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AU where the reader is the only decent person at Beacon Hills High School. 

(Besides Mason, Corey and The Pack)

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A/N: this idea came to me while I was watching Teen Wolf this week and I decided to write about it! Please keep in mind I’m no fanfiction writer so this probably won’t be that good. DO NOT read if you haven’t seen 6x14. 

The rumours started a few days ago. Ever since that awful car accident, all the kids in school were talking about Liam Dunbar. Many of the students at Beacon Hills High believed that he was, in fact, inhuman. Of course, you didn’t believe any of it. This was high school, everyone exaggerated everything. Some kids swore they saw fangs and glowing eyes but it was so dark out that night how could they be sure?

As you walk into science class this afternoon, you overhear the latest buzz. The Lacrosse guys wanted to prove what they saw that night was real. You wondered how they were going to pull that off.

When Liam and his friends walked into class, everyone went silent. All the excitement, all the chattering, immediately gone. He went to his seat next to his partner but as he sat, she quickly got up and moved to another table. It’s not like he had some kind of contagious disease!  That girl was being foolish. It was just outright bullying and you couldn’t stand it. 

‘Who will let Liam join their group?’ asked our teacher. 

 No one said a word. Only Mason and Corey raised their hands.

 ‘Someone other than you two’ she added, looking at the rest of the class expectantly.

You looked over at you partner but she violently shook her head no. Peering over at Liam you realize how shitty this must feel for him.

‘ You all have one minute for someone to volunteer. Or the whole class fails today’s lab.’ she added. Yet, again, no one made a move. 

This is starting to get ridiculous, you thought, starting to feel sorry for the kid. Not being able to tolerate it anymore, you gathered up you stuff swiftly and made your way over to the ex-Lacrosse Captain. You could see the relief washing over his blue eyes as you sat down and you flashed him a quick grin before turning back to the teacher.

‘Thank you, Y/N’ she said and began explaining the lab.

Besides having my classmates looking at me like I’m some freak with a death wish, the period passed by smoothly. The both of you finished on time and did a pretty good job too. 

You were at your locker at the end of the day collecting all your things when you heard a big commotion coming from one of the classrooms. Shutting your locker door, you followed the noise. A group of students were gathered beneath the doorframe, watching what seemed to be a fight taking place. Curiosity got the best of you and you began to push past people to get to the front. Two large Lacrosse players were holding someone back who seemed to be struggling to get in. It didn’t take you long to realize it was Mason who was in their hold. Which meant that the person behind this wall of raging teenage testosterone would indefinitely be Liam.  

‘You know you can take us’, said Nolan to Liam as he grabbed his face. ‘All you have to do is change.’

So this is how they planned on proving what they saw? By beating him up? Your blood began to boil and you hoped someone would come to end this soon.No one deserved something like this. Especially not Liam.

The two continued to punch and kick the boy, whose face got progressively bloodier. Finally, our science teacher arrived at the scene.

‘Do something’ Mason pleaded, still struggling in those two guy’s hold. Yet, even the only authority figure present did nothing to stop what was going on. It was at that moment you realized something very wrong was going on at BHHS.

At this point, Liam was lying on the floor spitting out blood when he was grabbed by the other guy that was with Nolan. A fist drew back and the boy on the floor began to gasp for air when you decided it was enough. Dropping your things, you pushed past the two jocks who weren’t expecting it and lunged at the two boys.

‘Stop! Stop it!’ you shouted,  grabbing the guy’s fist and dragging him to the floor.Then, before Nolan got to him, you jumped in front of Liam reaching your hands behind you, trying to shield him as much as possible.

‘ WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?’ you yelled just as the coach arrived.

While he kicked everyone out of the classroom, you turned around to look at Liam. His face was covered in blood so bad you didn’t know where blood ended and skin began. Coach Finstock made his way over to us along with Mason and Corey. They hoisted the boy up and as they began to drag him away, Liam turned his head over to you and you could’ve sworn you saw his eyes flash yellow…

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Just Happened to Be (1)

Summary: Jimin was an asshole, yes. And you were supposed to be nice, meek, and afraid of people like him. But you weren’t; even with a knife at your throat you stayed quiet and unforgiving–and he wasn’t allowed to like it.

Based off this request:

Anonymous said:So how about bad boy Jimin I mean that’s cool I guess cause I mean who need bad boy jimin right pft not me.”

Usual warnings . This is a drug gang fic so naturally there’s gonna be a lotta shit. 

From the moment Park Jimin came in to find you at his work–a tattoo shop in the center of his group’s territory–he decided that he hated you.

He was stepping through the front door, ready to go prep his station for a client coming in later today, only to find you and your best friend waiting in his lobby. Apparently your bombshell of a BFF was waiting to get a piercing done by Namjoon and was perfectly fine with Jimin’s eyes raking down her form and to the curve of her ass (barely covered by frayed shorts). Compared to you, Yoorin–Jimin only knew her name because Namjoon referenced it as he called her back to his chair–was far more Jimin’s type of girl.

He loved skin-tight clothing on a perfect frame and flawless skin. Plus, if the girl looked like the poster image for the definition of Wild Child, then she was given bonus points for attraction. Yoorin fit the bill perfectly–the whole good girl by day, bad girl by night lit a fire underneath Jimin that had him winking at her as he moved towards Namjoon’s station.

But he couldn’t ignore you. Because there you were, standing next to that beautiful piece of work like an absolute monstrosity of a prude.

It was evident that you had never once stepped foot into a tattoo shop–hell, it looked like you hadn’t even sipped a drink before 21, or kept your cell phone on during a movie. You stood with your head ducked forward, wearing a long-sleeved cardigan and a flowery, floor-length skirt that reminded him of grandmothers’ church dresses. Even the damn buttons on your sweater were clasped all the way to your fucking collar bone. You refused to look up or remove your hands from their white-knuckled grasp on the straps of your purse; you staid nothing at all–not even to your friend.

While Jimin found the wicked smile your friend gave Namjoon incredibly hot, your blasé appearance and attitude annoyed the fuck out of him to the point that he wanted you both gone.

With his lip curled, Jimin slapped his stencils on his desk. “Yoongi–what’s with the prude? I thought this was a tattoo & piercing shop, not some strip mall for Sunday school mothers.”

Said older male, at the shop’s customer service desk, only rolled his eyes so far back in his head that Jimin swore he was about to be possessed by some she-devil.  Probably you, but maybe it could be Yoorin–a girl with a rack like that had to be from hell.

“You know, if you don’t start accepting more clients then I don’t know how you’re going to afford your 33rd tattoo, you asshole.” Namjoon shouted from his corner, slipping on his rubber gloves to prepare the equipment needed for Yoorin’s bellybutton piercing.

“Ay, I’m fine–my clientele at least understands what kind of shop we’re running. If the girl wants to follow her friend then she should at least dress like a normal human being.”

You said nothing to defend yourself against the onslaught of Jimin. Instead, Yoorin snapped her head to meet Jimin’s glower with her own fiery glare. Jimin couldn’t help but smirk at her anger. “Hey douchebag, your boss is right–shut the fuck up and leave her alone. If you have clientele that want to deal with your bullshit then great–go find one of them. We clear?” You shifted to give Yoorin this relieved, thankful look that had Jimin’s inner bitch gears grinding.

“Well, unlike your prude friend, you seem to be the perfect clientele for this place so I guess you get to deal with me, huh babe?” Jimin winked at Yoorin, causing her to curl her lip in utter disgust. Before she could give him a snappy retort that would further infatuate Jimin, you grabbed her hand and squeezed tightly. She looked up at you, her eyes softening.

