Everyone send this to Netflix and Hulu this show deserves to be saved

The only thing that really annoys me is that Lucas and Riley just had this heartfelt conversation on the stairs about being glad they were each other’s first relationships and parted ways for the potentially last time and people ACTUALLY have the audacity to make posts saying that Lucas was looking longingly at Maya instead of his long-term girlfriend who he was potentially never going to see again… Like this is a new low for the l*caya fandom it’s like y'all can’t accept that the show isn’t about Maya. This is the kind of missing the point thing that MJ was talking about…

for those that still insist that maya had an identity crisis that she needed to be cured from, let’s put it this way: when lucas moved from texas to start over, he changed from ‘texas lucas’, which was someone who had anger issues and got into a lot of fights (it seems), to a caring kid who learned when and how to fight the right way. 

but notice, zay nor anyone else, called this an identity crisis. 

lucas changed for the better. maya was doing the same but let riley’s perception of her hold her back. riley didn’t say lucas went through a crisis bc she likes him the way he is now, whereas, apparently, she needs maya to be “bad” in order to feel right about things. 

people change people. riley and lucas didn’t break maya. they changed her and helped her grow. 

and i need a season 4 so this shit can be addressed.

We Could Be The Greatest Team

I already started this on FanFiction, but a friend of mine helped me decide to put it on here. I hope you like it!

Hello and happy Wednesday! I decided to do a one-shot series around Rucas and Joshaya.

If you have any ideas you want me to write, please, let me know!


Lucas Friar was the new guy, yay! Actually, no. Lucas hated the stares and whispers. The known fact of being out of place. And most importantly, the act of making friends will only end using you for your looks. He had little expectations of John Adams High, but once he set foot on the campus, something felt different.  

He found the office, got his schedule and was greeted by his tall and skinny guide for the week, Farkle MInkus. Farkle almost reached Lucas’ 6 foot stature, was polite and made Lucas feel welcomed. Farkle talked about the school, showed Lucas his locker and took his schedule out of his hand and exclaimed happily that they had majority of their classes together. And for some reason, Lucas was pleased with that.

The two guys started to make their way to their first class and when they rounded the corner, Lucas’ breath hitched when saw her. She was taking to another girl, probably her friend and though he felt this ‘feeling’ before, it was never this strong. This girl was driving him crazy on his first day without even trying. Hell, they didn’t even know each other. But, that was all going to change.

Lucas suddenly saw the two girls starting to walk off and without even thinking, jumped into action and went to open the door for them. But sadly, his chivalry act turned into something disastrous.  When reaching for the door, Lucas didn’t take into consideration his strength or the weakness of the door and as soon as he pulled on it, the door hit someone square in the face.

The high pitch scream brought Lucas back to reality to see the beautiful brunette holding her face with her blonde friend comforting her. “Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hit you in the face with the door. I was just trying to be polite and a gentleman. And oh god, you must hate me now. Is there-,” Lucas begins rambling before getting interrupted.

“You must be new, huh?” the brunette asks, giving him a small smile.

“Yeah. How’d you know?” Lucas wonders awkwardly, feeling his cheeks starting to blush.

“Because, no one opens the door for us girls. It’s sweet. But next time, please, be careful. Someone could get seriously injured,” the brunette finishes, finally removing her hand from her face.

Lucas saw the bright red line on her cheek and absentmindedly blurted out, “Oh god, your cheek.”

“Wow newbie, way to be a gentleman. You’re definitely making points today,” the blonde friend hisses, pulling the brunette away and walking down the hall.

“Sorry!” Lucas shouts again once they’re gone.

“Don’t worry. Riley will be fine. Let’s get you inside before anything else happens,” Farkle moves on, dragging Lucas into the classroom. Strike one, Friar.


Riley, that’s a nice name for a pretty girl Lucas thought, feeling guilty all day, all night and into the next day. But, he gave Riley a white tulip the following morning and apologized again for what happened. Riley, whose smiles made his heart beat faster, accepted the apology and welcomed him to JAH. Then, that’s all he got from her. Which, he guesses is for the best. They had a horrible first encounter. Well, at least with them only being acquaintances, he wouldn’t hurt her again. Or, so he thought.

Over the weeks, Lucas and Riley had gotten past the ‘incident’ and started to have something good going on. They had a flirty relationship and that made his feeling for her grow even more. But like always, he did something to screw it up.

It was a month later and Lucas was finally comfortable at JAH. Things were going well, better than he expected. He’s made friends, some guys from a few of his classes and of course Farkle, Riley and Maya. Yes, you heard that correctly. The brunette beauty he hit in the face with the door on his first day and the blonde, feisty best friend.

It was a lunch time and Lucas was walking with some guys, talking about sports when he misjudged his step and trips over a chair, spilling the contents on his tray all over his friend, crush and gorgeous, Riley.

Gasps fill the air as Riley lets out a shriek from the liquid and unknown food items that were running through her hair and down her back, staining her white lace shirt. “Riley,” Lucas whispers, afraid of her reaction.

Riley stiffens in her seat from the familiar voice and calmly stands up, ignoring Lucas as she walks away. “Great work, Huckleberry,” Maya snaps angrily, running after her friend with both their bags.

Once again, Lucas feels terrible and swears the universe has it out for him as he lets out a string of curses under his breath. Strike two, Friar.


It takes Riley a few days to forgive Lucas, and for good reason. But once she does, she can tell that Lucas has been miserable from his actions and can’t help but feel bad for the guy. Besides, it’s not like he meant to do what he did.

It’s a cold winter morning and Lucas is playing football before school starts, outside the main doors with a few friends when one guy throws the ball in his direction. He runs for it, not looking to see who was around and after catching the ball effortlessly, he runs right into someone, knocking them to the ground.

Quickly wanting to help the person up, his heart breaks when he sees Riley laying on the ground and staring up at him. “Riley, I’m so sorry,” he immediately apologizes, bending down to her level and supporting her as she sits up. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Luckily the grass cushioned my fall,” Riley chuckles, not surprised Lucas was the cause.

“I really am sorry Riles. I just can’t seem to stop injuring you in some way. It makes me feel like I’m cursed. Or, really bad luck,” Lucas sighs sadly, assisting Riley when she stands up.

“You’re not cursed or bad luck, Lucas. You’re just unlucky and like many others can’t control what happens around them. Don’t beat yourself over it. I’m okay and I know you’ll never purposely hurt me. You’re too sweet for that. I mean, after the first time, you brought me a flower. The second time you took me shopping and now, I have the perfect way for you to make it up to me,” Riley beams as she gathers the last of her books off the ground.

“Really? And what would that be?” Lucas inquires with a raised eyebrow.

“You take me on a date,” Riley smirks with a twinkle in her eyes.

“You got yourself a deal, Matthews,” Lucas instantly agrees.

“Good. Because that was your third strike Friar,” Riley winks before walking away.

Lucas couldn’t help but smile and laugh at his soon to be girlfriend. He may have struck out, but he got the girl anyways and couldn’t be happier with the way things just work themselves out.

anonymous asked:

Stop trashing other shows Bizzardvark has more representation than gmw does stuck in the middle has freakin a lot of poc characters gmw only has two should say something

I wasn’t trashing other shows. I was only talking about Bizaardvark’s lower ratings.

Ofc Stuck in the Middle has a “freaking a lot of poc”…it’s a show revolving around a Latino family. And Bizaardvark has two main POC, GMW has 2 semi-regulars POC.

Do I want more representation on GMW? Ofc.

Anyway I wasn’t even talking about any of that in my last post, just purely ratings