last week of high school, and the season continued to be a big part of my summer in between high school and college. And, of course, no impact is greater than what I’ve had the chance to do since starting college, which was going to tapings of the show, amounting to twelve. As chaotic as they could be, these were some of the most fantastic experiences of my life, fun in the sense that I got to meet the stars and laugh along with the show, engaging in the sense that I learned so much about what goes on behind the scenes of a sitcom, and impactful in the sense that I got to know so many great people thanks to these tapings. This show has helped develop and grow so many friendships of mine, new and old, and I am so thankful for that. It has also introduced me to Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter, and an entire amazing cast of fantastic people who I’ve fallen in love with.

This show has become such an enormous part of my everyday life, especially given the tapings, so life’s going to be very different without it. I’m going to miss it like hell, but hopefully, if we keep working hard, maybe it won’t be gone forever.

Why I still have hope for Netflix for GMW

TVLine, Deadline, EW and TVGuide never publish an article that Netflix did not picked up Girl Meets World. These are the sites that are really reliable in terms of television. One of them really likes GMW (TVLine that they made multiple post).

Again, not one of them ever posted that Netflix did not picked up Girl Meets World. So please to all that believe that Netflix is still an option, it is still not losing battle.

so if netflix isn’t picking up gmw then i pretty much have no way to watch it :)

hulu isn’t available outside the us (i think) and i don’t think i can access amazon either (and even if i can there’s no way my parents will allow me to get it)

unless someone’s leaking the episodes as they air… bye 👋

reddit thread from the #sixseasonsandamovie campaign for Community:

The Community fandom had a similarly warm and fuzzy experience with Netflix customer service reps. But in the end, Netflix didn’t save them. Yahoo did.

At one point, Netflix reps were still responding positively to Community fans even though higher-ups said it was a no-go (and not via an official press release or social media post either). About six weeks later, Yahoo saved Community.

So look: believe what you want to believe. But there is precedent for this. The Community fandom had a MUCH bigger window to save their show than we do. We cannot afford to waste time, especially with the finale (and the attention it brings) upon us.

If history is repeating in terms of Netflix CS being out of sync with the higher-ups, then Linda Ge just did us a huge favor—probably because she is also a fan who wants to see GMW get picked up and she KNOWS the window is only going to be open for so long and we cannot afford to waste time.

It is ENTIRELY reasonable and possible for a source at Netflix to know more about their own internals than anyone involved with GMW production currently does. That’s not rag on production, it just is what it is.

Please consider this: if Linda IS wrong, then she’s majorly messed up what has been an otherwise solid career. And for what? Please, please consider that she just gave us a gift, not kick in the face.

If you’re not ready to give up hope on Netflix just yet, I understand. But there’s a reason “don’t sleep on hulu” is something that’s been repeated quite a lot for the last two weeks. At the very least, please go read the saga of #sixseasonsandamovie for context as to what we are very likely experiencing now. We can learn from how things went for them. Hope has to go hand in hand with what’s really going on.

look,,, I’ve never been into girl meets world but I don’t understand why they had to have an entire episode dedicated to that guy being autistic only to be like “SIKE lol he’s allistic” like?? just give us some rep lmao