“I’m fine. I’ve got you here, right?”  Yoorin chuckled before her eyes suddenly bugged out; she gripped onto you for dear life as Namjoon slipped the needle through her skin. Jimin didn’t know what telepathic connection the two of you had, but when you looked up to stare at Jimin, it made him want to force you to speak. He wanted some sheepish smile, some old woman apology or a prudish version of contempt.

Instead, you gave him a curt nod and went back to rooting your gaze to the floor as if Jimin got all the answers he needed from that one glance.


After that first meeting in his shop, he never expected to see you again–nevertheless in the same day. That should have been his first inkling that fate was playing a cruel, cruel trick on the both of you.

But he was still stupid then, and his eyes landed on your form as you poured yourself a cup of coffee from the machine at the only convenience store within three blocks of his place–the only shop still open so late at night. Jimin’s eyes locked with yours as you jolted from the sound of the bell announcing his entrance into the store.

The look you gave him made him want to torment you. It made him want to smother that spirit out of you–after all, with the way your eyes met his, it seemed that there was little fight in you.

He liked it when his victims bit back.

He wanted to see what it would take to get you to do so.

“You live close by, Prude?” Jimin raised an eyebrow, stepping close to you to grab a paper cup from the stack by the self-serve machines. “It’s dangerous for a lady to walk out at night by herself, you know–especially one just begging for it.”

You said nothing to him, only turned your back to him to address the syrups in a row next to the coffee.

“I know you’re not deaf, Prude; so how’s about you say a couple sweet words for me? That pretty friend of yours isn’t around to defend you, so get the damn guts to do it yourself.” He hissed, purposefully bumping into your shoulder so your coffee spilled onto your sweater.

You stared down at the stain in your sweater, your lips pursed at it before you lifted your gaze to meet his, one eyebrow raised incredulously.

“What?” He smirked at you from the corner of his eye. “It was an accident.”

The look on your face was perhaps the largest display of emotion Jimin had seen from you yet.

He chuckled, leaning against the stainless steel ledge to fill his cup up with steaming coffee. “If you’re going to be such a bitch about a little stain then how about you make me apologize? Or can you? Remember, Prude, this isn’t the place or time for you to be picking fights with angry men. What would happen if one followed you out the store?” He started towards you predatorily, moving towards the lids you seemed to be guarding behind you. Jimin’s stare engulfed you, swallowing you whole as he invaded you personal space.

And then, before he could grab his lid, you did something unexpected.

You upturned your entire cup of–steaming, mind you; burning actually–coffee all over his shoe. His sock quickly turned into a rag of fire that seared into his skin and caused him to shout in pain, dropping his own coffee to the floor.

“Shit! Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck!” He hissed, his gaze flickering up as he pulled his hand back to smack whatever stupid expression awaited him–instead, he found you with your hand over your mouth as if to say ‘oops, sorry’.

But he saw the hints of a smile on your face and if he listened closely past the bland elevator music of the convenience store, he swore he could hear soft laughter.

“You bitch.” He curled his lip at you, “you want me to kill you? You have a fucking death wish?”

You shrugged and strode past him to grab a fresh cup to fill with coffee.

“Hey!” He shouted, reaching out to grab your shoulder. “I’m talking to you, you fucking–”

“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” The forgotten clerk stepped between him and you, name badge glinting under the fluorescent lights as if the fucker thought he was a damn sheriff at a fucking 7 eleven.

“And not the bitch who spilled coffee on me?” Jimin snarled, squaring up to the guy.

“Not unless you want to still be here when the cops get here.” Sheriffeleven grinned, knowing he’d won.  Jimin clucked his tongue and threw a handful of eye daggers at your back before jogging out of the convenience store.

Now where the fuck was he going to go for coffee?


The third flip of fate happened weeks later, as if life had planned to consistently throw you in Jimin’s face. Whatever bullshit powers were up in the sky or down below, it seemed like the world was conspiring to throw the two of you together until something either stuck or died. Jimin was betting on the latter and that the ghost-to-be loser would be you.

This guess was probably due to the fact that you had Taehyung’s knife against your throat despite the earlier struggle of your attempted escape.

Well, Taehyung really wasn’t after you to begin with, it was Jimin’s mobile group that captured his interest–you just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It seemed that “just happened to be” was a phrase that suited your existence. You were unaware of it–up until the moment Taehyung’s hand had snaked around your waist when Jimin snarled “Prude” to the streets–but Jimin’s tattoo shop was a front for a major drug business in the surrounding territory.  Unfortunately for you, you were caught between Jimin’s and the neighboring territory: Taehyung’s.  Taehyung, and most of his crowd, were knife wielding crazies never content with what they had; there was always more–the grass was always greener.

But then again, people in Jimin’s line of business tended to be greedy to the point of self-destruction.

Jimin stared over you, knowing full well that he was the cause for you being trapped. The old Jimin would be pissed; the current Jimin gave no fucks. “Tch, Taehyung. What the hell are you doing here?” Yoongi rolled his eyes as he stuffed his hands in his pockets, stopping his gang in their tracks to create a strip of no man’s land between Taehyung’s side and his own. “Don’t you have somewhere else to be? Say…I don’t know…your bar or something? Isn’t 10 the start of the weekend boom?”

“We close at 10 on Sundays.” Taehyung let out a wicked smile.

“It’s Friday.” Namjoon raised an eyebrow.

Jungkook stuck out his jaw, narrowing his eyes on the older man from across the way. “We have our connections. We know when you’re coming and when you’re leaving from our territory. Especially when you all move at once.”

Taehyung jostled his shoulder into the youngest’s. “Now now, let’s be polite to our guests. Shouldn’t we offer them some dinner?” Taehyung stared down at you. “How about you, sweetie? Want something from our cook? Big Mama Jin’s got the best stuff across five different cities.” It felt like the man was talking through you more than he was to you.

The fear was evident in your eyes, but Jimin couldn’t find it anywhere else in your expression or mannerisms. He almost wanted to see Taehyung cut you just to see something he hadn’t from you before.

“We were going to a restaurant in your territory. It’s nothing that concerns you, Taetae.” Jimin winked, causing the knee-jerk reaction in Taehyung that he loved more than anything else. It was a flick of salt in a wound that gave Jimin the coppery aftertaste of revenge on his tongue.

“Say that again.” Taehyung threatened you instead of Jimin, playing the only card easily available in his deck.

Jimin locked eyes with you, sensing your pleading fear as your lips parted. But you said nothing. “Taetae.” Jimin growled.

“Taetae! Ah! There’s my little bro!” Taehyung’s older brother rubbed his hand into his hair until the prettyboy’s locks entangled themselves into a nest. “How’ve you been?”

Jimin hated that man; he hated the man that took his best friend away from him.

“Shut up, Jimin.” Taehyung shouted, the vein in his neck popping. He was building up to an edge that would probably take you down with him, but Jimin was more than willing to shove his once-friend over that cliffside. Even if the world burned, Taehyung had to pay for his sins as much as Jimin had for his. “Do you want me to hurt this girl here?”

Jimin raised an eyebrow, unable to help the sputter of laughter that had him half folded with laughter. “Do you mistake me for the Jimin I was years back? You’d be doing me a favor if you took her out–the prude’s been annoying me the moment I met her.” Jimin’s cold gaze met yours. “Get rid of it, take it out for dinner, kill it–I don’t care.”

“She’s one of your clients, no?” Jungkook shouted. “I saw her walk out of your shop!”

Jimin let out another bark of laughter that seemed to pierce across the bubble of no man’s land. “Yeah no; does she look like she’s got any tattoos or would be willing to put up with my shit? Hell, she’s about to piss herself right now. She’s weak and the weak die. Your brother should know that, shouldn’t he Taetae?”

