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Repost: @violalovescyclingSometimes I got to train into the night but whatever it takes 💪🌃☺
Thanks to @capture_the_shot for the nice video 😉
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The Little Mermaid Photoshoot (1)

all photos are taken by Gerry Juans

Ariel CN nina (me) | Eric CN Haris 

Costume : credit to Kaze who made Eric costume | Ariel pink dress are by myself. I also accepting commission. Send me email to if you interested :)

Alright alright alright I’m about to make this Bone Zone a serious space for a minute, because I have a few things to say

I certainly hope that none of you who follow along this blog are the same people sending hate to beautiful dandy and other blogs in the fandom, but just in case you are one of those cruel people or are thinking about leaving hateful messages for someone, please listen to me.

This is tumblr. We are just part of a fandom. It is completely ridiculous to be starting “wars” and “attacking” people over the most insignificant shit like you not liking their ship or deciding that you don’t like a person after seeing a few pages of posts on their blog. This is a place for entertainment and enjoyment and creativity. There’s no reason whatsoever to start abusing people over anime, my guys.

It’s not that deep. But you know what is? The words you choose to say to people, hiding behind anonymous messages. For the most part you are hurling completely unnecessary abuse to teenagers and people in their early twenties. Do you see how pathetic that is? Does that make you feel good? Get off the internet for awhile and sort out your issues, Sharon.

All my love to those, such as my gorgeous dandy, who are being randomly targeted. You’ll always have a place here to chill and have fun, so feel free to message me or just take a break off of the net altogether if you need to. Lots of love xx