girl you one of a kind


Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a little princess, and she was very sad, for her mother and father had died. Before the princess appeared a travelling prince, riding upon a white horse. He had a regal bearing and a kind smile. The prince wrapped the princess in a rose-scented embrace and gently wiped the tears from her eyes.
“Little one,” he said, “who bears up alone in such deep sorrow, never lose that strength or nobility, even when you grow up. I give you this to remember this day. We will meet again. This ring will lead you to me one day.” Perhaps the ring the prince gave her was an engagement ring.
This was all well and good, but so impressed was she by him that the princess vowed to become a prince herself one day. But was that really such a good idea?

“Hung up.” Spencer Reid

You started your internship at the BAU two weeks ago and you absolutely love it. The members of the team are all really nice, successful people who have excepted you as one of their own. JJ and Emily often bring you coffee when you are swamped with paperwork and Garcia always brings snacks and cookies to munch on. The four of you have really bonded a lot and you just love to hang out with them.

Sometimes, Morgan will join you. He is really nice to you and the other girls, though he seems to constantly be flirting with the women that surround him. It doesn’t bother you. In fact, you kind of  like it when he compliments your figure or the way your outfit makes your eyes look beautiful. You always blush and flirt back. But that is all it is, flirting. Derek Morgan is just a friend.

You have not had the time to get to know the team leader very well in any capacity farther than strictly professional, but you think that you have noticed him quietly smiling at your joke lately. He was warming up to you. You  knew that underneath that stolid, emotionless exterior, lay a soft, gentle, happy man. It would just take time to wear away at his walls. He would open up eventually.

Agent David Rossi and you bonded almost as much as you had bonded with the girls. He took you under his wing a little bit on your first day, showing you the ropes and introducing you to the members of the team. At the end of your first case, he invited you to his place for a drink to celebrate along with anybody else on the team that would like to join him. The four girls and Rossi had a blast that night, cooking and drinking expensive wine. Rossi was as close to a father figure as somebody could be after knowing a person only two weeks.

And then there was Dr. Spencer Reid. He was still a bit of a mystery to you. You found his golden curls, and dazzling hazel eyes to be mesmerizing on a number of occasions. He always grew quiet around you. The girls assured you that it was just because he was shy around unfamiliar people but, after two weeks, you should familiar enough for him to at least be able to speak more than three sentences to you at a time. You were beginning to become irritated by his strange behavior toward you. You decided to just accept the fact that he is shy around you and move on with your life.

There were some days that you felt as if you were a trained monkey, running back and forth with files throughout the several offices and desks belonging to BAU members. Today was one of those days. You had to rush from Garcia’s office in her own little neglected corridor, all the way up the set of stairs and along the walkway to Rossi’s office and then Hotch’s office and repeat. Or it was in some different order. Nonetheless, you were constantly scurrying around with files and you were exhausted. You would expect the most tiring days to the be the ones where you were out in the field all day, but no, you fully believed that these days were the most exhausting.

By the end of the day, almost all of the files you had to deliver were distributed where they belonged. There were only a few things left to do and then you were home free. Hotch, JJ, and Reid were gathered in the round table room, collectively discussing a case that the team had closed a number of weeks before. You  had a file that Hotch needed to sign off on. You scurried up the steps to the walkway and over the threshold into the dark room with the large, round table in the center.

You walked directly up to your boss and silently handed him the file. He quickly read through it, nodding as his eyes flitted across the page, taking in the information and its accuracy. JJ continued to talk as the man read the file. You payed no attention to what JJ was saying or the other people in the room. Hotch signed his name on the implied line and handed the file back to you with a nod of thanks. You took the papers and turned to leave the room, you looked down at the file. You looked down at the file and examined it vaguely, acknowledging your boss’s single signature. He was supposed to sign his name twice, once at the top and once at the bottom. But you were not paying attention and your pen fell from your grasp, you juggled it in the air for a moment before it tumbled to the ground. You bent over and grabbed the pen back into your hold.

As you rose, you spun around to return to Hotch. When you turned back the way you had just come from, your eyes were met with the odd sight of Spencer with a blank expression on his face. He was staring at the exact same spot where you stood. He was staring at you?