The knife twitched dangerously in Taehyung’s hands as he glowered at Jimin with the intent to murder–kill who was another story, but the concept of death was apparent. Your chin had to dart up to avoid the sharp edge of his blade as it came frightfully close to the thin skin of your neck; the movement brought Taehyung’s attention from Jimin to you. “Oh babygirl,” Taehyung chuckled as you shivered in his grasp–even unintentional on your part; it was the exact wrong move if you wanted to escape. Taehyung fed on fear. “You better calm down or else an accident might occur–I really don’t want to kill you before desert.”

Even you could see the tension between the two in particular, despite the fear in your eyes, you stared between Jimin and Taehyung. But you did not speak; not even with a knife at your throat did you open your damn mouth.

It was something that increased Taehyung’s interest in you, causing him to let out a cackle more monster than human. “Come on baby–you gotta speak up. I need some of that vocal material to work with later on.” When you pursed your lips tight together it only enticed Taehyung. “Cat got your tongue, eh? You know I could give you a reason to speak–or at least make more noise than you are now.” He chuckled, causing Jimin’s hands to curl at his sides.

That crude attitude was the main difference between Jimin’s group and Taehyung’s–Taehyung was ready to be predatory, they were ready to attack, kill, hurt, maim, and assault innocents; namely innocent females. Jimin’s group was only ever interested in the drug money; if they had to kill and torture to obtain the cash then that was what they’d do. This fact alone was one of the reasons Jimin joined Yoongi’s tattoo shop–that and Taehyung’s pack was the main rival in the underground business.

When Taehyung’s eyes lifted to meet Jimin’s, a horrible flash of a smirk lit up his face as the crazed man tilted his head to hover his lips dangerously close to your skin. “You know,” Taehyung’s eyes never left Jimin’s, “I bet you could make far better noises than Sooyoung.”

“Leave her out of this, Taehyung.” Jimin snarled, his anger barely wrangled in by the skeletons of his closet. “She was never yours to begin with.” Jimin could feel his neck pop; if it weren’t for Yoongi holding his arm out to stop the younger from lurching forward, Jimin would have been beating the shit out of his once friend.

“You’re just angry because she liked me better.” Taehyung chuckled.

“And she died for it, you fucker.” Jimin hissed, savoring the idea of having Taehyung’s neck under his tightening thumbs. And then your gaze pierced through that hopeful satisfaction; there was something about the glitter in your eyes in that moment that had him reeling back in Yoongi’s grip.

“Jimin,” She giggled, even trapped in an idyllic memory, he could feel the goosebumps rise up his skin, “What’re you thinking about?”

He could almost feel the grass again, that one spot that he enjoyed lying in more than any other; he could almost feel the sun on his face–before Sooyoung blocked it out with her shadow. “Taehyung.” He murmured, squinting to see past her halo. Yoongi always told him memories were skewed; the way that we see people we lost is always a bit crooked.

We forget the bad.

Her fingers were in his hair and he savored that feeling over the tightening knot of worry in his chest. “You need to relax.” She whispered, her fingers soothing his scalp. “You’ll get wrinkles early and then you won’t be handsome anymore.” She chuckled when he opened one eye to glare at her.

“You know what that part of the city means, Sooyoung. You know what he’s going to get himself into–you know–”

She gently flicked his forehead, pouting at him. “You worry too much, dummy.” But he could never tell if she was joking; she never let anything real pass through her eyes. “You’re too nice for your own good sometimes.”

He grinned up at her, pretending like there wasn’t more to her words. “But that’s what you like about me, right?”

Taehyung cut him from his memory trap.

“Aren’t you going to go get food, Jiminnie?”

“Jiminnie!” She shouted, her arms wrapping around his waist so she could bury her face between his shoulder blades.

Yoongi couldn’t stop Jimin this time; instead, the younger was lunging past his groups’ grasps to bolt out into the no man’s land between the warring gangs.

Instead of clashing with Taehyung like he oh so wanted to, Jungkook–the youngest and toughest of both sides–rammed into Jimin.

The moment Jungkook’s forearm hit Jimin’s chest (though he did manage to land a hard kick to the youngest’s shin), the street broke out into chaos. It was the first shot–the first bullet to start a war. It became a haphazard mess of limbs and metallic flashes of hidden blades. No one brought a gun this time–a plus in the unexpected expected fight. In the cacophony that was a gang fight, Jimin lost sight of both you and Namjoon; he could still catch glimpses of Yoongi attempting to get to him through the battling limbs of snarling men. And then Seokjin appeared behind Yoongi and Jimin’s efforts to escape Jungkook’s grasp intensified.

Honestly though, Jimin had just wanted some fucking noodles and instead he was getting punched across the face so hard that fell backwards and crashed back first, crashing back first into the ground.  Through the flurries of pain that erupted up his spine, Jimin grabbed Jungkook’s ankle, yanking the younger to the asphalt.

In the distance, he could here sirens–though they might have been closer than he thought; Jimin really couldn’t hear much past the blood rushing in his ears and the pain of his skin scraping on the busted road.

Jimin threw Jungkook off of him and rammed his boot into the younger’s chest to keep him down enough to throw a hard punch to his jaw. It was in that moment, when Jimin was going to hunt down Taehyung, that he felt the sharp pain of cold metal slipping deep into his skin.

Sharp pain wasn’t the correct term for it either–it was more like an agonizing stab that tore through his entire body and made it hard for him to get air to his lungs. He turned, as the steel left him, catching sight of Taehyung’s favorite knife sparkling with blood–Jimin’s blood. He stared at his once friend, remembering them pinkie promising as children that they would be best friends forever.

Jimin crashed to the ground on his knees, clutching at his side only to find it slippery as blood gushed between his fingers. His arms quickly went weak and he smashed his shoulder into the asphalt, rolling onto his good side in an attempt to find Namjoon or Yoongi. All he could see was running footfalls, sirens and lights blurring his vision as people shouted and ran away from whatever doom was about to befall upon Jimin. He couldn’t even lift his head off the asphalt, nevertheless get up and run from the cops. For once, his group was nowhere to be found. Was this what happened when you were about to die?

Everyone that you believe cared about you left you to bleed out?

“Shit.” He cursed, trying to scream for someone–anyone–but he was unable to raise his voice above a low whine. Jimin’s vision spun, a whirlwind of a muddled mess that blurred the feet coming to and away from him. Suddenly, he realized that there were shoes before him and a hand on his arm, lifting him up. The person slung one of his arms over their shoulders, their free hand pressing his tighter against his wounded side. With huge, quick, and limping steps, they pushed him toward and into the blurriest blob of a car.

“Yoongi?” He croaked out.

“No.” It was a voice he didn’t recognize; he couldn’t care less, he just wanted out of there, away from the cops. If he was to die it wasn’t going to be in chains.

So, for the time being, he trusted the person buckling him into their car enough to allow himself to pass out from the pain.

The last thing he remembered from that moment was that his savior had soft and gentle hands.

Almost like they cared about a lowlife loser like him.


When Jimin finally awoke, he found himself in a bathroom–specifically in the bathtub of a bathroom that appeared to belong to a female. He eyed the organized chaos that was the rows of makeup, hair and other beauty products that he was unfamiliar with.

He tried to sit up to get a better picture of where the fuck he was and who the hell had nabbed him from the street, only to be met with a spike of agony that pulled at his side the second he shifted. He hissed in pain, his hand flying to the wound. Somewhere along the way he removed his shirt and threw it into a puddle on the floor, revealing tight stitches pulling at raw skin dried with blood. Homemade–he’d recognize the sight anywhere; though these are far more even than any he’d done himself.  

