girl friends

My favourite lesbian couples in manga / manhwa / manhua

Mel x Lynn from Pulse

Cha Yoon x Erae from The Love Doctor

Mei x Yuzu from Citrus

Kase x Yamada from Asagao to Kase-san

Akko x Mari from Girl Friends

Sun Jing x Qiu Tong from Tamen De Gushi (yes, I know they’re yet to start dating, but still)

Kim No-rae x Baek Seol-a from Fluttering Feelings (not yet dating though, sending all my love to Ssamba, may you get better soon)

Tokaku x Haru from Akuma no Riddle (you don’t know how happy I am they’re canon)

Guk-hwa x Jang-Mi from It Would Be Great If You Didn’t Exist

If you ever feel wrong about loving someone that you shouldn’t, just stop. Never blame yourself for a sin that you do nothing but love. You can not control your feelings, you are not a machine with screws and buttons, there isn’t a switch to turn on and off your emotion. Be grateful because you got a heart, be happy because it beats faster when somebody you love walk in the room, and be brave to face the truth. All you need to do is let yourself listen to the melody of your heart. Let it play the song of desire and passion for you. Sometimes you need to shut the brain off, it’s not always right when it comes to love.
—  Little Dragonfly XXVII

I’ve been checking out Katie’s interview for quite a while now and she probably introduced me to the phrase ‘bezzie mate’. So I googled it, and of course, urban dictionary has it. And to my surprise, here’s the content:

I dont know what trick is the universe playing on me, but it’s working. I laughed so hard in this one because, oh my god, I googled for this sht because of Katie who-plays-gorgeous-powerful-Lena-Luthor McGrath, then I see this… “Lena and Kara are bezzie mates”. Wow. It’s like this definition was exactly made because the words came from Katie herself lol