You looked toward your friend, JJ, and you could see her smirking to herself. She knew that you recognized that the genius was in an odd state. She sent you a mischievous wink, being the ever-omniscient JJ that she is. You looked back at Reid, the blank, dazed expression still on his face. You looked at him, confused and curious, as you walked back to Hotch and indicated the line that he missed. Hotch signed it wordlessly and when you took it back you could swear that he had a smirk identical to the blonde woman sitting next to him.

By now, JJ had finished speaking and the three in the room were reading their files. You noticed that Reid’s eyes were barely moving across the page, a stark contrast to his usual fast moving back and forth. Eventually, your  curiosity and near irritation with his extremely odd behavior boiled over, pushing past any inhibitions you contained.

“Spencer, what the hell is going on with you right now? You were fine literally two minutes ago and now it is like you saw a ghost.” you said to him

His head shot in your direction, those beautiful hazel eyes focusing on you, wide, surprised, and anxious. JJ stifled a giggle and Hotch had his hand covering his mouth, concealing a smile. Now you were getting angry. Spencer was silent and the others obviously knew what was going on but were not letting you in on what it was. On a normal day, you would no be this frustrated, you would just brush off the awkward incident, finish up your work, and then be on your way home. But not today. Today you were exhausted and overworked. You had put up with Spencer and his strange behavior for long enough. You turned to your friend, JJ, a fierce determination set in your eyes. She seemed to be surprised by the uncharacteristic act of aggression fueled by the immense fatigue you now felt.

Her smile dropped and she pressed her palms into the air in surrender at the expression that you threw at her. She gestured toward the doctor. You whipped back toward him. He looked at JJ and Hotch, pleading them to help him out of his uncomfortable situation. Finally he just sighed and said, “JJ, explain. I will be in the break room. I do not want to be here for this.” Before  you could respond, he rushed out of the room and was out of sight before you could reject. JJ frowned at the door where the man had exited in disdain, disappointed that he had left her with the task that all three had been eluding.

Hotch rose from where he sat and said, “I am going to leave you two to it then. When you finish up here, feel free to go home.” He left just as Spencer and JJ frowned at him, too.

That left just you and JJ in the room alone together. “So what in the world is going on, JJ?” you asked, confused, irritated, and tired. You just wanted to go home. You crossed your arms in front of your chest like an indignant child. She chuckled at you, suddenly relaxed now that the two of you were alone.

“You really are blind, sweetie.” She said with a chuckle. You glared at her. “Y/n, Spence is SO hung up on you. You know that, right?”

“Wait. What?” your eyebrow furrowed in confusion. That can’t be right.

“Spencer is totally hung up on you, sweetie. Just now, he was checking you out. Everybody on the team has caught him checking you out at least once except for you.”

You blushed as the new development sunk in. That can’t be right? Spencer Reid is hung up on you? Nah, not likely. You glanced at JJ, your disbelief apparent upon your expression. She chuckled again and she got up. She patted your back as she walked past you and then she left you alone in the room to let her words brew in your mind.

You looked out the window of the small room that loomed over the bullpen and you found Spencer sitting at his desk, anxiously picking at his fingernails. He did like you, didn’t he? Wow. Well, anyway, there is only one way to find out.

You took a deep breath and left the comfort of the dark room behind you and out into the vast territory that contained Spencer. You walked down the steps and went straight to him. He looked up at you, his face lined with anxiety and worry. You smirked at him.

“So,” you started “I hear you have been pretty hung up on me. Now, isn’t it funny that I have been pretty hung up on you too?” his expression did not change for a long moment, but then it broke into the most beautiful smile that you had ever seen.

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Top 3 Minor Characters the Anan staff wouldn’t like to be hugged by

1 – The Oil Magnate

Cruelly leading you on, then running off right before the crucial moment, the worst kind of guy. He said that Totoko reeks of fish, but wouldn’t he reek of oil pretty badly?

2 -   The Pitcher from the Fourth Galactic University Affiliated High School

To begin with, that shape, is he even a man… let’s put those doubts aside. Anyway, from a looks point of view, most girls would find it challenging.

3 – Man in Suit

One of the bosses at the Black Factory the brothers worked at after being introduced by Iyami. He doesn’t take any questions, but he looks like he’d be quite forceful in bed, so we’d pass.

Bonus Awards

No, because he seems annoying award  - Jiguzou

In addition to not being able to tell Osomatsu and the others apart, he asks very one sided questions.  Looking at the way he confronts them without any variation, we feel like he’d pester you incessantly about something pointless, so we’re kind of on the fence.

