girl in a bow tie


This weekend I got to play dress up with my beautiful girl Kate and had a wonderful time at our friends’ wedding in upstate New York.

The outfit consists of:

Pants- J.Crew chinos

Shoes- Sperry Topsiders

Belt- American Apparel

Button down- Uniqlo

Blazer- H&M

Bow tie- J.Crew

Sunglasses- Vintage bought from the Brooklyn Flea

It was a beautiful event filed with fun, laughter, and fireworks.




“I wanted to make sure that young girls and women knew that [dresses] weren’t a requirement. You don’t have to wear one if you don’t want to. Just be yourself because your worth is more than that.”- Evan Rachel Wood

The Intern

Today was the day. It was your first day interning with BigHit so you could bulk up your college applications. You were so excited that you got in to the prestigious scheme. On the way in, all the other interns and yourself included had been talking about how cool it would be if you were assigned to shadow staff from one of their groups. Of course, BTS was on everybody’s minds since who wouldn’t want to be in the same space as them. You all knew it was highly unlikely, since most of you were 17 and right in their fan range. 

You’d probably freak too. 

“Doesn’t Yoongi look amazing there?” Sin-ho, a girl you had met on the way in looked up dreamily at the poster of Min Yoongi, one of the main rappers. He did look amazing, and you couldn’t help the smile form on your face.

“Right, welcome to BigHit Entertainment. This is our second year hiring interns and we’re pleased to offer the opportunity again to the producers and business executives of tomorrow.” A strict looking lady dressed in a grey suit bellowed as you all gathered in a line.

You counted how many of you there were, 6. Wow, to think that out of– 

“6! There are 6 of you who made it here, out of the 600 applications we received. We’ve chosen you because we think you all seem like the most professional, intelligent, well behaved and opportunistic from all applications we received.” You couldn’t hide a smirk creeping up on your face. They chose 6 interns this year because last year, 15 of the 35 that ended up here left work early to hunt down BTS even though they were on tour. From inside sources, it was a nightmare. 

“Let’s lay some ground rules first. 1. Remain respectful at all times. 2. Don’t stray where you’re not suppose to. There will be consequences. 3. Respect the privacy requests of our artists. This means, no fan requests, no taking pictures and absolutely no inappropriateness. “ 

Damn, you thought. You had hoped you could at least get some autographs signed. You reminded yourself you were here for business, it was laced all over your application which is probably why they chose you. You hadn’t mentioned your adoration for BTS at all. 

“Now, I’m going to assign you to your teams. Y/N, Sin-ho and Eun will be working with makeup team 1 in room 2.34…” You listened carefully to be disappointed. 

Make up? 

Did they chose you because your eyeliner was mostly always on point? You wanted to see some real action, how profits grow, accounts rise and heck even seeing what PR do would be cool. But, make-up seriously? It was difficult to hide the disappointment from your face. What was even weirder was that you glanced to Eun and Sin-ho, who looked like they’d just won the lottery. Their eyes were beaming. 

For a guy who looked super masculine too, you were confused by Eun who looked excited. 

Sin ho shot you a smile that couldn’t contain itself, which was a contrast against your sadness. 

The grey suit lady left after giving the other 3 the PR department which you envied, you had now labelled her the  glass ceiling conformer since she assigned you to something so petty. The others were all guys too, and they got PR!

You tried to tell yourself experience was experience, but cleaning make-up brushes. Yeah, that’ll help me doing accounts in college. Bitch. You thought.

“Why are you so sad?! Don’t you know what this means?” Eun practically screamed as you guys started walking to find the room.

“Talking for hours about shades of concealer? I watch youtube tutorials for that.” You said in defeat. 

Sin ho laughed. 

“You really don’t know what this means do you?” 

Your eyes were nearly popping out, because hell- you didn’t. You couldn’t understand how these guys would be so excited to clean makeup brushes.

“The makeup team get to follow BTS around all day. This is what it means!” 


“I GET TO TOUCH JIMIN’S FACE. THOSE CHEEKS. OH MY GOD.” Sin ho was hyperventilating. 

