Listen Up Girl Meets World Fans!

Okay, GMW Fandom we need to have a chat. I haven’t been active over the last few months because I have a lot going on personally and professionally. However; that doesn’t mean I don’t care about GMW anymore. I’ve been quietly active in my own way for months.

I’ve called, emailed, and live chatted with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon about picking up the show. I made my planes4GMW paper airplanes for all four networks (the ones above and Disney). I reached out to my old boss at Disney (the VP of Disney’s in house creative agency) to see if he has any insight. He’s been kind of enough to answer my questions. What I’m saying is that I’m keeping my finger on the pulse of what is happening with GMW. I was doing it before the show was officially canceled and now I’m doing it to keep up with the effort to get the show picked up elsewhere.

When I saw everyone attacking Linda Ge, a prominent entertainment journalist, for her article yesterday I was disappointed, to say the least. I understand that Netflix was the first choice of venue for a lot of people but that’s not a reason to ignore what she is saying or to deride her abilities or integrity as a journalist.

As someone who worked in PR and Marketing for several years, I can assure you that there are numerous, numerous occasions on which someone in a corporation will anonymously give information to a journalist that they want the public to know without giving a quote or providing official confirmation from their company. That is how journalism works. Please, go read a newspaper; at least half of the articles will say “sources close to” or “sources deep inside the organization” “certain high ranking officials” etc. Journalism depends on the ability of a source to give information without revealing their identity. They may lose their job if their identity is revealed. A million things could happen. Sometimes it’s as simple as a corporation telling someone to approach a journalist but to retain anonymity because they want a piece of info out but they don’t want to publicly announce something. If I had to guess I would say this last possibility is exactly what happened with Netflix and Linda Ge.

As someone that now works as an editor for an online magazine, I can tell you that the process for getting an article published, especially by a legitimate source such as Yahoo, is incredibly rigorous. You need to confirm a story with at least three reliable sources. We don’t publish the additional sources or give readers their names, but you better believe both the journalist and the editor verified any story, especially one that breaks any type of news, with three sources.

There is no way Linda Ge wrote a story and got it published with false information.

Let me say this again: there is no way a reputable site like Yahoo would have published a story without verifying the veracity of the story first.

As for the people that contacted customer service at Netflix and were told it’s still possible; I think it’s wonderful that you’re attempting to be diligent. However, customer service is the lowest man on the totem pole of Netflix. Even when I worked for Guest Relations at Disney back in the day, there were many many times I knew information before it was officially announced to the public and if people asked me about it I was required to say no decision has been made, even if I knew a decision had been made and I knew what that decision was. My point is that 1) it’s likely that no one has told customer service what’s happening 2) it’s likely that even if customer service does know they are only allowed to say that no decision has been made and nothing is confirmed because that’s what corporate wants them to say.

Now, why would corporate want customer service to say nothing is confirmed? Most likely they aren’t planning on making an official announcement about not picking the show up. Networks and streaming platforms make announcements when shows are canceled but networks rarely, if ever make actual official announcements when they aren’t picking a show up. I can think of one example of a network/streaming platform that made an announcement about not picking up a canceled show. It very very rarely happens. If a network isn’t planning on announcing anything they aren’t going to have any of their representatives say anything because that defeats the purpose of not making an announcement.

To sum up: Linda Ge is Netflix’s announcement. They sent someone to her with the story, she was able to verify the story with other sources within Netflix (again the story wouldn’t be published if she couldn’t verify it with at least three sources). It was a back door way of letting us know what is happening and where we should be concentrating our efforts.

Look, I know Netflix got thousands of requests to pick up Girl Meets World. In the real world, that isn’t enough. Disney and Netflix have a very tense relationship as it is. They’ve had a tense relationship for a few years now. I have my Disney sources that say Disney Channel PR is freaking out and pushing for them to 1) either backtrack and renew GMW for a fourth season (I know for a fact that they’ve gotten a lot of complaints and parents saying they’re going to cancel their subscription to Disney/disney on demand or change their cable package to a less expensive one that doesn’t include Disney because they were only keeping it for GMW) or 2) sell the rights to any interested party. I know that my old boss was brought in for a few sessions related to GMW’s future over the past two weeks.

Things are not as bad as they seem. Netflix is 99.9% a no go. We need to be concentrating on platforms where we actually have a chance. This means Hulu, Amazon and I know people won’t like this but it also means Disney Channel. The rights are an issue regardless of where the show goes. Even though Hulu is owned by Disney, Disney Channel would have to sell the rights to Hulu because of the way Disney, as a company is structured. Lines of Business and separate entities under the Disney umbrella do not share money. What one entity earns or owns is not transferable to another Disney entity without a contract and financial exchange (the same way one would be required if it was going to a non Disney entity). What I’m saying is that the rights matter for Hulu as much as they do for Amazon. Even if you don’t want to target Disney Channel for renewing GMW (which is a possibility) you still need to target them for selling the rights to Hulu or Amazon.