No, because they don’t seem like they have enough stamina award – Hijirisawa Shounosuke and Hatabou’s Elderly Secretary

No matter what they say, physical strength is important.  When it comes down to that, unfortunately, we have to start by removing the old people from our list of people we’d like to be hugged by. We’re sorry, old guys. Though it does seem like Hijirisawa has enough energy to run around…

No, because he seems too gaudy award – The God of Mixers

The mysterious god who appeared before Todomatsu as he was struggling with the choice of who to take with him to a mixer. He holds chopsticks in one hand, on permanent standby to play the Ousama Game (party game in which a “king” randomly selected with chopsticks issues orders to other players.) And the biggest issue is that sash. Is he planning on using them all in one night…? He’s nothing but a perverted hermit.  

ndrv3 girls and they realize that the world has become frozen in time for 24 hours

here you go! please enjoy!

Maki Harukawa

  • She is confused as to why this is happening, but
  • For the most part, she’s pretty indifferent to the whole thing
  • This is kind of boring, but at least no one’s bothering her
  • Or pushing for her to murder her classmates cough Monokuma cough cough
  • For the most part, she probably waits it out
  • If anything, she’ll take this opportunity to enjoy some alone time

Kirumi Toujou

  • Thank god, she has more time to get everything done
  • Starts by cleaning the entire school
  • Then she completes all of the odd jobs her classmates have given her
  • Then she makes food for everyone and delivers it to wherever they’re frozen
  • And then
  • She takes a nap
  • A really, really long nap
  • She deserves it
  • If everything’s still frozen when she wakes up, she’ll pass the time (or not) by reading!

Angie Yonaga

  • Angie just wants to go around and poke everyone to see if they’ll move
  • But no one moves!
  • So she tries to move their arms for them
  • No one reacts!
  • Surely this must be the work of God!
  • And the reason God is doing this is because… because he wants Angie to offer sacrifices to him!
  • So she takes a little bit of blood from everyone
  • Well, they won’t notice! God froze them all, so it’s fine
  • And she starts on a new project
  • It would be fun to paint pictures of everyone, and since Angie can make them do any pose she wants…
  • She gets to go wild

Kaede Akamatsu

  • Perfect!!!!
  • And that’s exactly what she does
  • Although, she does take this time to play a few small pranks
  • Nothing mean or intrusive, of course; she’s not like that
  • But she might, for example, put whipped cream in Ouma’s hand and rub a feather on his nose
  • Payback finally
  • Otherwise, she’ll check if any of her classmates are unfrozen like she is
  • And if someone is frozen in a precarious situation, she makes sure they’re safe for whenever time starts moving again
  • But for the rest of the time, it’s all rehearsal for her
  • And she couldn’t be happier about it

Miu Iruma

  • Oh no
  • The beast has been unleashed
  • She takes the opportunity to pull pranks on every single one of her classmates
  • Not a single person’s face is unmarked by sharpie
  • Not a single person finds themselves in the same position they were in before time stopped
  • This is slightly bewildering for most - well, all of them
  • Some of them are suddenly in bed with another one of their classmates for no apparent reason
  • Some of them find machines they’ve never seen before strapped to their bodies
  • She might also see if she can get away with a few lewd things
  • But don’t worry. She talks big, but when it comes down to it, she can’t mess around with other people in that way
  • Herself, on the other hand…

Himiko Yumeno

  • This is…?! Surely, this is a product of her magic…!
  • Hell if she knows how to undo it, though
  • She takes this time to do what she wants: nap
  • But if she wakes up and the world is still frozen, she feels uneasy
  • She’s used to having people surrounding her, and having a routine of sorts
  • She tries to practice magic while she’s waiting, but eventually gets too anxious
  • She can’t fix things with her magic, so…
  • All she can do is pray for things to go back to normal

Tsumugi Shirogane

  • Oh, the things a cosplayer can do with time put on hold
  • She finishes the project she was working on
  • And that other project she was working on
  • And the project she was supposed to have been working on, but forgot about
  • And then - and then she goes around the school and takes everyone’s measurements
  • Now she can make cosplays for all of her classmates!!
  • But before that, she’ll rest a little
  • Since time is stopped, she can afford a break
  • If time is still on hold when she’s done, she’ll start planning for a group cosplay!
  • She’s too nervous to actually change her classmate’s clothes, though
  • She’ll just have to convinve them to try it out when time goes back to normal!