“Boy, you must have really made it sound like you hate the guys in the application and interview. I thought they had a strict no fan girl hiring policy.” Eun said, adjusting his bow tie. 

“Pfft, I have my ways.” Sin-ho replied. 

“You better not fangirl in front of them, you’ll be out in an instant.” You reminded her, as glass ceiling conformer had made really clear in her speech. 

Inside though, you probably had to control yourself. You had to remind them they were just normal guy–

Eun found the door and knocked. 

Shit, you weren’t ready. 

“Interns! Come in!” A lady pulled you all into a room with mirrors and dressing tables, MAC would be proud looking at the display. 

“Welcome! Ah, don’t they look cute? How old are you all? My my my, these two are beauties!” The plump woman said, pinching your cheeks and Sin- Ho’s. 

You followed convention and said it would be an honour to work under her, and she said there was no need for such formalities. 

“Are you girls fans of BTS?” She asked. Before we could reply, another woman came in. 

“For your internship, don’t be. The least we need is fangirls ruining their privacy. Give me your phones.” The slender woman was dressed in a pinstripe dress and held her hand out. 

You obliged with the others, even though you were furious inside to hand over your phone. 

“You. How tight is your shirt?” The pinstripe woman asked, to which you gave her a confused look. What sort of question was that?

“Why, is it bad?” You couldn’t help but say. This was a standard shirt. Fashionable, cute, sure- I guess some might say sexy if they were perverted. 

“We don’t want anyone to look like they’re here to seduce the boys.” She stated blutly. You nearly choked. 

Gosh, what was up with these people?! 

“I’m sorry, I’ll wear something more loose fitting tomorrow.” You bowed your head in embarrassment. 

“And you. That dress just won’t do. Come with me.” The woman said to Sin-Ho, whose mouth looked like it would land on the floor. What kind of shit was this? Sin-Ho’s dress was business cute. 

“What about Eun? His bow ties too sexy.” You blurted, to which you instantly regretted. Eun got your joke, as he smiled. 

“Good thing there aren’t any girl groups here.” She said, before taking Sin- Ho away to change. 

“And such disrespect has earned you an extra task you won’t find out until later today. My name is Ms. In-Dong. I am your supervisor and worst nightmare here.” She said, and walked away. 

The plump lady was much nicer. 

“Ah, so young.” She looked dreamily at us. 

“Ah, that should be the boys!” 

You heard some loud, masculine voices before they came inside. It was surreal actually seeing them, since well- your contact with them was through your laptop on weekends watching videos. 

“Ajumma! My face is so puffy today.” Jin, gosh it was so cool to hear his voice in real life, yelled before taking a seat near you. He looked at himself in the mirror and patted his face. 

“Jin’s face is always puffy.” Jimin said, that signature on his face as he took a seat and looked into the mirror. 

The rest of the boys looked tired, but they took their seats too. It took them a moment or two to clock that it wasn’t just their Ajumma in the room, but two other 17 year olds. 

“Ah, Eun can you pass me the bottle over there?” Ajumma forgot to introduce you guys, but it looked like Eun got the better end of the stick since he was actively doing something as the plump Ajumma got to work on Jin’s face. He was holding the bottle and dabbing cotton wipes every now and then to pass to Ajumma, he was probably star struck himself. 

You on the other hand, had recovered quickly. You were right at the edge, noticing how the rest of the guys were on their phones. 

“Coffee please?” Jimin asked, to which Ajumma looked at you.

“Uh, sure. What would you like?” You asked, but you couldn’t help your voice stutter because well- you were talking to Jimin. 

“Latte please, two sugars.” You quickly noted it down on the reporters notebook you had.

Before you left, you plucked up the courage to ask the others. 

“Would you guys like anything?” You asked. 

Their eyes rose up to meet yours. 

“Latte, 1 sugar. Capuccino, no sugar. Espresso, 1 shot. Americano, please.” You quickly noted down the orders. 

“Sure.” You said, and then asking Ajumma where to go. 


