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My first love and true love of my life ❤️🐶 this little dog has been by my side through some of the worst and lowest times in my life. My running partner, my movie watcher, my tear catcher. At the other side of the world 🌎 this year I’m bringing my dream to reality of bringing her over to live with me. For years, my sibling has been taking care of her but as time goes on - both our dreams have taken us abroad. Me with a more stable location. Reuniting with my little nugget soon 🙌🏽

Longs term effects of emotional abuse:

• a distrust in your perceptions

• a tendency to be fearful or on guard

• self-consciousness or fear of how you are coming across

• an inability to be spontaneous

• a distrust of people and in future relationships

• anger that bursts out unexpectedly

• sensitivity to anyone trying to control you

• the feeling of anxiety when someone lets you decide

• withdrawal from social interactions

• unexplainable feelings of shame/guilt

• unusual weight gain/loss

• changes in appetite

• unexplained anxiety or depression states

• self destructive behavior

• isolation from friends/family

• substance abuse

I’m all about that gym life now 💪 no bully is gonna stop me 👊 thanks sooooo much for all of your kind words 💕💕💕 Fitblr is honestly the best online community I’ve been apart of! I don’t let people like that get to me or hurt me. Honestly it just grinds my gears. But I’ve blocked them now after they sent a third ask, but I’m not gonna answer. I’m not getting through to them so why let them keep being a bully to me 🤷‍♀️ I just hope that they don’t bully someone else 🙇‍♀️