Tenko Chabashira

  • She’s convinced this is Yumeno-chan’s doing!
  • But Yumeno-chan is frozen along with everyone else…
  • Well… oh well! Maybe she wanted Tenko to have some fun today!
  • So, Tenko practices her craft!
  • But she really wanted Yumeno-chan to be able to watch, and since she’s frozen, she can’t…
  • This isn’t actually much fun
  • Actually, she’s pretty creeped out
  • So she takes this opportunity to lock all of the boys in a room together
  • Now if they become unfrozen like Tenko, they won’t be able to mess with Tenko or any of the other girls!
  • If time goes back to normal, she’ll let them out
  • …Probably

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Hello, may I request on how the RFA would react to more of a country girl MC who's very romantic and old fashioned? Like she invites them to a town they grew up on and such? ((If it's not too much to ask ^^

I’m sorry I took so long on this one, I’ve been really tired recently. After writing it I realised I took a kind of Hannah-Montana road? Im sorry….


  • dies inside
  • You were so!!!!!!
  • Adorable!!!!!!!
  • He was an unbelievable blushing     mess when you got all romantic on him    
  • But he is the same
  • You guys have competition to     see who can be more romantic 
  • He’s new at this so you win
  • When you invite him to your     home town he’s super excited    
  • “MC! What’s that? Oh oh!     What’s that?”
  • “That’s… a     shop….?”
  • “Oh, yeah, I knew     that…"     
  • He definitely walks hand in     hand with you
  • Kisses every few minutes 
  • He’s just so unbelievably in     love with you     
  • “Wait, MC do you have any     ex partners I need to know about? Do I have to fight someone?”
  • “No, no please don’t fight     anyone Yoosung”    
  • “You might get hurt


  • control the gay, Jaehee
  • She is so in love with your old     fashion ways
  • And your country style
  • She tries to be romantic but     she’s kinda new to this    
  • She does find you very cute 
  • The easiest way to catch her     off guard is to randomly show affection verbally or physically 
  • "Jaehee, I love you very     much”
  • MC stop you’ll kill her
  • You take her to your home town,     which is in a very very different setting from the cafe the two of you now     own
  • You show her all the place you     use to go as a kid, and even your old house
  • She’s happy you had a good     environment to grow up in    
  • She’s also a little afraid you     might want to leave the cafe and come back here
  • You catch on very quickly
  • “I love this town, it’s my     entire childhood, but it’s in my past. And now it’s time to make new and     exciting memories, with you Jaehee! And the RFA!
  • Aaaannnddd she’s dead


  • the two of you are hopeless     romantics     
  • It’s insane
  • Everyone in the RFA is sure     that the two of you provide half of the worlds romance 
  • He’s fascinated by your old     fashion ways     
  • While he lives more in the     present, he still loves the old-style quirks you have 
  • Needless to say an on-the-rise     actor and a small-town country person are two very different people 
  • But you make it work
  • Zen has shown you his life, and     his life can get a little overwhelming 
  • So you return the favour by     showing him your life    
  • He probably does something     strange
  • Like buy a cowboy hat and     insist on wearing it when the two of you arrive in your home town
  • Like Yoosung he asks a lot of     questions
  • He also posts a lot of pictures     to show his fans and make himself sound more educated then he actually is
  • You take him to your towns old     fashioned theatre
  • He gets super sentimental and     emotional
  • A little offended because no     one really knows who he is in your town
  • Now he is known as "MC’s     Boyfriend"     


  • Jumins not the best at romance
  • Let’s be real here
  • His idea of romantic is buying     a new dress with a diamond ring to go with it
  • Kinda clashes with old fashion     idea of romance
  • However, he is thankful for the     things you do for him    
  • And his mood will improve by     1000% if you do something romantic to cheer him up
  • When you take him to your home     town, you should probably get him to wear casual clothing
  • Just so he doesn’t look like a     stiff business man
  • Jumin is very cute in flannels 
  • He’s very fascinated with your     town, especially the old industries that reside with in it 
  • You probably have to convince     him not to buy out the land    
  • He has a very relaxing time, he     feels like it’s grounded him even more to reality