Jimin threw a glance over his shoulder, staring at the pillow, the rosy pink comforter now stained with red, the rags crusted with dried blood lined on the edge of the tub–he saw the whole story in the mess. This person knew what they were doing. He forced himself up into a sitting position, gritting his teeth as his gripped the edges of the tub to aid him. The pain was an intense heat wave that bloomed beads of sweat across his forehead and neck.

It was when he was catching his breath that the bathroom door opened and you walked in–walked in nothing but a sleep tank and pair of shorts.

Jimin was unable to turn his eyes away from you; his gaze was rooted to your previously covered expanses of skin. Shocked that he was awake and staring, you hurriedly snatched a robe from the back of your bathroom door to hastily cover up. But it was already too late; Jimin had seen them.

He had openly stared at the scars that covered every inch of your normally hidden skin. Jimin couldn’t tear his eyes from the robe, as if he had x-ray vision that would allow him to go back to unashamedly uncovering all of your secrets.

You opened your mouth to speak, but no sound came out. Instead, you wound up smacking your lips shut together, squeezing the ice pack that you had brought in with you.

“That for me?” He hooked a lazy finger to the ice, waiting until you nodded before stretching his arm out to grab it from you. You clung to your robe, stretching your upper body across the void between him and you without moving your feet. Jimin took the pack, laying it across the back of his neck to cool down his fevered skin. He wouldn’t show you, but even the simple movement tugged at his stitches and had him inwardly groaning in pain.

You flipped your thumb up and then down, your eyebrows furrowed on Jimin. He gave you a thumbs up accompanied by a dramatic eyeroll.

“Are you capable of speech, Prude?”

You nodded, your fingers digging into the plush fabric of your robe.

“But there’s something stopping you–or are you just choosing not to speak.”

You held up one finger, nodding fervently as if he would just drop the topic entirely.

He pursed his lips, staring at a section of your bathroom tile instead of at you. He tried to imagine the girl who was willing to pour hot coffee on him saving him from his death–but the pieces wouldn’t click in his black and white brain. “Why…I’m assuming it was you–why did you save me?” He shifted his gaze back to you at the end of his words, unsurprised to find you bold enough to keep your eyes level with his.

You only gave him a curt nod.

“Why?” He hissed with the sudden pain of shifting, of trying to stand up to shake the stupid out of you. Suddenly, you were there before him, offering your arms as support–the robe dropping to your feet, forgotten with your determination to help him.

“You know, Jimin, nice people like you always get taken advantage of; yet you’re never the winners.”

“Karma will come around.” He chuckled, trying to drag her out of her moment of seriousness. He didn’t like it when she got serious; it felt like he lost her when she got serious, like she was out on a raft in the middle of an ocean and he didn’t know how to swim.

“Do you believe in karma?” She whispered.

He didn’t know what to say; so instead he did the only thing he could do–he put his hand on hers with the hope that the pressure of his skin could pull her back. “I have to.”

“Well I don’t.” She retaliated quickly; her eyes lost somewhere he couldn’t reach. “Bad things happen to good people all the time, if there was karma then such instances wouldn’t exist.”

“Don’t touch me.” He shoved you away, grabbing his head from the sudden pressures of his memory. “Don’t fucking touch me.”

You jerked back from him, your hands still poised to assist him if need be.

“You’re stupid you know? I should just kill you right here and take everything away from you. Maybe then you’d finally learn something or get the courage to open your stupid mouth. Hey, then I’d be doing us all a favor, wouldn’t I? Because who in the hell would want to look at your scarred, ugly skin–”

You slapped him, staring down at him with a fury in your gaze that reminded him of his own.

Back when he was younger and still gave a damn.

But you didn’t leave; despite all his shit you crouched near him, flicked his forehead and forced him to sit back so you could clean the dried blood off his stitches.

“You’re stupid.” He groaned, resting his head against the pillow. “So fucking stupid.”

You raised both eyebrows at him as if to say ‘I know, and?’

“I should kill you, honestly. You’re more trouble to yourself anyways.”

You pinched his stitches and he let out a yelp of pain, your face splitting into a grin as his head snapped up to glare at you.

“For a bitch who can’t speak you’re pretty damn ruthless.”

You slapped a fresh gauze pad to his stitches with no mercy, grabbing your robe off the ground to pull over your shoulders and hide your exposed scars. Without another word or glance, you closed the bathroom door behind you as you left.

Arya Stark Appreciation Week - Day Three (Animal Symbolism)

I won’t cry, she thought, I won’t do that. I’m a Stark of Winterfell, our sigil is the direwolf, direwolves don’t cry. (ACOK)

animal symbolism plays a huge role in asoiaf. most characters have a symbol or two but none of them are as connected to animals as arya. she is the wild child of this series and spends a great deal of time in nature as opposed to courts. her story is deeply connected to the wilderness, as is her faith and culture. arya follows the old gods of the trees and rivers and wilds. she is a skinchanger because the blood of the first men runs through her veins. from the very beginning she’s connected to animals: she bonded to a direwolf, she’s a skilled horseback rider, she catches cats, and later pigeons. she hunts for rabbits in the countryside and eats worms to survive. she even befriends a seal. she has mantras about being swift as a deer, quick as a snake, strong as a bear, fierce as wolverine ect. but more important than that is the way in which arya relates to animals on a an identity level. its connected deeply to the way her arc is constructed. arya constantly sees animals in herself. arya stark is a direwolf; fierce, loyal, courageous. but her aliases are different: a scared sheep, a quiet mouse, a clever cat. which are all parts of her, she’s multifaceted, but her soul is a wolf. survival forces her to adapt different personas but she always comes back to the direwolf, the sigil of house stark. thats where she actively draws her strength and power from. 

“But there is no pack,” she whispered to the weirwood. Bran and Rickon were dead, the Lannisters had Sansa, Jon had gone to the Wall. “I’m not even me now, I’m Nan." 
"You are Arya of Winterfell, daughter of the north. You told me you could be strong. You have the wolf blood in you.”
“The wolf blood.” Arya remembered now. “I’ll be as strong as Robb. I said I would.” She took a deep breath, then lifted the broomstick in both hands and brought it down across her knee. It broke with a loud crack, and she threw the pieces aside. I am a direwolf, and done with wooden teeth. (ACOK)

its relevant to her growing up as well. arya is very uncertain her identity and place in the world. she always has been because she wasn’t pretty or ladylike. and she’s a young child. that adds extra malleability. so its easy for her to shift forms. she’s very adaptable. but as she grows she will have to figure out who she is for once and for all. she will have to grow up. it reminds me so much of the way daemons function in philip pulman’s his dark materials series: 

“Ah, they always have settled, and they always will. That’s part of growing up. There’ll come a time when you’ll be tired of his changing about, and you’ll want a settled kind of form for him.”
“I never will!”
“Oh you will. You’ll want to grow up like all other girls. Anyway, there’s compensation for a settled form.”
“What are they?”
“Knowing what kind of person you are.” The Golden Compass, Philip Pullman

in this universe every persons soul exists in the form of an animal companion. when they are children, the animals constantly change, until puberty when they finally settle into one final form that represents the persons true self. arya’s arc is following this same course. she basically has a daemon in nymeria. they share a soul. arya changes into other animals (/people) in the uncertainty of youth and as a means of survival but as she approaches puberty and grows into a young woman she will reaffirm her personal identity, one last time. she is arya of winterfell, daughter of the north. she has the wolf blood. 