After coming back with trays of coffee, the boys were now in a different room you learnt. They were practicing. 

You didn’t bother knocking since they were busy, but left the steaming trays on the table in the practicing room. Whilst you were on your way out, the boys were intently listening to their dance instructor. What you clocked though, was Jungkook looking at you as you left the room. 

He was so beautiful, you thought.

“Ah, yet so forbidden.” Sin Ho jumped out, now dressed in a more conservative top and trousers. You were glad she could keep her heels at least. 

“How’d you guess?” You asked, walking back to the makeup room. 

“Please, how could you not guess? You’ve just come out of a room with the hottest guys in Kore practicing all sweaty. I don’t need to be a genius hun.” She giggled. 

You rolled your eyes, in frustration- she was so correct. 

For the rest of the day, you had done the less exciting part of being on the make up team- washing brushes. 

“This is not Min Yoongi’s shade. How could they put this on him?” Sin Ho said, looking at a concealer stick labelled with Yoongi. 

You were bored out of your mind after you had deposited the 200th brush in the sink to soak. 

“So, is this what entails following them around?” You asked, because that would be more fun than this. 

“At least you got to see them this morning whilst the witch made me change.” 

“You. Sin- Ho. Can you hold a camera?” The glass ceiling woman asked. You were both startled, hoping she hadn’t heard Sin Ho call her a witch.

“Y-yes.” She replied.

“We need someone to hold the camera for Eat Jin. Come with me.” Glass ceiling woman said.

Sin Ho looked to Eun and you. She made an excited expression before going into professional mode. 

“Of course.” She said, getting up to follow the woman out of the room.

“I touched Jin’s face today.” Eun said, trying to mimick our wonder at the boys. 

“Stop it dude, they probably feel cool around you.” You said, pushing his arm playfully.

“They’re pretty cool. Yoongi showed me this game on his phone that he plays, we exchanged ID’s. Don’t tell Sin Ho, she’ll freak.” He winked. 

You laughed, before being interrupted by the kinder and plump makeup artist. 

“You guy’s should go for lunch. The canteen’s across the hall. Forgive me for forgetting!” She yelled, before coming in to usher you out. 

“I’m starving.” You said, noticing how you hadn’t had anything since that cereal bar and glass of orange juice for breakfast this morning. Your mother had even texted you to ask if you had eaten, but you didn’t wanna make her feel bad. 

“Adult life seems so dull.” Eun said, noticing the middle aged men pour out of a conference room.

“I’m having a party this weekend, can’t wait to get wrecked.” He said. 

“If we survive by the end of this week, count me in. Anything to numb down the boredom I have cleaning brushes right now.”

The posh canteen was largely empty, apart from to your surprise- Jungkook sitting down with his plate and on his phone. 

Eun and you got your food, but you nudged to Eun looking at Jungkook.

“Isn’t that disturbing him?” Eun asked.

“No, no one likes eating alone!” You whispered back, before taking the lead to sit down in front of him. 

“Hey man.” Eun said, smiling. 

“Hi.” He said, putting down his phone. 

“Mind if we sit here, we just didn’t want to impo-” You said, but Jungkook cut you off.

“It’s fine, I don’t like eating alone anyway. I came in to eat late since I was annoyed with not perfecting this move at practice.” He said, a shy smile on his face. 

“Wow, the food here is good.” Eun said, starting to make conversation. 

“Really? Is food at schools any better?” Jungkook asked, curious about Eun’s discovery.

“Ah, school food sucks. I can’t wait to just get out and get to college. No more surprise Wedneday.” Eun shivered, mentioning the surprise Wednesday meals everyone was familiar with. 

“They still do that? It’s been a while since I was at regular school.” Jungkook said. 

You guys then started to make small talk, and what you didn’t expect was to find out how humble and quickly Jungkook opened up to you. He was shy at first, but one meal completely made you, Eun and Jungkook actually bond. 

“I don’t get to speak to people my age much. This was a nice break. I’ll see you guys around.” Jungkook said, getting up .