  • no matter what, Saeyoung will     find a way to poke fun at everything    
  • Anytime you make a mistake     he’ll say "oh, you’ll have to excuse them, they were raised in a     barn"     
  • You could smack him until he     stops
  • But the easiest way to shut him     up by being super romantic     
  • This boy goes red and silent 
  • "Saeyoung, did you know     you’re the light of my life?”    
  • “And I love you very     much”
  • “Thank you for     everything"     
  • B l u s h i n g
  • If once he snaps out of it,     he’ll be just as cheesy     
  • Saeran is disgusted but also     happy for his brother     
  • Like Zen, he will try and find     something that is stereotypical country side
  • But he will go all out
  • You do not want to be seen with     him
  • But when you get there he is     generally happy, he gets to see everything you had as a child
  • He’s glad you had a much better     childhood than he did    
  • Moved by the whole experience 
  • He understands why you like     such old fashioned things more    
  • He tries to fit in with his     floppy disk obsession    
  • Of course, none of this will     stop him from making fun of you     
I am the worst kind of romantic. I am the one who hopes you’ll be like an 80’s movie. Standing by window with a radio, throwing your fist up in the air knowing you got the girl, or waiting outside a chapel because my sister got married and you couldn’t wait to see me. I’m the one who sings old 2000 songs because well the ones now a days don’t even begin to describe how I feel. I want you to want me the way I want you. I want you to need me. I want you to crave my touch, my voice, my attention, because well how can you love me if that’s not what it is. I am a hopeless romantic. I can’t fix what I’ve become. I’m just damaged goods. Not even goods more like trash. And that’s all thanks to you. Thank you for taking over not just my mind but my body. Because I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get away from you.
—  n.m.
Really?  [ P.P ]

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request: May I request an imagine with Peter Parker where him and his best friend like each other, but she doesn’t think she’s enough for him because he’s Spider-Man and he’s so kind, good looking and intelligent. She’s just a nerdy plus size girl with not so amazing grades with low self-esteem, but she’s a really good person and help others a lot. Thank you so much for your time and I love your blog and your writing. 💖 Keep doing the good work you have been doing. 😄

Word Count: 1043

Warnings: None apart from my writing lol

A/N: I’m so sorry for taking so long to get this up! Also sorry for how bad this is woops.


You and Peter had been friends right from the moment you had bumped heads searching for the exact same lego piece when they were the mere age of six. The box was pretty much as big as the kids themselves and it was filled to the brim with random and leftover lego blocks. There was one piece that you had both wanted to yourselves, one piece that unfortunately could not be replaced by another. The conflict was short once Peter had managed to pull it out and you had come to a compromise that satisfied both of your needs. Peter had offered that you helped him finish making his plane and with short hesitation you had agreed. Since then you and Peter had been pretty much inseparable.

That was around nine years ago now. Peter had grown and so had you. Peter soon became so much more to you than your best friend and vice versa. If only either of you had the guts to tell each other how you had felt rather than sitting on the feelings for so long, you wouldn’t be in the situation you were in now. The lego plane sat on display on one of your shelves, untouched since the day it was made and screaming at you wildly from where it rested as your eyes stay trained on the toy.

“Why have you been ignoring me, Y/N?” Peter’s hand flew to grip yours, holding them firmly so that you wouldn’t turn away from him. “Did I say something wrong? Did I do something to upset you?”

“You haven’t done anything Peter,” You mumble, your gaze failing to meet his. You knew that just as soon as you look into your eyes, you would vomit out the words that you only ever let yourself dream of telling him.

Peter Parker deserved the world, in your eyes. He was the most beautiful person or thing you could name and the fact that he spent so much of his effort on being Spider-Man was something that you admired beyond belief. He helped so many people, saved so many lives and he was undoubtedly the kindest person that you knew. Generosity and intelligence radiated off of him and you would have to be blind not to see it.

You couldn’t say the same for yourself. Despite how untrue it all is, you thought you weren’t worth his love. You didn’t think yourself to be even half-deserving of being his number one and that was something that you had managed to convince yourself. You were smart, but you didn’t believe you were smart enough for Peter. You were beautiful, but you were bigger than other girls and you believed that wasn’t good enough for Peter. You were kind, but you didn’t believe you were kind enough for Peter.

“Then what’s wrong?” Peter’s hands move to your shoulder, his eyes desperately trying to catch your gaze. “Please, tell me, Y/N. Tell me.”

“It’s just-there’s something-something I should say,” You take a breath, ignoring the frown that crosses Peter’s expression at your sudden nervousness. He knew this must be important to you, so he listened with not only his ears but with his heart. “I know I’m… Me and you’re you but I love you Peter. I’m in love with you.”