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i recently learned that this sections of casinopolis had a suggestive cowgirl with a wineglass in the early japanese version of adventure. and even earlier in the autodemo build it was a playboy bunnygirl with a full alcohol bar next to her


In the AutoDemo, you can’t see it in-game due to the Stage only being an early concept but there’s a girl in a bunny outfit with a bar next to her:

In the original 1998 Japanese version, a girl in a cowgirl outfit can be found. Touching her would make some kind of moaning sound play:

In all other versions of the game, this appears instead:

The cowgirl is still referenced on one of the signs, but the thing is so low-res that it’s really hard to make out anyway:


Genre- angst/fluff 

Characters- Yoongi, Jimin

word count- 2.3k

Inspiration- New Rules  by Dua Lipa 

“Y/N,” Yoongi’s sleepy voice rumbled in my ear his arm snaking around me, pulling my waist closer. The regret brought me to complete alertness. I did it again.

I pull away from the tight grasp. My clothes were strewn across the floor, highlighting the events of last night. I pull my shirt on only to find the collar is torn in an impromptu v-neck.

“Fucking hell,Yoongi ,” I cursed and pull it off and pilfer a sweatshirt from his closet as collateral. “How the hell did he even accomplish that?” I mumbled to myself.

“Did he ever make you feel as good as I make you feel,” Yoongi yawns, watching you get dressed in his clothes.

“I’m not coming back.” I ignored the blatant jab.


“I can’t Yoongi.” My fingers curled into my palms, nails biting the skin as I hold in my anger.

“Fine, there’s plenty of other girls out there. What makes you feel so special? Keep the sweatshirt, something to remember me by.” Other than the bruises, I thought.

“Then why call me? Didn’t you hear yourself? What you said when you called me? I was worried about you.” His tearful plea had come to me late at night. I rushed over, worried he’d done something but all he ended up doing was me.

“I thought we were friends? I thought I could trust you.” Yoongi almost pouted.

“Do you sleep with all your friends?” I retorted.

“We dated before. What’s so wrong with this,” Yoongi sits up in the bed to gesture at me. My legs bare, finger printed with bruises, and pantless, his sweatshirt covering what it could. “It’s better than sleeping with your boyfriend’s best friend.”

“I didn’t sleep with him” I growled pulling my pants on without falling on the floor from the lack of balance.

“Sure you didn’t,” he turned to his side, pulling his knees up under the mass of comforter.

“Why am I here then? We broke up.” I throw my hands up in the air in exasperation. How could I forget. It doesn’t matter anymore. I don’t have to explain anything to him.

“I thought we could still work things out,” Yoongi’s hair covered his dark eyes. He sounded serious and I couldn’t help feeling a twinge in my heart at the sight of him. But he doesn’t love me. He never believed me or trusted me. I’m just easy. None of this matters.

“But I’m not special Yoongi. Those are your words. ‘Plenty of other girls out there.’” I stride from the room in search of my other belongings, namely my purse and phone. No doubt some texts from Jimin telling me not to go. But just like any other horror movie I went in and now I’m in trouble.

“Y/N, Yoongi had pulled on shorts and a hoodie of his own and followed me to the front door. “At least eat something before you go”

“I’m fine, thanks,” my purse was left at the threshold like I had left it when he pulled me into that kiss. I slip on my sneakers, not caring about socks, just that I had to leave now.

“Y/N, I love you. I still love you.” He didn’t even hesitate. No doubt in his own words. It’s too late to be telling me this.

I cut his words off like fingers caught in a door. Painfully.

It smells like him. His hoodie was completely infused with his being. A lighter was still in one of the pockets, I thought he quit, and the smell of soap and cigarettes still stuck to the fabric. It was a horrible mix when I thought about it but it worked for him. I wore the warm entrapment like a scarlet letter. Bearing my shame to Jimin who was waiting at my apartment for me. Disappointment and pity in his eyes.

This was the third time I had sworn off of Min Yoongi. Just when I start to think I can find someone else he finds me, he calls me, and I can’t resist. He’s an expert at pushing all my buttons. One look and I’m his. I hate it.

I loved that fool blind and it seems I still can’t see. Why he still kept coming to me when I had supposedly broke his heart was baffling. He was an expert liar with no ounce of trust in him. How I keep falling for him is a mystery.

“Y/N, you have to stop.” Jimin planted a hand on my head and smoothed my still disastrous morning hairdo. He didn’t seem to grimace at my appearance and it helped loosen the knots of regret wound deep in my gut. 

I look to him with a breaking voice, “I can’t just leave him when he’s like that.”

“Sure, but he leaves you when your like this,” he wipes the tear rolling down my cheek. “Y/N, you have to care for yourself more than you do about others.”

“It’s hard,” I sniffle. “I never did anything to him. It was a stupid misunderstanding a-and he says he still loves me.”

“Does he believe you?”

“No,” I say sullenly. “But if I just explain-”

“You’ve already tried Y/N. It may sound rude but you have to cut your losses.”


“The only butt you need is your own, now sit and let me make you something to eat,” he says sternly. Leaving me on the futon couch.

“Should I just date him?”

Very nearly knocking his head against the fridge Jimin pops over the door ,“Who!?” 

“Hoseok… Yoongi already thinks we had something. I might as well make it true.”

“You don’t even like him, right?” Jimin asked unsure. 

I shake my head. I take a pillow and hug it to my chest. “I don’t but if I’m so bad I should act like it. If Yoongi still thinks that I would do something like that, it must mean that I’m capable of it. I’ve just heard it so many times I’m starting to believe it.”

“Hoseok is a good guy. Don’t play with his feelings like that. He already lost a friend. Don’t you think he’s just as hurt as you?”

“It’s a joke.” Sort of. “Hoseok probably hates me too by now.”

“Y/N,” Jimin turns the burner on and a skillet was placed on top at the ready. “I don’t think he hates you. If I were him I would be wondering where I went wrong as a friend. You’re not the one at fault. Yoongi doesn’t know how to trust anyone.”

“I know but I thought that maybe he could’ve trusted me.”

“There you go again,” Jimin leans against the counter his hand combing through his hair putting his thought in order before he spoke again, “he isn’t something for you to fix Y/N. We can’t force people to change no matter how much we love them. If they want to change they can do it themselves, sure we can be supportive but ultimately it isn’t up to us.”

“But if I had been there for him more then maybe-”

“Stop making excuses for him. Are you trying to defend him?”

“No,” I pick at the seams of the pillow. Jimin went back to making breakfast. Eggs sizzled in the skillet making my stomach growl.

“Want to take your mind off of Yoongi tonight?” Jimin placed a plate at the counter. One for me and another for him.


“Let’s go out to eat. Make a day of it,” Jimin said as he busied himself with dishes and drinks. I took the seat facing the window and a moment late Jimin sat in the other facing the door and me. He waited for me to answer. “Bring some the others along too. I’m sure Taehyung and Jungkook would be up for it.”

“You’re paying?” I suppress a grin.

“For you? Sure. For Taehyung and Jungkook, they’ll have to starve.” He laughed fully. Relieved that I had finally smiled.

“Thanks for the food.” I spun on my heel heading out of the door.

“I think you broke my bank.” Jimin joked.

“Oh, don’t pretend like you didn’t eat a lot too.” Taehyung laughed. Putting an arm around Jimin and I’s shoulders.

Jungkook slaps a hand across Jimin’s chest. “Thanks for the food.”

“You’re lucky I’m feeling generous.”

“You’re just a big softy. No wonder girls walk all over you,” Jungkook laughed, trying to get a rise out of Jimin and succeeding.

