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      ✿ “oh, i can’t stop drinking the coffee … i stop drinking the coffee, i stop doing the standing and walking and words-putting-into-sentence doing.”


Be with someone who goes out of their way to make you feel beautiful.
I’m the luckiest girl alive. I’m so proud to have this precious girl to show off.


Happy 23rd Birthday, JHutch! <12.10.1992>


So I went to the taping of Girl Meets a Christmas Maya today and once again, I am here to make another post of how it was. As usual, Girl Meets World tapings do not disappoint. There’s always a level of high energy so even if you’re exhausted out of your mind (like I was), you still have a blast while there.

I’m not going to say anything about the episode because a) I respect the writers and cast too much to spoil completely the plot of the episode to the public and b) … there are a ton of other people who will spoil the episode and it’s not hard to find them. 

I will say this time around the taping felt shorter for some reason? My first taping we got out at 7:30, but this time around we got out around 6:45-7. I felt a little cheated, not gonna lie, but I was still happy to be there. 

I once again missed out on meeting Rowan, which breaks my heart because now she (and Peyton, who wasn’t there because if you haven’t checked social media, he’s in Australia right now) is (are) the only one(s) I haven’t met yet. I’ve met Corey like three times lol. Oh well. I’ll meet her one day! I was very happy to meet Amir and Ava for the first time, they were all super nice and I got to give them all hugs. Also Corey and I complimented each other’s beanies, so good day, y/y. :)

That being said, what I am willing to tell you about the episode:

  • Lucas, Josh and Shawn are not in the episode.
  • Zay, Smackle, Ava and Katy are. (And obviously the rest of the main cast is as well).
  • Definitely think Christmas Carol when trying to get the plot of this episode, but don’t take it too literally.
  • This episode ties in with the one on Culture Week for Farkle in particular.
  • There’s a really cute Riley/Auggie scene and we need more of them.

Please don’t ask me to give you any spoilers, I won’t do it. Also adding something to my “need to know before going into a taping for the first time”

  • They did not (and probably will not) do autographs. The cast don’t bring pens or sharpees with them, so unless you have them, they won’t sign anything, and in fact security will frown on you if you try to get something signed, especially if they’ve said “no autographs” at least five times (which they did this time around).