You smiled and waved goodbye, to which he waved back. He was still a little shy around you though, but you could work on it.

Had you just become friends with Jeon Jungkook of BTS?

You actually had. 

That night, when your mother asked how your first day interning went, you said great. 

“Make any new friends?” She asked. 

“Omoni, I became friends with a kpop star. I think I’ve had a good day.” You said over dinner.

“Aish, is he cute?” She asked. To that you blushed, of course he was mega cute. You let the conversation flow to other things though, but safe to say- you’re new friend was in the back of your mind. 

The next few days at work saw you flit around different departments, and you enjoyed PR a lot. You also had the pleasure of bumping into Jungkook at lunch, who would tease you about your day and you would vice versa. 

“It’s Fridaaaaay.” You said, seeing him already sat down to eat. His plate was untouched, he actually waited for you. “I’m so happy for the weekend.”

“Hahaha, how fun would it be to have nothing to do on a Satuday. I, on the other hand, have to get up bright and early for comeback interviews and then a performance.” Kookie said, starting to eat his food.

“Are you performing at KBS? My friend got me tickets to see you guys.” You said. 

He smiled. “Really? Come and see me backstage.” He looked hopeful. 

“I wasn’t planning on going.” You admitted, truth be told- you just wanted to sleep and watch netflix the entire weekend after running around here at work. You also had a science paper due. 

Jungkook pouted. 

“Is this your aegyo? Gosh, I’m so offended.” You said, faking how his aegyo wasn’t the cutest thing ever. 

“I’ll go on one condition.” You said, ready to tease him.

“What?” He asked, interested.

“Take your shirt off during your performance.” You grinned.

“Isn’t that a little provocative for a little girl like you to see?” Jungkook leaned in towards the table. 

Hold up, is he flirting with me?

This was so against internee rules. 

You couldn’t help your reply though. 

“You really think I look little?” You asked, because you knew very well that Kookie had been checking you out a few times over the past few days when you came in with your coffee run for him and left them whilst they practiced. 

He bit his lip as he gwaned out his smile. 

“You do realise, taking my shirt off just wouldn’t be for you? It would be for everyone.” He said.

“Why should it be for me? I’m not with you.” You replied back. 

“I’m asking as a fan, and as a friend who’ll probably use your awkward shirt take off as some sort of payback.”

“Friends have numbers. “ He said, ignoring your last comment and taking your phone. 

He dialled in his details, before winking. 

“Come please.” He said.

“I’m technically your intern, it’s weird if anyone sees.” You said. 

He sighed in frustration. 

“I hate these rules.” He sighed again, leaning back to get his head together before getting up. 

“I’ll be in the crowd.” You said, “save the VIP meet Jungkook thing after I finish interning.” 

“Don’t finish, whose gonna keep me company on my lonely lunch?” He pouted, which seriously ruined you.

So your friendship with Jungkook became much, much more friendly. You were now texting at work, he was at one end of the building and you were at another. You were texting when you were home, sending memes to each other and everyone tried to tease you about the constant smile on your face. 

Jungkook: Coffee please. 

Y/N: Now? I’ve nearly finished work Kookie. 

Jungkook: Kookie? I’m an oppa to you little girl, an oppa who needs coffee to get me through this recording session. You still have 5 minutes. 

Y/N: You know my time schedule? Stalker. 

Jungkook: COFFEEEEEEE, DONUTS, CREAM, Oh please get me a muffin.

Y/N: Didn’t you complain about how your scientific workouts were suffering as a result of my amazing cupcakes I brought in the other day? Now you want muffins?

Jungkook: Just see me before you leave, little girl. Coffee in hand or else you’re not leaving till me. 

You sighed, Jungkook left at a crazy time. That meant you could do, because he’d probably complain to glass ceiling woman and make you stay. 

What you didn’t expect to see in the coffee room was a flustered looking Sin Ho, and Min Yoongi? What the-

Did they have-, no, they coulnd’t have. You were surprised. 

“Hi. Y/N, coffee?’ She asked, putting her, oh my god freshly fucked looking hair into a neat pony tail. 