“I do not let girls walk all over me.” Jimin huffed. Taehyung glances at me knowingly. “Y/N isn’t taking advantage of me. She’s not capable of that.” Jimin said catching the exchange.

“Really?” I quirked a brow. Jimin was partially right. I think I could take advantage of people but that doesn’t mean I would.

“Yes, really.” Jungkook added. “How many guys have you wrapped around your little finger? I see you as a relationship kind of girl not a fuck ‘em and chuck ‘em type. How many one night stands have you had?”

I blushed red under the scrutiny. I have had a one night stand. I regretted it so much the next morning I swore I would never again go to bed with a stranger. I straight up ghosted the guy- not that he would have texted me after.

“No way!” Taehyung drew his arm away from my me, his hand holding my shoulder, held at arm’s length to get a look at my reaction. “You have?

“It was one time.” Unless I count Yoongi. Then I would say three.

“Enough. Let’s go find something more entertaining to do than badgering Y/N’s sex life. You two probably have more interesting stories to share anyway.” Jimin interceded.

“Ok, what do we do now? It’s only 8:00 pm” I ask eager to change the subject.

“Club?” Jungkook asked.

“Don’t you have work tomorrow?” Jimin says.

“Don’t we all?” He retorted. “I’m still young. I have plenty of energy I can spring right back.” Jungkook squats to the ground and launches himself into a high jump in place. Impressive.

“Y/N, thoughts?” They look to me.

“Uh,” I stall. Jungkook stood behind the others, making pleading gestures. He really wants to go to a club, “if there isn’t any objections, I guess that sounds fun?” I’m more of the pushover than Jimin.

“Alrighty then, let’s go!” Taehyung launched himself up the sidewalk, giggling as he went, Jungkook in tow.

“Well, they seem to know where they’re going,” I comment amused.

“Even if they didn’t, they would have run ahead anyway. You feel like running after them?” Jimin asked, gazing at my sandal clad feet. Probably not going to run in these.

“Could we walk? I doubt we’ll be able to carry out a conversation once we get there so the slower the better.” I try my best to smile. I still have a lot to talk about.

“What do you want to talk about?” Jimin began walking at a leisurely pace, standing by my side, our legs keeping a similar cadence. A wisp of a smile graced his lips. His eyes upturned like he could crack up about anything in a moment.

“The thing I said about Hoseok. I didn’t mean it that way but more that I should move on.” My heart seizes as I try to explain myself. “I just mean that I think if I’m ever going to fully move on I need to find someone else. I was being spiteful when I used Hoseok as an example. I hope you don’t take me seriously.”

“It’s ok. I didn’t think you were really going to do that anyway but are you sure about a new relationship?”

“It’s been two months since we broke up. I need to cut him off. I’m going crazy thinking that he still might care, that I’m still thinking about him in the first place. I want to change myself. Like you said no one is going to change me but me.” I say. I wipe my sweaty palms on my shorts. “It’s weird for me to say this but-” I stop myself.

Walking down the sidewalk, in a cliche turn of events, is Min Yoongi with a girl on his arm. He was right. There are plenty of girls.

“Y/N, he’s not worth you.” Jimin had noticed as well. He takes my hand in his and squeezes.

“Let’s go back to the restaurant… I-uh have to go to the bathroom before we get to the club.” I tried turning around, hoping not to catch Yoongi’s eye.

“I think you’re capable of changing,” I look to where Yoongi had paused with the girl. His true smile pulled at his lips and he seemed far more happy than he had been with me last night. “But is it ok if I help you?” Jimin’s face gets closer to mine, blocking the view. I stop breathing when his hand pulls me toward him from the small of my back. “Is this ok? Y/N? I won’t do anything if you don’t want me to.” His other hand lets go of my own in order to cup my chin. I don’t push him away. Dark eyes that I never thought would make me feel this way, melted me to the bone. Since when did I find Jimin so attractive? Or was it the escape from this situation that Jimin offered that I find so alluring? These thoughts, however, didn’t keep the fact that Yoongi stood mere meters from me at bay. Is it ok to change like this?

Yoongi’s laugh echos down to my ears. He doesn’t love me. He doesn’t love me.

“Are you sure Jimin? I don’t want to use you to get over him.” I’m afraid at how my lips tremble.

“It’s ok,” Jimin stares down at me.

I nod and a split second later my eyes are closed, and my lips chased by fiery kisses from my best friend.

Min Yoongi, who?

7 Minutes

Note: this was half written by imagines_spidey_tomholland on Instagram. I will let you know when my part begins.

———- imagines_spidey_tomholland ———-

You are an eighteen year old girl who has ived in the Bronx her whole life, gone to the same school, lived in the same neightborhood. Everything has been the same your whole life. Until one day. Who would’ve thought that it would have been the tiniest little spider to change your life forever.

After school every day you would grab a sandwich, go in an alleyway and change into your superhero self. You were known on the streets as “spider-girl”. Most didn’t really know you, you were kind of just like that kid that nobody knew the name of.

One day after school:

MJ: Hey, wait up! (MJ has been your best friend ever since you were kids.)

You: I can’t hang out today MJ, I’m sorry, I have the-

MJ: Stark internship. I know, I know. I was gonna invite you to come hang out with me and Peter.

You look over at Peter. You think to yourself, ‘is that a new shirt?’

MJ: No.

You: How did you hear that?

MJ: Girl, you kinda said it out loud.

You: I guess I could hang out for a little bit.

MJ: Cool, and you have known Peter your whole life! Don’t get nervous.

You and MJ take the bus to Peter’s house. You walk with MJ and Peter.

You: Aww, this is such a cute apartment!

Peter: Thanks. (He smiles.)

MJ: So do you have food and drinks for tonight?

Peter points at some chips, vegetables, and quacksons.

You: What’s tonight?

MJ: Well Peter’s aunt is gone for the night and we are having a small get together.

You: Oh that’s awesome! I ca only hang out for a littl-

MJ: No! You are staying here! You need more social interaction!

You: Okay mom.

You all laugh.

It had gotten a bit later and a few people from school had arrived. You saw MJ take out a bottle of vodka from her jacket.

You: What are you doing with that? *whispering*

MJ: It’s just a little liquid courage!

You: MJ, give me the bottle.

MJ: No!

You: Fine! Just put it away!

-Later that night-

MJ: Alright losers, it’s time to play a little game I like to call spin the bottle, with a twist of seven minutes in heaven.

You: MJ you’re drunk! Don’t make us do this!

MJ: Shhhh, alright I say since it’s Peter’s house, he goes first.

Peter: Um, okay?

Peter spins the bottle, of course landing on you. MJ puts a blindfold on you and puts you in the closet. You hear the door open and…


You try to slow your breathing as you hear Peter enter the cramped closet. You can feel his warm breath, telling you that the closet is even smaller than you thought. You awkwardly play with your fingers, not knowing what is going to happen.

Peter walks closer to you, his finger tapping your shoulder. You can smell the vodka MJ brought on his breath, thanking your lucky stars that you hadn’t sipped any.

“Hey, um, whatchya wanna do now?” His voice is shaky, letting you know that he’s nervous too.

“I don’t know, wanna play 21 questions?”

You both giggle, and he helps you sit on the ground, the tip of his knee touching yours. You can envision him sitting across from you, his hand running through his curls.

“You go first.” You demand.

“Um, okay,” he takes a deep breath, “are you happy that you’re in here with me?” You smile, nodding. You can tell through the blindfold that a small light is illuminating the room, just enough that he can probably see your face. “Your turn.”

You gulp, realizing this is your one chance. Your one chance to finally get with this boy that you’ve liked for so long.

