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First and most important of all: I’M SO PROUD OF MY SPARKLESHARK TO MAKE IT INTO ADVANCED TRAINING!! Can we all just have a moment of proudness for them please? So awesome!! \o/

Now, to the comic, this little conversation made me kinda happy. Sometimes it annoys me that for some reason 99.9% of people seem to automatically assume I’m heterosexual - and are surprised when they find out I’m not and almost act as if I kept a secret from them until then (dude, to begin with, you never even asked!). 

(Btw, I totally realize that the derby context and being a cute fluffball with gf might have helped the impression in this case though. 😁 )

I’ve been thinking recently about how if I had absolute autonomy I’d reorganize the various Spider-Man titles and to a lesser extent the Marvel Universe titles as a whole. Thought I might as well share.

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