girl in the fireplace

The signs as happy feelings and things

ARIES: The feeling of accomplishment after finishing up a big project at work and coming home to the comfort of your bed. Finally winning over a lover’s heart. The color red. Successfully nailing a job interview. Bold lipsticks. The adrenaline rush you get from driving over the speed limit. Lip biting during kisses.

TAURUS: The feeling of being in your lover’s arms. Binging on shows instead of going out on a Friday night. Meditating before bed. Taking a deep whiff of your favorite candle. Soft blankets. Forehead kisses and long hugs. A smile of appreciation during an encounter with a baby animal. Freshly baked cookies. Sleeping in after a long week of work.

GEMINI: The feeling of enlightenment after an intellectual conversation with a stranger at a coffee shop. Warm winds against your skin on a summer evening. Lemonade. Observing a ladybug in your palm. Seeing stars in your lover’s eyes. Cotton candy and ice cream. The elation you get when someone understands your jokes.

CANCER: The feeling of happiness and contentment when your loved ones compliment your home cooked meals. Oreos dipped into milk. Feeling the warmth and love when your pets cuddle up right next to you on the couch. Dipping your toes into a swimming pool as the sun begins to set. The smile that plays on your lips when someone tells you they love and appreciate you. 

LEO: The feeling of dressing up to reflect the confidence you feel from within. Finally saving up enough to purchase your dream bag. Socializing with your best friends over drinks at a housewarming party. Getting a new hair color. Genuine compliments that make you light up. Reciprocation of all the love and generosity you’ve given to those around you. 

VIRGO: The feeling of valuable gained knowledge after reading up on articles of your favorite topics during the wee hours of the morning. Holding hands with your lover in the movie theater. Letting the art of your words bring solace to someone’s pain and suffering. Readjusting your glasses after a long period of reading. Promotions at work. Feeling capable and worthy.   

LIBRA: The feeling of appreciation for the amazing people who surround you. The sound of laughter. The blush that flushes your cheeks when the handsome guy at the bar winks at you. Looking in the mirror and feeling content with what you see. Movie nights over wine with your favorite girls. Making out by the fireplace. The feeling of silk on your bare skin. 

SCORPIO: The feeling of danger and excitement when you rev your motorcycle engine to speed up on the freeway. Smelling a fresh bouquet of roses. Tongue kisses. Telling scary stories by the bonfire with your best friends. Make up sex. Running into the arms of your lover after an eternity of being apart. Finally letting your walls down and allowing yourself to trust again after countless heartbreaks. 

SAGITTARIUS: The feeling of the wind messing up your hair as you stick your head out the sunroof while your friends are driving. Toasting drinks over barbecue. Fireworks on the 4th of July. Helping someone see in a different perspective. Feeling energized after a good workout. Vibing to your favorite artist’s new soundtrack. Driving stick.

CAPRICORN: The feeling of achievement after closing a deal on your first home. Proudly watching as your younger siblings grow up. Nervously asking out your lover on a first date and feeling overwhelmed with joy when they say yes. Going on a hike with your friends. Re-watching your favorite movies. Pillow talks. Making sure your loved ones feel safe and secure. 

AQUARIUS: The feeling of being finally being understood. Staying up late playing video games. Proving someone wrong. Bringing out the best traits in a person by encouraging them to be unafraid of who they are. Spending time alone after being out with friends. Stargazing with your lover. The cool mist that caresses your skin on a winter morning.

PISCES: The feeling of being complete after expressing yourself through a form of art. Eskimo kisses. Pouring your emotions out onto pen and paper. Hands covered in paint. Bright blue skies with tons of cirrus clouds. The sound of rain soothing you to sleep. Singing along to your favorite songs on a road trip with your family.  

Can we please ship Mickey Smith and Reinette? Just do yourself a favor for a second and imagine:

  • it’s Mickey’s first trip to outer space in the TARDIS. They find the fireplace, and good old tin-dog Mickey knocks the wrong thing and wheels around into 1700s France
  • he sees this little girl (and Mickey is good with kids), and he hears the clock—and he’s a mechanic, he knows a six-foot sound when he hears one—he is scared out of his mind, but Mickey Smith is not one to leave scared little kids, his grandmother taught him better than that
  • and there’s THE AUTOMATON. Mickey Smith, panicked in trying to protect this kid and not get killed in his first outing, catches the Automaton’s attention and gets it over by the fireplace and hooked to the ledge
  • Frantic, he smacks the thing that got him here and he’s back at the spaceship, automaton in tow, Ten mildly shocked but happy to play with more robots if Mickey will go get them
  • Ten is so distracted by the robot that he doesn’t notice a certain somebody pressing the thing again—Mickey wants to make sure the little French girl is okay—Rose’s “wait!” falls on empty air.
  • and oh shit, Mickey is met by this gorgeous woman, who calls him her imaginary friend and seems to remember him as a hero, an angel, not a scared guy—and oh no, this woman is Madame de Pompadour, isn’t she?!
  • quite a start for your first adventure
  • And when Mickey gets back through the fireplace, Rose and the Doctor have wandered off—of course they have, that’s what they do—so Mickey, looking for them, wanders through another door and into France again, and meets Reinette some more
  • and more automatons, of course; but Mickey’s a mechanic, he knows his way around those; delicate parts snap easily
  • Reinette is a delicate part, and wants to dance
  • Meanwhile, the Doctor and Rose are working it out from the ship—Reinette being 37 is what the droids want; and oh, no, the droids are about to strike.
  • Mickey doesn’t consult them. He has a horse (after all, he’s let Rose keep the Doctor), he has a mirror, he has Reinette—
  • Reinette.
  • Reinette, the only woman who has focused on him, and seen the hero he could be.
  • Reinette, so loyal that she rejoices even if he only shows up every few years.
  • Reinette, who is treated as an object by the droids just as much as he is treated as a tin dog by the rest of his life.
  • Reinette……
  • Mickey Smith jumps through the mirror, riding a horse. He and Reinette drink wine, and count the stars they would like to visit but never will now.
  • One wrong fireplace and Reinette is gone forever. Mickey reads her letter in the TARDIS. The Doctor and Rose leave him alone (alone, again). Mickey decides he will be the hero Reinette saw him as.
  • Next adventure, Mickey defeats thousands of Cybermen.