“Do, do you want to kiss me?”

No response. Your heart sinks.

“Oh crap. Sorry, I meant to say yes. I forgot you can’t see me.” Your heart starts back up, beating faster than ever.

You lean forward, his hands wrapping around yours and guiding them to his face. You rest your palms along his sharp jawline, pulling him into you. You press your lips against his, and within seconds you can’t help but rip off your blindfold, pushing him back against the floor, sitting on his lap and leaning down to kiss him.

His hands are resting along the small of your back, pulling you to him. His lips are so sweet, tasting somewhat of cherry, and so very soft. You want to kiss Peter’s lips forever.

You run your hands through his hair, and his hands move down to your ass, his hands slightly squeezing you. Damn, Parker.

He pulls his lips away from yours, pressing them against your neck. It’s a feeling you haven’t felt before, as you’ve never made out with someone before Peter. He bites at the spot, the skin feeling hot as hell, almost painful, but at the same time pleasurable.

You grind down into Peter’s crotch, his boner bulging through his khaki pants. His lips start to suck as hard as they can on the side of your neck, just below your jaw, and your eyes shut in pleasure, a small moan escaping your mouth.

“Times- HOLY SHIT!” MJ’s voice rings through the small closet, and you both jump up and Peter hides behind you, trying to cover himself. “Damn, we shoulda left you in here, eh?” MJ smirks, and you kinda want to slap her, in the best friend way.

You stand up, Peter running around you and darting towards his room, and you walk out with your head down, cheeks burning, and sit down on the couch next to Ned. He gasps, and you look at him.

“Peter! What did you do to her?” He goes to touch your neck, and you hiss as his fingertip touches the area, it hurting a small bit.

You stand up and go over to the small hanging mirror on the wall, gasping loudly as you see the purplish-blue spot on your neck.


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Sis it's just all you ever do is bitch and bitch and bitch…. You come off as one of those girls who cries on facebook 24/7,..... and only ever complains when you ask them how they are... and just generally bring the people down around you all the time... you're the kind of gal I'd distance myself from for my own personal health :/

well boy do i have good news for you, @staff has recently introduced a handy little feature called “unfollow”

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you have written nsfw hcs with Eldarya's girls (and that was amazing and hot!). so may i ask SFW ones with them too?

Yes, yes you may, Anon. ^^ I hope you enjoy!


  • Is the always super busy doctor who should have no time for their girlfriend.
  • But she’s smart, and stubborn, and won’t allow something like duty to keep her from her partner for long.
  • Not that she abandons her duties as head doctor to spend time with you or anything, (what kind of irresponsible schmuck would do that?) she’s just creative about showing her affection.
  • She likes to give you small gifts, usually little trinkets she’s made herself using shells from the beach and is always delighted when you wear them.
  • She doesn’t expect anything in return, but if you do gift her something, you’ll get a 10-watt smile and one very happy elf.
  • She’s not one for PDA, but she’s still very affectionate in public, holding your hand and calling you endearing nicknames like my sweet.


  • Is always really happy to see you.
  • It could be 1 in the morning and she’d still be happy to see you(irritated, but still happy).
  • Like Eweleïn, she’s not one for PDA, but behind closed doors she’s very affectionate, always touching you in some way.
  • She likes being close to you and since her jobs take her all over the guard, she gets to see you at least once a day.
  • She can actually see you more, but Yhkar’s often afraid of being seen as too clingy and tries to limit her time with you.
  • A big kiss and a cuddle usually assuage her fears, but you might need to do it more than once, y’know, to make sure.


  • Oh boy.
  • She’s not a cruel or horrible lover, but if you’re expecting to be showered with roses and chocolate, you’ve got a other thing coming.
  • Before she’s your girlfriend, she’s your boss and she can’t let favouritism get it the way of her work so outwardly, things don’t really change.
  • Though never the picture perfect lover, in private she’s a lot more gentle, though she doesn’t quite lose her sharp tongue.
  • Her tails are semi-prehensile, and if you think she won’t use them tickle and grab you, you’re dead wrong.
  • Miiko’s tails aren’t the most sensitive, but she still loves whatever attention you give them, whether it be gentle pulls or tender strokes.

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How about something more positive. 10 or more sweetest people in the tag?

@lickeyrogers-wong, the inventor of blogging big brother, is so sweet and just hilarious. Posts and opinions are always beyond on point, and always makes everyone he talks to feel included. A true tag icon.

@@dumbeatrees , aside from being an academic legend, is hilarious and super nice. Her posts always kill me and I love seeing you on my dash. 

@spunkyspy , has been and continues to be one of my absolute fave bb blogs ever, you’re just hilarious and always so nice, I can’t imagine scrolling past of your posts and not liking it lmao.

@feelsg0od , a honest queen! I always love reblogging her opinions and reading the tea that she comes to spill on the tag. A true follow forever.

@dayslostson is so funny and friendly! Knows when to drag and when to be kind and I love your blog

@ikon-wong GIRL where are you, I can’t talk lmao because I’ve been missing as well but I miss seeing your posts. The tag is in need of a good dragging session. 

@bblunatic Queen of posting videos. You’re still going down in history for that Karen prank video blowing up during bbcan5 asldkkldl

@brookecamhi , single handedly made me care about the Amazing race, even though you’re not keeping up with the season too much, you always drop in to post something iconic. 

@davonneday the sweeetest, I should’ve been following you longer, your blog is a gem

@muvaship I love your blog and posts! We don’t talk really but just know I appreciate seeing you on my feed 

@tlffanypollard we’ve never talked but I had to add you for being such an iconic blog. Your content, both bb and non-bb are great!  

@constellunaa is the kind of illuminating soul that can repair even the most damaged of darkened ones; the light that radiates off of her personality outshines that of the brightest star, a supernova in the distance. Her words bring forth happiness in people that the harsh reality of life has hidden away. If anyone deserves the greatest good the world has to offer, the purest happiness it can muster…

It. Is. Shana.

Let's get some practice / Tom Holland image

Author note: I’m only very new at this so feel free to send me some feed back. I would love to know what you guys think 😊

I just imaged Tom with kids would be the most beautiful thin in the world! You visit family and babysit for the day.

Warning: slight smut but much.

You haven’t been home to visit your family since you and Tom started dating, and now that your older brother was graduating you thought it would be the perfect opportunity for Tom to meet them. You decided to go a week before the graduation so you have some time to show Tom around your home town and introduce him to some of your old friends. You kind of wanted to rub it in to your old class mates that the quiet slightly odd girl from school that that everyone avoided is now dating the one and only Tom Holland!
Your family loves him as you knew they would. You were so glad that he wasn’t scared of by the craziness of your family but actually started to join in. By mid week he was part of the family and an existing new uncle to your 1 year old niece Indie. Your sister decided to let you and Tom babysit for the day so you could spend as much time with her as possible before you leave. So the crazy day begins, Indie was dropped to your place in the morning. For hours the three of you crawled around playing games and laughing at everything. At lunch time you watch as Tom sits with the cute little child explaining all the reasons that Spider-Man is the best hero ever and all the possible reasons why. She sits watching him in awe of how passionately he’s talking to her even though she doesn’t understand a word he’s saying. Seeing Tom with Indie made you fall even more in love with him, which you didn’t think was even possible. You never knew he was so good with kids, like sooo good with kids. And to be honest it kinda turned you on. Not that it was hard for Tom to turn you on. After lunch you put Indie down for a nap and start to clean the kitchen. You were half way through washing the dishes when you felt Toms presence behind you. He placed his hands on your hips and ever so gently kissed from your shoulder up to your ear, than out of no where he whispers I can’t wait for us to have a little human. This comment surprised you because even though you had been together for almost a year, the topic of children had never come up. You turn around to face him with a slightly shocked look on you face from what he had just said. Seeing your face he starts to look at you and starts to panic and ramble. I mean if that’s something that you would want, kids, with me. Or not that’s cool to I guess. You place your hands on the sides of his face and plant a small kiss on his lips so that he would stop talking. When you separate you smile and tell him there is nothing more you would like than to have kids with him, just no for a few years. His eyes light up and he pulls you into a passionate kiss. His tongue sliding against your lips asking for entire as the kiss deepens. He starts to kiss up your jaw line and back over to your ear and whispers, maybe we could start to practice making one. You can feel him smirk against your ear as he suddenly lifts you onto the kitchen counter and finds his place standing between your legs. You could start to feel the dampens between your legs start to grow and he pressed his crouch against your creating friction. Not wanting to wait any longer both start to take each other’s clothes off desperately wanting to be as close as possible. You were in your underwear aching to feel Tom inside you when suddenly a loud scream comes from the bedroom. Toms team falls to your shoulder in annoyance as Indie starts crying louder and louder. I guess we’ll have to practice looking after this baby before we start the fun stuff. You slide of the counter and quickly pull your clothes back on. Placing a kiss on Tom cheek you say I love you. I love you too Tom says watching as you walk into the other room.