Peter’s eyes soften, his skin tingling as he pulls you into him, his lips crashing onto yours. You melt into the kiss, the feeling of Peter’s hands tenderly caressing your hips sends combined with the feeling of his chapped lips against your own lips sent your mind into a frenzy. With a gentle squeeze of your hips, Peter pulls back, reminding you once more of why you were so nervous to tell him. His eyes flash with hurt when you take a step away from him, pushing his hands off of you.

“Why did you ignore me?” Peter mumbles, trying his best to keep his thoughts in line as he notices the distance you had placed between you two. Didn’t you just say you were in love with him? “Because, dammit, I love you too, Y/N. So much.”

“Because you’re too good for me, Peter. You deserve so much more than me. You’re so-you’re so amazing. You’re Spider-Man! You help people, you’re so intelligent and I’m just me.” You blurt, your eyes finally meeting his. His brown orbs are a sea of confusion, his fingers nervously fiddling with the hem of his jersey. Peter’s heart breaks as he processes the words that fall from your mouth and the light tears that begin to trickle down your cheeks. He didn’t want to believe that you didn’t see yourself the way that he sees you.

“What are you-”

“I’m just a nerdy girl who isn’t as smart as you. I’m not thin like the other girls either, not as-I’m just not good enough for you, Peter!” You sniffle, desperately wiping at the tears that fall from your eyes. Peter doesn’t say anything, he just pulls you into his chest, his chin resting on your head as he holds you as close to him as he can.

“Don’t say that. Please. You’re so beautiful the way you are, Y/N, please don’t think otherwise. And for crying out loud, please never think you aren’t good enough for me because if anything, you are too good for me. You have more beauty in your finger than most people have in their whole bodies!” Peter says. You can feel the vibrations of his voice in your hair, something you would never have thought to be so calming. “You’re so kind and you always help anybody whenever or however you can. You are so amazing to me, Y/N and I love you so damn much how you are.”

“Really?” You mumble into his chest, the wetness from your tears pressing against your cheek. Peter nods, his chin lightly knocking on the top of your head.

“Really.” He confirms, nuzzling his nose into your hair and placing a lingering kiss to your head. You’re eyes fall once more onto the lego plane, a small smile playing on your lips as you watch it sit calmly on the shelf, you’re eyelids fluttering as you stare happily at it.


—Class reunions aren’t nearly as bad as you imagine them to be. In fact, they’re kind of fun. It’s nice to see the people your classmates have grown up to be–some surprising, others not so much. The things they remember about you, the things they’ve been kind enough to forget…except that one girl. She’s still a bitch.

—Daughter will be 14 on Thursday. She was only 4 yesterday. Time is a time-sucking, youth-depriving, gravity-pushing whore. You can quote me. She’s not a baby anymore (still my baby, though). At least she’s turning out to be a good person. Even if she can’t clean her room or put away her laundry. I’ll keep her for a few more years. :)

—I need it to stop raining so I can get some yard work finished by Saturday’s party. You don’t think I want all those people IN my house, do you?!?

—Too much coffee today. I know, no such thing. I’m going to pay for that later. See you all around 3:00 am when I can’t sleep!

Happy Tuesday, lovely friends! :)

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Girl you are so lucky!!! :'')). Please tell us more!

ji is so beautiful and mesmerizing idk how to describe it. he’s so beautiful and loved teasing the audience, he thrusts his hips and be sexy and everyone would scream and he’d smirk alsdjfak he really enjoys that kind of attention. he put so much energy into it that he looks the most tired near the end. he’s a really beautiful performer. tbh I wish I could see a solo concert from ji one day ;;

I know ji did gain some muscle but he’s still skinny. even the times he’d take off his jacket for a second he was rly skinny. his legs are sooo long and beautiful. his butt is small but it’s not flat I checked don’t listen to the haters. I really didn’t pay much attention to the other 6 but ji by far is the best visual, best body, his skin, his jawline, all so gorgeous.

ksoo though……….hes a curvy beautiful adorable plush boy I love him. he was really sweet and interacted with the audience a lot, waving at all the sections (i mentioned he noticed my lightsticks). his voice is so good too, to me he sounded a lot better than his live performances last year. he’s so so cute and really pretty I miss him :/

seeing them live is really good if you’re a kd shipper even besides all the moments bc they’re still near e/o during the choreo, so if ur like me u can scope them both out w ur binocs. though most of the time esp during the dances if they were separate I would watch ji except when ksoo wore the black jeans a;slkdfkaj.

there were times when the members were walking arnd the stage and I really felt like ji was following ksoo or when they’d walk across e/o ji was looking at him but ksoo ignored him. like it happened a few times and I was like am i crazy or is ji waiting for ksoo to acknowledge him??? but then when they did make eye contact ji looked so happy, their faces were so bright ;;askdjf; i guess i wasn’t crazy.