I get that Netflix was the preferred platform for a lot of people. If I could pick anywhere for GMW to live I would pick Netflix. But we’ve been given a gift. Someone at Netflix (along with Linda Ge who has been a big fan of Girl Meets World for a long time and gave us the wonderful Jacobs interview last week and only wants to help our cause) decided that the best way for our campaign to succeed is for us to have as much information as possible so we can build and execute the best campaign possible. Netflix wanted this info out so we could make our Hulu and Amazon and Disney Channel efforts stronger and not waste time or resources on a platform that isn’t feasible.

You don’t have to believe Linda and you don’t have to believe me. This post pretty clearly spells out the way things work from the corporate side of giving journalists info anonymously as well as how the editorial and publication process works. It isn’t easy to get something published by a reputable source (which Yahoo News is, FYI). What I will ask is for all of you to stop attacking Linda. I ask all of you to stop thinking you know how the journalistic process works if you’ve never worked in journalism. I will ask you to stop pretending you understand how corporations and companies release information to journalists anonymously if they want a piece of information leaked.

If you still want to target Netflix that’s your choice. However, the wisest course of action is to target Hulu, Amazon and Disney Channel with everything you have. If you want to throw Netflix in there go for it. If you forego targeting Hulu, Amazon or Disney Channel in favor of targeting Netflix you are doing a disservice to saving the show we’ve all loved for three years. Putting the show ahead of your personal beliefs and desires to see the show on one particular platform is paramount.

Let’s continue to fight together to give this show the best possible chance of survival. The cast and crew deserve that from us, let’s not disappoint them.


#Planes4GMW is fandom-wide campaign to save Girl Meets World from its premature cancellation on Disney Channel & to find a suitable new home for the show. The cast & crew are behind all of this campaign and pretty much want it to continue. I hope you will too.

  • Disney: might cancel gmw
  • Gmw Fandom: makes twitter campaign's about renewing gmw and saving the show trending multiple times
  • Disney: uses gmw fandom for publicity by posting about gmw on their social medias to bait us with hope even though they intend to cancel the show
  • Gmw Fandom: fills comment section up with the save gmw campaign
  • Disney: calls MJ and tells him about the cancelation and plan to tell everyone in possibly a few days...
  • MJ: beats them to the news and alerts everyone immediately the show is over while dissing Disney
  • Gmw fandom: starts arranging a Netflix campaign and start to call them that night
  • Disney: posts a half assed goodbye to gmw announcement on instagram
  • Gmw fandom: fills up the comment section telling Disney how exactly stupid they are for canceling their best show
  • Rowan Blanchard: the star of gmw disses Disney in her rant/goodbye about the show angering Rowan supporters
  • Disney: the next day they accidently like a tweet saying that Disney are idiots
  • Gmw: literally gets nominated for two awards
  • Gmw fandom: now expanding to Hulu
  • Gmw fandom: live chatting and calling Netflix 24/7 to the point where they make a tweet about it and get two articles written about the campaign
  • Disney: posts a picture of gmw reminding everyone the show has been canceled
  • MJ: is a genius and the picture that Disney posted is from World Meets Girl which is an one hour special that literally shows just how STUPID Disney is for cancelling gmw and Disney is airing it on their own channel
  • Gmw fandom: continues campaign
  • YouTubers: start making videos about the news and Netflix alerting the YouTube fandom about what's going on
  • The Writers: show that they are all for gmw changing networks and support the campaign without even saying it.
  • Netflix: has been getting requests all around the world and the representatives think we might actually have a real shot at this
  • Disney: tries to post something
  • Gmw fandom: floods them in all social media begging them to hand over gmw rights
  • I'm crying
  • @netflix @hulu plz save this show
I have not failed. I’ve just found ten thousand ways that will not work.

Thomas Edison via Cory Matthews in Girl Meets Rah Rah

We’ve just found one way that may not work. So we double our efforts in asking Hulu and Amazon, and we continue to ask Disney Channel to release the rights to Girl Meets World. Let’s get this show back somewhere, and then we’ll worry about how we’re all going to watch it.

We cannot stop our efforts if we want to see Girl Meets World continue. Wherever it may continue. We don’t want Girl Meets World sitting in the dark.