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Wow, it does sound like you've had a rough day :( Can you emain cheritz about the pins as well? Dunno if it'll work but imma try to cheer you up cx 1. i love your blog so so much?? i have notifications on and get excited whenever you post anything 😁 and also the v route should be out soon! we're all here for you no matter what kind of day you had/have so don't think you have to feel bad on your own :) hopefully things will get better tomorrow! How's your nose feeling? -×

Ahh yeah yesterday wasn’t the best day but that’s okay because today is a new day!! I actually found my other pin stuck inside one of the pillowcases but now I have two Zen pins. I may just keep it or trade it or give it away or sell it because your girl is broke but it all turned out good! I think I found it because you were cheering for me so for that, I thank you anonny!! :D 

I didn’t know you could get notifications from blogs but OH MY GOSH THANK YOU!!!!!! I get excited because of messages like these oh my geez that’s so cool, you’re so awesome!! And freaking V, I need his route!! I really hope it comes out soon and we can all fangirl over that precious pastel angel together because I’m sure it’ll be an emotional journey ;-; But my nose is a lot better today, thank you for asking! Luckily only a few people were around when I tripped so it wasn’t as embarrassing as it could have been ahh. But since I don’t have classes Tuesday’s or Thursday’s I spent the day writing a bunch of rough drafts for requests and caught up on some anime and yaoi so today was a lot better!! :3

What about you anonny? How was your day? You’re so sweet and I really hope that you had a good day and have the best day ever tomorrow!! :D

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Unpopular opinion: it makes me sad the fandom keep fighting. I think if supercoooorps (writing it wrong on purpose) and karamels were really kind with each other this would be one of the best fandoms.

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

Of course. Not to quote Mean Girls but I wish we could all just get along. Supergirl is such an amazing show and so opportune during current times, you know? It’s all about unity and tolerance and kindness and it deals with so many important issues in such a graceful away. It’s just one of those shows who should motivate you to be better, to fight for what is right and the fandom should be better.  

send unpopular opinions!

Angel Of Mine

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This one’s for @adridedong 

Warning: angel porn (seriously, I was getting hot just writing it)

You were a rogue angel. The only thing you wanted was to mind your own business and stay away from those pesky Winchesters. You neither hated or liked them, but they seemed to bring about the apocalypse every time you turned around, so it was kind of getting annoying. But hell hath no fury like your anger when you found out your friend Gabriel sided with them. Why them of all people? Why not the little girl that prays every night for her friends? Or the elderly in the nursing facility? Gabe had his own mind, but to you, he used it unwisely.

You called on him in a random motel room one night to fight it out with him.

  “Gabriel! What on earth, or in heaven for that matter, do you think you’re doing siding with the Winchesters?! You know they are trouble!”

  “Guess what sweets?” He replies with a hint of frustration. “I am adult now. I can do whatever I want and whenever I want, and I don’t need you to choose my friends for me. We came to each other in time of need, and to be perfectly honest, they aren’t as much as trouble as you think they are.”

Oh now you were mad. Real mad. “For your information, those boys just finished unleashing the apocalypse! Angels are supposed to be a little irritated about that. I prefer not to fight the enemy. I rather enjoy the sereneness of heaven.”

You could see in his eyes he was getting very defensive. You enjoyed riling him up. It was, as the humans would call it, a form of flirtation. He never caught on to your knowledge.

Gabe lunged towards you pinning you to the wall.

  “Listen here Y/N, you have no idea what I’ve been through to get within a foot of those boys. I owe them something and I’m not about to let you get in the way. Do you understand me!?”

The spark between you two was growing even more intense. You loved it when he showed his irritable side, but your frustration with him was overbearing.

You blurted silently. “Do you know why I don’t want you around those Winchesters? It’s because…because I love you. I don’t want to see you hurt. I…love…you.”

He was wordless for a few moments before picking you up and throwing you on the bed. “Well sugar, you don’t have to worry about me. I’m an archangel. Secondly, I’ve loved you for a very, very long time.”

Soon the two of you were tangled in each other’s embrace, making sweet love. He covered you in passionate kisses and slowly pulled your clothes off before stripping himself. It wasn’t long before you were groaning in pleasure as he thrust himself into you. You clawed his back and listened to his own groans.

  “Oh angel of mine.” You whispered in his ear.

  “Come for me sweets. Come.” He replies, nibbling on your ear.

Both of you climaxed at the same time, and as the climax reached its highest point, he let his wings out to their full size and brightened the room. As the climax lowered, he covered you in his wings and let you rest in his arms, reassuring you that everything would turn out okay.

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Heya! I absolutely love your prompts. Can you write one where A (a girl) and B (a guy) get into a giant fight? Thank you!

Ok sorry I took so long to answer this I just keep hysterically laughing because I can tell if you want prompts about two people fighting each other or two people end up fighting a giant.

Assume it’s the former but I kind of want to do prompts for both now.

A: “ You always do this! You make me hate myself!”

B: “ I hate you too so we’re even!”


B: “ Don’t cry.”

A: “ How else am I supposed to show emotion? Throw stuff like you?”


Not really sure what to write as I don’t know what the fight is about. If you want to send another ask or message me though, I’d be happy to help!

Now for the Giant Fight version.

A: “ Hit the face!”


A: “ I don’t think it’s tha- THROW SOMETHING!”


B: “ Of all the stupid things you’ve done I think starting a fight with a giant is the most ridiculous.”

A: “ Yeah, well grab a sword and start swinging.”


B: “ How are we supposed to fight a giant?”

A: “ Ever heard of David and Goliath?”

B: “ I think that was metaphorical…”


B: “ It’s pretty damn big.”

A: “Its a giant, B.”


I know this probably isn’t what you meant but I had fun so I hope someone uses these

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Haha yeah I knew I couldn't get into it (your gc) or anything, it's just kind of sucks that I don't have one to talk to people in. I used to but then stuff happened and now none of those people talk to each other or me anymore. 😞I'm super happy for you guys having such a strong group though :) enjoy it! You girls are lucky to have the connection you have, and take my advice, don't let any little things tear it apart. I've seen it happen so many times and it sucks when it happens to you. ❤️❤️❤️

Girly! Message me off anon and I’ll add you into the Snapchat groupchat with us and a bunch others xx