You looked at Yoongi, cool and calm guy couldn’t control his shock you had come in. 

“I didn’t know you drunk coffee so late.” Sin Ho said.

“I don’t, it’s for Jungkook. I’ll do it.” You said, taking over and fixing a cup of coffee and taking a muffin out of the cupboard. 

“I’ll keep quiet.” You whispered in her ear, before taking a quick glance at Yoongi and walking out. 

Did they seriously just have sex in the coffee room? Whilst you were making friends with Kookie, Sin Ho was clearly doing something of her own. 

You shivered. 

The recording room was empty apart from Kookie sitting there, writing.

“Coffee and a muffin. Now I’d really like to go home…” 

“Sit down Y/N. You haven’t spoken to me since lunch.” Kookie dragged you down. 

“I will, if you write me a song.” You said, teasing. 

“Is this just because I’m an idol! You wouldn’t ask one of your 17 year old buddies this!” 

You pouted in return, “but you’re not like them”. 

“I’m better, right?”

You rolled your eyes nodding. 

“I have a date tomorrow though, so you can’t keep on asking for coffee right before I leave.” You warned, remembering you’d been set up. 

Jungkook looked at you cocking his head. 


“What kind of date?” He asked, eyes piercing into you.

“A hot one I hope.” You replied, noticing his sudden change of personality.

“How old is he?” He asked, sticking his tongue into his check.

“I don’t know, probably my age.” You said, kinda disappointed. You were more mature for 17, so an 18 year old date would probably be fun for you. 

Jungkook was silent for a bit.

“What do you want to happen at this date?” He asked.

You laughed. “Kookie, you want me to tell you how I plan to seduce a guy?” 

Kookie raised his eyebrows.

“Seduction from a little girl like you shouldn’t be happening.”He stated as-a-matter-of-fact.

“I’m great at seduction actually, for a ‘little girl’.” You mimicked his words, noting his eyes darkening.

This was weird, an interesting new development. He put his hands together and smiled. 

“Why don’t you practice on me?” He asked, challenging you. 

“I’m doing it now, aren’t I?” You challenged back, biting your lip. 

“Clever girl. You’ve been secretly seducing me for a while. Don’t think I haven’t noticed…” He said.

You laughed, body on edge as you straightened your posture.

“Like what?” You now batted your eyelids. 

“Cute skirts showing off your legs, tight shirts, lip biting, dark and twisty moments when you just stare into space- you’d get an A if you studied a class on seduction.” Kookie said. 

You were faltering, because his voice now sounded like honey. 

Kookie got up and took a step towards you, putting his arms around your chair and leaning down.

“I think we’ve been friends for a while now, don’t you?” He said into your ears.

You bit your lip out of habit this time, unsure of if this was going to a place you wanted. 

You looked down to see a bulge gorging out of Jungkook’s tight trousers. 

“Need h-help?” You timidly blurted, because your throat was now dry with need and your body was on edge.

Jungkook smirked. 

“Don’t go out on that date tomorrow and you can help me.” He said.

“Jeon Jungkook, you can’t hide me from other men.” You said. 

Jungkook smiled cockily again.

“What If I want to? What If I don’t want you batting your eyelashes at anyone else but me?” He teased, taking you arms up and pushing you towards a wall. 

You were blushing furiously, because his words crept up on you like a soft caress. 

“Friends don’t do that Jungkook.” You said, your reply was breathy and hot. 

“Go on that date tomorrow and we won’t be friends anymore. Don’t go out on that date, and we certainly won’t be friends. You’ll be with me.” He said, burning his eyes into you. 

“I don’t want to be friends with you Y/N. Not anymore. I can’t stand the thought of you with someone else.” 

“I want you to be mine.” Jungkook took your hands and placed him by his chest, and you leaned in naturally. His eyes bore into yours, and the tension between your bodies was rising with each moment. 

“It’s against the rules.” You tried to stay firm, remembering what you saw with in the coffee room.

“No one has to know until your internship finishes. It’s our secret.” He said, eyes pleading.