Girl Meets A New Home

I just did a netlix live chat thing and the representative Diane told me about how much she loved Boy Meets World and how GMW is such an amazing title and I didn’t even have to say the name of the show since so many people have talked about it. She said she would be thrilled to see the ‘big bosses’ there pick it up as an original series.

Long story short: Keep going guys! Sign these petitions HERE and HERE. It has to be both since we need the rights released and for the other companies to take interest. 

World Meets Girl was an amazing and heartwarming episode tonight, and I hope as many people watched it live as were able to. Embody the goodness, hope, and love that this fandom is finally exhibiting for a show which has become more than just a show to all of us. GMW is a family, we are a group of people who has watched these characters learn and grow, and even though we’ve fought over our respective ‘ships’ in the past, we’re putting all that aside for the sake of our Girl Meets World Family. 

For @netflix and @hulu: We all appreciate your consideration of taking on our beautiful and incredible show. Girl Meets World needs a new home for more seasons to come, a home where it can explore more mature subjects, a home where it can learn and grow even more than ever before. Other shows have been brought back by your companies before, and we here in the Girl Meets World fandom hope that you would be willing to try and do the same thing for us. 

For the fandom: Please keep spreading the word, talking to BOTH Netflix AND HULU with respect and your best reasoning, and continuing to DREAM, TRY, AND DO GOOD. We can do anything that we set our mind to, and so while we grieve, we must also act and strive to give our show the new home it deserves. 

And remember most of all that we are living Girl Meets Creativity. Our beloved characters did what they attempted to do, and now we can too. 


This Friday, let’s not forget to LIVE TWEET during the episode Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen! 

The official hashtags are: 



But the most important thing, is that you remember to tag @Hulu, @Netflix AND @DisneyChannel in your tweets. Hashtags mean relatively zilch if we don’t tag the people we want to see them!

This Friday, try and focus particularly on getting Hulu’s attention. Obviously the word about Netflix is blowing up, but we can not sleep on other networks, particularly Hulu. I know some of you are disappointed in this sentiment due to the fact you don’t have Hulu, but please remember that it is only 8 dollars a month, definitely worth the money and even if you don’t get yourselves a subscription, new episodes are new episodes and some how or some way, you can find a way to watch them (I’ll even give you my own password, I don’t care). 

Last week we trended worldwide during World Meets Girl, with almost 16 million tweets about the show. Let’s try and beat that this Friday!

In the mean time, keep tweeting, keep emailing, keep live chatting and keep watching GMW on Netflix (Also, keep a lookout for a schedule in which we all plan to worldwide watch one episode a day on Netflix while we live tweet episodes to keep the momentum going). We won’t let this die, not until all hope is lost!

Keep up the great work, we are getting a ton of media attention. Just remember this is, as good old all knowing Josh Matthews would say, a long game situation. 

See you all Friday on Twitter. It’s a date <3
Netflix Rep Convo

Guys, I’m not going to lie. I just listened to this in my car and started to cry.

Call me an exhausted emotional mess due to barely any sleep these past few days, I don’t care. It all just hit me.

Because here’s the thing. I’m not crying because I might see a S4 of Girl Meets World (although that’s amazing). I’m crying because we, as a society, as a country, as a human race, have been through so bloody much the past year. 2016 was a nearly impossible time that we all barely survived. We faced countless tragedies, so many acts of hate and cruelty… and now we are gearing up to deal with one of the most unqualified and terrifying Presidents in history.

It just looked so bleak- everything, all of it. And to see this show, this little Disney show, inspire this much hope and light and faith in this many people. It’s astounding. To see something make all different walks of life feel so passionate about something, that they instantly bound together, all around the WORLD just to fight for this TV series. It doesn’t just show how wonderful the program is, it shows how wonderful this fandom is, and how much of an ability we still have to be incredible as human beings.

We still have the ability to love, to care, to hope, to aspire, to fight, to believe, and to use our voices to truly make a difference. In a time where it seems like the little guy has no power at all, we are proving that we can still move mountains.

That’s so amazing to me. And unbelievably beautiful. And I am so proud to stand with all of you powerful and inspiring people while we continue to push for what’s right. For what we deserve. For what the people of Girl Meets World deserve, after working so hard to create something we could believe in.

We’re taking on the world and we’re winning. And that’s everything.

❤ so much love, to each and every one of you. You have truly moved me, and I can only hope one day I can create a series of stories that sparks this much beauty from its fans.

We have the power.


#Planes4GMW is fandom-wide campaign to save Girl Meets World from its premature cancellation on Disney Channel & to find a suitable new home for the show. The cast & crew are behind all of this campaign and pretty much want it to continue. I hope you will too.

For other actions you can take to save Girl Meets World, go to