girl's volleyball

I made this instagram post because Karasuno is nothing without these dorky 3rd years and I cannot let them go TT_TT

Suga went out with Daichi and Asahi this past weekend. He posted on his IG.

I am not an insult

“She kicks like a boy!” The children on my elementary kickball team cheered as I kicked a home run.

“You hit like a boy!” My volleyball coach excitedly told me when I tried out for the middle school team in the sixth grade.

“She swings like a boy!” My PE coach yelled, trying to embarrass the weaker boys when I nearly hit a home run my first time playing baseball.

“You punch like a dude!” My sparring partner told me after I hit him so hard in a match that he lost his breath.

No. I don’t. I don’t kick, hit, punch, swing, or do anything like a boy. I’m strong. I’m athletic. I’m powerful. I’m a girl.

I kick like a girl.

I swing like a girl.

I hit like a girl.

I punch like a girl.

I am not an insult.


Shounenkings started this wonderful thing with girls volleyball team so I wanted to join the party too:”)

So here, have Yaseikawa girls volleyball team! I have more sketches but I’m too tired to finish them all, so for now let’s have just some basic info\designs.

Hopefully I’ll do more soon because this was so much fun! why do I even need ships why do I do it to myself