“Okay.” You said, releasing the lip you had been biting all this time.

Jungkook let you go before he said he’d lose control and make you both do something you regretted. You cancelled your blind date that evening and tried to get your head around what had happened. You knew you liked Jungkook, hell, really liked him. Throughout this internship, you picked up on his likes and dislikes, hopes, dreams, whatever- there was some way that both of you just meshed. Really well. 

You noticed how shy he was around other people, but with you- it was like he just got you. There was even a limit to being comfortable with Eun, and at first- you were within that limit but then he grew out of it. 

The next day, work continued and you barely had a chance to see Jungkook apart from lunch, where the atmosphere was sensually tense. His smiles were laced with suggestiveness, jokes were flirty-dirty and you were treated like a girlfriend. Light touches, laughs, a peck on the cheek that left you dizzy. 

Were, you- Jungkook’s girlfriend? 

Later that evening, as expected- you made your way into the recording room to meet up with Jungkook. To your surprise, there was a picnic rug and flowers and tea lights.

“I’m sorry we can’t go out out, so I thought I’d bring out here.” He smiled, taking you to sit down on the rug. 

Your heart nearly melted. 

“No ones done this for me before.” You said. Well, you were 17 and the most your dates had done were driven you around the city. Jungkook carefully planned this all out, on top of his mad schedule. 

This was thoughtful.

“You clearly haven’t had a boyfriend as amazing as me.” Jungkook said, opening up a picnic basket. 

“Thank you.” You said, and Jungkook shut you up with a kiss. 

“If you’re my girlfriend, you do realise this is going to be a basic thing. This is standard.” Kookie said, popping a grape in his mouth. 

You laughed.

“I didn’t know I hurt your pride.” 

“Jeon Jungkook’s girlfriend deserves the best.” He smiled at you. It was that smile you fell for the first time you saw him. 

“I’m not too young for you oppa?” You teased, noticing how he hadn’t called you little girl today.

Jungkook’s demeanour suddenly changed. 

“Oppa…” He drawled.

“Oppa really wants you to sit on his lap.” He said, cocking his head to one side. 

You played along, and crawled over to him until you were sat on his lap. Gosh, his thighs were glorious.

Jungkook’s eyes burned into yours, and you met him leaning in. A heated kiss turned out into a full blown body session, where your clothes and Jungkook’s were getting in the way of what was now edging onto something much more sensual. 

“Fuck”. Jungkook said, noticing how his control of your hips had you grinding your self back and forth on them.

“Oops, looks like we have a little problem.” You said.

“Little?” Jungkook cocked his head, pushing himself up against you. 

“Okay, big.” You said back, noticing how delicious the friction was.

“Baby, let’s stop for tonight.” He said, because it would take some time before you were fully ready. Inside he knew that you were 17, and that taking a step too far would be bad. 

“Why? We’re doing great.” You said, trying to resume your actions. 

“We are. But I’m older here, and I need to control myself for both our sakes. This stuff isn’t kids play, we both need to be ready. When do you turn 18?” Jungkook asked. 

You sighed.

“It’s just a number.” 

“But I care.” He shot back.

“May. Does this mean you’re not going to touch me?” You sighed in frustration.

“I will, just not in the way you want. This is my limit.” 

You were annoyed beyond belief, but you knew Jungkook was doing it because he thought it was the right and responsible thing to do. You coulnd’t help but frown though.

“Don’t worry, you won’t be able to walk for a week after you turn 18.” He whispered in your ear. 

You blushed furiously. 

“Now, let’s just be a good couple, okay?” 

You nodded. It was the start of something new, which you were excited about and nervous. You were going against the rules, but it felt worth it knowing that you’d get Jungkook at the end. 

From there, in a dimly lit recording studio- you and Jeon Jungkook started a beautiful story. It was your first date, and it was one that you’d tell him about a year later, and a year after that. 

Your relationship had only just begun. 

AN: This was so fun to write, I just love Jungkook here. He’s such a bias wrecker. Thanks for the request anon!