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✨ Self-Care Note To Autistic People ✨

☀️ Don’t be afraid to say “no” to things that will give you sensory overload ☀️

☀️ Don’t compare yourself to neurotypicals ☀️

☀️ It’s not your fault if you couldn’t do something due to executive dysfunction ☀️

☀️ “I don’t have the spoons” is a valid reason not to do something ☀️

☀️ It is not always your duty to educate neurotypicals ☀️

☀️ It’s okay to take a break ☀️

☀️ Saying “I don’t understand” is mature and honest, not childish ☀️

☀️Don’t take ableist comments into consideration - you know they’re not true ☀️

☀️ Mental health is as important as physical health ☀️

☀️ Wanting to be around only other Autistic people for a while isn’t reverse ableist ☀️

☀️ Actually, “reverse ableism” isn’t a thing ☀️

☀️ “Low-functioning” and “high-functioning” labels were made by and for neurotypicals and hold zero accuracy ☀️

☀️ Misspelling =/= stupidity ☀️

☀️ There is nothing shameful about being Autistic or talking about Autistic issues ☀️

Autistic people, feel free to add on ✨

✨ Both neurotypical/Allistic and Autistic people are encouraged to reblog ✨

So after a fun summer I’m back to focusing on fitness. Day two of watching everything I eat and working out hard! Can’t wait to get back to ^ body. Also don’t forget to follow my fitness Instagram: .


I always hated pictures of my body and had the worst self esteem because of it, so my goal this year was to lose 30 lbs. Having hypothyroidism wouldn’t make it easy either, but over 6 months, with healthy eating, exercise, and determination, I can definitely say I accomplished that. I can see and feel the difference and couldn’t be happier 💃💖💅

Starting weight top left photo: 163 lbs.

Top right photo: 156 lbs.

2nd top left photo: 148 lbs.

2nd top right photo: 135 lbs.

Current weight last photo: 128 lbs.

Height: 5'3