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I'm comin off anon for this one cause i made it up, alright, so this guy and this girl are hooking up right, and she's like "hey, if its not too weird, could you do this thing for me? i just find it really hot" and he's like "well, tell me what it is and all decide." So she says "could you jack off into my pubic hair?" And he immediately say "no." And she's like "wow, that was kind of abrupt, why not?" and he says "sorry, I don't beat around the bush."

you that kinda huehuehue laugh? definitely did it just now oh my gosh

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A lot of guys hit on me and I love it. Like I love the attention, but I hate the guys. They're all people who I would rather not ever talk to, but have to. And then there's the online stuff. I just want a guy who showers me with this kind of affection but isn't rude to me all the time. And there's this one guy who's like that, but doesn't want a relationship. We're friends but we'll probably never make it past that point if I don't do something. Help please.

Make him want a relationship, show him how much you like him girl! Or chat to him ask him to try it out and go for a date, he don’t know unless he tries!

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1, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46 🤷🏽‍♀️

lolz i feel like all of these questions can be related so like they’re all a tad connected

1. Where did you hide the body?

in the most obvious spot that is so obvious that you forget to even check there bc it’s so obvious so why would you check

41. Who?

this one girl that none of you know bc i know her from school

42. What?

five minutes to get rid of it

43. Where?

i shall direct you up to the top, at the first question i answered

44. When?

this afternoon when she really got on my nerves :) 

45. Why?

we were having a conversation and she basically invalidated what i thought/said/belived so im a ~tad pissed off :)

46. How?

with kindness bc i’m a bigger person than she is :)

~normal ask meme

• a supervisor told me: “i really like you no matter what happens you never complain, you’re always so calm”

• the assistant manager got impatient with a client, so much that he told me “yeah i didn’t take their order, you deal with it” (it was at the drive through) and turns out it was 3 really nice girls and after explaining me the situation one of them said “and i present to you: men” and it was perfect

(a few days ago)
• a kind client came up to me and said: “my friend has been looking at you since he came in and he hasn’t stopped telling me how beautiful you are” and surprisingly it was a nice person and not a creepy dude who liked me (he said my chest tattoo on was so nice he’d faint that was a bit weird from a stranger but) and i just??? you need glasses???


“Who’s to say that young girls who like pop music – short for popular, right? – have worse musical taste than a 30-year-old hipster guy? That’s not up to you to say. Music is something that’s always changing. There’s no goal posts. Young girls like the Beatles. You gonna tell me they’re not serious? How can you say young girls don’t get it? They’re our future. Our future doctors, lawyers, mothers, presidents, they kind of keep the world going.”

things i love about my hero academia

(not all of them because then this would turn into a 500 page journal that could be published and sold and no one would buy it because no one is as much of a nerd as i am)

