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fanfic writers are truly amazing. they spend some of their free time preparing and writing a story so we can enjoy it for free. we will laugh, cry and revive our favorite movie, show or book with brand new ideas and interesting plots that this authors are creating for our (and obviously theirs as well) entertainment.

I know a lot of people don’t take fanfics seriously, but as long as they make fans happy they aren’t such a bad thing. And not all fanfics are poorly written, on contrary, some of them are pieces of art. I know people who write beautifully and they use that ability to write fanfics because that’s what makes them happy.

What I’m trying to say is that we should appreciate this people’s work. I don’t think it is a childish thing just because some of them suck and are actually written by children. That happens with all genres, right? Some books may suck whether they are young adult, sci-fi, romance…

So appreciate this, please, and let other people be happy doing whatever they like.


In a relationship both people need to give support each other.
A relationship is about to trust but also protect.
A relationship is about to don’t give up and go through everything together.
A extraordinary relationship is more than that.
Don’t tell me rilaya wasn’t endgame.

Rowan Blanchard is biphobic??

So, if you’re confused about this whole situation, basically Rowan Blanchard liked a bunch of tweets that are… how can I say this? Blatantly biphobic?¿!??! And also ridiculously on the “social justice warrior” side. Ew.

She hasn’t “disliked” them since, you can literally go on her twitter and check it out yourself!

I know. It’s disgusting.

On another note… look at what her “boyfriend” thinks about bisexuals. Hmmmm, so cute!!

Dude is literally hiding biphobia behind his “wokeness” lmao. Just admit you don’t like, accept and support bi people and move on.

Honestly, I am so fucking sick of biphobia. Homophobes being biphobic doesn’t surprise me at all, of course. But LGBT+ people being biphobic????? Like, what is wrong with you all? Fucking social justice warriors.

Stop hiding your biphobia and hatred behind the whole “uwu man suck” thing that, for some reason, so many people still agree with (in a “not joking at all” way).

Bisexuals are allowed to be in relationships with someone of the opposite gender. That doesn’t make them any less bisexual, any less LGBT+, or any less valid.

Bi people are attracted to 2 genders, even if they are in a “straight relationship”. I don’t know why that is so hard to understand for some of y’all.

Also, while we’re here, there is nothing wrong with straight (or apparently straight) couples. Come for me, SJW’s. :)

Y’all really need to stop pretending you’re good people if you’re gonna invalidate bisexuals if they aren’t in “gay uwu” relationships. Admit you’re a bad and hateful person and move on.

Bisexuals, you are valid and loved.

Yall be super rude to Disney Channel stars until they do something outside of Disney Channel. Yall used to clown Zendaya when Shake it Up was on air and wouldn’t even look Dove Cameron’s way when she was doing Liv and Maddie. The Girl Meets World cast were considered “try hards” to many of you just a lil while ago. You guys made fun of Cameron Boyce’s unique characteristics and his body type. And don’t even get me started with how mean yall were to China Anne McClain. 

ppl I stan

ok so um here’s a list of people I love and appreciate bc they’re so cool

1. Amybeth Mcnulty; she’s honestly such a cutie and she’s so kind. I’m really glad she uses her platform to promote things that should be more publicized. um and also she’s an amazing actress and an unreplacable Anne Shirley-Cuthbert.

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2. Lucas Jade Zumann; He’s so sweet and just a really cool person. I really respect the fact that he doesn’t want to be idolized as I understand how tough having a reputation can be. Overall, he’s just a cutie and I love him aah!

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3. Millie Bobby Brown; She’s such a cutie aww. I love that she has gotten through so much hate and still remains positive and happy. She’s a strong advocate against bullying as she was a recent victim of it herself. (she had to delete her twitter.) I’m so happy she got through that and I love her sm!!

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4. Rowan Blanchard; Haha I stanned her before I knew what it was. She’s such a bright soul and super woke omg she’s on top of everything always. But most of all she’s a teenage girl who loves what she does and I’m so happy for her!

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5. Sabrina Carpenter; ugh she’s such a cutie. HER MUSIC IS SO GOOD! PLS CHECK OUT ALMOST LOVE! ok omg where do I begin. She’s so funny and sweet and caring and supportive and aaahh! just overall a great person!

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6. Lilia Buckingham; she’s so adorable and doesn’t deserve all the hate. She supports so many great causes and is a great actress as well. She’s just like the nicest girl ever and I’M SO HAPPY HER AND AMYBETH ARE FRIENDS AAHH!

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7. Malina Weissman; she’s so pretty and cool and aesthetic and badass omg and I love violet baudelaire with all my heart

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8. Zendaya; loved her since shake it up lol. an icon i love her. she’s so funny and badass at the same time ugh QUEEN!!<3333

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9. Tom Holland; worldwide cutie, my fav spiderman, LOOK AT HIM; he’s so sweet and kind and caring…and i can’t wait for him to come back to life (hopefully) (definitely) in spiderman 2!!

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10. Shawn Mendes; my first actual boyfriend / loml

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ugh SOOO MANY MORE PEOPLE!!! i’ll add to the list when i think of ppl lol