girl's got goals

5sos Fam Encounter
  • Me: *walks into the movies wearing a NASA shirt from Target*
  • Some Random Girl: ARE YOU A FAN OF 5SOS?
  • Me: *omg what if it's one of my followers I have waited for this day for so long finally cool play it cool*
  • Me: ....yes?
  • Random Girl: You just look like one of their fans.
  • Me: *screaming on the inside*
  • Me + Girl: *briefly chat about twitter and tumblr then part separate ways*
  • Me: The 5sos fam is getting stronger.

When your girlfriend leaves for a week and you’re kind of bad at surprises, you pitch a tent in her apartment and hope she doesn’t get mad 🙃

“There will always be another donut day.”

One thing I have forgotten in the past few years of binging and weight gaining is that there will always be another donut day.

Let me explain. Today they ordered donuts. About 15 boxes worth of Vodo Donuts filled the kitchen counter. Any time today that I went to grab water, a snack, a piece of fruit, all I could smell was donuts.

And I got to the point a few times that I walked up to the box and wanted to take a whole one… no maybe just half… maybe just a bite…. or maybe one whole one since they have been sitting here and no one will notice and I should treat myself because food is not the enemy.

My dear friends… food is not the enemy. It never has been. It never will be. But emotional binging is. And one donut for me turns in to five. And today I was not actually hungry for a donut. I was not hungry at all after eating my delicious food (besides the broccoli. That’s not delicious but necessary). And there will always be another donut day.

So the lesson I was reminded of today was that just because food is in front of me, I do not have to eat it. Binges do not control me, and THIS GIRL’S GOT GOALS.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Currently, I am 11 pounds away from my first goal amd 26 pounds away from my second goal. I’d like to be about 160 (goal #2) when we PCS.

Once I reach my first goal I’ll be making a purchase at Victoria’s Secret and Plato’s Closet. I don’t have maby street clothes that are not materiny clothes.

We have just made plans with family to go to the Texas State Faor in October. I would be super happy if I was at 160 by then. If that’s the case maybe I could lose ajother 10 pounds before we move.

Since starting Whole 30 I have lost 5 pounds and .5-1 inch on arms, thighs, calves, waist, hips and stomach!