  • our main protagonist is not a traditionally masculine hero. he’s small, he’s weak, he’s a crybaby, he’s sensitive. especially in the shounen genre, this is a pretty rare thing to see, and even as Izuku grows as a person and becomes more confident in himself, he’s still shy and anxious.
  • he’s also a fanboy!! and not in a bad way!! it’s his fanboy nature that allows him to express himself and show how smart, intuitive, and observant he is
  • the character who does get all the traditionally masculine traits is the character everyone in the main cast acknowledges is a total asshole who mercilessly bullied and abused his classmate/childhood playmate
  • it’s also very clearly seen that Izuku has been conditioned (unintentionally) to fear Bakugou because of all of that physical and emotional abuse. just because he’s a hero in training and he’s learning and growing and becoming more confident doesn’t erase all of those years of bullying
  • it’s also acknowledged that they are children and still have room to grow. Bakugou is an asshole, but he’s not totally villainized for his behavior and is given the chance to change and become a better person because he’s only sixteen years old and still has time to change
  • and he does!! he makes an effort to change and try to adjust his behavior to make a more positive impact (even if it is a slow and arduous process, we do see him make great strides throughout the manga)
  • it would have been really easy to just throw Bakugou under the bus and make him a villain, but instead we get to see his growth as a person as he matures and enters the world of adulthood
  • All Might is the no. 1 hero, the Symbol of Peace, the man everyone thinks is invincible, and he has a chronic condition. he’s missing his stomach, he’s had multiple surgeries, he spits up blood, he literally looks like a skeleton, guys. but even after the reveal, people still admire and look up to him as an idol because he’s still All Might and he still protected and saved a lot of lives and was still a hero
  • All Might’s relationship with Izuku just in general. seriously, i could make an entirely different list just based on their relationship and 95% of the fandom has already talked about them, so i won’t gush about their relationship too much here
  • the fact that most of the adults take responsibility when they fuck up. the police force realize they’ve relied too heavily on heroes, specifically All Might, and they make an effort to change that so they can help people. the teachers at UA recognize that they’ve neglected students who need psychological help. Izuku’s mom acknowledges that she should have encouraged his dream in spite of his quirklessness. most stories, even in the west, don’t have nearly as much adult responsibility as this series does
  • the elusive living anime mom
  • okay but seriously, Inko is quite possibly one of the best fictional moms i’ve seen in a long time. she’s loving and encouraging and she tries her hardest, but she’s not perfect. she’s a single mom caring for her son, who wants to go into this incredibly dangerous profession. and when he gets hurt enough times, when her limit is finally met, she puts her foot down and says “no. i love you, but i can’t let you keep getting hurt like this.” like any reasonable parent would. and the only way she relents is when she sees how much Toshinori wants to teach him and nurture him and encourage him and see his dream recognized and she sees how badly Izuku wants to continue down this path, even if it’s under her terms.
  • this series seriously tackles a lot of topics that you wouldn’t expect it to. you know you’re gonna get the usual topics like what makes a hero, what makes a villain, etc. but, it also goes over other subjects like bullying, parental abuse, discrimination, grief, inferiority complexes, how easy it is to create a monster, redemption. this is a manga about teenagers learning to be super heroes, how did it turn out like this
  • it would have been so easy to sexualize any of the girls. this manga, in the hands of a lesser author, would have featured a lot of fan service shots of the girls. Momo especially, considering she wears a very revealing outfit. and yet, none of them are sexualized?? in any way shape or form??? yeah, we see Momo shirtless a lot and some girls wear skin tight outfits. but, you know who else has skin tight outfits and revealing hero costumes? the boys. and when we do see a shirtless girl or boy, it’s not framed in a way where we’re meant to be objectifying their body. there’s a reason why it happened and we move on. it’s so refreshing.
  • (there are only two fan service female characters. one uses her sexuality to get free shit and the other is meant to make you uncomfortable. take it what you will)
  • we get a lot of unique designs for each of the characters. there are no same faces. each character has a unique quirk and a design that belongs to them. they aren’t interchangeable with one another. Izuku looks like Izuku. All Might looks like All Might. they all look unique with different shapes and sizes
  • (admittedly the manga still kind of falls under the trap of the boys get to have weird, strange designs and the girls all kind of look cute, but it’s not nearly as bad as some other shows. and honestly, if that’s my only complaint, that says a lot)
  • fighting doesn’t solve everything! there’s a really incredible few chapters in the manga dedicated to acknowledging that Izuku and Bakugou seriously need to talk to each other about what Bakugou did to him. they’re both incredible people in their own right and they can learn a lot from each other, but only if they stop fighting and actually communicate with each other. one of the chapters is literally titled “a meaningless fight”. because it is meaningless. it’s not going to solve their problems, fix past mistakes, or make them feel better. it’s a fight to get aggression out because Bakugou doesn’t know any other way to deal with his emotions and trauma.
  • kindness is rewarded!!! cruelty is not!!! i’m really sick and tired of TV shows and movies trying to sell this pessimistic outlook that everything sucks and that gives us the right to be assholes to each other just because it’s edgy. My Hero Academia is such a positive manga and it brings me so much joy and happiness and it sends such a wonderful message of anyone can be a hero if you have a good heart and that kindness will be rewarded, even if it takes a really long time.

i love this manga so much and it’s given me so much light and happiness in my life and if that makes me weird because it’s anime, then fine. whatever. i don’t care. i’ll love it for as long as i can, dammit.