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The young Medium walks up to Eleanor’s manor, wearing the black suit and green tie that their twin sibling was planning to wear, before they decided to back out due to a recent resurrection exhausting them. Black, lifeless-looking eyes scan the manor from top to bottom.

“Wow,” she said under her breath. “This place is huge.”

She walked slowly and hesitantly, as if she was unsure about whether she was really supposed to be here.

But she was. And she was ready.


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dark gayradwhitedad show me the forbidden student athlete AU

G O D OKAY so like

in reference to the headcanons list i made, i jokingly brought up a student athlete AU where evan would be a rly sporty dude? and then @stellaisgay and i started talking about this ridiculous OOC AU that is completely unfounded by everything and anything and isnt serious at all where evan is quarterback of the school’s football team and connor is a cheerleader and theyre a Power Couple


“Women are made to feel defensive of their decisions, particularly when it comes to family life, and I don’t think that’s right. Whether you can ‘keep a man’, I hate that phrase, or whether you breastfeed, whether you don’t, whether you want to have children, whether you don’t, whether you can have children… I could go on and on. This film captures that element of women pitted against each other, who ultimately unite. I think the mistake is to say that these women are victims when, actually, this is an empowering film for women.”

get to know me meme: 3/10 actors and actresses ~ emily blunt

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Gal Pals @ prom sharing a Friendship Dance